Kaenniar's eyes forced themselves shut even tighter as the shining sun broke through the curtains of the inn window, forcing itself upon him as he spun away, rustling the sheets of the bed as he did so, planning on losing himself against the darkness offered by Erazen's body when his face nuzzled against him, though he quickly noticed the man's absence, forcing his eyes open in lazy curiosity, peering over his half-turned body to find Erazen grinning back at him, having drawn the curtains wide to stare out the window and to allow the morning sun to greet the two of them. At such a willful intrusion allowed by his partner, Kaenniar grumbled as he buried his face into Erazen's pillow, his voice muffled by the fluffy material.

"Mut dat out," he complained, much to Erazen's amusement.

He shrugged, taking in Kaenniar's lazy sprawling with a smile, "The best mornings begin with taking in the sun; you know that. We're Sin'dorei, you know; or are you one of those other elves?"

Chuckling lightly, Erazen fiddled with the curtains until their lengths were tied to the windowsill, remaining open as he strode back toward the bed, "It would certainly explain your aversion to magic, I suppose."

More willing to take in the scent of his lover's pillow than the sunlight, Kaenniar remained buried for a moment before finally returning a look to his lover, "I'll have you know, I-"

His speech stopped its tracks, Kaenniar nearly felt his lungs stripped of breath as he watched Erazen silhouetted by the morning sun, yanking a loose-fitting shirt over his head. His eyes traced the outline of Erazen's skin, catching the scraggly bits of flesh that contoured across the sinewy muscle of his torso, slightly rough patches of hair upon which Kaen's loving hands would stroke. He felt his heart pang as Erazen's head poked out from the comfortable shirt, his face suddenly contorting into a sincerely curious smile as he noticed Kaen's stare.

"What?" Erazen asked.

Kaen shook his head, "I didn't think you needed the shirt."

Scoffing, Erazen's eyes rolled as he approached the bed, dropping a knee onto the mattress before maneuvering himself closer to Kaenniar with a gentle hand, "I'm cold. Doesn't mean I don't love you touching me."

Unconvinced, Kaen returned to the pillow he'd been imbibing in, leaving Erazen with a mischievous smirk as his grip upon Kaen's shoulder tightened, pulling the man backward onto his back before Erazen slid down to lie beside him, "Besides, for all the work you'd done last night- what I remember of it anyway, I think you deserve some attention."

"Blaming the alcohol, are we?" Kaen teased knowingly.

Erazen frowned, "Why are you complaining? Assuming you aren't teasing, I can think of a handful of ways to convince you that my love can certainly manifest in ways just as nice as your own, and I can attest to thise."

Chuckling, Kaenniar shook his head, "You know I'm teasing."

"I suppose I do," Erazen confirmed, his smile softening as he pushed himself alongside Kaen's body, closing his face upon the tender skin of his lover's side, wholly infatuated with the softness that greeted him, too enamored by the springiness of Kaen's skin that he simply continued to press his lips into him, watching playfully as his indention returned to it's natural state.

"What are you doing?" Kaen asked curiously, earning him a surprised glance as Erazen's eyes coiled suspiciously.

He took another kiss before pushing his way up toward Kaen's face, grinning, "Nothing."

"That's too big a smirk for it to be nothing," Kaenniar noted inquisitively.

At that, Erazen chuckled, hiding his face against Kaen's skin, "Am I not allowed to kiss you?"

"You're not just kissing me, you're- staring."

Erazen hummed humorously, his eyes peering over the peak of Kaenniar's chest, meeting his lovers eyes before raising a hand to press against Kaen's stomach, running it up toward his bare chest, forcing a cacophony of shivers to run along the younger's spine.

"Maybe it's been your life-long aversion to physical labor; your skin is just so sweetly soft," Erazen noted affectionately, though Kaen was less than enthused by his assertion.

"I do work," he challenged, biting his cheek, "I'll have you know, I was number one in my graduating class when it came to botanist studies and herbalism."

Erazen chuckled, "Your hands are just as soft."

Grumbling, Kaen suddenly retorted with a fierce grin, "I did work in that Dalaran Marbles games we played. I recall mopping the floor with you!"

"Eh," Erazen murmured in reply, earning him a critical glance.

Kaen asked, "'Eh', what?"

