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"...Beast talk..."



The Heir Of Onyx Prime.

"Brother are you sure you want to do this?" A voice asked which had come from a small bot that was floating in a sphere of the ground.

"I'm sure of it Micronus, if we want our race to survive then the well must be finished and with the help of my Artifact and Primus it'll be done." A beast like voice had said which had come from a bot that was a centaur-like dragon as it had wings on it's back and a crown on its head.

"Very well friend, then I'll accompany you to ensure it's the success of it." Micronus stated as he looked up at his friend in the optics.

"I would like to also accompany you as I wish to see what the next generation will be capable of doing." A different voice had said making the two look at the being.

"Are you sure about this Optimus Prime? As we all know what I and Onyx Prime will be permanent and what your saying is you want to live among them without the memories of what we've been through to go away?" Micronus asked to which Optimus had nodded in confirmation.

"Very well Optimus." The two had said before the three had gone over to the others which are consisted of seven other bots.

"Prima, Nexus Prime, Vector Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Alpha Trion, Alchemist Prime and Quintus, Me, Micronus and Optimus Prime have decided to transcend down to Primus' core to succeed in the well that'll bare new life on Cybertron and Optimus has wished to be reincarnated to live among the new race." Onyx Prime stated to the group, some of them were devastated by the news of what the three had planned but they all accepted it.

"Are you sure about this?" Prima asked as he looked to the three who all had nodded.

"We've had come to tell you this and to say till we meet again in the Primes realm." Micronus had said as the three had said their goodbyes before the three had walked over to a massive hole the ground before the three had proceeded to jump into it and the three had dropped all the way down to the very core of the metal planet they are on.

"Primus, me and Micronus wish to sacrifice our sparks to ensure the success of the well and for new life to be born." Onyx Prime said as the core of the planet has set a light on the trio.

"What off you Optimus, why are you here?" A voice boomed out.

"I wish to be reincarnated as one of the new generations and see what it will be like to live among them." Optimus answered and the three had started to slowly float towards the light before they vanished from sight but a totem-like a statue had remained behind before a pulse of energy shot out of the planet's core spreading to the far reaches of space till it stopped at a planet of green and blue in a different solar system.

"I, Primus and with the help of the Triptych Mask hereby give birth to the new generation of Cybertronians!" Primus' voice boomed out with a white beam of light shooting out of the well and into the sky of the planet before it had started to die down and vanish from sight.

"Rise, my children, my blood is your blood and energy, my body shall be your home and for whoever is worthy to be able to see through Mournsong shall be granted an audience with Onyx, one of my first children." Primus said as at the top of the well different bots had started to climb out of the well and once that was over Primus had sent the Triptych Mask into the far reaches of space with the new generation and the remaining Thirteen Primes watching as a white light had shot out of the well into space as the destination of this? Well, it's the same planet that is green and blue and as we come to know it as Earth.

Unknown years later.

Alone 16-year-old teenager was watching the sky through his bedroom window since lately, he has been getting these strange visions or dreams sometimes he was in a pure white room with 12 giant robots but only had noticed he was there, other times he was watching two giant robots fighting with one being pure silver colour with dark purple highlights and the other one was a mixture of red, blue and silver and had some parts of his body looking like a semi truck and these two were either fighting on a metal planet, in space or in front of a volcano that's erupting and multiple times Jack had gone to the doctors to see if they can help but they just prescribed to him sleeping pills but after some time they had stopped taking effect for him and the vision had started to happen in daylight as he would space out for a minute or 10 minutes depending on what he saw and because of this he had gotten fired from his job but he wasn't mad about that since that job was hell for him what got him mad was is when it would happen during high school as he would be made fun of, he and his mom even told them about his condition.

"Why does this have to happen to me?" He asked out loud before he notices a streak of white light shooting over in his direction and instead of hitting his house like he thought it would, it had gone over it heading further away from him and out towards the desert.

"What the?!" He exclaimed after getting over the shock of what he just saw but he then felt a rumble in the ground which he thought would wake his mother up but after it had subsided he went to check on her and found her to be fast asleep still and he gave out a sigh of relief since his mother has been working lat shifts and always come home late, with some thinking he had decided to investigate what it was that crashed, running into his room quietly he got on some trainers a pair of old jeans with a long sleeve shirt and then a short sleeve shirt over the long sleeve shirt, he then headed into the garage quietly to avoid waking up his mother and he opened the garage door before grabbing his bike which he repaired from time to time, setting out into the night of the desert town he rode his bike over towards smoke which is where whatever had flown over his house had crashed.

