OK! Here goes my attempt at bettering my story. The chapters up til now will have changes, some noticable, others cosmetic. This chapter is one of the latter. Any changes that have happened will be listed in the author's note at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 1(Revised): Enter Sean Harris

Kuoh Academy. An all-girls school that was made co-ed just a few years ago. It was his second year here after coming to Japan two years back. He made sure that he didn't draw any unwanted attention to himself, but that plan was blown out the window on the account of him being from America. Apparently, being foreign was a huge draw for the locals. Especially the girls, which spurred a lot of hatred from the guys.

Which leads us to now. A teenage boy was trying to find a nice quiet and shady spot to take a nap, so he could unwind from all the constant questions and advances from the girls and the hate-filled glares and curses from the guys. Jesus, is this how Kiba Yuuto feels all the time? He didn't understand how he can just play them off like nothing. The boy felt like he was gonna lose his mind if he heard just one more "Are you doing anything after school?" or "Go and die, you foreign bastard!". That last one sounded more xenophobic than jealous to him.

He found a tree that cast the right amount of shade to get some shuteye. He took his backpack off his back and placed it next to him. His eyelids started feeling heavier and heavier until they finally closed. Sadly, The Sandman couldn't visit him soon enough.

"Move it, guys! I wanna look too!"

Dammit! Why here? Why now?

He opened his right eye and turned to see three guys. Two of them bent over with their faces planted against a wall of, from what he could remember of the layout of this school, the girls' dressing room and a third one angrily yelling at his friends for what ever reason. He got up, picked his backpack up, threw it over his shoulder, and stealthily got closer and let a long, silent sigh. Why was he not surprised? He strolled out of his hiding place and approached them.

"Up to your perverted antics again, I see." he called out, announcing his presence.

They all stiffened in shock of being found out. The two stood up and faced the boy while the third simply turned around to do the same.

And when they turned to see the source of the voice, they saw a guy who was a little taller than any of them with short dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was also wearing the boy's school uniform, consisting of a black blazer with a long-sleeved white shirt, black pants and while you normally wear brown dress shoes, he went with brown boots. He didn't even bother with the tie. Felt like the damn thing would choke him to death, if he wore it long enough. This was Sean Harris.

The first of the two guys on the left had a shaved head and the one on the right had glasses. Sean never really bothered to remember their names, but the third guy he could remember. He was of average height with spiky brown hair, similarly colored eyes and wore the school uniform. Though he wore a red T-shirt and blue/white sneakers, instead of the usual white long-sleeved shirt and brown dress shoes. He also didn't wear the tie that also came with the ensemble, like Sean. His name was Issei Hyoudou. And Sean had the unfortunate luck of being in the same class as him.

These guys made up the infamous Perverted Trio. The guys who were proud of their depraved actions and blatant declarations of having their own harems. It's kinda sad, really. But it always pissed Sean off on how immature they were on their view of sexual relationships.

"Harris! What are you doing here, you ladykilling foreign bastard?!" Issei softly yelled, not wanting to give away their position.

"Well, Hyoudou. If you must know, I was trying to take a nap over there in the trees, when I heard someone yelling about looking through something. I should've known you guys were involved." Sean said in an equally soft tone. He didn't want to get caught and be lumped in with these pervs.

"So what? It's not wrong to want to check out hot girls!" the shaven headed guy said.

"Besides, we don't have the advantages that you and Kiba Yuuto have! Good looks, popularity, and smarts, all wrapped in one! You don't have to work hard to get close to girls!" the glasses wearing guy added.

"I didn't ask for that kind of attention! In fact, they're kind of annoying." Sean countered.

"That's even worse! You would reject a gift like that?! What kinda man are you?!" Issei faintly screamed. He couldn't wrap his head around what Sean just said. How could a guy with all the girls in the school fawning over him not realize how lucky he was? Sean sighed wearily. There was no talking to these guys like this. Therefore, they must be punished.

"You know what? I'm done." Sean said with a sense of finality. He moved his backpack in front of him and unzipped it. Reaching inside, he pulled out an air horn. The lechers' faces went white and started pouring down sweat as they saw the noisemaker in his hand.

