A/N Before we begin, I need to establish some canon about these versions of the characters.

Rise of the Guardians: I call Jack's sister Emma. I know his parents aren't shown in the movie, but I'm assuming he has two. Same with Jamie's parents. Oh also, no canon from the books.

Frozen: This was initially published before Frozen 2 was released. Nothing here contradicts the second film, but there has yet to be any mention of canon from it. Feel free to let me know how often you guys want elements from Frozen 2 to come up.

The Lorax: You know that fan theory by The Theorizer that the Once-ler is Ted's grandfather? I'll be treating that like it is canon because it'll make the reactions more interesting. Also, when I first published this, Mrs. Wiggins first name wasn't known, so I assigned her the name "Daisy". It's since been revealed her name is supposed to be "Bernice" but I kept this fic as is to avoid confusion.

How To Train Your Dragon: I like most of the tv show, but I haven't seen a lot of it. Personally, I don't really like the second movie, and the third one is decent but it doesn't make sense without the second one. So, for those two reasons I'll be treating the original movie like it's the only thing that's canon.

Horton Hears A Who: This is more of a note about ROTG than this movie, but in the ROTG universe all the Dr. Seuss books exist except for The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who.

"Toothless, you gotta to get out of here bud," said Hiccup, but Toothless wouldn't listen. He tugged at his neck, but the nightfury was still in protective mode.

How had Toothless gotten out of the cove? It didn't matter. Somehow he'd come to protect Hiccup when his plan to tame a monstrous nightmare in front of the village had gone so terribly wrong. But now Toothless was in very real danger.

Gobber couldn't believe his eyes. A real nightfury! And in the daytime! He couldn't imagine why one had decided to show itself at the event and start battling the monstrous nightmare for seemingly no reason. In a way they were kind of lucky that the dragon had shown up. It'd saved Hiccup by distracting the monstrous nightmare (Gobber still didn't know why poor Hiccup had refused to kill it). But now Hiccup was stuck in the arena with the beast! How was he not dead yet?

He looked closer. His eyes widened at an earth shattering realization. The dragon, the monster, the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself that they called a nightfury, was protecting Hiccup.

The beast placed itself in front of Hiccup ready to attack anything that tried to harm the boy. It was the same thing a human would do to defend someone they loved. Heck, if Gobber or Stoick could switch places with the nightfury they'd be in the same stance.

Why was a dragon protecting Hiccup the way Gobber wanted to?

"Toothless, you need to get out of here!" pleaded Hiccup again.

"Oh yes, we all have to get out of here," said a loud female voice radiating throughout the arena.

"What!" yelled Stoick. Where had the voice come from? Who was the woman that had spoken?

There was a flash. Then the entire village woke up somewhere else.

Stoick snapped his eyes open and hastily examined his surroundings. He was correct in that he and the rest of the tribe had been transported to a completely different place. What in Odin's name is this! he thought.

He didn't know where they were, only that they weren't in Berk, or anywhere he'd ever been before. They were indoors, but it was also absolutely freezing! Could their captor not light a fire to save her life? Perhaps they'd been taken by Frost Giants?

First the dragon thing in the ring, and now we're kidnapped and thrown into a winter wonderland! This just isn't my day thought Stoick.

Hiccup gazed around. They were at the far end of a huge hall in an expensive looking building. Whatever giantess or goddess had brought them here, probably wasn't going to kill them if she'd brought them to such a luxury house. Toothless rubbed his head against Hiccup.

"You okay, bud?" asked Hiccup. Toothless nodded.

At the opposite end were plenty of strange and scary, but ultimately friendly enough looking people. Although Hiccup was observing from a distance, they looked just as confused as the Vikings were.

The other Vikings! Hiccup had forgotten all about the rest of the village. What would they do to Toothless now? As terrified Vikings instinctively drew their weapons and searched for threats, he decided he wasn't waiting around to find out.

He tried to stand up but immediately fell back to ground. "Ahhhgh!" he half-yelled/half-groaned. Hiccup looked at the unstable foot that had caused him to fall.