"Mournsong... Predator... Farsight..." a voice kept whispering over and over again but the teen just thought it was the wind as he was riding at fast speeds through the desert.

"First it's visions now I'm hearing things." He said with a heavy sigh and after a few more miles he was at the edge of the small crater and when he looked into the middle of it, he saw what looked to be a totem of metal masks.

"A totem? Of all things to come crashing from space, a totem with three metal masks." Releasing another sigh, he decided to amuse himself by inspecting the totem to see what is so special about it and when he went behind the totem he could see that each one is a mask and could look through.

"I wonder." He said to himself before walking up to the bottom which he was just barely able to look through and when he did he heard. "Mournsong." again but this time when he looked around his surroundings were different, instead of the desert he used to it was now a pure white room and when he turned around he saw 12 giant robots all standing around what seemed to be a well with no roof.

"No...no this can't be happening!" He exclaimed once he realized one of the visions he saw was actually becoming true but as he was having a panic attack one of the robots had heard him but none of the others paid him any attention.

"Who's there?" The robot asked with a beast like voice.

"Is everything alright Onyx?" a different voice said which had come from a bot that was floating off the ground.

"I'm... not sure Micronus, I can sense that there is someone with us but... I just can't place it, friend." Onyx tried to explain.

"I see." Micronus thought before going back to watching the well.

"If only I had my triptych masks." Onyx said with annoyance right before he saw a small being appear out of thin air and in front of the being was one of his masks.

"Mournsong? Tell me, creature, why do you have one of my masks and how did you get here?" Onyx questioned and the teenager had only looked up to see four legs that resembled a horse and as he continued to look up he saw wings and what the Greeks had described what a half man and half horse as a Centaur and he is shocked beyond belief as he could only stare at Onyx as his blade-like wings were out and aimed a spear at him.

"I-I-I." Was all he could say as Onyx optics just kept staring harder and harder at him as he got more mad that he hadn't gotten an answer yet.

"ANSWER ME NOW!" Onyx demand as he flared his blade-like wings out and slammed the spear in the ground as by now Onyx was using his king like voice to get an answer from the teen.

"I-I saw a totem crash in the desert and had decided to look through the bottom mask." He got out in a hurry as he was backing up to get away from Onyx.

"You found my Masks? Tell me, what is your name?" Onyx then asked as his wings had gone flat against his back.

"M-my name?" He asked.

"You do have a name?" Onyx asked to which the teen had nodded.

"It's Jack, Jack Darby and yours?" Jack asked as he slowly got used to Onyx.

"I'm Onyx Prime, one of the Thirteen children to Primus and king of the Predacons." Onyx introduced as Jack was getting onto his feet.

"Not to be rude Onyx but what are you?" Jack asked as he looked Onyx up and down and he could only think that he looked a part dragon, part man and a centaur.

"What my race is called are Predacons, beasts as your kind knows while my brothers and sister are Cybertronian which are a race of bio-mechanical organism." Onyx explained and at this point, Onyx had started to get a feeling in his spark about Jack since he was able to use his Artifact and is here in the Primes realm which is a realm meant for the Primes only.

"Do you have a sire Jack?" Onyx asked as he just kept inspecting Jack.

"A sire?" Jack said before something clicked in his head."Oh! You mean a farther, well for as long as I can remember no since I was told he had run away and left me and my mother to survive on our own which we did for years." Jack said and Onyx now started to feel anger towards the sire of Jack as a Predacon it is your duty to protect your younglings until they are able to survive on their own but if they are even able too it is still your duty to watch over them.

"If your family or friends are in danger of being killed, would you do everything in your power to help them and protect them?" Onyx then asked to which Jack had sharply looked him in the optics.

"I would not let anyone harm my friends or family." Jack had said with confidence which Onyx noted.

"If you are the last survivor of a race would you make yourself top priority or the survival of your race?" Onyx then asked as he did his version of sitting down.

"I would say the race since a person's pleasure should come before the survival of his race." Jack explained.

"One last thing, will you do everything in your power to protect those that cannot protect themselves, will you fight with a brother who is fighting for the freedom of all sentient beings from a power-hungry tyrant?" Onyx then asked as his optics stared very hard at Jack waiting for his response.

"If the weak cannot protect themselves then I will, if it means the survival of two races or just one then I shall." Jack said as his stormy eyes locked with Onyx optics.

"Then you shall be my predecessor to the Predacon race, A Prime to take my place in the realm of the living and to be my Youngling." Onyx proudly said as he stood up again but Jack was just shocked.

