Love Life of Marco Diaz

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Chapter 01: Rekindle a Flame

Marco started to unpack in his room. It had been a strange couple of months and it was a strange time for him. But maybe he thought it was for the best, he was back on Earth and back to his own room. It happened shortly after he and Star had their beach day. He had been thinking about going back to Earth for a while. The thought first came into mind when he realized his mother was pregnant and pretty far. He'd missed so much. And then there was the whole mess with Meteora and the booth, he nearly messed up Star and Tom's relationship. After they found Moon he decided to take a break. Star understood when he told her he wanted to be there to help his parents before his little brother was born.

He was just not sure when he would be back. He talked to Tom and encouraged him to talk to Star and try to make things work. For now he was on break and he was planning to get back to school. He wasn't sure if the semester abroad was going to work, especially after the country that he went to was now being ruled by a different power. He got a Eclipsa to write him a note so he hoped for the best. He was pretty sure even she didn't consider him a real squire.

Still he felt he was lost, he did have some feeling for Star but he had to accept that it wasn't going to happen. He wasn't going to push it or anything, he didn't want to ruin what she had with Tom.

So he took himself out. He was still lost and unsure.

"So, what has you back on Earth?"

Marco blinked, "Hekapoo?"

"Hey," The red haired demon smiled at him at his door.

"Hekapoo what are you doing here?" He watched her walk in and bump the door close.

Hekapoo shrugged before sitting down on his bed, "Bored mostly. I heard you were leaving Mewni and decided to see what you were up to."

"Just heading home, going to help my parents out for a while. They're going to have a baby soon."

"Really? I didn't see anyone else around."

"Oh, well, yeah, they're taking some time on a vacation for themselves. Have some time to themselves before the baby comes along. I'm just keeping the house meanwhile, watering the plants and everything."

"So you're alone? Perfect."


"You can keep me some company."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm thinking of checking out Earth. "

"Okay, slow down, what's happening?"

"I'm making myself scarce. I'm taking some time off and since you spent 16 years in my dimension I figure you could at least show me around this dimension for a while."

"Wait, why? You told me you thought that Earth was boring."

"Well, you talked it up so much I figured I'd give it a chance."

"I guess I could do that, it's not like I have a lot to do in the next few weeks." A thought Struck Marco, "so where are you planning on staying?"


"As in right here!"

"Your house."


"What don't have the space?" Hekapoo smirked, "I wouldn't mind sharing the bed with you."

"I don't know." Marco gulped,

"What Mister Bad Boy do you need it a little more naughty?"

Marco gulped, his relationship with Hekapoo had always been a bit naughty. They had hooked up a few times while on her trial, it just sort of happened after years of chasing her. Some nights they ended in the same place trying to catch her and fighting and one night one thing lead to another. Marco felt a built guilty about that, sure he thought years had passed since he last saw Jackie but he never broke up with her and then returning to Earth and only 8 minutes passing …. he never told Jackie about it. It was a bit of a guilty subject and he hated how hot it made it in his memories. He and Hekapoo hadn't hooked up while he dated Jackie after that.

Though when he went to Mewni and they ended up working on wild portals…. well, he might have taken longer to get back to Star and his squire duties for other reasons than helping Hekapoo with portals.

Though Hekapoo did joke that he was helping her with a different type of portal.

Then they had sex again after the battle with Meteora.

God, Marco felt his dick getting hard just from the memory. They had both been beaten and nearly died. While everyone was checking up on everyone else… well, they were both desperate to feel alive. They snuck off to the first room they found and fucked each other's brains out for the next several hours. It was passionate and just felt good about being alive and to connect with someone else.

Kinda got weird when they woke up and realized they had sex on Star's bed. They burned the bed and claimed Meteora burned it during her rampage.

Hekapoo left before they really got a chance to talk. Marco regretted that, even after the business with Star making the portal Hekapoo still came to help him and he never got to thank her.

He found himself looking at Hekapoo, she was so passionate and fun and yeah, he did love being with her.

He liked that things didn't have to be complicated with them, he wanted something like that. He sometimes felt that there was something there but he didn't know if he could deal with it.

"Uh, Hekapoo I think we can find you a room. It's no worry."

Hekapoo just looked at him, "Marco, I'm saying we should have sex."

"uH, well, I mean I thought-"

"Okay, are you still all about Star? I thought you leaving Mewni-"

"No, no, I'm not. Its just I didn't want you to-"

"Marco, I'm going to put it out there. I like you, I always thought we had something between us. Hell, last time we were together was amazing! I thought maybe you'd want to give it a chance and we-" She shook her head, "Okay, I get it. You're not interested I'll-"

Hekapoo started to move away when Marco stopped her, "Hekapoo, I- I don't know, I like you a lot and yeah when we're together it's pretty amazing."

