So with asking for reviews, good always comes with the bad. So, I have taken out a small part in the story that shows Bella's gift runs through her father's side of the family.

I apologize to my reader for being upset and hope this small change helps.


He started to take out his gun and I knew this was my chance. I won't let him try to kill Edward. He means too much to me. He loves me and I love him, he protected me my whole life, and he has always been there. No, I would not lose him.

I got up as much as I could and pushed Ella towards Edward. "No Jim, I don't belong to you!"

As he made to aim his gun at Edward, I took my chance. I jumped in front of the gun. One hand went to his face and one hand touched the hand with the gun. It went off in my hip. I gasped, but this was my one chance. Every person I had ever touched was stunned in shock when they saw my eyes turn white as I had my vision, and I hoped to have Jim distracted for the next 30 seconds.

My vision started as I felt Jim freeze. The reporter was saying "In tonight's top story we have two local police heroes given the Medal of Valor by the President of the United States, and the local missing girl from seven years ago, Miss Isabella Swan, has been found. We go to Silvia in the town of Forks, Washington."

Silvia came on the screen and went on, "Hello Susan, tonight we have a missing girl back home, and the Father-Daughter killer now known as James Hunter killed at the scene."

I felt Jim start to move after the shock of my eyes changing color, but it wasn't enough. I needed more time. "No James, you will not take anything from anyone anymore." He froze up a second time with me reviling his true name.

Silvia continued "Hunter had been going after officials in communities to shock and shake fear into its citizens. Officer Emmett Cullen and his brother Officer Edward Cullen brought the suspect to justice early on September 22nd, 2005, when he was shot twice and killed. What shocks this nation is that James' next target was President Aro Volturi and his daughter Jane Volturi. Thanks to these two officers his plans will never come to fruition."

Bella kept her white gaze on Jim and said "You will not get your big game of going after the President, either. I am afraid that after today, you will be forgotten." Jim's hand went slack.

Silvia finished with "Tonight is a true test of bravery. We have been told that Isabella Swan was shot in the hip and sustained blood loss from the injury, but will make a full recovery. Officer Edward Cullen was shot in the shoulder, but was released to be available for this honor from the President."

I took my chance. I grabbed the gun from his hand and threw it behind me at Edward. I moved my head to the left when the shot to the head came. The door slammed open and another shot to James back came from Emmett's gun.

I could no longer hold myself up. I dropped to the floor with Edward screaming my name. Before I blacked out, I had only one thought: it was over. James was dead.


I walked into the station and told the Chief that I had to have a word with him. I expressed to him the importance of digression with the matter. It was not to go into a file or even be spoken about again. I explained that we knew the location of the Father-Daughter killer and that I needed back up to catch him. I told him that there was once a time he believed without a doubt that Charlies feelings were right. I asked him to now trust me. He agreed and we made a plan.

I slammed on the gas when I saw Jim pass me on my street. I wanted to turn around and take him out, but Charlie had always been right with his feelings and everything turned out for the best. I had to trust that Bells was doing what was best too. After she had touched both of our hands, she said she was seeing two points of view. Edward's view showed himself, Bells, and Ella in the office. My view was from outside of the mill heading in with Chief Marks right beside me.

I watched him come back to the mill and carry a child over his shoulder after putting a lock on the garage door. My phone rang before we started to head in. I knew I would both have to act surprised and upset, plus lie to my wife. Sighing, I pressed the green button.

"Emmett, she's gone! Our little girl is gone!" my Rosie screamed out.

"What?! Tell me what happened - don't leave anything out Rosie." I had to play my part. She told me what she knew and I told her I was on my way back to the house before I ended the call and turned to Chief Marks.

"I get the shot. He took my daughter." I told him. Marks nodded at me. He would let me have this. I couldn't just shoot Jim in the head like I wanted. I was an officer of the law and could not shoot to kill unless provoked. I didn't worry though. Edward was inside the office and he would shoot to kill. I didn't tell the Chief that though. It was all part of our plan.