"Wait, what?" Jack asked but what Onyx did next had greatly confused Jack since he had opened his chassis revealing his spark but for Jack, it was just a giant blue ball of energy.

"With the power that has been bestowed to me, I hereby grant, Jack Darby the body, power and title of Prime and Predacon." Onyx said which had made different beams of light shoot towards Jack with each one going to the middle of his body and as Jack watched his skin and clothing had started to tear away revealing a metal skin of Ebony black that was accompanied by a Sapphire-like blue, some of the metal was even a maroon colour but that was only on some of the inner metal and then there were silver highlights that had accent his body as either etchings of where the metal would bend or it was used along the edges of his body and some of the metal plates."I, Onyx Prime have chosen you to be my son and the next in line to be the leader of the Predacon race." Onyx then said and by this point, Jacks height had grown to unbelievable heights as he now stood around 60ft tall, his stormy eyes had gone to a golden colour with a black circle in the middle, he had grown a crown of multiple spikes similar to Onyx, on his back two wings of metal blades had shot out as they were the same as Onyx wings and by this point Jack could feel the pain but bore through it as his hands were more claw-like as his finger... no digits were sharp to the point he could cut anything with them, in the middle of his chassis is a symbol of a dragons head that is a yellow colour, his shoulder was quite bulky but was also smoothed of into a curve, his legs were bulky as well but just like his shoulders they were also smoothed off, his pede had claws but they were retracted on top of them but they still help when he would walk as the tips of them digs into the ground, dirt or metal, he would have a sure footing. "With my power, you are able to transform into a beast worthy to be fitted a king." Onyx said and as such Jack had transformed as his entire body now resembled dragons and his blade-like wings also transformed as they were now a goldish brown colour, he has two rows of very sharp denta that can tear through any kind of metal as well as two mandibles on the side of his mouth, the crown on his head still resembled Onyx crown but from time to time you could see electricity jump from the tips and would even traverse down his back along the spikes all the way to the end of his tail as it was shaped like a mace that had the end bits point at the quad blade tip at the end, a few times a black flame with tints of a blue hue would sometimes sputter out of Jack maw and when Jack stretched out his wings they were an impressive wingspan of 280m and not only that but the length of his body is about four school buses long and two and a half wide, once this was done his entire body had fallen to the ground as he was breathing heavy.

"Rest Ebony Prime your time is not now." Onyx said as his chassis closed back up and then proceed to pick him up quite easily and then started to walk over to the other 11 bots.

"Primus, Onyx! Who is that?!" Micronus exclaimed now getting the attention of the others with them all looking at Jack as at the base of his neck was where the crest of a Predacon lied.

"This... is my son and the new heir of the Predacon race." Onyx said as he then received multiple gasps from the others except two as they both remain silent.

"We never knew you had a son." An old voice has said which had come from a bot who had a silver beard.

"That's because I never had one that as I thought I would be able to lead the Predacon race forever but plans do change and now I feel the need to have an heir that can lead the Predacons and make our race thrive again Alpha Trion." Onyx said as he laid Jack down on a table made of pristine metal.

"What's his name?" A femme voice asked as the femme was using a golden hammer as something to lean on.

"His name is Ebony Prime, Solus." Onyx proudly said as he placed Mournsong next to Jack.

"Why is Mournsong here?" A wise voice asked which had come from a pure white pristine bot.

"He had shown up here with Mournsong and was able to look through the mask, which only means one thing, Prima." Onyx stated.

"It means Primus has chosen a Prime to carry on your legacy as the next heir to the Predacon race and to be a Prime to help our brother." Prima said as they all looked into the well to see a blue, red and silver Semi truck driving down a road.

"He sure does look cute when he's sleeping." Solus said as she stood beside Onyx looking at Jacks' face and she even giggled a little.

"Predacons are not meant to look 'cute' Solus, they are meant to look fierce and dangerous." Onyx stated as he was now flustered at Solus' comment about his son and now the others were laughing at the two as Prima had a little chuckle at the two antics.

"I'm sorry to cut it short but he must go back to the living as he'll need energon to power his new systems." Prima said which had stopped the two and the laughter.

"I know. This is goodbye, for now, son but remember the masks will help you." Onyx had growled out to Jack before Jacks body had started to fade from the Primes realm and back into reality back in the same crater where Jack had found the totem of masks and at this moment Jacks systems had all started to boot up and his Optics came back online as one of his optics were now staring up into the blue sky.

