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"...Beast talk..."



...Titan connection...

The Heir Of Onyx Prime.

"Every end marks a new beginning. Every beginning marks an end."

One Shall Fall, One Shall rise Part 1

Today was a strange day for Jack he was feeling restless which is unusual for him to say the least but to try and cure this he had been wondering around the base for some time as the only thing you can hear in the dead silence is his pede thudding heavily against the concrete floor and his claws scraping across it, he tried to calm his restless systems by exerting some energy in the S.A.F.E but it was pointless as he walked towards the main hub he can hear one of the computers running seeing who is up at this time of day he entered the main hub to see Optimus who looked distracted.

"Is everything alright Optimus?" Jack asked as he made his way over.

"..." Optimus didn't say a word as Jack got closer it wasn't until Jack gripped his shoulder strut that he had moved as he tensed up for a brief moment before looking towards Jack.

"Are you alright? You seemed deep in thought that you looked lost." Jack asked with concern.

"Do not worry about me young prime, just a troubling thought that I'll share later." Optimus said but Jack couldn't help but worry after all if something troubled Optimus it must be something dangerous or worth his undivided attention even for a thought but at the moment even he has things on his mind as he had forgotten to give Moonracer her jewelry with the same going for Blackarachnia, Crystal and Solus. While he is at it, maybe he could recruit Lockdown and Waspinator to his team, Lockdown seemed like a person who could handle weapons and gadgets while Waspinator could work as a scout he seemed pretty agile… hmm maybe he should pay Solus a visit along with Chala after all it has been some time since he last saw the titan but he has to ask Optimus something first.

"Optimus, would it be possible for Fowler to have a construction team build me quarters under the base? The cave is becoming… small for me." Jack asked.

"I believe we already have an empty storage cell that used to house dangerous materials for the humans which has been retrofitted to store dangerous relics but it too can also be fitted into living quarters, I'll show the way." Optimus spoke as he started to move down the hallway that was on the left of the ground-bridge which was odd since the other hallway had the lift but as the two traversed down this hallway it looked barren and yet when Jack looked through one of the doors it was clearly the storage section of the base but it looked mostly unused except when the bots need something and further down the hallway past many turns they finally reached a lift which looked unused in ages, getting on it supported their weight as Optimus pushed a button with the lift slowly starting up before moving downwards with them pasting many levels before they finally creaked to a halt due to rusty gears and with Optimus leading the way again they followed the path that they could only follow till they reached a big open room that has a set of 30-inch blast doors that looked dusty and rusty.

"Needs a bit of work to clean this mess up." Jack noted as Optimus went to open the doors with a control panel on the wall with them slowly open ajar a bit before stopping as the control panel flashed red with an error, grunting Jack walked towards the doors and slide his digits in the slight gap that the doors made and with his might he pushed one side all the way open with a shove and did the same with the other as dust kicked up. Once the dust settled Jack gave the room a once over and saw that apart from it being messy with storage crates and shelves for the storage crates along with what looks like missile racks and the whole lot of dust it could easily fit himself in and still have enough room above his helm for lighting and not hit his helm on them. "Apart from all the work this needs it's actually quite spacious, this'll do nicely thank you Optimus." Jack stated with a smile before he began to clean the storage room as he intended to have this as his personal quarters and a vault for dangerous relics along with important relics like his Triptych masks as he took the empty missile racks and shelves and began to disassemble them and reconfigure them into podiums where any artefacts he finds he can store here under his eternal guard… maybe not eternal but it will be under heavy guard, once he was done there are podiums and weapon racks hidden behind panels in the walls with his Triptych masks behind a panel that is at the furthest wall.

With all that done Jack sat down on a crate and concentrated as he now found himself at Solus' forge with the volcanoes erupting, looking around the forge Jack didn't find Solus anywhere until he saw what looked to be a lava pool and a unarmoured Solus relaxing in it.

"Enjoying your time?" Jack asked with Solus opening her optics as she stared at Jack with a smile.

"Of course I am… Hmm, relaxing in a pool of magma feels nice with my new systems. It certainly helps getting all the kinks and twisted wires I got from battle and swinging that hammer." She said as she slowly sank more of her body in the magma until it was just below her optics which stay locked looking at Jack before her servo raised up as she used a digit to tell Jack to come here in slow motion, seeing what the fuss is all about he shucked his armour as it fell with thud to the ground and once he was unarmoured he slowly strided into the pool of magma with heat rising up but it was to the point of a comfort heat, his wings flexed a little as they submerged into the magma which felt really nice and as he sat down in the pool Solus stood up with her full body on display as her very impressive energon tanks jostled while Magma slowly dripped down her form she straddled his hips with a servo gently caressing his chin.

"I've waited a long time, you know?" She spoke before she kissed him which seemed to have riled her up even more as when she broke the kiss hot air was being exhaled from her air filters. "The time when you would finally sparkbond with me." With her other servo moving down his chassis till it reached his hardening plug with it throbbing against her ports folds.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, so what say we get to business?" Jack asked but he didn't give Solus a chance to respond as he shifted back slightly before thrusting home all the way to the hilt and she wasn't ready for it but her body very much welcomed it as her port clung tightly to Jack's plug with his tip hitting something.

"P-Primus… Just like the other time… I forgot how big you are." Solus spoke as Jack moved his servos to her hips lifting her up till only the spear like tip of his plug remained in her port and slammed her down with his hips meeting hers halfway which is visibly having effects on Solus as she played with her energon tanks with one servo while the other felt Jack's plug as it bulged out of her stomach.

