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Chapter 2: Rin is a Pervert "Am Not!" "Are too!" "Am not!"

Rin stopped and stared as she took in the look of the new Servant.

A quick check along her link to her Servant confirmed it.

Who would have ever expected the school brownie to become a Heroic Spirit?

"Shirou Emiya?" She asked in startlement.

At Archer's nod, Rin dropped back onto the couch.

"I'm going to need to sit here for a bit," she declared, mind reeling with shock over Sakura's (and maybe her own teeny tiny) crush being her Servant. "Go do something useful like fix the house."

"All right," the red-head said calmly before astralizing. "I'll make a snack for you as well. If you're going to have an early morning, you should have a good meal to start it off with."

As he left, Rin's frantic thoughts started to sort themselves.

And first to come to mind was-

"Archer," Rin asked through the link as he moved through her door. "Why didn't you tell me that you were Shirou Emiya?"

Her voice was deceptively calm.

"Because it would have interfered in my older self's plans," Archer Lily replied. "But now that it painfully obvious who I am, it makes no sense to keep it secret. Also, I don't have the same goal he did. I like being a Hero of Justice. He can't stand it anymore. For a stupid reason, to tell the truth, but what else would you expect of him? However, he was serious in serving you."

"You mean, you were going to fight without telling me you knew who you were?" Rin asked with false honey in her mental voice.

"He was going to give you the victory and survival," he said defensively. "And he never lied to you. You summoned a multi-century old Counter Guardian version of myself. He had genuinely started to forget his original life, completely forgetting life from before the Fuyuki Fire. And most of his mortal life too."

"The Fuyuki Fire? Wait, THE FUYUKI FIRE! You're a survivor of that!" Rin bolted up straight as that fact penetrated her mind.

"Yes, my father saved me from those flames," Archer Lily calmly told her, like how he would tell her that it was dark out at night rather than what had to have been a traumatic experience. "He also accidentally set me on the course to fight in this, the Fifth Grail War. I still have some confused and conflicting memories about this War and from what I remember, those memories are now out-dated but I can tell you this, you have a very good chance of winning now."

Rin smugly smiled. She might have wanted Saber but a Servant who knew what the war would have was almost worth his weight in gemstones.

"Unfortunately," Archer continued, his voice becoming somber. "All my memories agree on this. There are some things you need to know before you start celebrating."

"What are they?" Rin asked trying to figure out how to use a Servant who had probably won the Fifth War.

"First, you will want to eat," Archer said, the change in topic causing Rin's eyebrow to twitch. "You don't want to learn these things on an empty stomach. You might also want to take the next day off in order to allow yourself time to adjust."

"I am a full fledged magus," Rin said confidently. "I can handle whatever you throw at me."

"Even if it included the murderer of your father? About what really happened to Sakura?" Archer asked, the questions penetrating through Rin's confidence like arrows through cloth. "And the truth about the Holy Grail?"

Rin froze.

The murderer of her father? How would Archer know about that!? Did he kill him?!

No, of course not, Rin scolded herself. Shirou Emiya would have only been around her age at the time. No way a child could have killed her father inside his own study.

But what was that about Sakura? What really happened? What didn't she know about her own sister?

And what was the truth about the Holy Grail? Was part of what she had been told a lie? Who had lied to her?

"You're going to have explain things to me, Archer," Rin said clearly over the link after she got control of her confusion and emotions again.

"In a bit," her Archer said from her kitchen. "You're going to want to eat first and be ready. I'll tell you all I know to be true after you finish breakfast."

Rin ground her teeth but let him continue.

She really wanted to know. No, she needed to know. After Archer told her the three things that most mattered to her, she had to know.

But apparently Archer thought she would experience shock from what he was going to tell her.

She could wait. No, she would wait.

And if Archer didn't live up to her expectations and instead told her some mundane stuff that didn't shock her, she was going to command seal him into a punishment so dire that his Heroic Spirit self would never forget it.

But first, she could try to piece together ideas.

Something about the murderer of her father. What she had been told had happened to Sakura wasn't true. And the Grail had a secret.

They could be related. Or they could be unrelated.

But it would be something that Archer, True Name Shirou Emiya, would know but she wouldn't.

Wait, she knows his True Name. She could actually find out what his Noble Phantasm and skills were now!

Rin hurriedly used her connection to the Grail to get a look at Archer's information.

There it was.

Class: Archer Lily

True Name: Shirou Emiya

Master: Rin Tohsaka.

Blah, blah… Different and slightly weaker stats with a higher Luck parameter and -


Rin felt her mind be blown into the stratosphere.

EX rank meant it was out of comparison. Somehow, Shirou Emiya's Noble Phantasm wasn't only not unknown anymore but instead was a Noble Phantasm so powerful that it couldn't even be compared to other Noble Phantasms.