"No! You wouldn't!" Glasses whimpered fearfully.

"Come on, guys. This is me we're talking about." Sean deadpanned. He had, on occasion, ratted out The Perverted Trio more than once. Even gotten some thanks from the girls they were peeping on at times. Though, if he was being honest, he mostly did it to see the girls beat the ever-loving shit out of them. It was always good for a laugh. Last time, he even brought a bag of chips to eat while he watched.

"Please don't! I don't wanna die!" Issei pleaded with his hands pressed together, praying that he didn't use it.

Sean smiled maliciously as he raised his arm that held the air horn up in the air. "Then you should've been quieter." With that, he pressed his finger on the button.


The loud noise of the air horn caused the Perverted Trio to cover their ears in pain. Sean, with only one hand, just winced at the auditory assault he dished out.

"What was that?" a feminine voice said.

"Run for it!" Baldy cried out.

The two perverts, whose names he couldn't remember, made a break for it at the sound of doom coming from the other side of the wall behind them. Too bad for Issei, they pushed him aside and wound up on the ground.

"OW! Dammit! Some friends you guys are!" Issei grumbled with contempt.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Issei stiffened yet again at his position being exposed. Only this time, he was shaking like a leaf. He slowly turned around and saw Hell, in the form six angry girls in Kendo uniforms, wielding bamboo swords. The leaders of whom were the pair closest to him. The one on Issei's right had brown hair tied in a ponytail with green eyes glaring at Issei. The one on his left had pink, shoulder length hair with a white hairband and red eyes with just as much hate in her eyes as the girl beside her. Their respective names are Murayama and Katase.

"You really don't know when to quit, do you Hyoudou?" Murayama said as she tapped her bamboo sword on her palm.

"Guess we'll have to make you hurt double from last time, won't we?" Katase added.

"Wait! What about Harris?! He was here too!" Issei quickly yelled as he waved his arms in front of him. No way he was taking the fall for this alone!

"Harris? What are you talking about?" Murayama asked, confused.

"What do you mean? He's right the-"

Issei was pointing at the now empty space where a dotted outline of Harris was flashing. The only thing that occupied the space where the American once stood was a tree branch. At his absence, Issei now knew that he was screwed.

"Please don't hurt me!" Issei begged. But it was all for naught.

"YOU PERVERT!" the Kendo team shouted at him as they enacted righteous female justice on the lechering second-year.


Among the trees, far enough away to not be spotted but close enough to see the beatdown, Sean snickered at the savagery of the Kendo Club as they mercilessly whaled on Issei within an inch of his life. You gotta love it when karma catches up to some people.

"What you did back there was foolish." a stern male voice spoke inside Sean's thoughts. "Using your powers like that in front of humans and with Devils nearby no less!"

Sean sighed at the internal lecture he was given. "What? You expected me to stay and get beaten up over something I didn't do or wasn't even a part of?" He argued at the voice in his head.

"He does have a point, though." another male voice said. This one was calmer and more reserved with a methodical tone to it. "It was reckless of you to do that."

"Even if they were watching, you guys told me about the Devils right from the get-go. If they wanted to approach me, they would done it a long time ago." Sean countered.

"Don't misinterpret patience with negligence." a third male voice with an air of timeless wisdom around it, added. "Devils can be very conniving. They could be waiting for you to slip up. And when you do, they'll strike!"

"Oh, go easy on him." a silky female voice joined. Her voice had a sensual maturity to it. "At least he helped those poor, unsuspecting girls from being objectified by those perverts. That has to count for something."

"Yeah!" a second female voice said. She had a harsh tone to her voice just thinking about the Trio's actions. "Those sickos deserved what they got! I only wish I could help beat up those depraved brats!"

"I only wish I could've seen through that peephole a bit." a fourth male voice added. He had a laidback tone with a tinge of disappointment to it. "This is one of the reasons why I hate being stuck in here! I can't do anything I want to do!"

"You asshole!" the second female voice yelled. "You're just as bad as they are! No, you're worse than them! You're married, you know!"

"That doesn't mean I can't admire what I see." the fourth male voice replied.