"Faster…" Solus said and with Jack hearing it he flipped her around with her now holding onto the edge of the magma pool with Jack standing up behind her pounding away at her port, bending forward Jack grabbed ahold of her bouncing energon tanks as he pounded her fast and hard with her senses going haywire as her port muscles just went out of control as she no longer had control over them.

"You enjoy me rutting you like an animal?" Jack asked as the blocker began to increase in size till the point it battered against Solus port for entrance like a battering ram and at the same time hitting her crystal making her scream her pleasure through clenched denta with her optics nearly rolling behind but on the next thrust Jack surprised her as something began to gently poke at her afthole before she screamed her pleasure to the sky as both her holes have suddenly been invaded, as he continued to thrust fast and hard Solus was unable to process anything but the pleasure of two plugs moving inside her and press against each other and forcing a certain spot to inch closer to Jack's first plug till every thrust earned him a pleasant scream or moan of pure pleasure as it suddenly became harder to move but Jack managed as he kept with the rhythm he made while Solus aft ring gripped him tightly and her port did the same while also trying to milk something from him but he wasn't going to give it to her just yet as he lifted her up with one servo on her hip and the other on a energon tank as he played with the valve.

"FRAG!" Solus hoarsely screamed as her body and processor are overloaded with pleasure and then she found her mouth to be busy as well with Jack kissing her with his glossa invading her mouth, with her body and processor so occupied she just let him do what he wanted as both her holes kept being battered against with them blockers and like a battering ram they finally destroyed her defenses as they pushed forward with one hard thrust with her port and afthole being forced open by them once she had been spread to the widest the easiest part came as they slackend once the rest of blockers are inside securely tying the two together and at the same time not giving Jack much room to move with his thrust which had become rapid and sporadic.

"What… Do you… want?" Jack grunted through ragged breaths as his systems were overheating with pleasure build up.

"Sp… Spar-Spark…" Solus desperately tried to speak with her processor clouded with pleasure and body submitting to Jack's ministrations.

"Spark what?" He asked as he kept going.

"Spark… SPARKBOND!" Solus screamed as her systems went wild with pleasure overload while between her energon tanks her spark-chamber opened and so did Jacks, being in close proximity the two sparks began to dance around each other with arcs of lighting connecting to each other with black fire transferring across the connected bolts with Solus' spark being engulfed in black fire which slowly turned blue, with the sparkbond complete and Jack reaching his limit he slammed all the way in with his first plug tip spearing its way past whatever it was hitting before it throbbed as Jack's CNA began to unload in great quantities as it filled Solus out as her port and aft have been flooded with her slim six pack turned more into a bloated belly as it sloshed with Jack's CNA.

Feeling absolutely drained Jack could hardly stand so he opted to sit back down with Solus still being tied to him she really didn't have much a choice so she just leaned back into Jack with one servo on her belly with gently rubbing it while they relaxed in the magma after such an event.

"That… Was amazing…" Solus spoke as she panted hot air out of her systems with Jack letting out a satisfied rumble from in his frame.

"I can tell your thoughts shattered into pieces." Jack said as he sank further down into magma dragging Solus with him who hissed in pleasure.

"Easy otherwise you'll get me worked up for another round." Solus said.

"Would that be so bad?" Jack asked.

"...No it wouldn't if you can keep pumping out this much." Solus said after a thought while the two just relaxed in the magma but Solus could already tell that something was bugging Jack through the newly created bond. "A Shanix for your thoughts?" Solus asked.

"It's about Airachnid, Thunderblast and Shatter." Jack said as he thought that Shanix must be a type of Cybertronian currency.

"What about them?"

"I can't decide if I should rush ahead and bring them into my folds or wait for the event that played out in a vision." Jack explained with Solus humming.

"Tell me, what did this vision show?"

"Breakdown, he was wandering the halls of the Nemesis and every vehicon that was alone he came across… sucked their energon out and made them become like him, he stumbled into a vault or something and freed Airachnid and that's it." Jack said.

"Hmm sounds like some kind of Unicrons blood thing." Solus said in disgust before she got back on track. "The visions that are granted to you are what lies in the future, it's something you can let happen or to change but if you go to change then a different outcome will happen." Solus said with her adding. "I learnt that from Vector Prime, he is the one that deals with time and such while I'm the one who supplied them with weapons or tools." Solus said with her belly steadily deflating as the CNA that got pumped into her was being redirected. "Oof, how much did you pump into me?" Solus questioned as she groaned in pain.

"Are you alright?" Jack asked in worry.

"Yeah…. Yeah I should be fine, there's just a lot of CNA being distributed around my systems including my spark which was giving the most. Frag I think it might take." Solus said with a groan as her energon tanks began to grow a bit more and when Jack hefted them he heard a sloshing noise from inside. "Yeah it's definitely gonna take." She said after she heard and upon looking down her belly went back to it's rightful size while her Energon tanks are just a bit bigger and fuller, upon tweaking one of her valves a aqua like liquid dribbled out while she let out a small moan.

"You're already lactating?" Jack spoke in confusion and amazement.

"Y-yeah… our sparking is different to human Pregnancy, when we receive enough or a suitable amount of CNA that is quite… potent will cause body changes from the inside and outside… as you just saw." Solus explained as Jack swiped some of the Aqua fluid on a digit before tasting it. It's sweet with a slight buzz but it doesn't have that electrifying buzz or kick that Low and High grade energon have. "It seems you like it, well there will be plenty since you have so many queens to bear your sparklings." Solus stated which seemed to have made Jack give out a throaty growl at the idea.