The door had been unlocked and two other officers were already inside. They had scoped out the mill early this morning, before Edward and Isabella ever left town to go see the accident with Tyler. Bella had told Edward that Jim would shoot to kill and he would need to move just to the left as soon as she yelled Jim's name. He would take a shot to the shoulder which she apologized for many times. It was the only way she could see that he would survive. If he tried to miss the shot completely Jim would keep shooting until he was dead.

Jim would then take them both to the mill and drop them off. Ten minutes later he would head for my home. When he passed me, I would have a five-minute head start to park the patrol car up from the mill where it would be hidden with the others. When he showed up with my daughter, I ground my teeth together. This fucker was going to die today.

Marks and I walked in quietly. The two other officers pointed to the correct room. We had put our gear on before going into the building, but because of Bells, I knew they wouldn't be needed. Bells told me to wait for the second shot before coming into the office to take mine. While I was walking quietly up the stairs the first shot went off. Marks and I looked at each other and tried to hurry closer to the door. Once there, I pulled out my gun and put my ear to the door.

I could hear Bells talking to Jim, and a few seconds later we heard the second shot fired. I slammed my foot against the door and shot James in the back. I watched Bells drop to the floor and pass out, then saw all the blood on the floor. I yelled out for them to call for an ambulance and checked her while my brother yelled. Marks went to Edward and started to unlock his handcuffs. He had been shot in the shoulder, but Bells had taken off her socks to help stop the bleeding. My daughter ran to me. I picked her up and hugged her tight. "Daddy!" she sniffed.

I called my wife and let her know our Ella was just fine, but I was taking her to the hospital for Dad to check her for any injuries. I also told her that Edward had been shot and was also headed to the hospital. It had been a long day, but it was finally over. Jim was dead and would never be able to hurt anyone again.

Marks found me before I left and let me know that they unlocked the garage and found a white van and the blue truck with camper parked inside. Inside the van they'd found a laptop that would be thoroughly searched for any clues to past or future projects. I nodded and headed to the hospital. Dad would be waiting.



It has been a few weeks since James was killed and I have moved back home. I stayed with the Cullens when I was first released from the hospital to avoid the news crews. It was national news that Isabella Swan had survived the Father-Daughter killer and the Cullen Brothers had saved his next target: The President. It seems that Billy had been right. I would make a difference in the world. I gave Edward and Emmett all the clues they would need to take out a serial killer who was hell bent on making the world fear his very name.

I miss having Edward in my bed every night, but he has agreed to move in with me, just like we always knew. There was no question where we would live. I know he will also pop the question shortly; we have missed enough years together. That and I found the ring while he was unpacking his stuff. He lets me touch him each day before work and when he gets home, we are always touching. I think he gets a real kick out of watching me blush before rushing upstairs to make love to me.

Time is going by and I now have many more friends. Stephanie next door just got married and her parents gave her the house. Her parents are moving into a small two bedroom place a few streets over as Stephanie and her husband are expecting. I am told it is a boy they plan to name Jasper. I have started to feel off the last few weeks so I have an appointment to see Carlisle. Before Edward left for work, he was worried about me and touched me. He wanted to know I was going to be ok. My vision showed me blood being drawn to run tests and Carlisle coming into the room with Edward there. So, he will show up to the hospital. Carlisle told me the results and I made sure my expression didn't change. I wanted him to be surprised.

"The vision just shows me having my blood taken to do the tests, but it looks as though you will make it to the hospital on your lunch break to get the results with me and your dad. I am sure everything will be okay; it's just a bug. I have spent more time outside since I've been back. Don't worry. I love you and I'll see you later." I told him. I gave him a kiss and sent him on his way.

