New Chance

Hello! I don't know if there are others out there of this story. Honestly there probably already is this should be fun and a new story to write! My main pairing right now as I was thinking would be Broly x Erza for the story. I don't plan on making it a harem type thing, so I will keep this strictly between Erza Broly. I WILL MAKE ONE EXCEPTION! I don't mind making it where there's two, but don't get me wrong here. I only want two and no more. I was planning on doing just Erza, but I think that wouldn't have been very fun. I hope you guys enjoy!

"I don't care! Get this thing out of here!" The King boomed at everyone.

"Yes, King Vegeta! What do you want us to do with him?" A Saiyan scientist tensed up.

"Send him far away, I don't want him near this place". King Vegeta waved his hand to the side.

"How about a distant planet on the outer world. A planet called Earthland?" A Saiyan spoke up.

"Yes, do it quickly". King Vegeta looked at him.

A few Minutes Later

"Please! King Vegeta! Don't do this! My son could help us overthrow King Cold!" A scared Paragus pleaded.

"I already did, and that's final! You can do what you wish, stay here or go find your son". King Vegeta shouted.

"Damn you! Damn you all!" Paragus turned to find his son, "Where did you send him!" Paragus demanded.

"Planet Vampa". King Vegeta lied. Then Paragus stormed off to find his lost son, he will train his son. He will get him stronger, he will make sure King Vegeta pays for what he did.


A space pod comes flying down as it crashes down in a forest. The five-year-old Broly walks out looking around. He looked around as he found himself lost. He didn't know where he was or what to do. Then he turns around to find a giant green animal come out of nowhere. The thing was it was tall and stood on all fours. It looked like a weasel that was green. (Since it is a different planet, I want Broly to still have that traditional green fur. Since Broly doesn't know what height is or anything like that. This thing is about the size of a bear, reasons for making it smaller than the original anime is A, a different world, and B, this is fanfic).

Broly looked at the creature and smiled. It seems like a nice friend he could play with. Broly was already adept to his powers began to dodge the animal's attacks. Broly showed that he meant no harm and wanted to be friends. The boy dodged the beast for several hours until the beast grew tired. Broly sat down next to the beast as his stomach growled for food. The young Saiyan looked around as he went hunting and came back with some wolves he killed. Broly had no way of means to cook it. He began to devour the food until he came across some strange people.

These people were done at their camp and left a fire pit warm. Broly sat on the branch and watched from afar as they cooked their meat. Broly was curious as they left leaving the fire warm, but not burning. Broly grabbed a stick and threw it in the fire. The fire grew to as he added the wood. Broly smiling, he gathered more sticks and threw them into the fire. He began to cook his meat he found. The first one her cooked he overcooked it as it was burned. He threw it at the green weasel that followed him. The thing shouted, "BAH!" As is gobbled up the food. The caused Broly to chuckle, "B-b-bah!" Broly smiled at the animal. Broly gave it some more meat at the animal grew calm around Broly. Broly smiled as he went back to trying to cook his dinner once again. This time he cooks it better than before as it was slightly burnt but had juices which made him eat it faster.

Broly looked at his green little friend, "Bah! That's your name!" Broly smiled as he gave Bah another piece of meat to eat.

Time Skip 6 Years

Broly grew over the years, as he began to grow as he was too big for his Saiyan Armor. He was forced to take the pelts of dead wolves he gathered. The wolves luckily reproduced like rabbits as he would hunt them often. Broly made deals with a fur trader named Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2 HELL YEAH!) as he was a kind gentle old man. He was like a grandfather for Broly who helped him out time to time. Broly supplied him with wolves where he harvested the pelt and made clothes to sell and make clothes for Broly. Bah also became close friends with Arthur as they decided to live in a cabin Arthur and Broly built in the forest. Broly was adopted by Arthur at the age of 7 two years after Broly landed on Earthland.


It has been two years since Broly has landed on Earthland. He was growing out of his armor and needed new clothing, all he could do was sling wolf pelts her learned to harvest after watching hunters. He would use his finger enhanced like a blade to make precision cuts to the animal pelts. As Broly was just wandering around with pelts at his home in a cave. He saw an old man coming into the cave to take a rest.

"Who are you"'. Broly asked as the old man approached.

"Oh! I'm sorry there, I didn't realize someone else is living here?" The old man smiled as he put down his bear pelt hood.

