1/3/19- 3/15/19

Apparently Snape had gone to Dumbledore and showed him his memories. After finding out about his abuse he said he wasn't going back, even though the blood line is what protects him.

With Remus and his 'furry little problem' he couldn't take custody of him, the Weasley's didn't have enough room or money and won't accept his offer of money. He had forced the twins to take the money he won last year for their store.

The place he'll be staying at is somewhere he wasn't expecting, Wool Orphanage. The same orphanage that Tom Riddle grew up in. And the only one Dumbledore could find. Dumbledore was a little nervous about doing that but he couldn't go back to Private Dr.

He had gone to Gringotts and got some money to bring with him. He got 1,000 pounds.

Suddenly he heard something.


He looked up and saw Professor Dumbledore.

"Yes professor?" he said.

"It's just about diner time."

"Alright, I'll be down in a few minutes."


When he left Harry got up and double checked that he had everything. When he was all set he headed downstairs. While he went to the great hall he tried to clear his head.

When he got to diner he sat down and played with his food. Ron and Hermione sat next to him worried.

"You ok mate?" Ron asked.

He looked at him. "No. Sirius is gone, Remus can't take custody of me because his 'fury little problem' my aunt and uncle are going to court because the way they treat me and Snape finding out during my lessons! Which means I can't go back to Privet Drive and I have to go to court for them!"

Harry covered his face and sat there quietly.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm sure you'll be happier than you used to be." Hermione said.

"You wanna know where I'm going?"

"Yeah, that way our owls can find you." Ron said.

"Wool orphanage, the same one Voldemort grew up in."

His friends froze in shock.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm sure you'll be fine." Ron said.

They stayed quiet for the rest of the diner. After diner Dumbledore wanted to talk to him.

"Harry, me and Professor Snape are going to meet you at Kings Cross and apperate to Privet Drive tomorrow. Then get whatever you want to bring with you. Alright?"

"Yes sir." he said quietly.

"Also Harry, the minister has ka letter for you."

He handed it to him and he took it. When he opened it he was a little surprised.

Dear Mr. Potter,

The ministry of magic gives you permission to use magic outside of school. We trust you will only use it when needed and feel we owe you an apology. Yours sincerely,

Cornelius Fudge

He sat there in shock. "Professor, are you sure about this? I was almost expelled last summer." Harry said.

"I'm positive Harry, now, why don't you go get your things and I'll see you at the train station." He nodded and left.