At 11am I headed to the hospital for my appointment. Carlisle sat me down and asked me if there was really any need for a test as he was sure I'd already seen whatever it was. I laughed and told him just one test. His eyes got huge as he smiled at me. I told him I wanted to surprise Edward. He nodded, drew the blood, and said he would do the test himself. As he was leaving Edward walked in and asked me how things were going. I told him that his dad was running the test himself and should be back in a few minutes. We sat and he spoke about Emmett freaking out about his daughter having a boy after her. I just laughed.

Carlisle walked back in and I smiled because he was beaming. He gave me a wink and looked at Edward.

"Well the results are in. Congratulations, you're pregnant!" he yelled. "I have to call Esme, but I'll bring in the ultrasound machine to check the baby."

"It's about time you gave me a grandbaby Edward," he told him, skipping out of the room. I shook my head after him, smiling. I looked at Edward, who was obviously still in shock.

"You're okay with this right?" I was starting to get a little nervous now. He didn't even answer me and proceeded to kiss the hell out of me.

Carlisle came back in and made sure he wore his gloves nice and tight. "No peeking for you, Missy," he told me.

Taking the wand to my stomach I was awed at the sound of the heartbeat. I wasn't sure what it meant that it seemed fast, but I couldn't control my tears. Carlisle moved the wand around and was checking that everything was fine before turning the machine to face us.

"This right here is your little bean. You look to be about six weeks along and everything seems fine. If you will look right here," he paused a moment to point "you will see your second little bean." He was grinning for all he was worth.

"You're having twins!" Wow, I guess even I can be surprised once and awhile. I looked at Edward and saw he had a dazed smile on his face.

Carlisle proceeded to take out his phone to call Esme. "Love, guess what! Your son is finally giving us grandchildren!" I could hear her screams of excitement from where I sat. When she stopped, Carlisle proceeded to tell her that it was twins. I didn't think she could get any louder, but I was wrong.

I watched Carlisle, all smiles while he spoke to Esme until Edward grabbed my attention by bending to one knee with a ring in his hand. My tears starting falling again.

"Yes, I will marry you." Life couldn't get any better. I had lived my whole life in fear of people finding out my gift, and now I had a family who loved me for me.

8 months later…

"Push" Carlisle said. I was so tired, but wouldn't give up. I couldn't wait to see our children.

"It's a Girl!" Carlisle called out.

"Alice," I said. "Alice Haley Cullen." The nurse came over to take her and clean her up while Carlisle moved the second child around. Ten minutes later I started to push again.

"It's a Boy!" he announced.

"Anthony Charlie Cullen." I sighed. Another nurse came for the second child.

Edward and I had spoken about the names and wanted to make sure each of my protectors were honored. The truth is, you can't change the world on your own. Everyone needs to help make it better.

Edward brought both children over for me to see. They both looked so much like him with his hair. The eyes were blue for now, but I hoped their eyes would turn green as well to match Edward's. Life was great.

3 years later….

The twins have turned three years old and I have noticed my little Alice showing signs of the gift. Hers seems to work without touch though. I notice sometimes that her green eyes will turn blue when she is having a vision, so it is nothing that we think we will need to worry about. Anthony shows no signs of having it and since Dad didn't have it either, only feelings, I'm guessing it will run the same way.

Edward doesn't care that his daughter is special. The only thing on his mind right now, other than my pregnant self, is his three-year-old daughter telling our neighbors' four-year-old son, Jasper, that he'd better change his ways if he is going to be married to her. Seems he likes to take away her toys. I can't help but shake my head; my poor husband is such a softy.

Life is good and we take each day one by one. Emmett and Edward were both promoted and Emmett looks to become the next Chief if he wants it. He believes it should go to Edward with his strategic mind and marksmanship. In return, he thinks our next child should be named after him as the other two were named after my protectors and technically he was a protector of mine also. We have agreed. If it's a girl it will be Angela Emmaline and if it's a boy, Alexander Emerson. I swear, the things we do to make family happy. Happy Ever After has happened to me.