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Warnings: this is a yaoi story. As in boy/boy relationships. Also contains suicide refrence, attempted suicide, self-mutilation, character death, (don't worry none of the main characters die.) this is also and AU story as in an alternative universe fic. It does not flollow the yugioh plot, rape reference, and contains abuse.

Just some information that might help you better understand this fic.

-This is a Ryou/Bakura fic.

-Ryou is good bakura

-Bakura is evil bakura/yami bakura

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-I can't type to save my life.

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/ryou to bakura/

/bakura to ryou/

(Me talking to you for no reason during the fic)

"Ryou…Ryou!…RYOU!" the teacher shouted to the white haired adolesence who sat spacing out in class once again.

The chocolate-eyed boy snapped back to reality only to find his class, teacher, and principal staring at him. He felt heat rise to his cheeks.

"Mr. bakura I don't know what to do with you. This is the third time today I have caught you day dreaming in my class. This will have to stop. Now assuming that you did not hear the principal, he would like to see you in the hall." Said his teacher (whom im to lazy to give a name. Same with the principal. So they will be know as the teacher and the principal.)

Ryou nodded in understanding, got up and walked to door where the principal stood waiting.

Once they were in the hall. The principal spoke.

"now I hate to be the one who has to tell you this. But i… just received a call…about your father." He spoke, his voice drenched with dispair.

"You see, you father's plane crashed. Coming back from an archeological dig in egypt. There were… no survivors… I'm sorry."

Ryou seemed as if he hadn't even heard his principal speak. He just had a totally blank expression on his pallid face. The principal put a comforting hand on his shoulder just before walking away, leaving ryou there to tend to his thoughts and grief. Alone.

'That's what i was. Alone. By myself. But I dio have my yami. My yami. Oh no. Once Bakura learned of Ryou's fathers death he would always be out of the ring. I'll be beaten day and night, except for when I am at school. Sure my dad was hardly ever home but when he was at leaset bakura couldn't hurt me when Dad was around. But now that he is gone-' Ryou ended that thought before it was over. Soon his train of thought had drifted from Bakura back to is father. He would miss him and that was the only alive member of his family that he had. Had. Key word there.

Ryou had been so lost in thought that he hadn't relized that the bell had rung, signalizing lunch. Yugi, Yami, Jou, and Seto all stood trying to get their friend to come back to earth.

"hey? Ryou are you in there?" Yugi asked while waving his hand in front of Ryou's face constantly. Turning to his three equally confused friends (yes they have all become friends. Oh and Yugi and Yami are together as are Seto and Jou.)

"gee I wonder what happened. He looks like he is in shock.." yugi spoke sadly.

Suddenly ryou came back down to earth as tear filled his lovely brown eyes.

"hey Ryou, man are you all right?"

"I don't know Jou does he look al right to you?" seto responded to Jou's remark sarcasticly and playfully hit Jou on the shoulder. He would never actually hit Jou.

"hHuh? Me? Oh I'm fine." Ryous voice was shaky and clouded with tears.

"Sorry I have to go!" he raced out of the building leaving his only four friend clueless and confused. Ryou ran to the park and cried on a bench.

After all it was only 12:30 and he didn't have to be back home until 3:00. (sorry I don't know what time they get out of school in japan.) where he would get his daily beating. Maybe if he was lucky bakura would take it to far and kill him. Oh how he hoped to Kami-sama he would. Ryou would take his own life but was to afraid. So he just settled to cutting hiself. He checked through the ring to make sure that Bakura was sleeping. Sure enough he was. And the ancient spirit wouldn't wake up until he decided to beat Ryou. So it was probably safe to go home. Right? Ryou noticed that more of his toughts were about Bakura more than anything. Even now, after he just found out that his father died, most of his thoughts revolve around Bakura.

As Ryou was walking home, it started to rain. Slowly at first but then it got heavier.

"Great! What a wonderful day this is!" Ryou said to no one in perticular but did receive some stares from others on the street.

So by the time that Ryou was home he was soaked. He carefully unlocked the door and stepped inside sutting the door behind him. Not bothering to change, Ryou walked to the kitchen and pulled out an over sharpened knife. He loved this knife. This was the one that he used to cut himself. He gingerly touched the beautiful blade with one finger and wached as the blood came out in a tiny line. He put the blade up to his wrist and drew a small line from his elbw to his wrist carefully tracing the vein. There was something about blood that drew ryou. No, he would never hurt someone to see their blood like Bakura; he'd only hurt himself and no one else. He watched, transfixed, as the blood slowly came out, then faster.

'Oh no!' the blood started to pour everywhere. He pulled his arm over the sink so that he wouldn't make a mess. Ryou dropped the knife as the ring began to glow and backed up to the wall just as bakura materilized in front of him.

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