How did a modern person acquire an EX rank Noble Phantasm?!

Rin scrolled through the information, eager to see what could be his Noble Phantasm.

Class Skills: Magic Resistance: D

Independent Action: B

Clairvoyance: C

Eroge Protagonist: C

Magecraft: D-

Noble Phantasms:

Wait. What was that?

Rin backtracked to Archer's skills.

Magecraft D-! Emiya was a magus! On her land, without even telling her?

Rin gripped her skirt vowing to go and …'talk' with Shirou Emiya about not letting her know about him studying magecraft in her city.

But how much did he know? How skilled was he? He was on the Throne of Heroes so he had to be impressive in some way. Yet he had been summoned as Archer rather than Caster. D- could mean that he was decent or that he was poor at magecraft. She would have to-

Rin's attention suddenly fell onto his newest and fourth skill.

Eroge Protagonist.

Rin narrowed her eyes at the skill sitting innocuously among the others.

Hidden among Archer's skills, this skill was …dangerous.

Was Shirou Emiya a player? A seducer? A lady's man?

Was he playing with Sakura' heart (and her own)?

If so, he was going to regret it.

But first, Rin found herself hesitating as she raised a finger to have the system explain more about his skill, she needed to know what it meant. And how it affected him. Maybe also how good of a lay he would be-

Rin's awareness sharpened as she caught onto the direction in which her thoughts were changing. Was that a product of his skill?

She needed to know. Certainly before she did anything like take him into her bed or anything like that.

Eroge Protagonist: C

This skill represents a person with a high compatibility in aspects of love. She read. Shirou Emiya could fall in love with many different girls, some human, some magus, some Servants. In some instances, he could even end up either with a harem or him being in one. At rank C, Eroge Protagonist allows him three simultaneous loves with three different women and increases the chance of partners being willing to share with one another and form into a polyamory relationship. A bit of warning, this skill combines a degree of romantic density too.

Rin leaned back into the cushions, her mind working furiously.

Three separate loves.

Was she one of them? And who were his other women? Were they pretty?

Wait, no, that wasn't what was important!

How was this skill going to help her win the Grail War?

So the man had high compatibility in love, big deal.

Rin ignored the blush on her face.

So what if he could potentially act as a stalking horse for her to bring in some beautiful women for 'tantric ritual experiments'. She wasn't interested!

Not too much.

Not that much.

Not enough to think about it.

Only enough for her to think a little about it.

She was only barely interested.

More curious than anything.

How would this skill work?

And she wouldn't be dreaming about it. Not at all.

By the time Archer Lily finished breakfast, Rin had forgotten to go and see what Shirou Emiya's two Noble Phantasms were, her thoughts focused on how she could end up with the result of either her Servant or the living boy or both being in her harem rather than her being in his.

And if anyone ever found out about Rin had been thinking about the whole time, she would have blamed hormones and the stupid skill faster than they could have opened their mouth.

"-and that was what your Azoth Dagger's history is." Shirou Lily finished the first of his reveals.

Rin was staring in horror at the inherited Mystic Code now laying on the table in front of her.

This, this-

This was outrageous! She had been carrying the very weapon that murdered her father with her for years!

And it had been given to her by her guardian, her father's apprentice.

The man who had killed him!

The one who claimed to search for the murderer but that it might be difficult since it happened in a Grail War.


He knew all along! He was the very murderer he lied about searching for!

Rin felt her anger stoke, her rage flare up in her chest.

She was going to kill him!

Supervisor or not, she was going to kill him if it was the last thing she did!

No, she wasn't going to kill him.

She was going to make. Him. Suffer.

Suffer like he had never suffered before. Suffer until he wished that she would give him the same death he had given her father.

While Rin dwelt on her anger, fuming and laying malicious plans for the priest of Fuyuki, a knock sounded from the front door.

"Go see who it is," Rin ordered her Servant. She was busy. Too busy to answer a door-to-door salesman. She needed to have a plan for how to best get revenge.

She was going to be emancipated. One way or another.

Coincidentally, Rin forgot that it was past midnight and that salesmen, or anyone else for that matter, did not go around knocking on doors at that hour.

Archer Lily nodded and left, heading towards the door.

Leaving Rin to start pacing, putting together some of her nastier curses into an experimental spell that she would need a test subject for.

Hmmm, wonder who that test subject could be…

"Rin!" Shirou Lily's voice called out in obvious amusement from the front door. "It's for you!"

"I'm busy!" She called back.

"You're going to want to see this," the mirth was audible in her Servant's voice. "It's about Kotomine!"

Rin paused even as two distant voices laughed.

About Kotomine? Was someone going to help her get her hands on the soon-to-be-suffering priest?

Rin decided that for a potential alliance like that, she could answer the door herself.

Marching across the room, Rin took a second to straighten her appearance. No sense in looking disreputable.