"W-what? Where am I?"Jack asked as he slowly stood up and when he did he noticed he was on all four legs and when he turned around he then also found out he had wings and a tail as well as a neck that allowed him to turn this much.

"Wait, am I... a Dragon?!" Jack questioned as he was making sure by looking himself over again and once he was finished, he was 100% sure he was now a giant metal dragon and then he noticed the mask Mournsong next to him and the totem with the other two masks still which he then proceeds to place Mournsong back on the totem before he had picked it up and placed it on his back.

"Alright now that I have them, I need to find..." Jack was saying and then a sense had hit his smell receptors which his processor had immediately recognized as energon and without a second his massive wings had flapped once sending sand in all directions even up into the air as if a bomb had exploded and before long Jack was following the scent to another part of the world as a few moments pass he was already flying high above a forest in place called Nebraska and when Jack gets another whiff of the energon scent he has been following it leads him to a mountain that has a very large hole in the top of the mountain but the scent he is following leads him to a side entrance and when he proceeds to go into the cave which he was barely able to fit into it as he had to tuck his wings very close to his body and crawl almost close to the ground and then the small tunnel had then turned into a big open area where he can stretch his wings and still have room and then his golden optics had landed on a blue crystal and when he did his tanks had made a grumbling noise making Jack aware of his hunger and without a second thought he opened his maw before taking a huge chunk of the blue crystals into his maw where he proceeds to break them down with his sharp teeth.

"Primus this stuff is delicious!" Jack growled out after finishing his first bite before going back for more as his tail starts to wag back and forth with excitement but he had failed to notice two different silver mechs and a bunch of dark purple drones and five different coloured bots.

"What in the name of Primus is that?" Red bot asked as the silver and red highlighted mech had said the same thing at the same time but what they failed to notice was they said a bit more louder than they thought as they gained Jacks attention as his head had shot up and looked to one of the entrances to this open area was a silver mech with dark purple highlights who was accompanied by a smaller silver mech who had red highlights and a bunch of purple drones behind the two and when he looked to the over entrance which is where he had come from he saw a big tall mech with the colours of red, blue and silver, a pure dark green bot who looked like he was a constructionist, a red bot who had silver horns, a yellow and black striped bot who was just a bit taller than the red one and then the smallest of them all was a femme who was a navy blue with pink highlights.

"It cannot be." The tall red mech had said.

"A living legend, and on of all planets this mudball?!" The silver with dark purple highlights exclaimed.

"Um, you wanna let us in one something Optimus?" The navy blue femme asked as both sides had their weapons trained on Jack except for Optimus and the silver with dark purple highlights.

"What we are looking at is most likely the last of their kind. A living Predacon." Optimus stated as his optics were wide as he was staring at the last of a Cybertronian race.

"A Predacon?! I thought they all went extinct?" The red bot asked as that side was confused beyond belief while the other side the silver with dark purple highlights had started to laugh with it starting as a chuckle before a full-on manic laugh which caught the other sides attention.

"A Predacon? How can you be so sure Lord Megatron?" The silver with red highlights mech asked as Megatron had gotten an evil toothy grin.

"One of my loyal subjects has survived after all this time how wonderful." Megatron had said but when he said 'his loyal subjects' something inside Jack had clicked as he now started to growl at Megatron and his entire frame had gotten into a battle stance as electricity started to fly wildly between his crowns tips and spikes down his back.

"Uh, Optimus what is it doing?" The green mech asked and when Optimus turned he saw that the Predacon looked like it was ready to use Megatron as his chew toy.

"Megatron must have said something to anger it, I advise we keep clear as a Predacon can be very dangerous." Optimus said.

"Your 'subject'. How dare he say I'm his 'loyal subject', I'm the son of Onyx Prime the king of the Predacons!" Jack had growled out as now there was black smoke rising out of the sides of his maw.

"That doesn't look good." The red bot had said noticing the black smoke rising out of the mouth of the Predacon and within that moment they had seen the Predacon open its maw to shoot out a black ball of fire that had energon blue mixed in with and a bolt of lightning shoot from the tip of the tail and both had hit above the tunnel's entrance where Megatron had come from and when the two hit they had caused that tunnel to start caving in on itself.

"Woah." The green bot had said and then Jack had turned his helm towards them faster than bullet getting fired and by the looks of it he was getting ready to fire again.

