Once there was a starship mechanic living on the outer rim territories. The mechanic and his wife were expecting a child. When the child was born. A customer who came in frequently to their repair shop often would sell parts to the couple. However, one day she came in with parts that were so valuable that the couple could not afford them. The woman offered the parts in exchange for the baby girl. This was denied by the two and the consumer left in a huff. One night however while the family slept. Coveting the child, she so desperately desired. She paid a trusted imperial of the First Order to bring the baby girl to her. So, it was finished and with the mission completed. The child to be named Tamara was her's.

Tam as she came to be nicknamed by her mother in later years. Became a skilled mechanic through data pads provided to her on the subject. As her mother wanted her to work on a special project that would protect Cloud City. The home in which the two lived. One day Tierny told her daughter that she would be away for some time. This was thanks to what her job asked of her. It wasn't too often but it did happen on occasion. Meaning that Tam would be locked inside the house outside of her signal bedroom window which she could climb out of. As luck would have it the codes to lock this window never worked. She kept this as a secret from her mother.

As Tierny bid her daughter goodbye. She locked the house down stating it was for Tams safety. Leaving her to spend the rest of the night focusing on studying. Reviewing her skills as a mechanic. It was during that same night that from her window she was observing the stars. Almost missing the sight of a shooting star. Something was off however, it was plummeting at a fast rate. Tam squinted for a closure look. Flames burning hot lighting up the night sky in a brilliant orange flash. It was a ship that barely managed to land on a platform below. Not a shooting star as she previously thought. Tam without a second to lose climbed from her window to help the lone pilot subdue the fires. The pilot went on to thank her for the help and introduce himself as Kaz.

The next morning was filled with a discussion between Tam and Kaz. When nightfall came around. The duo would lay down on the soft cool grass staring up at the stars. The mechanic often wondered to herself what it would be like to fly far away from here. Well, that was after she had completed the project assigned to her by Tierny. Kaz was curious about this work that Tam was assigned. It was the next morning the two headed to an underground cave. Flaming torches were the only thing that lit the long path that lay before them. As they reached the end slipping off of the large covering. Reveling underneath this project that she had been working on. It was for the safety of Cloud City the engineer told him.

As she took a wrench from a nearby table tightening bolts on the device. Kaz asked Tam about her mothers' job. To witch the only response was. "She doesn't tell me much other than the goal of her job being galactic peace through absolute order nothing more."

"For the city's protection or for something more sinister?" Kaz thought to himself. Staring upon the unique design before him.

The next few days were spent assisting Kaz with repairing the damages to his ship. It was then late that night as the two watched the blanket of stars above. "Why don't we leave together?" Kaz suggested one night all of a sudden. Feeling it the best way to keep the technician safe he continued "You don't have to finish that project no matter what your mother tells you." Tam sat up on her elbows with interest. The young man's voice went from calm and peaceful. To excited and hopeful with what was said next. "Let's get married."

At this Tam gave a small laugh. "I'm not so sure about this," she replied with a shake of her head. "If my mother finds out- "

Kaz sat up gently taking her hands in his. "She won't I met someone today when out shopping for parts to repair the ship. I heard someone explaining to the clerk at the counter that he marries people all the time for special circumstances."

So, it was the very next morning that Tam and Kaz were married in secret. With the ship now repaired later the following day. The newlyweds would be ready to leave by morning. Just had one more thing to do first. He slowly crept from the bed careful not to arose Tam from her slumber. He dressed quickly as he could heading for the location of the project. Reached for one of the torches on the wall. Lighting fire to the already tattered covering. Engulfing the entire project in a blaze. With that, he headed back to his wives' home. Climbing through the window allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkened bedchamber.

Enough to see that Tam was gone. "Had she headed out looking for me?" Kaz's head began swimming with worry.

In his panic state, he suddenly was frozen with fear. The sound of an engine could be heard at that moment roaring outside. He ran over to the window only to spot a barely visible dark color ship in the night sky. Its wings were folding up lifting off of the ground. Kaz didn't hesitate jumping out the window going straight for his ship on the landing platform. As he started up the engines his ship lifting from the ground. He caught one last glimpse of the ship before it hit lightspeed. Her mother failed to tell Tam that she worked for the First Order. The ship that he caught a glimpse of was no doubt one of the First Order shuttles.

"Why would Tams mother take her off world? To have her serve the First Order?" Horrifying images flashed in his mind. It didn't take long for Kaz to shake these thoughts off and leave to find Tam.

For two years he searched through many star systems but to no avail. It was one day that he came upon a moon with a lush green forest. He was found by small creatures at the moment of docking the ship. The small furry creatures gave a wave of there hand telling him to follow. Kaz was led to huts that were built on treetops. Such beautiful architecture from such small creatures. The group crossed one of the bridges leading towards the largest hut. Noticing a figure move from inside exiting the hut to revile Tam. The young man embraced his spouse tears streaming down his face.

"I was so worried and terrified and lonely. What happened that night?" Kaz said wiping the tears from his eyes. Not a thousand words could describe the terror he felt those past two years during the search for his beloved.

"My mother was just returning home from the last mission assigned to her. When she woke me up, she explained that someone had tampered with the project. Due to having received a signal from the ship's computer connected with the device. That's when mother brought me here. Telling me that I would be safer on Endor's forest moon then back at home. Her goal was to stop the perpetrator when the job was done. And only then would she return to pick me up." Tam turned away wrapping her arms around herself. It was as if a sudden chill came over her.

"So much time has passed and as you can see. That clearly never occurred. I'm just so relieved she never found out about you." Tam said as she began to cry.

Kaz comforted his wife in her sorrow. The young pilot reviled to her that Tam would be taken to a special place. It was soon that the couple came to the ocean planet Castilon. Entering the planet's atmosphere, they came to a station known as the Colossus. Taking Tam to his employer a man named Jarek Yeager. Everything for the next few hours was revealed to her. How he a resistance spy was sent to rescue Tam from the woman that kidnapped her some years ago. Unfortunately, because of Tam missing all those years Jarek's wife died of heartbreak.

Yeager was so relieved to have his daughter back and a celebration was thrown. In honor of Tams return and her marriage to Kaz. What happened to Tierny and the project that was destroyed? Within those two years, she managed to rebuild the project from scratch. Purchasing the necessary parts to fix the system. Reading the blueprints that were designed by Tam to complete said device. Tierny was said to have gone from an ISB agent of the First Order. To ruling Cloud City with an iron fist.