Finally arriving at the front door, Rin stopped and waited for Archer Lily to move aside so she could see.

And blinked at what she saw.

Before she smiled. A very, very, very malicious and delighted smile.

"Hello," Gilgamesh Lily said to the Faker who answered the door. "Is Rin in? I've got someone for her that she might appreciate. She is the Second Owner of this town, right?"

"Yes," the second Archer replied as he looked in interest at the man tied up and hanging from the chains that were behind Gilgamesh Lily. "She is. And I think she was about to start looking for him."

The older man turned around and yelled into the house. "Rin! It's for you!"

"I'm busy!" the answering voice came back.

"You're going to want to see this. It's about Kotomine!" the fifth war's Archer replied.

Both Servants could easily hear the pause in her footsteps before she started walking toward them.

"We were just talking about him," Shirou Lily said conversationally, turning back to Gilgamesh. "I think it was along the lines of 'how badly he messed up'."

Gilgamesh and Shirou chuckled.

"Yeah," Gilgamesh Lily said. "I mean, he's a bad guy. I don't know why my older self thought it would be funny to be around him. I mean, he's repulsive, not entertaining. And what he did-"

Gilgamesh shook his head in displeasure.

Shirou Lily nodded in agreement.

"I know," he sympathized. "He went completely out of control and decided to stop improving himself. To just wallow in being evil. Once that happens, you have to lock him up. He can't be cured until he wants to stop being evil."

"Or kill them," Gilgamesh shrugged. Back in his day, they didn't have prisons.

As the Archers finished talking, Rin finally arrived and tapped her feet, waiting for the Archer inside the house to move aside.

Which he did, revealing the captured man to them.

Rin's eyes went wide in surprised delight at the sight of Kotomine chained up and gagged to keep his tongue from wagging.

Then she smiled.

A malicious, evil smile that reminded Gilgamesh of some of the goddesses he had seen back in his day.

"Why, hello there, Kotomine," Rin purred. "I was just about to go looking for you. There is a new lead on the case of 'who murdered my father' that I wanted to talk to you about."

Gilgamesh Lily stepped back from the mortal who was reminding him of an angry Ishtar right now who was about to 'play' with you.

Opposite him, Archer Lily was also stepping back.

Hell hath no fury as that of a woman scorned.

But some things are even deeper and worse than hell.

"I had other business with the Second Owner. Permission to do some cleaning up since this is her territory and also to tell her something," Gilgamesh Lily slowly said, warily eying the Master who was slowly stalking towards Kotomine like a cat savoring its prey's fear. Except the priest was a master of controlling himself and had no fear to be seen. "But I can wait until tomorrow."

"Yes, I think that will be for the best," Shirou Lily said as he also stepped away from Rin, eying her like any sane man would eye a hissing cobra. "She might be busy for a while."

"And I had some new experiments that I needed a victim—I mean, a willing volunteer for." Rin continued as she moved towards the captured priest, hands opening and closing repetitively.

Gilgamesh was just glad that he hadn't used Enkidu for capturing his former Master. He didn't think he would get his chains back if he had.

She really did look just like Ishtar.

We now take a pause in our showing of Rin's reactions to the Fifth Grail War's secrets. Please be aware that in Rin's delight of her new experiments and subject, the material has exceeded the rating that may be shown.

See you again next chapter.

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Lancer scratched his head as he stared at the empty church.

"So, uh, what am I supposed to do now?" he wondered.

His Master was gone after a brief communication of Lancer-!

Which was funny as it sounded like he had been attacked or something.

Only the church was completely intact but he didn't feel a connection to his Master anymore.

"Welp," he shrugged and turned around, materializing his spear even as he laid it against his shoulder. "No helping it. Guess I'll need to find a third Master. Man, this Grail War is sure hard on them. Maybe I should actually stick near them so that they don't get offed so often while I'm away."

The Irish Servant stopped to consider it.

"Nah," he decided. "Escorting jobs suck from what I hear."

Emerging from the church door, the currently Master-less Servant stopped to look over the town, wondering if there was someone who could be his Master.

Not Caster, being led by a woman like her didn't sit right with his gut. Not the little homunculus girl, she probably had her mana full with Berserker.

But Berserker would be an awesome fight…

No, fight later, get a Master now so you can fight later.

The red-head was interesting but he didn't think the Saber Servant would appreciate sharing her Master. And Rider's Master was too weak to provide enough mana for a good fight. Archer's Master could probably be fun.

But then again, nobody took two Servants in.

Was there another person who could be his Master?

Cu Chulainn shrugged.

"Better just wander around and see if I get lucky," he decided and astralized to conserve mana.

At least he had greater amounts of Mana, Strength, and Agility.

And also Luck! It went up an entire rank! Practically doubled!

Hey, there was some movement over there!

Maybe he would be lucky!