Battle For Fairy Tail

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The next day Broly was walking with Erza to Fairy Tail. Broly finds Juvia and Gajeel in the guild with the Fairy Tail mark. They were Ex-Phantom Lord guild members. Broly doesn't remember fighting them, but he did like how they turned over a new leaf. Then Broly sees Natsu approaches Gajeel and begins to argue with him. Despite Gajeel's past actions, Makarov believes that he is not a bad guy but agrees with Erza that he should be monitored, for the time being, to make sure he is not a spy. The lights are suddenly turned off and Mirajane begins to sing to her guildmates and all the guild members enjoy her beautiful song. However, Mirajane is interrupted when Gajeel accidentally steps on Natsu's foot, causing the two to fight and begin an all-out guild war, which is only stopped when Makarov, knowing that the reporter from the Sorcerer Magazine will be visiting the guild the day after, uses his Giant Magic to scare his "children".

Broly sighed as Erza was aggravated with a tick mark on her head. "Broly," Erza says crossing her arms.

Broly lets a sigh out, Broly raises his Ki up as he lets a scream out. Everyone froze as Erza spoke, "You idiots! We just had this guild renovated! Natsu! Take your fight with Gajeel outside! Cana control your drinking! You take your dancing outside! Wakaba gets rid of that filthy habit! Nab! I thought I see by the mission board! Take a mission already!" Erza shouts at everyone.

Next Day

Lucy prepares herself accurately to be ready for the interview, and Gajeel is shown having tied up and gagged a scared Mirajane, staring at her with a menacing look. As promised, a reporter named Jason arrives to interview the guild members and Lucy tries her best to appeal to him. Seeing that Jason is interviewing all the other guild members and ignoring her, Lucy tries to get his attention by changing into a bunny girl costume, planning to dance on the stage. However, her plan is interrupted by Gajeel, who is revealed to have gotten rid of Mirajane because, wanting to be closer to his new guildmates, he wanted to sing a song of his own composition called "Best Friend". However, he sings so poorly that the members start throwing tomatoes at him. The events are recorded by an overjoyed Jason, whose article causes Fairy Tail's reputation to get even worse. A man with a long beard covered in a torn hooded cape is shown getting hold of one of the magazine's copies and sheds tears while looking at Lucy's picture and pronouncing her name.

Days after the article about Fairy Tail has been published, Laxus Dreyar, in another town, spots a group of men laughing at the article about Fairy Tail. After seeing Laxus, the group is intimidated and runs off. Laxus then sees Zatô, a member of the Dark Guild Naked Mummy. Zatô begins to belittle Laxus, who gets irritated and knocks him unconscious with one powerful attack. After defeating Zatô, Laxus expresses his anger and rage, blaming Makarov for Fairy Tail's bad reputation.

Next Day

Broly and Erza came walking into the guild looking for jobs. They find Lucy is trying to look for a job that she can do by herself so that she can pay her rent since Gray was ordered to accompany Juvia, Erza is getting her armor repaired, and Natsu is still feeling the after-effects of eating Etherion. Lucy has a possible job contract which is stolen away by Gajeel before she can reach it, something which makes her angry, with the Iron Dragon Slayer laughing the matter off and leaving. Gajeel is later confronted by Jet and Droy, who still haven't forgiven Gajeel for his past actions. Angered that Gajeel has joined the guild after having destroyed it during the guild war, Jet and Droy begin to attack him, while Levy tries to tell them to stop from the sidelines. Though Jet and Droy continue their assault on him, Gajeel refuses to defend himself or fight back. Just as the two stop to ask him why he isn't fighting back, Laxus arrives and begins to pulverize Gajeel as well, blaming him for destroying the old Fairy Tail building and further ruining the guild's reputation.

As Laxus attacks Gajeel with his Lightning Magic, Jet, Droy, and Levy try to stop him, after realizing that Gajeel didn't defend himself since he wanted to be recognized as a fellow member of Fairy Tail. Irritated by the team, Laxus attacks them with a bolt of lightning. As it is about to hit Levy, Broly steps in grabbing Laxus's hand. Broly tightens his grip on Laxus causing him to get down on one knee in pain. "Stop it Laxus". Broly gives Laxus a death stare. Laxus grits hit teeth and rip his hand away from Broly. Gajeel then leaves, saying that he has work to do. An angry Laxus leaves as well and, with his tolerance at its limit, promises to himself that he will have Fairy Tail.

"Gajeel you're a fellow guild member. Don't you forget it". Gajeel hears Broly say that. Gajeel walks away with a smile on his face.