"Okay, do you want to figure it out tomorrow?" Hekapoo smiled before pulling him into a kiss.

They kissed and soon found themselves moving towards the bed. Hekapoo did adore how passionate and wild the safety kid could get while he was in the mood. She loved feeling his hand give her ass a squeeze. She let out a moan as Marco gently bit her lip. Marco was eager, she felt his dick pressing against her already. Marco pulled down her dress to reveal her breast.

Marco didn't wait before he buried his face in her breast, he started to massage them roughly as he sucked on them.

"…Marco…" Hekapoo moaned as she found herself tugging on his hair.

Marco never hid how much he loved her breasts, so large and soft and perky. A wicked idea struck Hekapoo, she quickly flipped Marco onto his back and got off him.

"Hekapoo!" He gasped as he was about to object Hekapoo slid out of dress revealing her naked body. Hekapoo never bothered to wear underwear a fact that Marco knew and adored.

Marco stared at her for a moment just taking in the view. Hekapoo leaned in and undid his pants yanked them off. Hekapoo attacked quickly and removed his shirt and hoodie leaving him naked too.

Marco tended to be bit self conscious and Hekapoo put a stop to that. He might not have been muscly right now but he lean and well toned, she kissed him and slowly kissed down his body making him moan. Her kisses were warm and tendered and slowly stroked his cock to keep him up and at attention.

Finally she reached down to his cock and kissed it making Marco shiver. Hekapoo then licked his member slowly letting the sensation go through Marco before she continuned. Opening up her mouth she pushed his dick into her mouth, slowly she pulled it out before pushing it back in.

Marco gasped as he grabbed his bed sheets.

Hekapoo pulled it out of her mouth.

"Hekapoo!" Marco let out.

"Don't worry I'm not done with you." Hekapoo gave him a predatory grin, "I'm just giving you something special."

She moved in forwards let his hard cock in between her breast. She loved feeling how how his dick was, the tip pushed through her breast and started to suck on it as she let her breast squeeze his dick.

"Hekapoo!" Marco let out, he was trying not to buck into her mouth and failing.

His self control was fading fast, his hand grabbed her horn as he started buck into her wildly.

"Hekapoo! Hekapoo!"

Hekapoo deep throated him, she loved how he was losing control because of her.

She felt him twitch in her breast.

"HEKAPOO!" Marco gripped her horn as he trust.

Hekapoo felt his hot cum shoot into her mouth and she started to swallow as fast as she could but it spilled out covering her breasts.

Hekapoo pulled back and just watched a panting Marco covered in sweat.

She licked her breast clean as Marco watched, his dick suddenly got hard again. That was something she loved about Marco, he recovered quickly and thanks to year of fucking in her dimension he had the drive of a teen and knew exactly what to do.

"Ready to go again?"

"Yes!" Marco yelled.

"Glad to see you so eager." Hekapoo moved up and positioned her wet pussy, usually she'd tease him more before getting to the main event but they hadn't fucked in too long.

Hekapoo lowered herself onto his cock.

"Marco!" Hekapoo gasped as she slowly let slide into her.

Marco wasn't exactly small, she needed a moment to get used to him as he pushed himself as far as he could.

"Hekapoo…" Marco bucked his hips into her.

Hekapoo let out a chuckle as she placed her hands on his hips chest to steady herself. Slowly they built up a pace, each thrust sending a jolt of pleasure into her. Soon they really had a fast wild pace going making the bed shake beneath them. The room was quickly filled with their screams, moans and the sound of their bodies slamming into each other.


Marco's hip went wild a he loved being topped by her, the angle was amazing as he watched those huge breasts of her bounce with every thrust. He had just cum so he wasn't about to bust a not, he was going to enjoy this for a while.

"Yes! Marco! Faster! More!" Hekapoo bucked her hips meeting his, demanding more she grabbed her breast giving them a squeeze as she went along.

"No!" Marco pulled her hands away and started to suck on her breast again, bitting on them a little.

Hekapoo yelped both in pain and pleasure. Hekapoo pulled on his hair enjoying the new sensation.

"Marco! So Good! Almost there! Almost There! I'm about-" She grabbed Marco, he hurried his pace, "God! Yes! Marco! I'm gonna cum!"

"Hekapoo!Hekapoo! HEKAPOOHEKAPOOHEKAPOO!" Marco started to chant her name.

"MARCO!" Hekapoo yelled at the top of her lungs as she felt Marco explode in him, the last bit of heat sending her over the edge. She bounced on his dick for all it was worth dragging out her orgasm.