"What that on your head?" Broly asked.

"Ah, this? This is a bear pelt! I made it into clothing! Do you like it?" Arthur asked. Then a boy with black hair, wearing strange armor and a brown tail came out of the darkness. He had black eyes, tan skin, and was very muscular for a child his age.

"Yeah, it's like the furry things I have here". Broly points at his pelts that was covering his torso. It was slapped on his body to wear like a cloak, but not properly sewed together.

"What are you doing living out here by yourself?" The man asked.

"I'm just out here by myself. I have Bah here as my friend". Broly smiled as he rubbed Bah's head.

"Where are your parents' kid?" Arthur asked another question as he was intrigued by this boy.

"P-parents? What are those?" Broly asked.

"You know, a mom and a dad? People, who take care of you and love you?" Arthur was concerned.

"No, I don't have those. I got Bah! He is like a person who helps take care of me!" Broly smiled as he hugged his best friend.

Arthur just smiled, he could safely assume that he was on his own and had no parents. "Listen here kid, I am not here to hurt you. How long have you been living here?" Arthur asked curiously.

"I don't know, been here a while I guess" Broly looks at the old man.

The man smiles, "Seems you like to collect animal pelts, and seems you need a new wardrobe! How about this, you find me more of these". Arthur grabs a pelt from his bag and shows it to Broly, "I can make you a nice set of clothing to make you look really cool!" Arthur smiled.

"Yeah, okay then! Then name is Broly! Nice to meet you!" Broly smiled. Broly had no outside contact with really anyone. This is the first time anyone has ever tried befriend Broly.

"Broly eh? Interesting name kids, what do you say? We got a deal?" Arthur smiles sticking his hand out.

"Sure!" Broly grabbed the man's hand and smiled.

End of Flashback

It has been many years as the small family grew up together. Broly has grown not just physically, but also mentally. He was a good kid who listens to Arthur, they were family and Broly cared a lot for his father like figure. However, today was another sad day Broly must live through as he must live on his own once again. A while back, some trapper mistook Bah as game and shot and killed Bah. Broly went on a rampage as he punched the man through a boulder killing him. Arthur came running out of the cabin stopping Broly's rampage.

In Broly's rampage, Broly struck Arthur in his leg breaking his thigh bone and injuring his knee badly. Broly snapped out of his rage and was crying. He hurt Arthur what was he supposed to do. Arthur apologized to the hunter, and the hunter also apologized, there was no dispute or anything bad happening. Actually, the hunter survived the attack just barely as his friend got him to a doctor in time and saved his life. Since then Arthur has been crippled and Broly would go out and make the trips to sell fur at the Market.

Sadly, today was Arthur's last day on Earthland. He was going on for 85 years. "Please don't go, Arthur!" Broly had tears in his eyes.

"Broly it's alright please don't cry, all I ask you to bury me next to Bah. I will tell him I said hi for you". Arthur had a tear go down his face. He hated to see his Broly sad and crying, the boy was a very sensitive boy who loved everyone. He cared about his family and loved one as he would fight for his friends. Arthur sat up in bed as he was coughing as knew he didn't have much time left.

"Arthur please don't push yourself!" Broly was worried.
"Nonsense I still got some life in me". Arthur sat up and pulled a chest out from his bed as he opened it. He pulled out a green cape like thing out which shocked Broly.

"I know you didn't like the idea, but Bah wanted me to. He gave me that look as he passes away. So, I did as he wished as I made a pelt from his fur he had. I must say his pelt was the most work I ever put into doing. I put many hours into this pelt for you and Bah Broly. I hope you love it, in a way Bah and I will always be with you". Arthur smiled.

Broly had tears running down his face as he clenched the pelt to his chest. His heart was aching as it was hurting. Like that Arthur took his last breath as he fell on to his bed he as he was trying to lay down. Broly saw his father like figure fall on the bed who passed away. Broly was angry and wanted to cry. He knew not to get mad, Arthur made sure to help him practice his anger. Broly never wanted to hurt his loved ones ever again, he hurt Arthur that one time. He vowed to never hurt anyone else that was close to him again. Broly went and buried Arthur next to Bah behind their house. Broly then found a note that was under Arthur's pillow.

