Kaenniar's eyes weakly began to open, only to be shut in a flash as the sunlight pounced onto his waking senses, his hand rushing to cover his face as he grumbled lazily to himself, wholly unprepared to leave the lavishly warm confines of his bed sheets, the thought of escaping such a place like a terror to be avoided at all costs. His muscles ached not only from inactivity, but his fast from magic grinded his joints, his blood vessels noticeably constricting due to the phenomenon, knowing that, despite his struggling, he would, indeed, have to awaken completely, forcing him to leave that wondrously balmy space beside his-

In sudden, terrified realization, Kaenniar's eyes jolted open, his body lurching upward in a massive show of panic as he grappled hold of the sheets, yanking them over his bare chest in uncertainly, having noticed the spot beside him was very much barren, leaving him alone in the bed he had certainly shared with his lieu-

His mind blanked as he caught the visage of his lover, Erazen, leaning against the wall just beside the covered window, the older man's finger pressed against his pursed lips as he gave Kaenniar a mischievous gaze in welcoming before returning to stare out the window, just barely pulling the curtain away from its intentionally shaded nook within the window frame. Kaenniar's heart was still alight from his panic, though Erazen's action had quieted his terror; a natural action for a leader of men to have on his soldiers, to be sure.

"Shhh," Erazen noted as though unsure if Kaenniar had gotten his silent message, "They're just finishing up role call."

His fright returning at a blistering speed, Kaenniar split from the sheets of his bed, rushing to his feet as he hurriedly hunted down his trousers, "Role call?! By the gods! If I'm late again, Ithnis will have my head! Last time, he had me rounding Silvermoon with fifteen buckets on either end of a polearm! I- Why didn't you wake me?!"

Erazen shrugged, "My inspection lingered more than I might have thought it would."

"Jokes?!" Kaenniar cried out in a quiet fury as he nearly tripped upon the fluttering legs of his trousers, yanking the clothe material up one of his legs and then the other, "Eraz, if my commanding officer catches me crawling back into line after arriving late once more, he's going to send me to the Ghostlands!"

The older of the two grinned, pulling his head away from the tiniest of spaces between the curtain and the sill, "So now you're concerned with your duties as a soldier. Funny; you're usually one who's languid disregard for the rules causes me to worry."

Kaenniar bit his lip, his gaze falling toward the ground as he buckled up his belt, "Well, you know… It's one thing to wash the Shepard's Gate, but- I mean, if I get sent off…"

"Look at you; so worried," Erazen teased, "It suits you and your childish antics. So carefree and lackadaisical until the consequences come to the fore."

He chuckled silently as he pulled back the curtain only slightly, "Lucky for you, you've fallen in love with somebody who takes the time to think about more than the next fifteen minutes. Ithnis can have his tantrum when you don't show up; I'll merely say I had you out on assignment at the East Sanctum, my jurisdiction, to try and further improve your subordination."

Erazen smirked, "Perhaps I had you out fighting some plainstriders to try and beat some subservience into you. Those marks on the back of your neck would be consistent with such a beast attacking you while you predictably succumb to the fetal position, I presume?"

Kaenniar reached up to rest a hand upon his neck, catching the still-stinging marks Erazen had left upon him in the none to distant past, pausing his rush to get dressed in wayward admiration for the man by the window, "Wow, y- you actually thought of everything…"

"I actually have to," Erazen reminded with another mischievous grin, "Have you a clue what would happen to a lieutenant caught with his soldier in such a manner as we partake? I'd like to think a Ghostlands assignment would be a merciful one. Ghost 'n everything- I always hated the things. Bleh."

With a weakened voice, Kaenniar muttered in reply, "It's not the ghosts… If I'm off in the Ghostlands, then we-…"

Erazen's eyes cocked back toward his lover, a sincerely sweet smile taking place of his lips' previous form as he released the curtains, their thick material fluttering back against the window as he strode toward Kaenniar, making sure to pick up the ruffled shirt on the floor on the way over, taking care to straighten out its wrinkles as he approached.

"You're terribly cute, you know that," Erazen noted with a chuckle, "For one so flightful, adventurous, and prone to quick thinking, you certainly are helpless at times."

The lieutenant readied the shirt in his hands, clicking his tongue in notification as Kaenniar raised his arms in the air, allowing him to lift the shirt up and diligently pull it down his arms and over his head, the muffled voice of Kaenniar breaking through the fabric, "Maybe that was always my plan. All along."