"We need to keep an eye on Laxus, this isn't like him. To attack other guild members". Erza looked at Broly concerned.

"Yeah, I heard you Erza". Broly looked back at Laxus leaving the scene.

"Common Broly, I need to get ready. I am participating in the Miss Fairy Tail". Erza smirked.

Broly was confused until he remembered the poster paper Erza showed him earlier. "Well, we should be on our way then". Broly smirked as Erza hugged his arm pulling him along.

They walked inside as Erza disappeared behind the stage. Broly waited for the girls to come out for the judging. Lucy hurrying towards it and Juvia being revealed as a participant too. Max Alors acts as the announcer, and presents the contestants one after another: Cana Alberona first appears and uses her Magic Card to infatuate the crowd. Juvia then uses her Water Magic to charm the crowd. Mirajane then ruins the mood by doing a few weird transformations but when Erza uses her re-equip magic, the crowd gets back in the mood.

Erza was wearing an armor composed of a long light apron, tied behind Erza's neck and back, worn over her bare chest, and thus revealing much of her breasts' sides, paired with pink-colored panties, exposing much of her buttocks, and long stockings, reaching up to the middle parts of her thighs. There are no shoes, and Erza's head is adorned by a maid hat. The only visible armored parts are the gauntlets, which extend up to the middle parts of Erza's biceps, where ribbons are tied around her arms, and sport heart-shaped elbow guards. The armor comes equipped with a simple sword which bears writing on the blade, this being "Come on Boy".

Broly liked it as this was Erza's outfit was very revealing. Broly liked it since it was his girl that he fell in love with. Broly saw the other guys ogling Erza, so he let it slide. He wanted Erza to win, otherwise, he would have flatted all the pervs in the guild. Then, when Lucy finally begins her act, Evergreen suddenly appears, claiming to be the rightful winner, and turns Lucy to stone through the use of her Stone Eyes, revealing to have done the same to all the other contestants, much to everyone's dismay.

Broly was shocked as Evergreen did this to everyone. Laxus and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe appear as well before the shocked eyes of the other guild members. Laxus states that they'll be playing a game to decide the strongest in Fairy Tail is, and that the petrified girls will be kept as hostages to prevent their guildmates from breaking the rules of the game. Natsu, pumped and by no means shocked or afraid, seems to approve of the contest, gets ready for battle.

Broly was angry as Erza was a frozen statue. Broly storms up on the stage, but then a bolt of lightning strikes the ground. Then Laxus arrives as people start fleeing the scene. "Laxus! What is the meaning of this!" Makarov shouted.

Laxus put his arm out the statue of Lucy, "Just try and stop me, old man! Fairy Tail's reputation has been going down! Because you don't enforce anything! We are being made fun of and you do nothing! Broly I expect you to see you".

Broly went to attack, but then Freed places a spell on him. Broly couldn't move as Laxus and the rest of the Thunder Tribe leave. Before they left, Natsu tried to attack Laxus but is knocked out by Laxus's kick.

Soon after they leave, Broly lets a roar out as he broke out of Freed's spell. Broly looked over at Erza as she had a new outfit on. She was wearing a maid outfit with her hair up in a ponytail. Broly walked over as he looked at Erza in her statue form. He put his hand on her head as he sent Ki through Erza's body. Erza's statue's body began to crack as she was free of the spell. "How?" Makarov was shocked.

"It was her eyes that made it different. I can't free the others, I just helped make a barrier around her. So, it made the spell wear off faster". Broly was happy it worked. So, he went up and put barriers up around the other girls. He didn't want anything to happen to them. However, it didn't break them from the shell.

"Alright then let's go get Laxus". Erza commanded.

"Be careful my children. Laxus has thunder palace active". Makarov was upset and angry at Laxus.

Broly and Erza went to leave as he phased through a barrier. However, Natsu who just woke up ran over to try to fight Laxus, but couldn't. The barrier wouldn't let anyone older than 80 phases through it. Broly looked at the barrier, but couldn't touch it. He wasn't older 80, well hope he wouldn't be older than 80. However, Natsu and Gajeel unable to phase through it. It was unnatural since they are only 18. "Alright then, I'm going to Laxus. Erza, I am counting on you to take care of Evergreen and Freed if you can".

"Will do Broly." Erza's face got serious, but before she did. Erza leaned in a pressed her lips against Broly's.
"Go get him Broly." Erza smiled.

"You got it Erza." Broly flew off as Erza starts running looking for Evergreen.

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