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CrystalQueen paused the movie. "Alright guys, we have a guest that's gonna watch this part of the movie with us"

A short young man with black hair and brown eyes stumbled into the auditorium. "Am I late?" he asked.

"No, you're right on time" said CrystalQueen. "But it's okay if you had trouble getting here; my castle is kind of a maze".

CrystalQueen turned to the audience. "Everyone, meet this guy!"

Neither the audience nor the man had any idea what she meant. "For the characters and readers who don't get that, which honestly I'm guessing is about 90 percent of you, that's a reference to the Laugh along with Mike thing at Disneyworld," CrystalQueen clarified.

"I'm Thanatos 2018" said the new guest. "You can just call me Thanatos. I'm not Cupid!" he added.

"What?" asked Anna.

"His name comes from Greek mythology" said CrystalQueen. "If he'll allow me to quote him for a minute: in greek mythology Thanatos is known as death but he gets confused with cupid in looks".

Thanatos unfolded a portable folding chair and sat near the semi-circle of main characters.

Jack sighed. This day was weird enough. Why bother questioning anything?"

Ted drove across the stream on small bridge as a security camera followed. Finally he reached an exit and went through it.

"Huh?" he whispered.

He saw the world outside of the town for the first time. It was covered in tree stumps, garbage and filthy water. This was the world as it really was, and it was a nightmare.

"Oh my god that's horrible!" said Anna.

Audrey had seen this when Ted knocked the wall down, but she felt really bad for him having to go through it all.

He slowly continued on past the graveyard of tree stumps. He coughed heavily from the polluted air.

"So that's why you guys buy O'hare's Air" said Hiccup.

As he drove his motorbike down the road he saw an old Thneed billboard, not knowing what it was. For a moment he was distracted, before he was almost shredded by an abandoned Axe Hacker. He weaved his way to safety.

"Oh man" he muttered".

I'm skipping until he gets to the Once-ler's house because there's not much for them to react to until that point.

He kept moving through the fog until he came to a physics defying, rickety old shack.

"Okay, that's the silliest building yet" said Jack

"Why do you guys always think the buildings look so weird?" asked Ned.

"Because there's no way that should be standing" said Hiccup.

Ted froze at the spooky image, then took a deep breath and walked up the hill.

"However many minutes in, and we finally get to the beginning of the book" said CrystalQueen.

"Huh?" said Ted.

"This is the point where the book begins. Everything before this was original for this movie" explained Thanatos.

"Well," said Ted, trying to figure out what the story would be like starting from that point.

"Like, that's not a problem," said CrystalQueen.

"But yeah, it's interesting enough to point out" said Thanatos.

The movie resumed.

"Whoa...alright…" mumbled Ted.

He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Suddenly scissors cutting a string set of a chain of events that led to Ted being flight up in the air, where a claw snatched him and dragged him to the window.

"Ted!" said Mrs Wiggins. Although she knew nothing bad had happened to him, her parental instincts wouldn't let her stop worrying.

"Who are you?" yelled an old man with a scratchy voice. Ted was swung closer to the window where the speaker was revealed, but only his eyes were visible.

"I'm Ted, I'm Ted!" he yelled. "Are you the Once-ler?"

At that moment CrystalQueen paused the movie.

"So, Uh. That's me…" said the Once-ler. Ted nodded as he said it.

The rest of the front row was baffled. "How could that be you?" asked Anna.

Thanatos started laughing.

"We did establish I'm the bizarre urban legend who will tell the story, right?"

"So that's where Oncie is" said Isabella to her family.

"Knew it would be a pretty crappy place" said Aunt Grizelda.

"But where are we?" whispered Isabella.

"Didn't you read the signs? No one is supposed to come here!" the Once-ler said. He pulled a lever which lowered Ted to the ground. "Now get out! And leave me alone. And don't let the boot hit you on the way out"

"The boot?" asked Ted.

A rubbed bot came out of the door and hit him in the but.

"In my defense, my visitors usually aren't quite that friendly" said the Once-ler.

Ted grabbed the stuff out of his pockets. "Listen, people say if someone brings you this stuff, you'll tell them about trees!" he yelled up at the window. The claw picked him up and leveled him with the Once-ler.

"Trees?" asked the Once-ler.

The Lorax was excited to see where this would go.

"Yeah, real ones, you know? That grow out of the ground?"

The Once-ler stared off into space for a few moments.

"Hello?" said Ted.

The Once-ler snapped back to reality. "Sorry. It's just, well I did think anyone still cared about trees" said the Once-ler.

The audience giggled.

"Well that's me!" said Ted "The guy who still cares"

The claw lowered Ted to the ground. "You wanna know about trees? About what happened to them? Why they're all gone? It's because of me," said the Once-ler quietly.

Well, it is thought the Lorax.

"What?" yelled Ted, who couldn't hear him from the ground.

This is what Oncie is doing in the future? thought Isabella.

A long horn/pipe extended from the window. As the Once-ler yelled "It's because of me!" through it bugs and dirt came out, leaving Ted coughing.

"Because the air is wasn't dirty enough" said Thanatos.

"And my invention, the Thneed!" said the Once-ler as he held up the pink thneed. "It was an amazingly product, that could do the job of a thousand!"

Definitely a Dr. Seuss invention thought CrystalQueen.

"What on earth is that?" asked Elsa.

"You'll see" said Thanatos.

"Alright, that sounds ridiculous, but I mean, it's cool" said Ted.

"You're darn right It was cool!" said the Once-ler.

Most audience members giggled.

He sighed. "It all started a long time ago"

"Can we start not so long ago, maybe?" asked Ted.

"Impatient much?" asked Hiccup.

"Do you want a tree?" asked the Once-ler

Everyone laughed.


"Kids these days" said Gobber.

"Then it all started a long, long, time ago…"