"I should be going now, How is Chela doing? I did come to check up on him as well." Jack asked as Solus lifted herself up off his lap with his plugs flopping out and her holes gaped with Jack being able to see.

"My body is going to remember you quite well." Solus commented before she seated herself down again while watching Jack put his armour back on. "Chela is recharging in one of these Volcanoes since they provide him the perfect heat source for his systems." Solus explained right as one of the volcanoes began to erupt profusely with magma as two golden wings erupted out from the top, with one beat of the wings Chela came flying out and high into the air.

"Speak of the devil." Jack said as Chela dive bombed towards him, with one arm outstretched, Chela shrunk in size with his talons out before he gripped onto Jack's lower arm.

Greetings Master… Where to? Chela asked through the link that the two shared with Jack promptly waving at Solus in goodbye and she returned it with a blown kiss and wink before sinking further into the magma pool.

"Home…" Jack said as he found himself back in his new quarters with Chela with him standing up Jack went and fished out the Chimera Stone from his Sub-space and placed it on top of a podium where it had began to float with a case of some kind being placed over the top of it but you can still see the strange stone floating in midair. With his business here done Jack left making his way to the hub where he can steadily hear Optimus voice speaking.

"And it was written in the Covenant of Primus, that when the 47 spheres align a perpetual conflict will culminate upon a world forged from chaos and the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising shadow." Optimus spoke as he looked at a terminal with Earth showing on it and the team gathered around while on the screen in a corner it showed Shockblast's faceplate.

"What no sky is raining fire?" Arcee asked as she has been studying too much of human culture.

"That is only a speculation, the world could actually end in many ways." Jack spoke as he entered the main hub.

"Goes without saying, it is a doom prophecy." Ratchet said.

"I say it's a load of hooey." Bulk added as he looked skeptical at best.

"I always thought the ancients were referring to our home planet but seeing as how Cybertron being dark for eons." Ratchet said as Optimus took over.

"And considering what has befallen this planet since Megatron's arrival here." Optimus said as he left it hanging in the air for the time being.

"Woah woah woah, we've known about these superstitions for ages and haven't given them a second thought." Moonracer spoke.

"Why all the ominous rumblings now?" Chromia asked.

"Because the planetary alignment to which the prophecy spoke of is nearly upon us." Optimus stated as Ratchet brought up a map of the planets with Cybertron being the starting point.

"And the end point is… Earth." Ratchet stated.

"Uh huh, crazy coincidence. R-right?" Bulkhead asked with slight worry.

"How long are we talking?" Jack asked since now he is down to business when it comes to his home.

"Days at most." Ratchet said as he turned around to look at the young prime.

"How unnerving the revelation must be you mustn't forget that some think the prophecy speaks to them alone." Shockblast said.

"You're speaking about Megatron aren't you?" Jack asked.

"That is correct, from what I have on Megatron, he most likely sees that the prophecy speaks to him." Shockblast Spoke.

"This means he'll get some ideas that might bolden his next move." Jack said. "But the question is how much bolder will he become?" He asked.

"I did not seek out Dark energon to simply keep my mere spark aflame, I sought it out to control armies of the dead. So tell me. WHERE IS MY DARK ENERGON!?" Megatron demanded with anger as he turned around to face Knockout.

"Out there waiting for you to reach out and pluck it from space but you shouldn't push yourself Lord Megatron, you've had setbacks been in stasis-" Knockout was saying before Megatron grabbed his shoulder and lifted him up towards his faceplate.

"WHICH IS WHY I MUST MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME! I can see visions of the future… vividly. I must ensure this outcome for I am the Darkness rising that the prophecy speaks of." Megatron spoke as he can see himself standing triumphantly in front of a Volcano which is spewing out magma and something else.

Outside the bridge Shatter, Thunderblast and Airachnid stood there for a moment before moving on.

"You think he is losing it?" Shatter asked quietly.

"Definitely." Thunderblast answered. "Say, shouldn't we get courting gifts for you know who?" Thunderblast asked with the three thinking for a moment.

"We could but we don't know what he likes." Shatter stated which is true.

"Oh, I just remembered an old recipe I had learned back on Cybertron." Airachnid said with joy as she figured out what to get.

"I think I just remembered seeing some dazzling gemstones when I was away, I think I might be able to recreate some of Cybertrons best jewelry." Thunderblast said in joy.

"What if he doesn't like them?" Shatter asked, with them having some doubts.

"Well, we have to try something, it would be better than nothing." Thunderblast argued with the three nodding.

"Pass, nah. Kid in a costume, balloon, nope. Ah hold the camera sure loves Bee." Jack said as he was helping Raf scour the internet for any images of the Autobots and Decepticons as they tried to keep the war a secret but just underneath the image is one of Jack in his dragon form flying.

"He isn't the only one, you should be more careful Jack." Raf said with Jack just scratching the back of his neck.

"Waaait, is that Bumblebee and Ebony?" Ratchet asked from his terminal.

"On a conspiracy website where users post close encounters but we've got it under control, Ratchet." Raf said as he worked on removing the two images. "We just scrub and replace them with."

An animated image was placed in their spot of a cat in a spacesuit saying. "Mars cat says, take me to your feeder."

"Haha." Ratchet laughed and realising what he just did he went wide-optic, as the three teens stared at him with Jack having a smirk and the others were just shocked.

"Ratchet actually laughed." Miko said as Ratchet tried to avoid eye contact with them and do something that would make him be busy.

"Hey Optimus want to see something funny?" Jack asked with Optimus being busy on a terminal as his answer was short and simple.


