Blood leaked out of Amelia's eyes as she ran towards the World Trade Center. She didn't get many looks as most people were looking up at the building. She collapsed once again as a second plane crashed into the South Tower. She quickly picked herself up and continued to run towards the towers.

The scene quickly shifted to show Amelia back in her apartment, sitting on her bed, scared to move. Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. She jumped and crawled further back, falling off the bed.

"Where were you so scared?" Elizaveta asked.

"Because I was just attacked," came the response, "I could barely see, everything was just a blur of emotions after the attack."

Before more could be said, the door opened up and Matthew walked through the door and was immediately greeted with a gun aimed at his face.

"Woah, woah," he put his arms up, "it's me, Mattie."

Amelia holstered the gun and looked up at her brother. In that moment, the nations finally noticed how sleep deprived Amelia was.

The scene changed to show Alfred smiling as he shook hands with newly inaugurated President Barack Obama.

"It's an honor to meet you," Obama told Alfred.

"The honors all mine, sir," Alfred was so bright-eyed with this new president.

The scene changed once again to show Alfred and Toris going on a date. They looked so adorable together, but they were also out in public and getting some not so nice looks from some people.

"Why don't you get a room?" a man sneered at them.

Alfred was about to retort, but saw the look on Toris' face. He instead just glared at the man and then looked back at Toris.

"I'm sorry about that," he told his love.

"Let's just go," Toris said quietly.


The scene shifted to show Alfred and Toris walking outside of Alfred's house and talking about nothing in particular. Then, out of the blue, Alfred turned towards Toris and knelt down on one knee.

"Toris," he started, "I love you. I love being around you. I love everything about you. I don't know how this works for nations, but I love you and I want to marry you."

Toris, along with most of the nations watching, was in tears, happy, gleeful tears. He nodded quickly before forcing Alfred to his feet to kiss him.

"Do I get a ring too?" Toris jokingly asked when he got his breath.

"I didn't think you wanted one," Alfred's eyes began to fill with panic. "If you want one, I'll go get one-"

He was cut off by Toris' laughter, "I was joking. I think what you did was enough."

Alfred smooched Toris once more before yeehawing in joy and excitement.

"When were you going to tell me your married?" Matthew asked the duo.

"We're not," Amelia started.

"Not yet," Toris finished.

Before more could be said, the scene changed to show Alfred and Toris in the white house, awaiting news. They both looked jittery and anxious.

"What on earth could possibly make you that anxious?" Francis asked.

"Just wait," Amelia responded, a grin plastered on her face.

All of a sudden a man came rushing in, "the supreme court has made their decision."

"Well?" Obama asked.

"Same-sex marriage is legal throughout all states as of today."

Alfred squealed and kissed Toris, shocking some of the administration.

The scene changed to show Amelia watching the election on TV. When the final results started to roll in, she started freaking out. When it came out that Donald Trump won, she started to freak out. She screamed so loud, out of frustration, it woke up her kids. Andrea came up to her big brother and asked what he was screaming at.

"I can't believe that orangeā€¦ thing won!" He yelled out, before stopping and staring at the TV screen. "I'm going to die."

The scene shifted to show Alfred holding onto Obama's leg.

"Please," he was begging the president, "don't leave!"

The scene shifted to show Alfred waiting for the inauguration to finish before meeting his new president. When it finished up, he shook Trump's hand and forced a smile.

The door appeared once more, so Amelia rushed through it. And saw Saiska waiting for her, so she ran towards her and hugged her.

"Are done yet?" she asked her mother as the rest of the nations followed her through the door.

"Not quite," came the response. "The rest of the ancients and I have something else in stored now."

"What do you mean?"

She conjured a rather large book, "A lot of these may be about you, some them may already know about, but there are also a ton about other nations. These are observations made by us ancients, secrets you may hold," she was speaking to everyone now, "diary entries. Read it wisely."

She handed the book to a stunned Amelia as she vanished once more.

"What?!" was all the world could say.

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