"Not a chance," Erazen retorted with an authoritative air, as though his powers of deduction were unmatched, "I had you figured out day one, like I do all the men that end up under my command. Admittedly, you had some tricks up your sleeve, but-"

As Erazen yanked the shirt down farther to expose his lover's head, his brow furrowed at the sight of Kaenniar's knowing grin, his eyes alight with the brightness that always accompanied his terribly brilliant moods. In recourse, Erazen cocked a smirk, playfully pushing Kaenniar back a few steps as the younger man laughed with excitement at the prospect of getting beneath his superior's tough exterior.

"Oh? Does the lieutenant have a weakness?" Kaenniar teased, now freed from panic as Erazen turned his head suspiciously, watching the man with a disinterested expression.

Erazen reminded quickly, "I have no weakness, Kaen. You'd do well to remember that, as well. A Silvermoon appointee mustn't have weaknesses."

Kaenniar continued to chuckle at his lover's authoritative tone despite his wearing nothing beyond his undershorts, bending down to retrieve another article of his clothing, only to pause in his tracks as he suddenly felt Erazen's hand against his cheek, gently guiding him back up to his feet. Kaenniar's eyes widened in wonderment at his lover's intense stare that seemed to peer straight through his mind; a wholly disarming sensation that had often left the younger man's heart aflutter.

"What we have- What you do to me. That is not a weakness," Erazen confirmed with a deepening tone, "Don't mistake the fact that I'd give my life for yours as a weakness. I'd much rather keep my own life, as well as yours; that means working double-duty if I have to. That means lying to my superiors if only it means I can watch your sleeping face for a moment longer."

Taken aback, Kaenniar reached up to place his own hand atop Erazen's, holding him in place as he shut his eyes, lifting and dipping the side of his head against his lover's open palm, almost nuzzling against that tender skin. With a dutiful air, Erazen kept his hand in place, despite his lover's direction, only smiling weakly at the sight of such devotion in the face of such troublesome secrecy.

"Let us run off," Kaenniar muttered whimsically, still running his cheek along Erazen's open hand, his voice a weakening whisper as if knowing he was speaking words that would go unrequited, "You made your place in my heart. Let's make our place in the world."

Erazen frowned, "That's your fast from magic speaking, my-"

"It's isn't-!" Kaenniar insisted, his suddenly outburst breaking his lover's hand from his cheek as he leaned closer, "Eraz, it breaks my heart to have to leave you so often! To pretend as though we're-"

"You knew this," Erazen reminded with a darkened voice, "You knew how things would have to be when this began. If you hadn't been so good to me that first night- If you hadn't offered such strong arms to fall into when I broke into the torn parts of a dismantled man- None of what we are, now, was ever supposed to happen. We were only one night, and you've won me over for far longer despite that."

His face narrowed regretfully, "You're betting with chips you haven't got."

Kaenniar's heart trembled.

"I'm a man of Silvermoon, first and foremost," Erazen explained dutifully, "And while my nights are made wonderful at your side, when the sun rests in the sky, I bare my heart for Silvermoon alone; for my people. For our people. If you were a bit less flighty, you might have learned a thing or two about duty."

Trying to break the serious air of its tension, Erazen grinned weakly while flicking a teasing finger against Kaenniar's chest in emphasis, though the younger of the two was unamused by his superior's antics. Kaenniar began to recoil gradually, slowly beginning to turn away when Erazen's hand swiftly reached over to take the side of his face, pulling him back closer, knowing that he'd be unable to resist the sweltering skim of taut skin that sat at his cheek. Guiding him adoringly, Erazen closed the gap between them with a dutiful bowing of his head, closing his eyes as he took his lover's lips into his own, making sure to keep it rather chaste, lest the two of them work their way clear out of the current mood hanging over the two of them.

"I love you," Erazen reminded lightly.

Kaenniar was slower to the draw, though such a thing was what Erazen expected. In such a sulking mood due to his words, Kaenniar was simply trying to save face, attempting to brood and hide away his feelings that Erazen hadn't 'earned', in the sense that he had ruined his lover's mood in the first place. As he'd said earlier, Erazen had, indeed, figured this out much earlier, knowing that such a thing as a kiss was enough to break the man of his sulking spell.

"…I love you, too," Kaenniar finally replied, much to his lover's lukewarm delight.

Reminding once again, Erazen pulled away, "You're cute."