She collapsed onto him trembling as pleasure consumed her. Marco kissed her deeply, that kiss was the cherry on top.

Hekapoo barely noticed Marco slowly laying her down on the bed. Marco's eyes sparkled as he watched his seed drip out of her pussy, it was such an erotic sight to see such a beautiful woman so freshly fucked by him.

Marco felt his cock get hard again. "Hekapoo? Ready to go again?"

Hekapoo smiled, "God yes!"

Marco punched on her and pressed his dick into her causing Hekapoo to yell. Her body was still sensitive from their last go but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Marco started to fuck her like a wild beast the bed squeaking underneath them and Hekapoo screamed underneath Marco. Her toes curling with every thrust threatening to make her cum again. She was too sensitive she wasn't going to last much longer. Marco continued to pound into her building into his own release.

She screamed his name over and over again her nails digging into his back and seemingly making him go harder and faster.

"Marco!" Hekapoo screamed as suddenly her body shuddered through another orgasm.

"Marco!" Hekapoo moaned as Marco kept going, he still wasn't finished, "Marco! Marco!" The red head yelled, there was no one there to over hear them so why try and hold back,

Marco took her hand in her intertwining their fingers. "Marco! Are you close!"

"Almost! I'm so close!"

Hekapoo wasn't going to stop him, her body was still rushing through that orgasm and she wanted him to-"OH GOD!" Hekapoo held him tightly her pussy squeezing his dick hard. "I'M COMING AGAIN! OH GOD! OH GOD!GOD!MARCO!"

The heat and sensation of Hekapoo squeezing all around him was too much, he couldn't hold back if he wanted to. "Hekapoo!"

"Ah!" Hekapoo moaned as she came again feeling Marco shoot out his cum into her again!

Her mind went blank as she was overcome with pleasure. Hekapoo was trembling, "Don't pull out!"

She wanted his heat in him as long as possible.

Marco kissed her again letting that sweet and tender act keeping her from passing out.

They needed to catch their breath and rest but it wasn't going to end there.


A few Hours later they were on round seven.

Hekapoo was holding on to the head rest and Marco was fucking her from behind. One arm around her waist to help her stay steady as he fucked her and the other hand grabbing her breast.

"Marco!" Hekapoo panted moving her hips so he could piston pump her.

The demoness started to tremble as she felt herself about to cum again.



"Marco!" Hekapoo screamed as she rode Marco's hip. Marco lifting her into the air and holding her up there. He was letting gravity do the work and letting her sink onto his cock.

Hekapoo felt like was going crazy and pleasure shot through her.

Marco told her he found about this thing…. Tantric sex and it would make it last longer. She didn't know if that was true, she had lost all sense of time as she rode him.

She even lost track of how many times she'd cum. But she was ready to send fruit basket to whoever came up with this position.


The room felt very warm and their voices were hoarse. Hekapoo lost track of how many times they had sex after a while she sort of just fell asleep. It was a problem she very much enjoyed, Marco was like a force of nature and she wondered if it was a bit her fault. When they were getting started she brought some clones to join the fun, and Marco was never one to back down from a challenge and Marco got used to it. Marco could go several rounds and even out do her and her clones. Maybe a few clones would have been a good idea, but she felt what her clones did too and so after a while it would run her down, a fun way get knocked out but still.

So she was waking up with a naked Marco nuzzling her and his not so little Diaz poking her side. She gave Marco a kiss and nuzzled him, "Hm, okay, maybe one more time but we might need a shower soon."

Marco kissed her neck, "I don't ever want to get out of bed."

Hekapoo chuckled a little, "Yeah, I get the feeling. Come get me big boy."

Hekapoo was delighted, she had a well hung stud with vitality that would make gods jealous and who loved to make her cum. Plus despite his faults Marco was pretty wonderful, he was amazing and she still wondered how any girl was stupid to let him get away.

How had she been that stupid?

Marco held her as he pushed into her. He pushed into her, she loved this sensation the feeling that only he could really give her. He lit a fire inside her that was hotter than she could ever conjure on her own. The sounds of him moaning her name were sweeter than any music she could ever hope to hear.

With every thrust Hekapoo felt more alive than she had for centuries and that was Marco's magic. The red head wrapped her legs around Marco unwilling to let him go feeling the mounting bliss reach its peak.

She felt him explode in her calling out her name.

"Marco!" Hekapoo repeated as a wave of pleasure spread across her body, "Marco… Marco….Marco…"


That wasn't either one of their voices, they glanced over to where the door was swinging open. Standing at the door frame was Janna and Jackie Lynn Thomas and there was Marco balls deep into Hekapoo.

"Uh… Hi!" Marco squeaked out.