"We mean you no harm, Predacon." Optimus had immediately said with his weapons sheathed and hands in the air in a peaceful manner which Jack had taken notice of and when Optimus saw that the Predacon had halted in his attack he took the chance to speak. "My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and these are my soldiers, as I said before we mean you no harm and may I ask your name?" Optimus asked as his soldiers still kept their weapons raised just in case.

"Optimus? hmm... that rings a bell, I wonder." Jack was growling and what he did next was reach around behind him to grab the Triptych masks of off his back before placing them in the ground right in front of him.

"What's that?" was basically the other's response while Optimus has a different.

"The Triptych Masks? The last time I saw them was with Onyx Prime, why do you have them?" Optimus asked and what Jack did was he had gotten the first mask off the totem and then placed it on his head as it reformatted to fit his head and right there he then received a vision of Optimus transforming before the vision ended and Jack had placed the mask back before attempting to transform for the first time and when he did his tail had retracted in on itself before it had turned into a Greatsword, his wings had transformed into multiple blades, his claws on his servos somewhat retracted while the claws on his pede did, the head had gone sideways before splitting apart and were placed where the shoulders were as his helm was revealed to them with a crown on his head and golden optics looking through a slit in his face guard as it resembled a knights helmet.

"It transformed?!" The red mech said and like that Jack was glaring at him.

"Instead of calling me it how about 'him' you fragging afthole!" Jack shouted in anger at the red mech who was even more shocked to know it could talk while the others were shocked as well.

"By the silence, I'm guessing you all can understand me, my name is Ebony Prime, son of Onyx Prime." Jack said with a slight bow towards Optimus Prime.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ebony Prime." Optimus said as he looked up at Jack as he is taller than Optimus and the two were engaging in a conversation the others were watching and were quite speechless.

"And here I thought today couldn't have gotten any more crazy." The red mech said.

"Really Cliff? first, it was getting interrogated by Shockwave and now we meet a living Predacon that is currently having a friendly conversation with Optimus." The navy blue femme remarked.

"It's not that I mean I'm still shocked to see a living Predacon but a Prime had called me an afthole and said fragging." Cliff said which had only made the femme facepalm.

"That is the most shocking thing to you? A living Predacon, he transformed, he spoke and the most shocking part is the fact he swore?" The femme asked incredulously at that point.

"Yup." Cliff said.

"Have you found the energy signal yet?" A voice asked through their comm units even Optimus' as he stopped talking to Ebony Prime for a moment.

"Yeah, you could say something like that Doc." Cliff answered.

"Ratchet can you send a ground-bridge to out coordinates?" Optimus asked.

"On it." Ratchet replied a few seconds later a green swirling vortex had opened up inside the cave.

"Autobots, return back to base." Optimus ordered and they had started to go through the green vortex but Optimus remain behind.

"Ebony, I would ask you to transform as you might break the ground-bridge with how tall you are." Optimus said to which Jack had transformed, picked up the Triptych Mask, placed them on his back and they walked through the vortex with Optimus in front.

"Well? Where did the signal come from?" Ratchet asked as he surveyed the group as they had gotten out of the way of the bridge which Optimus had come through next and had moved away to give Jack enough room and, oh boy was Ratchet shocked to see a Predacon come walking through the bridge and when Jack had tried to move around he knocked a few of Ratchets tools away which had broken upon impact.

"I NEEDED THAT!" Ratchet angrily shouted as Jack had tried again only to break something else and earned another 'I NEEDED THAT!' from Ratchet and this went on for a couple more times before Jack had chosen to transform to stop braking Ratchets things not only that but the green mech and Cliff got a laugh out of this a few times.

"I'm sorry." Jack apologized as he rubbed the back of his neck as he had a sheepish look on his face now that his face guard was lifted but Ratchet did was grumble about over-sized mechs and having to need a bigger base.

"Don't worry about him you'll get used to it." The yellow and black striped bot said.

"I hope so." Jack said with a sigh as his shoulders were now slumping and his blade-like wings were dropping lower to the ground expressing the emotion he was feeling.

"It seems Bee has made a new friend." Cliff said happily.

"We might as well get to know you if Optimus himself had decided you can come here." The green mech had said. "So, what's ya name?" He asked.

"Ebony Prime, son of Onyx Prime, at your service." Jack proudly said in a kings manner but what he didn't know was that he had shocked them.

"Another Prime and not only that but you claim to be the son of one of the Thirteen, Preposterous!" Ratchet exclaimed as that fact of Jack being the son of Onx Prime Impossible.