Now his turn to frown, Kaenniar swiped at his superior, "Oh, shut up."

"It's true," Erazen chuckled, "I love your little moods. For all the foolishness that defines your outward appearance- beneath all that, you're deeper than the oceans of Azeroth. 'n I love diving in and discovering what I'll find. Even after all the sneaking around, it's still an adventure with you."

"Hush," Kaenniar muttered in reply, earning him another chuckle from behind the lips of his lover.

Erazen shrugged, muting his laugh, "You're not exactly proving me wrong, you know."

Still wrapped in disappointment, Kaenniar lowered his head to watch the floor with such disinterest, understanding their situation, yet so hating that it had to be the way it was. Perhaps it was his nighttime fasting of magic. All Kaenniar wanted to do was to curl up in bed, right beside his lover, catching all the little jolts of energetic air all across his body as his skin siphoned the invisible fumes of magic coming off every inch of Erazen's body. Not a single bit of his lover's skin was exempt, making his every portion of skin that much more pleasurable, the two men sharing far more than simple magic essence between the two of them.

"Hey, get your head outta the clouds, Kaen," Erazen suddenly spoke up, jolting Kaenniar from his mind, "Where'd my shirt end up?"

Kaenniar roused from his reverie as he began to hunt for the loose article of clothing, rounding the perimeter of the room while Erazen started from its other side. The lieutenant's bedroom was always well made-up, Kaenniar noted as his eyes trailed along the rotund desks and cabinets that matched the curvature of the room's construction.

"Where could it- Ah," Erazen spoke to himself as he bent down to retrieve his shirt with a relieved sigh, shaking his head in disbelief, "You throw my clothes so far; what, do you think I'm in any hurry to-"

Erazen went miff and he looked over his broad shoulder to find Kaenniar transfixed on a spot over atop his desk, the younger of the two apparently catching onto his superior's glance after his abrupt ending to his previous sentence as Kaenniar spoke up, "Your Dalaran Marbles banner…"

"Yep," Erazen nodded casually, "Won that puppy before I joined the ranks. The ultimate game of skill, physics, magical prowess, mental dexterity. Kind of the game all magic users wish they could-"

His voice suddenly vanished as he realized the man's silent intensity, Erazen continuing with a sigh, "Kaen, it's not-"

"No, it's fine," Kaenniar replied helpfully, "I just admire it, is all. I love you so much more because of your magic; it's almost like you complete me in a way."

Knowing his companion to be aching within, saddened by his inabilities, Erazen simply retorted with a sigh, playing along with a shake of his head, "Kaen, you're too cute for your own good."

"Hush," Kaenniar repeated, hating being described in such a way, particularly knowing it was only done to get a rise out of him.

Erazen smirked, finishing up his boots before reaching for the shirt to pull over his head, "I haven't a problem sharing my magic essence with you. Even during our drills, a quick handshake, a pat on your shoulder. I'd hoped that was enough for you, but- Perhaps not."

As he lifted his arms, Kaenniar hurried to his side, reaching out to swiftly wrestle the shirt from his grasp, "Nuh uh. You put mine on. Allow me to return the favor."

"You keep being cute," Erazen mentioned with a wry sort of grin, bringing himself back up to his feet to allow Kaenniar better access to his upturned arms, "Fine. My body is, once again, yours to do with as you wish."

Kaenniar refused to allow his mind to wander at such a statement, simply rolling up the shirt in his hands and reaching to his lover's hands, slowly allowing the garment to unravel as it descended down his arms, finally covering his face, where it inevitably paused, leaving Erazen slightly confused with his arms raised with his shirt concealing his vision. His eyes narrowed suspiciously only for a moment, noticing Kaenniar's hands gently pressing into the exposed skin at his sides as though his lover were handling him to hold him in place.

Sure enough, a gentle kiss rested in the notch between Erazen's chest, leading predictably to Kaenniar's face softly pressing into the same space, just inches away from that vessel that sent magic-infused blood coursing throughout Erazen's body. Turning his head only briefly to keep his nose from jutting into his lover's skin, Kaenniar ran his cheek up and down, taking in not only the warmth that settled there, but the prickly hairs as well, the entangled twinges of magic that sweetly nipped at his own skin like a chorus of dancing lips.

"That's a bit more than returning the favor," Erazen noted with a muffled voice.

Kaenniar didn't much care. If his partner wanted to return the returned favor, it would only prolong their reality that much longer.