"You're supposed to admire your wife!" the second female voice retorted.

"Enough. The both of you. You're giving me a headache." a fifth male voice ordered the previous two. His voice was deeper than the first male voice and his tone was grave, like death was certain to anyone who heard it.

"He started it with his creepiness!" the second female voice yelled.

"STOP IT ALREADY! I'M THE ONE GETTING A HEADACHE!" Sean mentally silenced the other voices. He let out a groan as he rubbed his forehead to alleviate some of the pain and stress while the voices stopped talking.

The beating by the Kendo Team ended and Issei was left a bruised and slightly bloody mess. Sean didn't give him a second glance as he left to go back to class, his opportunity to nap having passed.

What Sean didn't notice was a small girl with white hair in a bob cut with two large bangs framing her face and several loose bangs covering her forehead with a black cat hairpin in it. She wore the girl's Kuoh Academy uniform which had a white long-sleeved, button down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon around the collar, a matching button-down corset and a magenta skirt with white accents. There was also a black shoulder cape, but she didn't wear one. She had yellow eyes that were looking towards the boy who alerted the Kendo Club to the perverts' presence. This action made her respect her senior as well as hearing some of the other times he has done this. She continued to watch him leave as she was eating a chocolate bar. After seeing him leave her line of sight, the girl walked away while finishing the last of her treat.


"I can't believe that tool got us caught again!" Issei angrily said.

The Perverted Trio retreated far away from the vengeful Kendo Club, licking their wounds from another failed peeping session ruined by the American foreign student.

"I don't get it! No matter where we go, he always seems to be where we are! How does he do it?" Baldy asked with frustration.

"No idea, Matsuda. Maybe it's all just coincidence. He did say he was trying to take a nap in the trees near us." Glasses reasoned.

"Yeah right, Motohama! There's no way that guy keeps finding us without knowing! No one's that lucky!" Matsuda countered.

"It doesn't matter! Whether it's coincidence or planning, I won't let that asshole stop me from checking out the curves of all the hot chicks in the school!" Issei declares with prideful determination.

"YEAH!" Matsuda and Motohama cheered, their spirits reinvigored.

"But before that, you motherfuckers totally left me behind and I got my ass beaten for looking through a tithole I didn't even get to look through because of-" Issei ranted but stopped when he felt someone watching him.

He and the other two looked up and saw Heaven. A beautiful, buxom redhead was looking down at the Trio through a second-floor window. But a few seconds after they saw her, she went back inside, out of sight.

"Did you guys see that? Her sugar has got to be sweet!" Matsuda commented.

"Yeah and that red hair is something else." Issei replied, satisfied with a glimpse of the redhead.

"Her name is Rias Gremory." Motohama said as he adjusted his glasses. "99-58-90. She's President of the Occult Research Club. From what I've heard, she's from Northern Europe."

Issei just kept looking at the window that Rias Gremory was in. He only saw her once for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Normally, he would've went to the next girl to ogle. But this was different. He just couldn't get the beautiful redhead out of his mind.


Inside the same second-story window, Rias Gremory sat on a couch with her arms crossed under her large bust, staring at a chessboard with the black and white pieces scattered across it, though there were additional pieces, but they were red and seemingly glowing. Rias herself had a height of 172 cm with flawless white skin, blue-green eyes, and thigh-length hair as red as blood with a single hair strand or "ahoge" sticking out from the top of her head. She wore the girl's Kuoh Academy uniform.

Behind her stood another girl that wore the same outfit. She was a beautiful young woman with an equally voluptuous figure as Rias, if not slightly more. She had a very long black ponytail that reached all the way to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backward, all tied together with an orange ribbon.

"Who was that boy?" Rias asked to the ravenette girl.

"What boy?" the black-haired girl replied.

"The brown haired one in the middle.", Rias answered.

The ravenette looked up in thought. "Oh, he's a second-year in Class 2-B. I think his name is Issei Hyoudou." she said. "Why? What made you ask that?"

Rias placed her hand under her bottom lip while looking at the chessboard, in thought. "No reason. I just wanted to know if you knew him is all." she told her friend. As she did, Rias move a white pawn forward on the chess board. "Checkmate." At that, she got off the couch as her ravenette friend looked over the board and saw that it was indeed checkmate.