Dear Broly,

My dear boy, thank you for the years I got to spend with you! You are the son I never had! I have wanted to tell you this for a while not, but I couldn't bring myself to tell you. I want to let you know that I use to be a wanted criminal throughout Earthland. I was an honorable Outlaw though, people know who I was and kept me under the radar. They helped me live a peaceful life I was never able to have. I had a lover at once, her name was Mary. Besides that, I had to break up with her as danger always followed me. I couldn't drag her into that, so I left her and lived a life as an outlaw. Then I decided to take care of you as I found you. I found working with pelts as a fur trader was enjoyable and I loved it. I loved it, even more, when I made clothes for you to try on. Broly thank you for being an important person in my life, I want you to find a nice girl and settle down one of these days. Do what I wasn't able to do, start a family have some kids. Make me a proud grandfather, when you come to see me again. I expect to hear your journeys and travels! I hope I also get to learn about your children as well! Now there's one last thing you must know. I don't know if you have realized it, but you are not a human like I was. I don't know where you were from, but when I met you in that cave. I found that weird ball you always walked around with. In that, I found various documents stating who and what you are. Broly you are an alien from a planet called Vegeta. You are what is known as a Saiyan, an alien race born to fight. The nice thing that pod had a translator I somehow got working. Thankfully it was programmed our language into it so I learned who you were. I didn't know if telling you who you were as a kid would ruin who you think you are. Remember you are Broly! You were MY SON! Be the son I believe you can be! I love you Broly! I also made sure to mail a friend of mine. His name is Markov, he is the leader of a guild called Fairy Tail! You should go there when you can! Make new friends! Don't worry! They are all going to be your new family! So, please Broly! Don't mourn over my death too much! You have so much to live for! Go out there and explore! Protect the people you call friends and family! I believe in you Broly! With this, I must say goodbye, and I love you.


Arthur Morgan

Broly smiled as tears ran down his face. He got up and saw another part on the back of the note.

P.s Broly I found your old armor, I gathered materials I could find and built you a special set of armor. You are able to wear this armor as you grow up, it will stretch out as you get older! Don't forget to wash it though! It a replica of your armor when you were a child, but with some touches of my own!



Broly smiled as he ran around the back and went into the shed that Arthur forbid him to go. Broly got his armor, tied the pelt of Bah on his waist, and slung over Arthur's satchel over his shoulder. He kept his letter from him and his journal he wrote in a lot. Broly looked at his place as had his things packed and ready to go, "Let's go to Fairy Tail!" Broly smiled.

As Broly was making his way as he saw a group of men on a car with. They stopped Broly and snickered at the kid, "Hey kid you got any parents?" The man smiled.

"No, but my friend Arthur who was like a dad to me just died why?" Broly was a tad bit confused.

The men smiled as they grabbed Broly and threw him into the car. Broly was about to fight back until he heard what the men said, "You're coming with us brat! Seems like your pretty strong! Hopefully building the tower of heaven with all the other slaves will make it go by faster!" The guy smirked.

One of them took his satchel and looked for anything useful but found nothing except the letters. They threw it back at Broly, "Fine keep it brat, but if you try anything stupid we will kill you". They scolded Broly. Broly could easily take these fools down if they knew who they were dealing with. However, Broly remembers Arthur telling him about slaves and how it was a bad thing. Broly was told how Arthur would also help escaped slaves run away to live better lives. Broly wanted to do Arthur right by helping these people. He would break them out and help them! He just had to, he knew these people were bad. He needs to plan the escape out so he can free everyone, but he also needs to get stronger. He still needs to work on his anger a bit, but he thinks he can beat them all.

Broly look up in the sky, "I'll save these people Arthur! I'll do it as you did! If my name isn't Broly Morgan!" Broly smiled.

A/N: How as that? I know it's a bit confusing, but since Broly is young I don't think he knows of his Saiyan heritage completely. I feel like him growing up with Bah and then Arthur he would forget who where he came from. It's different, maybe I should have ad it where he does know what his past was. I think Arthur was a good implement into the story a better father figure for Broly. Don't worry about Broly's power level. I feel like right now if he were to start right off at the guild he would be Mid B-Class to low A-Class Mage. Of course, Broly gets stronger as he fights so, he should get better. I decided to take his observations to the second level. If he can learn fast while watching or fighting. He can learn fast while watching others, I feel like it would be a good knack for him, or is it? Lol, TitanFall007 OUT!