As always, the meeting was hectic. Sadly, instead of everyone fighting everyone, every nation seemed to gang up on Alfred. Alfred, the young personification of the United States of America, just stood there, taking all the insults in. Nobody noticed, of course, except for a select few. Matthew, Alfred's brother and the personification of Canada, wished so much to just interrupt and pull Alfred away so they could switch. Sadly, it was impossible with the group of nations surrounding the younger nation.

It appeared nothing could get the older nations to back off, that was until there was a loud crash and tall woman fell out of nowhere onto Arthur, the personification of England. She wore a long deerskin dress with fringes and no shoes. She had a reddish, copper skin tone with black hair. As she looked around, glaring at several nations, her dark eyes landed on Alfred, who was staring at her in shock. She slowly approached him, smiling ever so slightly. The other nations made a move to grab their weapons when she put her hands on Alfred's shoulders, but realized that they left them locked up (policy for meetings).

"If it isn't my little Ksikkihkíni," she said softly, but made sure all the nations heard. "I've seen what they've done to you."

"Na'á," Alfred said, getting a grip on reality, "what are you doing here? I-I thought you were gone."

"Kiááyo," the woman called out, "come here, I have something to tell both of you."

Slowly, Matthew made his way to the front of the crowd. He went forward till he was embraced by this woman.

"I missed you," the woman spoke softly to both the nations. "I missed you both, so very much. You have no idea what Heaven is like, it's boring with all those old geezers."

That broke the camels back… "What do you mean 'Heaven?'" Arthur asked tentatively.

The woman turned slowly to face the Brit, glaring daggers. "You took my son away and don't know who I am," she spoke sharply, "I've been dead since you took my children. I raised them to be strong, only for you to build them up just to destroy them. So, I'm down here to show you all something." She turned to face Alfred, "I'm sorry Ksikkihkíni, but is has to be done."

With that, she snapped her fingers and the room around them faded to black, then melted into a lush green forest. In front of the nations there were two infants, laughing and playing. Both looked so different from all the other people around them.

"We're in the past," the woman spoke. "You cannot change anything, simply watch and take note how my Ksikkihkíni grew up and how he became who he is today."

With that she vanished, leaving the stunned nations to slowly realize what was happening. Alfred's face grew pale in realization.

"Na'á!" He shouted to the blue sky above their heads. "Get back here! I don't want them to watch these! I didn't give consent! This isn't fair!"

Matthew just rested a hand on his brother's shoulder, "You know she won't listen. Once she's made up her mind she won't go back on her word."

"Um…" Arthur spoke up. "Who was that crazy woman and what did she mean?"

"That was our Na'á," Alfred explained, then realized something. "Oh! You dudes don't know what that means! She was our mom, Siaska: Native America."