"Don't take it personally Jack." Arcee said as she and Bulk entered the main hub along with Chromia and Moonracer.

"That's just how Primes are built." Chromia added.

"But you're quite the exception." Moonracer said.

"With Optimus though I've never seen him laugh, cry or lose his cool." Bulkhead stated.

"While Optimus certainly keeps his emotions in check I've known him far longer than any of you have." Ratchet stated as he glanced at everyone else before looking towards the stoic prime. "And he was different before he was made a Prime."

"Optimus wasn't always a Prime?" Raf asked in confusion.

"On Cybertron one isn't born into greatness, rather one must earn it." Ratchet elaborated.

"But what about Jack? He's a Prime." Raf asked.

"But he wasn't born being a prime rather the Ancients granted him the title and body of a Prime; he has to earn his mantle before he is actually recognised as a Prime." Ratchet explained with Jack nodding since it is true he has the body and the title but he hasn't earned his mantle yet.

"So how different was Optimus?" Miko asked. "We talking Party animal."

"No, no. Optimus was more like…" Ratchet said as he thought for a moment while looking at the three teens. "More like Jack." Ratchet stated earning surprised looks from just about everyone.

"W-what? I'm nothing like Optimus." Jack was saying right as Fowler radioed in.

"Prime! Those tech heists that my department has been tracking, we figured it was MECH on the account of the stealth tactics until moments ago when a security feed penningtons ebbs Particle collider captured this." Fowler spoke as on the monitor to the left opened up the security feed footage showing Soundwave.

"Soundwave." Jack said.

"Raf can swap that out for you with a funny cat." Miko said but Fowler carried on ignoring it.

"The con without a face made off with a cutting-edge phase conductor." Fowler said before he added "Here's a punch list of everything else we've confirmed stolen to date."

With that said on the right side monitor it showed a list of items that Soundwave had stolen over time from laboratories and the like.

"Plasma injector, Neutron shield, tesseract?" Ratchet listed off and he knew what was missing on the list to create something. "There's only one thing missing if they are intending to build…"

"The Decepticon space bridge 2.0 is nearly ready to launch. All we require is…" Knockout is saying as he, Megatron, Soundwave and Shatter stood on the navigation bridge with Soundwave playing a beeping noise as he displayed an image of a generator.

"What Soundwave said, an ample power source." Knockout translated with an unexpected guest showing up.

"This one lies within a highly fortified location, by human standards." She said as she brought up a display of the base on the main screen from a nearby console. "I could tunnel in-" Airachnid was saying before.

"The time of prophecy is nearly upon us!" Megatron angrily stated as he clenched a fist in Arachnids direction making three of the cons step away in case that first was to swing at one of them. "We can no longer afford stealth." He said with his razor sharp denta baring.

"Prime, the 'Cons really stepped in it this time. They hit a US military base." Fowler reported as from the looks of the display he is in a helicopter flying somewhere. "Our boys in green will fend them off till your team arrives… even till the dragon shows up if we have too." Fowler said as he glanced in Jack's direction who had just given him the two finger wave.

"Agent Fowler, I fear that Megatron's desperation may be at its zenith and you know that I cannot condone even a single human casualty." Optimus replies in seriousness while in the back Bulkhead is ready for some action along with Chromia who seems to be studying her icey riot shield.

Fowler let out a sigh as he radioed in to the base that is under attack from the 'Cons. "Fowler here. Evacuate all personal, immediately." Fowler ordered.

With the order being sent the military base is a complete mess as wreckages of helicopters, tanks and jets laid strewn about with marines retreating from the base with an explosion happening just behind one group of retreating soldiers and behind them out came three Vehicons with giving the stop command as it scanned the surroundings and with them being clear they marched forward with another group showing up behind them carrying the generator that was displayed on Soundwaves visor, as the five Vehicons tried to make for their getaway a ground bridge opened up beside them with Optimus exiting first followed by Arcee, Bulkhead, Chromia and Moonracer and with that the battle commenced with Moonracer picking one of the Vehicons off with her strange looking rifle as the appearance of it had taken a more crystal, rocky look as gems and crystals lined and the barrel being surrounded by yellow crystals but the enemy was prepared in case the Autobots showed up as a strike team of seven Airelcons flew in blasting away at the Autobots with Chromia moving in front of her spilt-sparks using her riot shield to block the energon bolts as they just harmlessly hit the shield as for the others they easily dodge the shots with Optimus blocking one shot with his built in sword before taking aim at the Airelcons, firing one shot he landed a hit against one as it exploded in a burst of flame while the other Airelcons transformed firing shots one their way down to the ground to support the Vehicons.

"Lord Megatron, package secured but the Autobots have arrived." Breakdown reported

"Ah!" Megatron growled out in anger. "Prepare the warship for rendezvous. The package will be ready for pickup!" He angrily ordered as he turned towards Knockout but what was surprising was that Megatron left the bridge heading towards the upper deck where he transformed and flew off.

Along a lonely road Bee is driving out in the desert with mesa around him.

"Bumblebee, the team may need backup. They are three clicks north from your current position, just off the highway. If you drop Raf at the exit ramp, I can bridge him back to base from there." Ratchet radioed.

"Copy that, Sorry Raf." Bee whired.

"It's alright, we'll go racing another time." Raf said from the back seat as in his lap is a yellow toy racing car that looks like the same one that Bee stepped on when they first met but what they didn't know is that Megatron is flying high above them in the clouds.

"Well, well." Megatron said as he exited the clouds he could see Bee driving alone on the road. "A foolish scout has strayed from the ranks." He said as he came in from behind flying low and started to shoot at Bee who was doing his best to avoid the blasts while Raf looked behind to see that Megatron was shooting at them and there was one thing that etched onto his face.