Oh gods no! he thought. He had a metal prosthetic leg. Why was he suddenly missing a limb? Learning to walk with this new thing would take time. Time he didn't have. His yelp had alerted the Vikings to his presence.

Toothless, still feeling a little overprotective of Hiccup since the monstrous nightmare, did not like dozens of Vikings with weapons drawn looking threateningly at them. "Toothless, other side!" shouted Hiccup pointing to the opposite end of the room. Toothless decided that getting Hiccup to the other end of the hall was probably a smart idea.

Hiccup, however, was not expecting Toothless to grab him and try to leap/fly/run across the room. He tried to pull Toothless's tail open with his hand, which steadied them into a glide for a few moments, until Hiccup lost his grip.

Smack! Hiccup and Toothless fell to the floor. Hiccup sat up, the pain from the force of the fall still coursing through his veins. He blinked it off.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" yelled an angry voice.

Hiccup realized they must've bumped into somebody when they'd tumbled out of the air. "I'm so sorry sir-" said Hiccup who abruptly stopped when he looked at the person who'd spoken.

A little orange thing with a yellowish mustache stared him in the face.

"What ya gawking at human? You never seen a spirit before?" he asked.

"No!" said Hiccup in bewilderment. The orange thing rolled his eyes. Why would he expect Hiccup to have seen anything like him before? And why did he specify that Hiccup was a human as if that was significant, but not seem bothered at all by the dragon right next to him?

"I'm sorry but, who are you?" asked Hiccup.

"I'm the Lorax. I speak for the trees!"

Ted jerked awake. He had just finished planting the Truffula seed in the center of town. Now he was somewhere else.

Could this week get any crazier? wondered Ted. It was freezing, someone needed to either turn the air conditioning off or turn the heat on. He looked around. There were lots of people. He was fairly close to one end, at the other were people in armor with horns and helmets. Creepy. At the front of the room was big wooden stage. He guessed this was a theater style room that had all the chairs removed.

"Ted?" asked someone behind him. The voice sounded incredibly familiar. He turned around to see a man in his early twenties wearing a green suit, top hat, and green gloves. Green gloves?

"Once-ler?" asked Ted.

"Yeah, it's me!" said the Once-ler. "I know, I know, for some reason I'm in my twenties again. I have no idea why."

The Once-ler certainly wasn't complaining about that, but it would be nice to know what had happened. He still had all the memories, experience, and maturity of his actual age, but his body was back in his early twenties?

"I recognized your voice," said Ted, not sure what else to say. Then he shivered.

"Are you okay, kid?" asked the Once-ler, brow creasing in concern.

"Yeah, it's just really c-cold in here," said Ted.

The Once-ler couldn't argue with that. He was glad he was wearing gloves and a jacket, even if they were incredibly light.

"Do you have any idea w-where we are?" Ted asked.

"Uh, no. I take it you don't know how we got here either?" asked The Once-ler.

"No clue!" said Ted. "Gah!" he yelled as he saw something that startled him.

The Once-ler turned around to see a black reptile that looked like a giant bat, carrying a kid who looked around fourteen or fifteen. The two crashed into the ground. He was tempted to go over and help the poor kid, but was wary of the reptile-bat thing.

"Hey, it came from over there!" said Ted.

The Once-ler turned to the other end of the room. He jumped. There was about an entire tribe of Vikings!

(Briefly, he wondered why he knew what Vikings were but couldn't remember where or when they lived, or even how he'd heard about them.) "Okay, that is pretty bizarre" admitted the Once-ler, stepping in front of Ted protectively. There were a lot of strange looking people scattered throughout the room, actually. His vision was blocked by a…cloud of snow? He looked around and saw frost climbing up the walls, and turning to ice spikes.

"What is that?" asked Ted.

"Uh, that's real snow, kid" said the Once-ler. "But it's clearly magic." He gently grabbed Ted's arm. "We should probably go find a safer spot" he said.

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