Marco Harem

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Chapter 05: Dueling Squires

"More Marco!" Jackie moaned out.

This had been a great weekend, getting fucked by Marco and going to sleep in a pile of sweaty girls and Marco.

Jackie was certain she wasn't straight.

They spent the better of part of last day in bed. It was Monday, they still had some time before they went back to school her parents would expect her home tonight. She wanted to make the most of the time they had together. The others girls headed off to do things. Brittney and Sabrina had to go pick up the car they left at the mall.

Janna had to go check in with parents and Hekapoo had her stuff going. It gave her and Marco to make up for time.

They time they broke up and he went to Mewni, all that time wasted.

Jackie sat on Marco ridding his hips as he continued to thrust into her. She brushed aside her sweaty bangs.

"God~! Yes~!"

Jackie grabbed her breast and started to rub her nipples.

Marco held her hips to keep her steady on her. Marco was sure no matter how long he'd live he wouldn't forget this sight. A naked sweaty Jackie ridding his cock moaning out his name. She was perfect to him her sun kissed skin peppered with freckles as she glistened with sweat.

"Like what you see?" Jackie teased him.

"Yes!" Marco moaned.

Jackie chuckled, "I can't believe how good this is. I gotta thank Hekapoo for teaching you this stuff."

"I think you did yesterday when you did that thing with the tongue." Just the memory of it caused his dick to twitch and speed up.

"Aah~!" Jackie pinched her nipples. "So close! If I knew you'd be this good I wouldn't have broken up with you! I wouldn't had let you run off to Mewni!"

"Ugh! If I knew you'd feel like this I wouldn't let you gOOO! JACKIE!"


Marco wildly thrust into her, Jackie put her hands on Marco's chest as she rode him trying to steady herself.

Marco watched as Jackie rode him into her climax, her breast bouncing with each thrust.

A portal formed in the room.

"What the hell are you doing, Nerd! Aah!"

"Aaaaaah~!" Jackie came hard.

"Eeeeeh~!" Marco Erupted inside of her

"Yes!" Jackie collapsed onto Marco's chest.

"What the hell?!"

Jackie and Marco barely registered the yells.

Through misty eyes she glanced over to a red haired girl in a blue tunic, her freckled face was blushing hard.

"Higgs?" Marco asked, normally he'd be more shy but having group sex regularly and just having a climax didn't leave him enough sense to be embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?"

Higgs was struggling not to look, "I heard you quit being a squire! I came rub it in your face that I'm the unquestionable better squire!"

Jackie shifted a bit content in her after glow, resting her head on Marco's chest. She could feel Marco's member starting to rise up again.

"Put on a blanket or something!" Higgs yelled.

Marco just sighed, "You break into my room while me and Jackie are having sex, you are in no position to ask for anything."

Marco was actually enjoying seeing her squirm.

"Just let me borrow your scissors!" Higgs ordered him, "I got someone to open a portal for me I don't have my own."

Marco sighed, "Sure,"

He pulled away from Jackie to he could go reach for his scissors. Jackie flipped herself over onto the bed. Jackie giggled to herself watching Higgs practically steaming.

Higgs was now looking at these two naked lovers and started to fidget. She had a very different figure than Jackie, Jackie had larger breast and a more womanly figure. Higgs found herself staring at Jackie, Higgs knew she had a bit of eye for the ladies especially pretty ones with large breast. She tried to look away and her jaw dropped. Marco was an in much better shaped then she imagined. Marco was well toned, not overly so but he definitely had muscles. Though she didn't notice it much as his huge honking cock was practically staring at her. Some of his cum was still seeping out of the tip. Again Higgs tried to look away only to get an eye full of a sweaty Jackie stretching out a little, her legs spread as Marco's cum dripped out.

Jackie smirked, "Hey, Higgs, was it? Do you see something you like?"

Higgs gasped, "Ah, I- what?"

"Marco~" Jackie yanked Marco back over. "So what were you? Another fuck buddy?"

"What?" Higgs yelled, "No! We were rivals! I was trying to prove he wasn't worthy of being a squire."

Jackie with a free hand started to stroke Marco.

"What? Fuck buddies? As in more than one? Was Princess Star one?"

Marco huffed, "No, she's with Tom I don't do that sort of thing."

"Though you did that a lot with Hekapoo?"

"Lady Hekapoo?" Higgs practically spat out.

"Trust me I was shocked." Jackie continued, "I walked in on him really giving it to Hekapoo. He had her screaming at the top of her lungs as his hips pounded into hers. I can't blame him thought, her body and breast!"

Higgs was drooling a little.