"Aww." she softly groaned in disappointment.

"Your trap was too obvious." Rias pointed out as she started to remove her clothes. When she finished, she walked into an adjacent room and a metallic squeak was heard as well as the sound of running water from a shower.

A few minutes later, a door opened from the other side of the room. The little girl that was watching Sean came inside. She walked over and sat down on one of the couches in the middle. She took out a candy bar, peeled off half of the wrapper and started to eat. The black-haired girl saw the girl and smiled.

"Hello, Koneko." she greeted.

"Hey, Akeno." she greeted back monotonously.

Akeno walked over the other room where Rias was and knocked on the door.

"Rias, Koneko's back." Akeno informed her friend.

"Thank you, Akeno. I'm almost done. I'll be out soon." Rias said as she turned the shower off while Akeno went to get her a change of clothes. Akeno placed Rias' new clothes inside and left to wait with her white-haired junior. A few moments later, Rias walked out wearing a different school uniform and went to sit at her desk.

"Hello Koneko. Do you have anything to report?" Rias asked her friend.

Koneko gave a single nod as she told her what she saw during Harris' encounter with The Perverted Trio. "I was keeping an eye on him. He was trying to find a place to nap when we both heard some noise nearby. Harris walked over to check it out and that those perverts were peeping inside the girls' locker room again. He confronted them and they got into an argument about his popularity. Afterwards, Harris pulled out an air horn out of his backpack and used it to give away the perverts' location."

"That explains that noise from earlier." Rias added.

"Yes, but what happened after that was the most important thing. Two of the perverts ran away leaving their friend behind and the Kendo Club caught him. It was Hyoudou. He tried to get Harris in trouble too; but before the Kendo Club caught them, Harris disappeared, and a tree branch was on the ground in his place."

Rias and Akeno were slightly surprised at this information. They didn't sense anything abnormal about the American student. But from what Koneko just said, it seemed like he had some sort of latent power inside him.

"Well, that's very interesting." Rias shared her thoughts.

"What would you like to do about him?" Akeno asked Rias.

"Hmm, I want to see if he has any other surprises for us. Akeno, tell Kiba to keep an eye on Harris."

"Yes, Miss President." Akeno replied with a small bow and left the room.

"Koneko, you probably won't like it, but I want you to keep an eye on Issei Hyoudou for me." Rias told her. Koneko simply gave her a single nod and followed Akeno shortly after.

After the other two girls left her, Rias sat at her desk with her hands clasped in her face and elbows on the table. She then thought of the two boys that were the center of her earlier conversation. She looked at the finished game of chess on the table in the middle of the room. More specifically, the red glowing pieces. Eight pawns, one knight, one rook, and one bishop.


Sean left the school after the final bell. Not before more fangirls tried asking him out for the millionth time. Though, thinking back at watching Issei getting his ass beat by the Kendo Club, it wasn't all bad.

He put in his earbuds that were connected to his phone. He always listened to music when he walked, made the time pass by faster. He decided to listen to "Drown" by Bring Me the Horizon.

"What doesn't kill you,

Makes you wish you were dead.

Got a hole in my soul growing

Deeper and deeper"

As he listened to those lyrics, he thought back to his life in America. Growing up there, he was always bullied. When he asked them why, all they said was "Because I can". He wanted to do something about it; but when he tried, the bullying just got worse. From slapping his books out of his hands to straight up beatdowns, outside of home, he never knew a moment's peace. Inside of home wasn't any better either. His dad was narcissistic, always thinking he was right and saying that a conversation either happened or didn't happen based on the talk. No matter what he said or even knew that if something happened or not, his dad would never admit he was wrong.

Sean tried calling him out on his bullshit, but his father didn't want to hear it and kicked him out on the street a few times. There was even a time where he couldn't go back home for a few days. But his father always brought him back, thinking that his "impudence" had ended. He just didn't argue with him anymore.