As Bee kept trying to dodge the shots it also slowed down his speed allowing Megatron a better shot with this one slamming into his roof with purple arcs of electricity dancing over the top half of Bees alt mode. Knowing he hit his target Megatron moved on towards the base while Bee had managed to stop spinning and stop entirely.

"Raf?" Bee asked but he got no response and when he looked through his rearview mirror he saw Raf slouch and one hand flop down not moving. "Oh No." Bee sadly whired as he put the medal to the pedal racing to Optimus.

Amidst the battle team Prime are winning the battle with split-spark sisters working in tandem with each other while Bulkhead was busy smashing his way through the Decepticons with his mace as for Optimus he is expertly using his sword and blaster as he arm locked on Decepticon before blasting its helm off and slashing its arm clean off, they turned around when they heard the sound of a jets engine but it wasn't a normal jet engine but rather a cybertronian jets engine with Megatron flying in and transforming midair.

"Optimus." He said in acknowledgement.

"Megatron, do you not see the folly in trying to force a prophecy to fruition?" Optimus asked as everyone stood at the ready to fight.

"Why leave matters to fate? If one can forge one's own destiny. Ah, speaking of fate." Megatron said as behind team Prime they heard Pede fall and turned to see Bee walking towards who could only stare down at a barely moving body of Raf and upon seeing this Optimus was distraught.

"No." Optimus said as he feared about this.

"He's breathing… barely." Moonracer spoke when she inspected Raf as she took him into her servos and handed him to Arcee who is craderling him in her arms.

"Ah ha. It would seem I swatted a Bee and squashed a bug." Megatron gloated making Bee enraged.

"YOU FRAGGER!" Bee exclaimed in anger as he went to shoot Megatron in pure rage but Bulkhead stopped him by grabbing his arms and holding them behind his back.

"Ratchet, bridge us back now." Optimus radioed as he turned back to Megatron seeing his smug aft faceplate and the grin he wore, deep down that face pissed Optimus off.

"We must have an Autobot down." Ratchet guessed as he gripped the ground-bridge levers and pulled them down with the ground-bridge whirring to life, Jack watched with clenched teeth because whoever was harmed could very well depend on how many how Decepticons he is going to terminate.

"Arcee, attend to Rafael and Bumblebee. You too Moonracer." Optimus ordered as Bulkhead turned Bee to face the ground bridge while Moonracer followed behind Bee as Arcee entered the ground bridge.

Overhead the Nemesis came into view with Megatron looking up at it but when he turned to look at Optimus they were already gone with the ground bridge closing up.

Ratchet watched the ground-bridge in anticipation as he waited for the injured to come through but what he saw shocked him was that Arcee, Bee and Moonracer came yet what Arcee was craderling is the object of Ratchet's shock.

"Raf?" Jack asked as he and Miko rushed to the railing, deep down inside Jack the once slumbering beast during this time was no longer slumbering but rather silently seething with rage.

"What happened?" Ratchet demanded as he rushed towards Arcee but it was kinda weird with how she is taller than him but that's not important.

"Megatron." Arcee bluntly put it.

"Quickly, into my laboratory!" Ratchet instructed as he and Arcee rushed over there while Moonracer tried to help Bee, as for Jack he looked at the ground-bridge controls for a moment but he waved the thought off for now as fighting Megatron wouldn't help Raf.

"Argh, Rafael isn't responding. We must run Diagnostics on his assemblage." Ratchet said in a hurry but he realised something. "Gah, my tools are all wrong!" He said as he threw what looked to be scissors and managed to break a nearby empty energon cube.

"We need my mother's help." Jack said as he got his phone out.

"Your mother may be a nurse but does she know anything about the effects of energon on the human body?" Ratchet asked as he was in the middle of brainstorming for a solution, but what he said made Jack turn at him.

"Do you know anything about the human body?! The amount of time you have been with us wouldn't have ever even thought about maybe once instead of doing something that may not matter at the point of time actually studying the human body!" Jack stated angrily as now he stood at his full height in root mode with his golden optics glaring at Ratchet who now realised that Jack was speaking the truth but Jack's face changed when his comm link buzzed to life as he managed to connect his phone to his comm link.

"Mom, it's urgent." Jack spoke as he moved away from Ratchet.

"And the weak shall perish." Ratchet said as he remembered what the prophecy spoke off. "Be strong Rafael." He said as he looked at Raf who is lying still on a gurney hooked up to an IV drip.

On board the Nemesis Megatron entered the bridge to be greeted by Knockout.

"We'll have the power source hooked up in no time Lord Megatron, we're nearly at the construction site." Knockout reported with a bow as Megatron walked past him.

"'Nearly' isn't good enough." Megatron snapped as he turned quickly on Knockout before turning back around with Airachnid and Shatter who stood off to the side. "The spheres are aligning I must not miss my moment to-" He was saying before his frame seized as he coughed and gasped for air before he saw something only he could see, what he saw was deep underground way down below the Earth's surface where he saw an outline of a cybertronian who is merged with the rock, blending in with the rocks until it's dark purple optics snapped open. Peering through the optics the scenery changed to a Volcano that looks ready to erupt but something is off with the magma. It wasn't the normal red, yellow and orange colour it was a bright purple colour.

After seeing that Megatron snapped back to reality with his red optics now a dark purple colour.

"Lord Megatron are you alright?" Knockout asked.

"Yet again, it is as if I can hear Unicron's thoughts." Megatron spoke as he worked to piece together what the vision entaled.