Erazen shrugged, "In a regulation game, you'd have been disqualified for overuse of magic. That's where the challenge lies, remember."

Frowning, Kaen shot a stare toward his lover, "So what are you saying, that I'm not your champion?"

"I'm saying, by the tenants of the Dalaran Marbling Association, you'd be disqualified," Erazen clarified, stroking a thumb across a slight divot in Kaen's tender skin, "Luckily, I haven't a problem with playing by house rules."

Leaning forward, his body twisting to rise overtop of Kaen's body, Erazen made a quick mark of tightened, pursed lips and trailing saliva atop his lover's chest, taking a moment to take a sniff of his lover, catching the still-lingering scent of their love making the night prior, a bestial sort of musk, indicative of their rougher moments, punctuated by the fragrant bouquet left by the heat of their more tender moments along one another's bodies. Nuzzling only briefly, lest he ruin his well-adorned fa├žade of brusque manliness, Erazen gently laid himself atop Kaenniar, the younger of the two lazily running his fingers through Erazen's hair as he muttered quietly, almost as in passing thought.

"House rules," Kaenniar repeated listlessly, "You make it sound so domestic."

Erazen grinned, "However many places we visit, I'd like to think that, at some point, I'll wake up beside you in a room I'm familiar with, rather than an inn somewhere. or am I being too old when I say that? I know you youngsters don't think of such things."

Replying loosely, Kaen stuck his tongue out, "I'll have you know, you crabby ol' man, I've thought about that myself, quite a lot. I've never had a home, you know that. I can't think of one better than the one we make together."

With the faint beating of Kaenniar's heart, churned by the gently diffusion of mana between bodies, atop his lover's words, Erazen couldn't help but smile, staring off toward the wall as the side of his head enjoyed his lover's warmth.

"You're cute," Erazen reminded easily.

Kaenniar refused to grow annoyed, merely shrugging with his hand lovingly tightening its grip atop Erazen's scalp, "You know, I think I'm growing accustomed to that term. As long you're the one speaking it to me."

"You're too adorable sometimes," Erazen went on with a mischievous smirk, wholly expecting Kaenniar's nails to dig gently into the top of his head in a show of distaste.

"You're pushing it," Kaenniar frowned, though his upset broke quickly amidst a warm chuckle from Erazen that vibrated along the top of his body.

He muttered breathlessly as his lungs gave way to laughter, "Cut it out; that tickles!"

"Does it, now?" Erazen managed in between his own bursts of chuckling delight, digging a finger into Kaen's side which forced the younger of the two to jerk upward into Erazen's body in ticklish reaction.

"Quit it!" Kaenniar repeated amidst his giggling fit.

Erazen smirked, pulling his finger away as he merely massaged his lover's side in apology while Kaen gradually melted back into coherence, "You know I'm ticklish."

"I prefer to think of it as you having such a wonderful laugh, and it being so readily available to me," Erazen smiled.

Kaenniar felt a blush coming on, but at this proximity, he hadn't much in the way of hiding such a thing from the smooth words of the man atop him. Thinking quickly, he ran his hands to either side of Erazen's head, pulling him close and into a kiss, his adoration for the man also tugging at his emotions. He knew Erazen would shut his eyes, he always did, allowing Kaenniar to watch his lover's contented face as the two fell into one another's lips, a pang rushing across his heart. How could this man have ever come to be so contented with the likes of a Paleray like him, he wondered.

As Erazen pulled away to return to whatever worship he'd had in mind, his brow crinkled in worry, catching the tear drop running down the side of Kaen's face, his voice emerging to relieve his lover, shaking his head, "It's nothin', Eraz. I'm just happy is all."

"Maybe a little too happy," Erazen surmised with a smile, "Come on."

His hands dove into the crease between Kaen and the mattress, digging around his lover's head as Erazen pushed himself up to hold Kaenniar's head against his chest to comfort him, "I'll always be here, now, to catch your tears."

Unable to shake his head in disbelief at such words, Kaenniar simply did as his lover suggested. Even though his jubilant tears ceased soon after, Kaen had little reservation about pretending, simply to remain a moment longer lost amongst his lover's warmth.

"I love you," Erazen confirmed, softly, "With every ounce of my being."

Kaen could only struggle to answer, lost as he was, "Wub y'u tube."