The only regret he had about leaving America was leaving his mother behind. He wanted to take her with him, but she gave up on resisting the pompous attitude of her husband long ago. He always expected her to pay him for some reason or another for different things, even if she didn't have a job. And every time she tried to do something to gain a bit of independence, her husband would sabotage her at every turn. Eventually, she threw in the towel and resorted to drinking to numb the stress and frustration of dealing with him.

He always wanted to visit Japan. He probably didn't have to cross the ocean to get away from his father, but after seeing everything that came from the Asian country, he wanted to see it firsthand. So, when he got there, he studied the language and memorized it and everything else he needed to know to fully integrate himself in as little as a few days.

Sean arrived at his one-bedroom apartment. It wasn't anything extravagant, but it felt like home. It wasn't very big either, the living room and kitchen were right next to each other with no doors or walls separating them. In the living room was a three-seat couch in case he had company, which wasn't very often, but you never know. A coffee table as that's length was as long as the couch, and a 43'' TV with a PS4 connected to it. The kitchen had a small fridge with a stove, a microwave, and a short counter coming from the wall. Sean went to his bedroom. It had a full-sized bed, a dresser for his clothes, and a bookshelf filled with different genres of fiction books, comics, and manga. He skimmed through his collection and took out a comic book. He went back to the couch in the living room, lied down on his back and started reading it.

"You should start on your homework before doing recreational activities." the calm male voice in his head from earlier today said.

"That can be done anytime today." Sean replied outloud.

"So can what you're doing now. Except that can be done at any time on any day while your homework is due tomorrow." the voice countered.

"Ugh, I just got back home! At least let me have like half an hour doing what I want to do before doing what I have to do." Sean complained.

"No, he's right." the stern male voice added. "It's your duty as a student to complete all of your work, that includes homework. Besides, I doubt you would want another visit from the Shitori girl."

Souna Shitori. That was a name that annoyed him almost as much as The Perverted Trio. Sometimes when he tried to take a nap outside, she would find him in one of her strolls during classes. I guess being Student Council President has its advantages. It's also part of the reason he tried to find secluded spots to avoid another lecture on how he should set a better example as one of the top ten students in the entire academy. Well, on the plus side, she wasn't another fangirl asking him out.

"Ugh, fine." Sean conceded. He set the comic down on the table as he got his backpack and took out his textbooks to get started on the dreaded homework. Despite his grades, he was always bothered by the constant need to do this menial task. He just wanted to throw it all in the garbage and just forget about it all.

"I don't know why you're complaining. With your intelligence, you could fly through this stuff and be done in like ten minutes." the harsh female voice said in a calmer tone from before.

"It's just annoying, like those little steps you take in doing some simple tasks. It's not hard, just inconvenient." Sean explained.

"Even if it is, it's better to get things like that out of the way instead of putting them off." the wise male voice said.

"Says the guy with all the time in the world.", Sean quipped.

"Don't get smart with me, brat. Just do your work and you'll have the rest of the day reading your dreck of literature." the voice said.

"It's not dreck! It's a great piece of imagination and it was the only thing that made life back with my dad tolerable!" Sean argued. No one insulted his comics. The voice didn't reply as he hit a nerve when it came to Sean. Saying anything that involved him remembering his bastard of a father or the state of his mother was not a line you wanted to cross with him.

About ten minutes later, Sean finished his homework. He stored his homework inside his textbook, placed it in his backpack and picked up the comic from the table. It was about a villain with an almighty golden glove adorned with six differently colored jewels. Five on the first knuckle of each finger and one placed on the center of the back of its hand. Sean chuckled at the likeness of the glove as he summoned one on his left arm that looked identical to the one on the comic's cover.

"Truth really is stranger than fiction, huh guys?" Sean asked the voices in his head. And they all agreed in their own ways.

"Indeed." the stern male voice.

"Yes, it is." the methodical male voice.

"Truer words were never spoken." the wise male voice.

"You know it." the sensual female voice.

"You got that right." the disappointed now casual male voice.

"Yep." the calmer yet harsh female voice.

"Hmm." the grave male voice.


The next day, Sean walked to school with his earbuds in. This time, he listened to "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. Sean listened to whatever he liked, mostly rock, country, and a little hip-hop. Although he did listen to newer music, he also liked to hear the classics. After all, you can't really appreciate what you have now without appreciating where it came from.