"Unicron? The Chaos bringer?" Airachnid questioned in confusion mostly.

"They say Dark Energon is his blood." Shatter spoke.

"Whatever, as if he even exists." Knockout said.

"Complete the space bridge, there is something I must attend to." Megatron ordered in a husky whisper with him walking past the three.

"Does he seem to be losing it?" Knockout asked.

"A bit." Airachnid answered and for some reason she has a grin on her face with an idea in processor which she is going to make good on, so she sent this to Shatter and Thunderblast over their comm link. "I'm leaving cya with you know who." With that Airachnid headed for her quarters.

Jack activated the ground-bridge waiting for his mother to come through and when she did he powered off the ground-bridge changed back to his human and rushed over.

"Mom, thanks for coming." He said.

"Grab my bag." She said as she had no time for chit chat to put it bluntly as she rushed towards where Raf is being kept.

"Measuring the extent of the absorption should determine the proper course of treatment." Ratchet said after he ran a scan over Raf's body right as June started to check Raf over, his skin was getting paler and paler by the second with his heart rate dropping.

"If I don't get this boy stabilised now he will not leave this table alive. Do you understand me?" June questioned as Jack placed her medical bag on the gurney while Ratchet didn't have an answer so he just took a couple of steps back and let June do her work, for some reason Jack has been getting this strange tingling feeling in the back of his head but he couldn't place it to what was giving him it.

"Arcee, I'll be back in a moment." He said as he left down one of the hallways towards the lift that would take him topside.

"THAT FRAGGER!" Bee said in a blind rage as he punched the nearest wall making it crack and scaring Miko at the sudden outburst, Arcee instantly pinned Bee up against the same he punched staring dead in the optics.

"Bee listen and listen well." Arcee spoke as her predacon like strength was making small dents in Bee's shoulder armour and making him wince slightly in pain. "I know what it's like to see your partner being harmed and you can't do nothing. Revenge isn't what Raf needs, he needs his friend by his side and some medical help from June." Arcee said as she slowly eased up.

"Y-your right, I'll try." Bee responded with Arcee letting go off Bee.

While on board the Nemesis in what looks to be some kind of holding room as it has a platform in the middle being connected to three bridges and has for guards guarding the power generator that was until Bulkhead landed on one crushing it underneath his pede and gave another one an uppercut with his mace while behind him a Vehicon was about to shoot him but Optimus dropped on top of it before getting a sword out and piercing it right through the Vehicons spark-chamber before swapping the sword out for a blaster and shot the last Vehicon off the platform down below into a generator and upon landing on top of it arcs of electricity danced across the convulsing form before it layed lifeless as smoke rises up from the offlined Vehicon.

"Ratchet, how is Rafael?" Optimus asked over his comm link.

"It is too soon to know." Ratchet responded as he watched June and Miko tend to Rafael as he felt nothing but guilt weigh down upon him as he could've done something to help but he never bothered to learn about human biology, to try and understand how they work so to speak.

"He's in good hands." Optimus said as he knew about Ratchets medical skills.

"Not mine Optimus. Curse my Cybertronian pride. We've accepted these humans into our lives yet I bothered to learn so little of them, science… or medicine." Ratchet spoke with anger and guilt.

"Pull yourself together old friend Rafael needs you." Optimus spoke.

"And I've grown to need him." Ratchet whispered as he admitted that he had needed help from the humans on more than one occasion.

"Lock on to my coordinates and activate the ground bridge." Optimus said before he looked to Bulkhead who is carrying the generator on his back with him holding it at the bottom.

"Ready." Bulkhead said with a grunt.

"Bulkhead Return to Base." Optimus ordered as the ground bridge opened up beside him.

"Wha- Serious?" Bulkhead asked as he looked at Optimus.

"I've been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again, that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways. If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict then I must not allow more darkness to befall this planet or any others." Optimus stated and Bulkhead saw his optics, he knew Optimus meant business when he said this final part. "Megatron must be destroyed!" It was like something had finally snapped inside Optimus as now he understood that after millenia only the destruction of Megatron will lead to the end of the war, with that Bulkhead nodded and left through the ground bridge.

Optimus had left the room with his pede thudding against the floor of the Nemesis as he strolled with every aspect of a leader and someone who means business, making his way down one of the many corridors he had finally come across five Vehicons. "I've come for Megatron and him alone. Stand down and you'll be spared." But no one likes to listen to such threats so the Vehicons got their guns out with Optimus already having his out, with that he shot the two consoles on the walls causing an explosion which launched the back two Vehicons down the corridor past an intersection with Optimus taking one step and firing past the intersection with the Vehicons return firing.

Whizzing through the smoke laden sky over the top of a Volcano which is erupting a strange colour of magma with it normally being orange and red but it has a dark purple mixed in with it, even the ballistic projectiles that come flying out of the volcano left a dark purple trail behind it instead of the usual smoke, is Megatron who fly around the volcano remembering it from the vision he had.

"A flaming mountain in my visions, as if it summoned me here, guided me!" Megatron declared, "This is where I am to position my spacebridge, the place which is where I am to harvest Dark Energon!" He stated with glee which was ruined when he had received a message over his comm unit.

"Megatron, I am here on your ship come and face me!" Optimus challenged as he sent the message through the comm unit of a terminated Vehicon.

"The place which I am to defeat the last of the Primes." Megatron said with joy before sending a wide communication across all Decepticon channels even through the speakers on the Nemesis. "Hear this, any Decepticon that lays a hand on Optimus Prime will answer to me! Soundwave lock on to my coordinates and lead my opponent to his destiny." Megatron ordered.