"So, you would rather call me a liar at the claim that Onyx Prime himself had told me that I'm his next in line to take his throne of the Predacon race?" Jack questioned as he placed the totem down. "Alright then Ratchet, what's the name of this artifact?" Jack asked the medics the medic then looked at the totem and as old as Ratchet is it seems he must have forgotten the name of it by the expression on his face.

"It's the Triptych Mask, the very same ones that belonged to Onyx Prime himself." Jack explained.

"If that is true then prove it by using Predator." Ratchet said as he now remembered the names of the three masks.

"Alright then." Jack said before grabbing the middle mask and then proceed to place it on his face as it then combined with his helm once this was done he had chosen the green mech to be his target and once he did, he moved with unbelievable speeds as he already got behind him before picking him up and then threw him up to the roof of the silo and when he was about to hit the floor Jack had gotten underneath him before proceeding to bend his spinal strut and you could the sound of something creaking before one of his servos grabbed a leg and his other one was holding onto his shoulder strut and with one mighty throw the green mech had slammed into a wall as some of the others got cleared and as Jack was about to plunge his clawed hand through his chassis the navy blue femme had fired a shot at his hand which had made it change course as it then went straight into the wall after that Jack ripped his servo out the wall now holding a chunk of concrete which he turned into dust after crushing it in his palm, he then proceeded to walk in front of her as her energon blaster was still out and aimed at him.

"..." Jack had just remained silent and the only thing you could hear was the green mech groaning from the beatdown he had just received, Jack had proceeded to kneel in front of Arcee.

"Uh, what is he doing?" Cliff asked as they watched Jack and the navy blue femme, but for, Jack he just didn't understand why but the navy blue femme has gotten his interest and he didn't know if it was him or his bestial nature.

"It seems my son has found a mate that has the same traits as you if I was you son I would make her a keeper." Jack heard which had come from his spark but it wasn't just that it was Onyx who had spoken to him and now he realized what his body was doing and why he was kneeling in front of this beautiful femme.

"I think Bulk could use some help." Cliff said as he checked Bulk and he was unconscious and as for the navy blue femme, she was just looking at Jack with a confused expression.

"What are you doing?" She asked as Jack didn't move an inch.

"Like I told my sire I'll defend my friends and family till the end and as you show you'll do the same, so I'm giving you my respect for saving your comrades life, as my bestial side is a bit uncontrollable and needs to be tamed to avoid such things to be happening to friends." Jack said as he felt two different things, the first being to just ravage the femme and make her his mate on the spot but thanks to his mother he was taught to be responsible so he was fighting with himself but the other emotion was respect for the femme.

"Thanks, I guess?" She said but Jack had remained there kneeling still.

"Arcee I need you out on patrol since Bulkhead is out of action." Optimus said. "Ebony, if you will follow me I'll show you to your quarters." Optimus said which Jack had gotten onto his feet before picking Bulkhead up and placed him the med bay, put Predator back and picked the totem up and then proceeded to follow Optimus and as the two got to the living quarters which were separate rooms for each bot and Optimus realized something as the rooms are small to Jacks height before he remembered that there was a cave at the top of mesa that was big enough to fit a Cybertronian spacecraft in it and then he goes to the lift with Jack behind and as the two are on the lift they both go to the top.

"As at the moment, there are no quarters that are big enough for a mech your height without the need to hunch over, but I remembered that there is a cave opening that is big enough for you." Optimus said as he pointed to said opening with the sunlight reaching far into it.

"That is fine Optimus, I didn't expect you to have a room for me but beggars can't be choosers." Jack dismissed as he went into the cave leaving Optimus and Jack had placed the totem against the wall before proceeding to meditate in front in a cross-legged position as the sun bore down on his back.

"Sire, what am I feeling?" Jack asked through the creator bond he has with Onyx.

"What your feeling son is love and not only that but your bestial side has chosen in a rare case a worthy Femme to be a high queen." Jack heard from his spark.

"A... High Queen?" Jack questioned.

"A High Queen is a femme who has more power than a normal Predacon Queen would have and is considered the most favorite among the Queens." Onyx explained as Jack now felt embarrassed. "There's no need to feel embarrassed son. Think of it like this, your going to be quite popular among femmes." Jack heard as he then felt Onyx laughing.

"I'll speak to you later sire." Jack said as he chose to transform and curl his body around the totem as it was right next to him, his head in front it and his tail in front of his head. "Goodnight son." Onyx said as in the Primes realm he had a grin on his face at what he learned from his son while the other 11 remained pretty much clueless, well that's what Onyx thinks as Solus knows what was going on with Jack.