Sean soon arrived at the school gate. He took off his earbuds, wrapped them up and stored them in his pocket. But when he got to the gate, he saw something he never expected: Issei Hyoudou walking shoulder to shoulder with a girl he didn't recognize. And a gorgeous one at that. The pervert walked up to his friends whose eyes whited out and their jaws were open so wide, they could've smashed through the concrete. Honestly, Sean didn't blame them. Issei then introduced the girl to his friends.

"Guys, this is Yuuma Amano. My girlfriend." Issei said with an arm gesture of presentation to the girl. He went to the guys and did the same to them. "And these are my good buds, Matsuda and Motohama."

Yuuma just gave a friendly smile to the pair of lechers. "It's nice to meet you."

Issei turned to Matsuda and placed a hand on his shoulder with a cocky expression on his face. "And here's the best part, dudes. She… asked… me." As Sean heard that, he started to get worried. That alone sent red flags. Even if the girl wasn't from this school, she had to have known Issei's perverted nature. The guy wasn't exactly shy about it. Something has got to be up.

Sean decided to find out for himself what was going on. He walked up to the group and made himself known.

"Morning guys! Hope you're not getting into trouble like yesterday." Sean said, trying to be cordial.

Matsuda snapped himself out of his shocked stupor of betrayal and got angry. "That was only because of you!" he yelled furiously while pointing his finger at the American.

"What can I say? With all the crap that I hear about what the three of you do on a daily basis, someone's gotta do something about it." Sean flippantly argued.

He ignored the pervert's silent rage as he turned to Issei and Yuuma.

"Well, well, Hyoudou. I honestly never thought I would see the day when you got a girlfriend. Maybe there's hope for you yet." Sean said with mock surprise.

"Whatever! How about you go cry in a corner about how I got a girlfriend before you did?", Issei gloated. It was a little irritating that he actually flaunted his "girlfriend" to Sean.

"I guess that depends on your priorities." Sean shrugged off. Issei was too happy about Yuuma to be angry about Sean's remark.

"Sorry. I didn't even introduce myself." Sean apologized. He always tried to display good manners to new people. Unless you gave him a reason not to.

"I'm Sean Harris. Nice to meet you." He introduced himself to Yuuma.

Now he got a better look at her, she had a slender body with a large bust, hip-length silky black hair and violet eyes. She also wore a school uniform, different from Kuoh's. It consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it.

Yuuma gave the same friendly smile to Sean, but, up close, he could tell that it was fake. "Same to you!" she cheerfully said. She had a hint of something in her eyes when she looked at Sean. Did she sense his power? Was she suspicious?

"Careful, Sean. That girl is a Fallen Angel." the sensual female voice told him.

"A Fallen Angel?" he asked in surprise.

"Yes. She's in disguise but there's no mistaking the energy she has. It feels like subpar Holy energy." she replied.

"I don't get it. Why would a Fallen Angel want to be near Issei?" he wondered.

"Because I also sense a bit of power from him as well. Though, I can't tell what exactly. Only that it is strong." she answered.

Sean heeded the voice's words of caution and kept his guard up in case the Fallen Angel tried to do anything malicious.

"Anyway, I need to get to class. I really don't want the Class Prez on my ass again." Sean said, breaking away from the group. "See ya, guys! And stay out of trouble!" he called out to them as he went inside the campus.

"Hey, maybe if you guys stop jacking off, you'll get one too." Issei said to his depraved friends. Real classy, though probably not far from the truth. "Let's go, Yuuma." he called out to his "girlfriend".

Yuuma didn't hear him as she saw the American walk towards the school. She couldn't stop wondering what she felt from the boy she just met.

"Yuuma? Are you OK?" Issei tried getting her attention. Yuuma snapped out of her trance.

"Oh, sorry Issei! It's nothing." she waved off.

"Well, let's get going." Issei said.

"OK." Yuuma responded. The couple left the pair of perverts as they cried out, blubbering about betrayal and misery.