Deep in a jungle hiding inside one of the many caves, Airachnid listened to the broadcast with good interest.

"So Optimus finally decided to face Megatron my my that would be a battle to witness." She said before she carried on what she was doing.

Trudging through snow Dropkick listened in on the broadcast as well since it is the only way for him to keep up with the news or orders that Megatron gave out, then he saw something that brought a smile to his faceplate as he saw Soldiers wearing gray, black skin tight suits with masks and goggles on guarding abandoned warehouses.

"I finally found you MECH, Now to find out where your leader is." Dropkick said.

Jack Had come back from the surface with a grim look like something was happening and he didn't like it but a voice made him put on a stoic face.

"Jack, help me get Raf to the car he's going to the emergency room." His mother stated with a determined look but he surprised everyone by not doing what she said and instead crushed her car under his pede everyone was flabbergasted or shocked at what he did.

"One I'm freely able to walk around the hub so it ain't my fault the car was parked in said area. Two I will not help you leave the base." Jack said with him folding his arms across his chassis.

"Do you have any idea how expensive cars cost and I needed that?! Not only that but you're stopping me from saving a boy's life, your friend's life?!" June exclaimed in shock and anger.

"I'm saving your lives!" He shouted back with a voice of a commander or rather one who you shouldn't argue with. "If you even bothered to notice why I left it was to check topside and you know what I found?! Go on guess!"

With no response from anyone Jack carried on. "Fragging hurricanes that's what and just the one but multiple so if you want to drive outside on the road where you can get sucked up by the hurricanes be my guest! Oh, wait I stepped on the car to protect you from leaving cause I knew you would try to leave with Raf to get help from doctors who most likely can't even help him!" Jack stated as he calmed down to some degree.

"H-how do you even know that the doctors can't help him? The-" Before June could carry on Jack interrupted her.

"Because a Cybertronian shot Bumblebee so can a doctor figure out what is wrong with him if they don't even know what caused the injury? I think not so your best bet to save Raf is to stay here and work with Ratchet even though he has no fragging clue how a human body works he has knowledge on the effects of Energon." Jack spoke with Ratchet slightly flinching at being called out on not knowing how a human body works while June internally winced with acknowledgement at the facts her son stated. With that the two set off to work with Ratchet finding something disturbing.

"He hasn't been infected by normal energon but rather Dark energon." Ratchet said as from the scan of Raf's body on the terminal showed nothing it meant that no energon had entered his body but rather Dark energon.

"Of course! It makes sense since Bee was attacked by Megatron." Moonracer spoke with everyone now knowing that Raf has Dark energon infecting his body.

Standing a fair distance away at the foot of the volcano Megatron waited for his opponent, he didn't have to wait long as a ground-bridge opened up in front of him with Optimus stepping out from it and it closing off.

"Megatron! Today you answer for your crimes against Cybertron and against humanity!" Optimus stated as he glared at Megatron, his face guard already in place for a fight.

"How noble of you to do this alone Optimus, now why don't we get down to business?" Megatron asked.

"One shall stand." Optimus spoke.

"One shall fall." Megatron finished before adding. "YOU! Optimus Prime!" He spat as the two rushed towards each other with Megatron going for left hook and Optimus going for a right hook.

"If Dark energon is devouring Raf from the inside out we must expel it and fast by the only way I know possible." Ratchet said as he ran a scan of Raf's body from his arm before exclaiming. "I need energon!" As he was grabbing tools from around the medbay with one of them being a canister or rather Cybertronian sized vial.

June shockingly looked up at Ratchet. "Wait, you said energon was devastating to humans?" June questiongly said.

"Under normal circumstances, quite but I am relying on the dark matter currently in Rafael's body to meet it head on." He said with a clench of his fist like it was a battle.

Both Optimus and Megatron had slammed their fists into each others helm sending both back a couple of feat with Optimus rushing towards Megatron while Megatron went to fire his Ion cannon but Optimus had grabbed his arm made him fire the blast away from him, Optimus then tried to blast Megatron but the two ended up repeating each others moves with Optimus evening throwing in a kick but Megatron lean backwards to dodge it and the two carried on until Optimus had a clear shot at Megatron's helm but Megatron whacked his arm upwards. Then the two ended up pointing each others blaster and cannon at each other point black and firing with it creating a knockback effect as they both got sent flying backwards away from each other, reeling from this Optimus opted to put his blaster away and instead use his sword while Megatron with the range advantage carried on to use his Ion cannon upon firing the first shot Optimus had deflected the shot with his sword away from him, Megatron kept on firing a couple more times with Optimus deflecting another shot dodging the next one and then leaped over the last two with him going to strike Megatron but Megatron had got his blade out and blocked the strike with the two becoming locked.

"Your defeat here was foreseen by the Ancients. What was it they wrote? The weak shall perish?!" Megatron taunted.

"Do not believe everything you read." Optimus replied in a deep tone and with that the two ended their sword lock and fought.

With the heart monitor beeping like crazy Ratchet is busy focusing on taking Bee's energon which is being sucked up into the vial and once it was filled he quickly slotted it into a device before pointing at the cylindrical pod which is used for Cybertronians.

"Quickly I need him in here." He ordered with urgency with June and Miko moving Raf's gurney into the pod while Ratchet was busy typing away at a nearby console tuck to the side of the pod and when Miko and June left the pod with Raf inside Ratchet closed the pods door and pulled a lever making something whir with the pod darkening while vial that Ratchet plugged in had started to emit a glow, with the pod suddenly emitting the same glow at a low level before it steadily rose to completely blinding everyone as they had to shield their optics/eyes.