"Then me and Janna joined them. Sabrina and Brittney joined us, and yesterday Marco had us all together."


"I don't know about squire stuff, but if its physical stuff Marco wins. His stamina out did all of us. I doubt you could win."

"I don't care anything about his huge dick!" Higgs yelled, "I'd win anything."

"Really?" Jackie grinned like a cat, pulled hard on his dick, "Mind testing that and helping me. This won't go down no matter how many times we make him cum. If you are so much better I'm sure you can do something." Jackie pumped him hard and fast.

"Aaaah~!" Marco yelled out as he shot a long white stream of semen.

Higgs watched shocked, that pleased face on Marco's face made her loins heat up.

"Come on join us," Jackie invited her, "I'll even play along, don't think I haven't noticed you staring at me too. Trust me I can tell Marco likes you body too."

Higgs was about to say something as she watched Marco's cock start to erect again as his eyes looking at her. The thought of Jackie and Marco making that face as they called her name over and over again was a very tempting thought.

"Fine! I'll wear that nerd and you both out!"


Higgs was trembling a bit, a rush of hormones made it easy for her to slip off her clothes and jumped into bed with these freaks but now what.

Jackie kissed her lips, she was tender yet soft. Jackie pulled her close their bodies pressing together. Higgs felt herself growing wet as she felt Jackie's breast push against her.

Higgs let out a shrill, "Eeeh!"

"So cute," Jackie marveled. "Heh, do you want to try with Marco?"

Higgs looked over to Marco who seemed more than eager to go, his eyes staring at the two naked girls before him like a hungry wolf.

A thought something fun, she'd fuck Marco senseless and give him the time of his life, then spend the rest of the day having sex with his girlfriend. She'd show him up the best way possible.

"Let's do this!" Higgs grinned.

The squire moved over to her rival and readied herself.

"You ready?" Marco asked.

"I was born ready," Higgs positioned herself over his sword and shoved it into her sheath.

"Aah~!" Higgs moaned out, his heat sending shivers through her core.

"You okay?"

"Yes! Yes!" Higgs held herself, she couldn't cum first. She'd make that dweeb beg her to stop cumming. She trembled as she tried to control her body. "You're just bigger than I thought~" Higgs bit back a moan, "Just getting used to it."

Jackie whispered, "Virgin? Don't worry Marco will make your first time something real special."

Marco began to slowly thrust into her.

"Ha ah ha!" Higgs began to pant, she placed her hand on his torso to steady herself.

Marco grabbed her ass to hold her and gave her a firm squeeze making her squeal.

Higgs then felt Jackie's breast press against her back and Jackie's hand on her own breast. "Let me help."

Jackie started to nibble on her neck as she massaged her breast. Jackie kissed her and finger herself, her free hand rubbing Higgs clit as Marco continued to pound into her.

It was too much, Higgs didn't have family she didn't have friends or family and this was the first time she felt loved and loved in a big way. Her body burned and her mind was on fire.

Then it snapped like a rubber band and her body shuddered and she screamed louder than she had ever had as pleasure ripped through her body. Her body kept on moving as she felt him shoot himself into her. He was warm and it tickled her.

Trembling Higgs collapsed onto Marco, he snaked his arms around her and whispered. Higgs got up enough to look him in the face, she kissed him. He was strong and soft.

She finally pulled away and looked at him, "Do you fuck a girl and cum inside her and then kiss her?"

Marco smirked, "No, just you."

"Jerk." Higgs whispered back.

Jackie kissed her again as she felt Marco start to grow inside her.

Higgs smiled, "I guess I got some more work to do."


Marco was certainly getting excited, the spring of the bed could barely keep up. Jackie and Higgs both sat on Marco's lap, his dick squeezed between then two pussies. They pressed their bodies against each other, their clits rubbing together as they held one another. Higgs kissed Jackie, Higgs was desperate to make Jackie moan.

Jackie pulled away, "Marco! Higgs!"

Higgs lowered her head starting to suck on Jackies bountiful breasts. Her body was beautiful, she had nearly as many freckles as her.

"Ah! Ah!" Jackie panted as she started to climax.

Higgs moaned into those breast as she started to follow. As she started to scream she felt Marco's cum shoot between them.


"Keep going Marco! She likes it!"

Higgs had her face buried in Jackie's crotch as she drank from it like a thirsty dog, Higgs savored the taste of Jackie, Marco, and herself. Jackie's legs were wrapped around her head making sure she could let go.

Marco was on his knees holding Higgs by her waist. Marco thrusted behind her . Higgs was enjoying the new angle.

"Aah!" Jackie let out, the way Higgs moaned into her was amazing. She wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.