Sean went inside the classroom and the girls immediately started talking about him. Sean ignored all the gossip and took his seat. Class didn't start for another few minutes, so he decided to read the comic he tried to finish last night. Although he read it numerous times, it was his favorite. Not only because he had something in common with the book, but he always enjoyed reading about heroes.

The door opened and everyone went nuts, more so than when Sean entered the door. He didn't bother looking up from his comic to see who came in. Through the noise of the other students, Sean heard footsteps approaching him.

"I see you're actually in class this time." an authoritative voice said to him.

Finally looking up from his reading material, Sean saw a bespectacled girl with a slim figure, black bob cut-styled hair, and violet eyes. She wore the standard Kuoh Academy girl's uniform. She had a posture of elegance and discipline that she carried no matter what she was doing. Sean doubted that she even knew the definition of the word "relax".

"Oh, Shitori. Yep, I'm here in class and on time. Miracles really can happen, huh?" Sean facetiously said to her. Sean never got along with authority figures ever due to the relationship he had with his father. He figured that those who stood above others thought they could do whatever they wanted without consequence. Souna's eyes narrowed at his tone.

"You should be taking your high school career more seriously. If you keep missing classes, your grades will inevitably drop and so will your chances at leading a successful life." Souna chided the American.

"That's not entirely true. People could spend their entire school careers worrying about grades and never being able to get anywhere in life. Education may give you the tools to be successful, but at the end of the day, if you don't have the connections to make it happen, you'll just be nothing but an educated failure." Sean argued. Souna wasn't too appreciative to this kind of talk. He made it sound like everything the students here did was all pointless. Not wanting to argue with him about this topic, she chose to change the subject.

"I heard from the Kendo Club yesterday about a loud noise, as well as Issei Hyoudou peeping on them again. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" She asked while adjusting her glasses.

"Yeah, that was me. The Perverted Trio disturbed me from a nap I was trying to take. I noticed they were doing what they always do, so I decided to get revenge. And if that means doing your job for you, then you're welcome." Sean admitted. Souna, while still not appreciating his flippant tone, she did admire his actions against the The Perverted Trio. A small smirk grew on her face as she thought of something else.

"You know, I was thinking of making a Disciplinary Committee, if you're interested." Souna offered.

"As much as I would like to do stuff like that officially, I must refuse. While I am flattered that you'd offer me something like that, it should be everyone's job to make a place feel safe. No one person should shoulder the responsibility of keeping a populace safe. If I did accept, I could get more like-minded members with me. But it should be a community's job to protect itself, just like a person is responsible for their own safety." Sean spoke. Everyone stared in respect at his speech, even Souna.

"Very well." Souna acknowledged with her head down in acceptance. "Though should you ever change your mind, the offer still stands." with that she turned and left the room. A few moments later, the teacher came through the door and class officially began.


Sean decided to walk through town, listening to the Motorhead cover of "Sympathy for the Devil" originally by The Rolling Stones. School ended without any incident, not even The Perverted Trio, or should it be Duo, was causing trouble. Guess Issei having a girlfriend cause them to lose their spirit, at least for now.

That thought led Sean to his concerns from earlier. Why was a Fallen Angel hanging around Issei? And that power one of the voices mentioned, what could that be? What would the Fallen Angels want with it? Distracted with his inner thoughts, Sean felt a tapping on his shoulder. He turned to see a woman in what looked like a bat-themed cosplay maid outfit. Sean paused his music and took out his earbuds.

"Yes? Can I help you?" he asked her.

"Oh no, I just wanted to give you this flyer." the maid said as she passed a flyer she got from her bag to Sean. As soon as she did, she turned and left.

"Wonder what that was about." Sean said to himself. He looked that the flyer he was given and saw a strange circular design on it with the words "Your wish will be granted" on it. Strange piece of paper from a strange woman.

"That was no woman." the sensual voice from before suddenly said in his head.

"What now?" Sean asked.

"She had the aura of a Devil, but isn't an actual Devil. Most likely the familiar of one." the voice answered.

"So why give me this?" Sean wondered.

"I suggest throwing that away. The design on that flyer represents the seal of Gremory, a noble Devil household." the calm voice explained.