Once it was with and the light gone Ratchet opened the door with June and Miko rushing in first with Bee and Jack heading in after them they stared at Raf waiting for him to do something even Ratchet watched with hope as Raf slowly came to his senses with June reading his heart rate.

"Pulse is stabilizing." She said with a smile as one graced both Jack and Miko's face that their friend is still alive.

"Ah… Bee?" Raf weakly said with a groan as he was still completely weak from the ordeal.

"I'm here Raf." Bee answered with Ratchet relieving a sigh while Miko hugs Raf with him Smiling. Jack nodded towards Ratchet who turned towards the comm link with Optimus.

"Optimus we did it." Ratchet happily stated.

Optimus is still duelling Megatron with the two clashing blades and Optimus kept pushing Megatron back who kept charging back in and Optimus tried to throw a punch in but Megatron hit him first with a punch to the side of Optimus' helm which made him look away for split second only to see Megatron's pede kick him in stomach launching him back, he landed on his pede before charging towards Megatron with no sword this time as he transformed while Megatron started to open fire with his Ion cannon but he kept on missing as Optimus closed the gap between them with him launching of a dirt ramp and slamming straight into Megatron's chassis launching him off the edge with Optimus driving after him and transforming midair, when Megatron hit the ground he could see Optimus dropping in fast with his pede slamming into his upper chassis and he had even used his tires to cause skid marks over Megatron's face making him go blind as he wildly swinging his arm around before he clutched onto Optimus' helm, throwing him away with him skidding to halt with his servos and pede and since Megatron is blinded by what Optimus did he had an advantage as Optimus threw a punch which connected with Megatron's helm.

Megatron tried to throw a punch but Optimus easily dodge it before throwing another punch into Megatron's stomach with the next one hitting his upper chassis before receiving a uppercut and then a right hook with Optimus repeating the attacks until his punch to Megatron's stomach sent him backwards a bit, he stumbled before catching his footing and used his arm to clean away skidmarks blocking his sight but once he could see again Optimus was already charging at him and gave one really powerful right hook to the helm which sent Megatron flying away with him skipping across the land like a skipping stone. When he came to a full stop Megatron weakly sat up with Optimus approaching him as purple tinted lighting and thunder went off behind Optimus with him drawing his sword out.

Megatron drew a hard gasp for air on his overheating systems before sprawling out. "My destiny-" but he was cut off as Optimus slammed his pede into Megatron's chassis, planting it there to keep Megatron pinned down. "This isn't how it's supposed to end!" Megatron weakly spoke.

"On the contrary." Optimus spoke as he slowly rose his sword high above his helm into the helm as he stared down at Megatron who looked terrified. "I couldn't have allowed this to end otherwise." With lightning and thunder still going off behind Optimus. With the eruption of the volcano it now spewed forth dark purple magma, lighting went off and Optimus slashed downwards with the sound of metal echoing out but Optimus was shocked as he saw Megatron had stopped his blade by slamming his servos together with the blade being in the middle.

In that moment they stood/sat there not moving until Megatron looked up at Optimus with his optics being the same colour as dark energon with no pupil as his energon fuel lines glowed the same colour underneath his armour.

"BULKHEAD YOU DID WHAT?!" Arcee demanded angrily as she stared him down.

"You let Optimus face Megatron alone. Why?" Chromia asked with Jack putting a servo on Arcee's shoulder strut in a way to remind her.

"I didn't have a choice." He answered.

"Everyone has a choice Bulkhead with yours being to follow orders or don't." Jack spoke.

"I don't like it, it might be a trap." Chromia said with her thinking.

"I'm already trying to get a fix on his location." Ratchet stated as he stood at the main terminal.

With newfound strength and energy Megatron stood up still holding Optimus' blade in his servos. "How did you put it, Optimus?" Megatron rhetorically asked. "I could not have allowed this to end otherwise?" Megatron repeated before snapping the blade and shoving the snapped off piece into the exposed area between Optimus' helm and shoulder. When Optimus tried to retaliate Megatron had easily countered by throwing a much quicker and powerful punch into Optimus side making him groan in pain but Optimus had threw a right hook that collided with Megatron's helm, he had retaliated by throwing a multitude of punches aimed at Optimus' helm and with Optimus disorientated Megatron done a uppercut forcing Optimus to fly back quite the distance.

Now the positions have been reversed as Optimus laid on the ground he looked around seeing what looked to be a solar eclipse and Megatron steadily walking towards him, with some strength left in him Optimus had grabbed the snapped off piece of his sword and tore it out but before he could do anything Megatron stomped one pede onto his chassis pinning him down to the ground like he had done to Megatron.

"I've found him and locked on." Ratchet spoke but he saw something he didn't want to see. "Wait… how is this possible?" He questioned as he stared at the map.

"What is it Ratchet?" Jack asked as he towered over the medic.

"We need to get him out of there now!" Ratchet shouted and from what Jack could see, it was dark energon and not a small amount but rather… a volcano full of the stuff.

Megatron stood triumphantly over Optimus and when the volcano erupted he looked towards it while keeping Optimus pinned to the ground.

"It seems the blood of Unicron I've been seeking isn't out there in space but rather right here on the miserable dirtball." Megatron said after laughing.

Optimus was shocked that Dark Energon was erupting from the volcano. "Dark energon erupting from the earth…" He said while Megatron drew out his sword and stood in the same way Optimus did but instead of lightning and thunder going off it was the volcano as it erupted.

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