It was a hot summer Saturday in Hazzard County, so naturally, the Duke boys could be found cruising around town. They pulled up to the bank in the General Lee.

"I'm just gonna go run this mortgage payment in, you stay here, alright Bo?" Luke looked over at his younger cousin.

"Mmhmm, sure," Bo nodded, his arm sticking out of the passenger's side window.

Luke climbed out the driver's side window, holding the money in his left hand. Bo watched him walk into the bank, and not thirty seconds later, he heard a loud CRASH!

Should I go check it out? Someone could be hurt! Bo thought. But Luke told me to stay here. Oh, screw it, I'm eighteen, I can take care of myself. Luke doesn't always know what's best for me.

Bo climbed out the window and ran over to where he thought he heard the crash. "Hello? Is everyone alright?" He called. He heard footsteps approaching from behind him, but before he could turn around, a rag was being held up to his nose and mouth. Bo squirmed and tried to call for help, but before he knew it, he fell unconscious and his body went limp. Bo's kidnapper slid Bo into the backseat of a black car, slammed the door, climbed into the driver's seat, and sped away.

Luke came out of the bank and returned to the General Lee, only to find a distressing lack of Bo in the car. "Jeez, I leave for five minutes and that doofus has already run off…" Luke muttered to himself. "Well, I'm sure he couldn't have gone too far." He started walking the streets of town, calling out "Bo? Bo Duke?"

Bo woke up to find himself strapped to a bed, his arms and legs tied to the posts. He wriggled a little bit, trying to free himself, but he was much too weak to make any difference.

"W- where am I…?" He asked groggily.

"Doesn't matter." A voice responded. "You're never going to see your family ever again."

Bo's eyes widened. A tall, dark-haired man in about his...late thirties? (Bo guessed) stood at the foot of the bed, his back turned to Bo.

"Who are you?"

The man turned around to face Bo and smirked. "Edward Blackwood."

"The- the serial killer?" Tears welled up in Bo's eyes. Why didn't I just stay in the General? Why'd I have to be the hero?

"Guilty as charged." Edward chuckled.

Luke had searched the entire town and there was still no sign of Bo. He sighed a heavy sigh and yelled with his best 'I'm-the-oldest-cousin-and-you-have-to-listen-to-me' voice: "BEAUREGARD DUKE, YOU COME HERE THIS INSTANT OR I'LL TELL UNCLE JESSE TO WHOOP YA!" He waited for a couple minutes, and after Bo still didn't return, he started walking the couple blocks back to the General Lee. Luke was starting to become worried.

Oh god, what if something happened to him?
Why'd I leave him alone?
I'm supposed to look after Bo, and now he's...gone.
What if he's

Luke arrived back at the bank and climbed in the General Lee. He wasted no time starting the car and driving back to the house.