Jackie stepped out of the bathroom. She had taken a showered and changed clothes. After she couldn't stay anymore, if she wasn't home tonight her parents would come asking. If her dad knew some of the things Marco had done to his precious daughter then he'd defiantly kill Marco. And Jackie was planning to ride Marco until death did them part and she wasn't going to let that be any time soon.

After all it seemed like Higgs had got a hang of it. Even while showering she could hear them rock the bed.

"Higgs~" Marco moaned as leaned back in the bed as Higgs took him into her mouth.

Jackie smiled and waved, "I'll see you later. I expect to see him worn out when I get back Higgs, I'll treat you if you do."

Higgs barely heard Jackie's voice as Marco screamed and shot into her mouth. Higgs suddenly tried to swallow as his juices filled her mouth.


Higgs had made her mind that she would meet and defeat this challenge. Marco was on top of her pounding her with his cock. Higgs couldn't help but moan as Marco thrust into her, he was so big and filled him up easily, every single weak point in her screamed in pleasure with each moment of her hips.

"Marco! Ah! Keep going!" She dug her nails into his back.

She was so close to coming, she wanted to come, she need to. But she did everything she could to hold back. She wanted him to work for it.

"Higgs!" Marco moaned, "I'm so close!"

Marco was good, after all the times they had sex he had learned exactly what she liked. Even now it felt like Marco was pushing into heave, ever bit of her body ached in what could only be described as bliss. Her toes began to curl as her back arched into his touch.



She pressed her hand against the wall as she tried to steady herself, her knees were starting to give out but she held herself. Her body was sweaty and tired but she wasn't going to stop.

She stood on her tip toes as he thrust up into her. Marco had his arm around her waist keeping her close to him his hand playing with her clit. His free hand massaging her breast as he kissed her back.

"Oh god! Oh God! OH GOD!"

With each thrust she got closer, and her mind went white as she melted into another climax.


Marco kissed her as he continued to thrust into her. After her last climax her legs dropped her, but Marco still had the strength and stamina to go.

Marco wasn't being as tender now, he was being rough with her and the young squire loved it. His dick was thrusting her up, slamming her onto the wall. Her arms her pushing her as Marco thumbed her over and over again.

It felt like Marco was trying to bust a hole into the wall through her.

Her feet couldn't even touch the ground anymore. She was going to take it, she was going to take it all.



"Higgs! Higgs! Almost there!"

"Give it to me! Give it all to me!" Higgs yelled through dried throat.

The sweat was dripping into her eyes now.

Her legs gave out and so they tried something else. Higgs was holding herself up with her arms, she was in the position of a wheel barrow as Marco held her legs. His dick going strong into her pussy .

"Marco~!" Higgs hit her limit again as her face hit the floors carpeting.


Higgs smiled as she glanced up seeing Marco's cum dripping down her stomach.


Marco moved her back to the bed, the new angle were great but he didn't want her hurt. Her pussy was red and afraid he could actual rub her ran. Despite how much Higgs insisted shed get his dick raw before her pussy.

They had gone at it for hours straight, Higgs was reaching Hekapoo solo record.

Higgs laid faced down hugging a pillow. Marco decided to try something new and give her pussy a break if Higgs insisted to go on.

Marco slammed his cock into her tight ass.

Higgs hugged the pillow, Higgs huffed as Marco rocked her body. Her body started to get into the motions through this haze of pleasure and pain. Marco pressed his body against her the whole time. She couldn't fight back anymore, he grabbed her hair as he thrust harder and harder. She started to drool as she felt ready to cum again. Her mind too far gone because of this marathon to ever try to make any words.

All that escaped from her lips was moans of pleasures. Marco was the man for her, his secret demanding nature with her was perfection. He was a challenge that she could never beat and thus she could never get tired off. Every part of her body, every lewd idea they came up they'd explore. He'd be a quest that she'd enjoy every moment.


Jackie came back the next day to check on Higgs.

She went into Marco room not hearing anything so she assumed something good had happened.

"Hey," Marco was wide awake, Higgs wasn't.

Marco was in bed with Higgs on top of him gripping him for dear life.

"So… your little Marco …"

"He's at full attention." Marco bemoaned, his was right between Higgs legs but he wasn't going to do anything while she was asleep. It was kinda torture because it felt so good there.

"Higgs lasted a long time, but she never wanted to take a break and she eventually just fell asleep."

Jackie snorted, even when they had their orgies they took breaks and naps. Higgs wore herself out.

Jackie smiled, "Judging by the stains I'm guessing you two had a wild time."

It didn't look like Higgs was going anywhere and she'd be fun.