"What, like Rias Gremory?" Sean questioned. "If she is a Devil, then she's not really hiding it at all, is she?"

"No, she's not." the voice agreed.

After the mental talk, Sean found the nearest garbage can, threw away the Devil's flyer and went on his way. The bat-maid from before noticed his disposal of the flyer and decided to leave as well.


The sun was beginning to set as Sean made his way home. Nothing really happened after the flyer thing, he just went down to a fast food place to get some dinner. He was now listening to "Fallen Angels" by Black Veil Brides. His choice of music was somewhat influenced by Yuuma. He just couldn't get the situation with her and Issei out of his head. What could Issei have that the Fallen Angels want? Maybe he had something like what Sean had. It's the only thing that he could come up with. Though he didn't think that Issei would have something like that at all. Then again, beggars can't be choosers.

Sean looked at his phone and the battery was down to its last ten percent of power. He turned it off and walked the rest of the way in silence.

At least, he thought he was going to.

"SEAN, INCOMING!" the sensual voice hastily yelled. Sean held his head in pain at the volume of the mental warning he received.

"What?! What's coming?!" Sean inwardly yelled.

"Out for an evening stroll, are we?" an arrogant female voice called out.

Sean looked around the area for the source until he noticed something strange in front of him. A single black feather floating down from the sky. He looked up and saw a feminine form with black wings flying above him, silhouetted by the setting sun. She landed a couple feet away from him and Sean could see her clearly. She was a tall and buxom woman with long, navy blue hair that hid her right eye while seeing that her glaring left one was brown. She wore a maroon, trench coat-like top with a wide collar that showcased her generous breasts and cleavage while a gold necklace complimented it further, a matching miniskirt and black heeled shoes.

"You're the one Raynare was talking about?" the winged woman asked disbelievingly. She moved her eyes along Sean's figure, sizing him up. "Well, I'll admit you got some power in you. That's more than enough for me to kill you." With that ominous threat, she stuck her hands out and conjured a yellow spear of light.

"So, this is a Fallen Angel?" Sean thought. "Never actually seen one before."

"You don't want to risk using so much of your power. You'll only make yourself a bigger target." the methodical voice told Sean.

"Any suggestions?" Sean asked.

"What's wrong? Too scared to run?" the Fallen Angel wondered smugly. The human just looked at her straight in the eye. At that moment, she could've sworn his eyes changed from blue to yellow. But the change was so brief, she passed it off as a trick of the light reflecting from his eyes. "That's fine with me. Just makes this easier!"

She then flew in the air, drawing her arm holding the spear of light back and threw it at the human. The spear flew so fast that he didn't have time to dodge. It pierced him through the heart, ensuring his death in a matter of minutes. The Fallen Angel hovered in the air as her human target fell to the ground.

"Hmph! I guess you didn't even awaken your Sacred Gear at all. Oh well, too bad for you." the Fallen Angel said, adding insult to injury. She turned her head to the side, as if looking at some far away distance. "Raynare should've killed that other human by now." She then turned her attention back to Sean. "If you want someone to blame for your situation, blame Him for the power he gave you. Also, remember the name Kalawarner as the one who killed you." After her grandiose posturing, she flew away, leaving more black feathers floating down to the ground.

Sean was left in a puddle of his own blood, coughing it up as the life-preserving liquid flooded his lungs. The light slowly leaving from his eyes as Death came to claim him.

But then he suddenly vanished in a shimmer of light, as if nothing ever happened. Leaning against one of the buildings a ways away from the "murder", Sean was there, completely unharmed.

"Jeez, what a pompous bitch." he said to himself. He pushed himself off the building wall and continued his way back home.


On a nearby rooftop, a teenage boy witnessed the entire event. Although, it happened a bit differently. He saw the Fallen Angel approach the human, but he simply walked to the building he was previously leaning on away. The Fallen Angel didn't seem to even notice, as if he didn't even move at all. She just flew into the air and threw her spear at the ground, thinking that she killed the human. He was told to keep an eye on him in case someone would try to take him or kill him, but what he saw was far more interesting. After seeing the event pass, he summoned a red magic circle at his feet and vanished.

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