Title: A Hero with The Power of Otaku

Series: KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!


[-] KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!


[-] Multi-series


This is an OC Character story taking place in the""" KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!"""Universe; When a young American midwestern Otaku college student dies after being stabbed by a fellow student and finds himself in a place, he'd never would've expected in the short time he had lived.

Chapter #: 1 : Oops your Dead! But that okay …

[Heavenly Realm]

He found himself breathing slowly as his eyes fluttered open to found himself in a pitch-black room, As his eyes focused to the light he saw a meek look eleven-year-old girl she had silver hair and azure blue eyes looking down on him with a faint smile. The young man could tell even though the girl seemed to be eleven, but the aura coming off her screamed she was something much older; so after a few, moments of, looking at one another, the small girl spoke with another bright look that filled the young man chest with some warmth, " So you going lay there all day? Rogue!"

"Sorry, Miss" Rogue said as he slowly sat up as he did this; the young girl back away to allow for the young man to get up without any obstruction. Once he was sitting upright Rouge, found that he now faced to face with the young woman. As there faces where this close he could finally see how blue the girl's eyes our, an for what seemed to be forever his eyes didn't move or blink. But when final realize that the girl was also staring, he was the one that turns and looks away, and when he looked back, he saw the girl's cheek were a slight pinkness, and now her physical appearance was that of seventeen years old. The age change was slightly unnerving but not more than waking in a pitch black room and knowing that you died to get to it in the first place. Rogue decides to say. "Since you know my name may I have yours….or is it just god?"

The slight-built girl looked taken back but then said, "Well my name is Urza … I am a Goddess responsible for the midwest of the North West of the United States." At hearing those words, Rogue felt like he kind of understood the meaning behind that as the images of his last moment on earth flooded his mind. His feet are leaving the ground as the face of a man he knew from Introduction class for physics filled his vision just before the feeling of a burning hot sensation filled his whole body radiating from his abdomen and as he looked down, Rogue saw that the man had plunged a knife deep into him and was twisting. The last thing he really remembered was trying to reaching for the man hands to knock them from the knife but before he could the man yank the knife free from Rogue's flesh and then slammed his fist against the wound knock the air out of Rogue sending him crashing into the ground. All he remembered as the darkness wrapped itself around him was seeing the crimson of his blood and the sound of footsteps running away from where his body was laying. As that last bit came to him, all he could do was say out loud to no one in particular "son of a bitch."

Urza was slightly taken back by Rogues' sudden outburst. As his eyes went back to her, he raised his hands and said, "That wasn't direct to you my mind just caught up with how I got here and if your goddess you should appreciate my ill mood towards the guy that stabbed me for getting a better score in class and throwing off the grading scale slightly." At this Urza seem to tilt her head and then she said, "I guess you have a point. if it makes you feel better, he got caught almost immediately after he stabbed you and was arrested with the knife still on him and will end up serving a life sentence where he'll be brutalized and raped as a sport until he eventually commits suicide."

That image, of course, made Rogue kind of smirked, before snickering to himself before saying, " Well as long as that happens I guess I'll be fine…. So where is this I didn't think Heaven or even hell would look like this!" At the mention of hell, Urza got a stern look of disgust for what he said, but she then said, " Well this is kind of a subspace where we ask a select few we think could help with a problem we're having in another realm with a demon king. Instead of just sending you on to the next stage of the afterlife and wasting all of your experiences from this life to either rot in heaven in an endless stagnation or return to the cycle of reincarnation back on earth." Urza place both hands to her hips and continue to speak and said, "Those chooses I have mentioned to you our both of yours to consider, and you have to make that choice for yourself no one else can. As a Goddess who has watched Rogue's life and death to you, but I think I know what your choice will be. " Urza stopped talking at the moment that Rogue gaze harden and he spoke."Don't think you know me… I mean there no benefit in fighting a demon king or lord or just a normal one if you're just a normal human." Urza had a shocked look and started to wave her hands before speaking. " No. No. No. You'll get a spell skill or weapon to take with you and also in the new world you could learn magic."

Rogue tongue clicked in his mouth as he listens to that last bit and this caused Urza to speak as she pulled out a stack of papers and ran up to him and tried to hand him the papers. After three attempts to do so, the young man took the stack of papers from her and then watched as she backed away he leafed through them, and as he did so, the young man left eyebrow rose as he thought that each of this thing regardless of skills or weapon or armor made a person a target. No wonder they hadn't killed this demon king fellow, not only would demons target these people but humans from this realm itself would also think they could get more powerful by killing them, so they target the reincarnated that had these overpowered weapons as well. So after looking at them again after coming to this realization, he looks away from the stack of papers and back to the goddess and said, " I know this may be unusual to request but is it possible for me to see a book of the world you want to send me to first… you know general information and such may be a little history synopsis of the most important thing to happen in the last ten to fifteen years there so I can make an inform decision. I mean I realize there other people you want to send, so I sit over in the shadows over there, and I'll be quiet, and you can work and send the others ahead of me I mean I'm not a person who really cares who get there before me if I decide to go."

Urza face flash with a slight bit of anger, and she was about to say something the young man assumes she got contacted by her bosses as he stance and face change in an instant and then in her outstretched hands a large book covered in leather materialized from out of nowhere and Urza hand the book to him. Rogue felt how heavy the book was and was afraid he might drop it but then the next part of his plan needs to be done. " One more thing all those things were great but none of them our for me I was wondering is it possible to get some blank sheet of that paper and what every was used to scribe on them and I could design a skill more my style." At this request Urza pfft the air out of nostrils and look at Rogue angrily, and she didn't wait for her commander answer she said. " Why should we?"

Rogue smiled and said "Well one you want the demon king destroyed and two I don't think it can be done with the skill you current have present and none of the one presents fit my gaming style or fighting, so it kind of leads to me asking may I design my skill? if I choose to go!" It took a few moments, but it didn't look as if Urza get an answer to her question, so she said. "Very well I get you the paper and a way to scribe the detail for the skill… But first I want you to play in a card game that comes from the earth." Rogue titled his head and though for and then said; "What game were you thinking of playing?" At the question, Rogue saw the young goddess pull out a deck of Magik: TG cards and then she said. " I know you played it when you were younger and to be fair I let you make a deck with cards from your memory but also the catalog of the cards from the series." Rogue thought about the request and then said; "and if I beat you in a single game you'll put your support behind my skill creation and request?" Urza this time had to think before she answers, but she did; "Yes … But that's if you beat me!"

With that answer, Rogue went to work going through the catalog as he saw the cards he wanted for his deck he created a special deck he used when he used to play in his hay day. It was something he knew was something that would be deadly and quick if lady luck was on his side. As he finishes grabbing the last of his enchantments and such, he said towards Urza. "I am guessing were playing a friendly game and not a tournament based so we can add all the mana from our hand at once as we draw them correctly." Urza looked up from her deck building and said "sure why not!" her answer made Rogue smirk as he picked ten forests, five swamp, five ocean, five plains, and five mountains… Once he adds those cards to the deck, he had put together a deck of seventy-five cards it was a rather larger but he needs all the chance for all the combs for this battle. He took the cards into his hands and began to shuffle, and as he did this he looked at Urza and said " I'm ready… when you are?"

Rogue thought as he continues to shuffle as he waited going over how he needs to play his cards to win as quickly as possible, and soon the goddess rose from her spot and walked towards Rogue and as she did a table and chairs materialized for them to play. As they sat, the two pushed their decks in front of the other so it could be cut. It was determined that Rouge would go first and then both shuffle the decks than push them back to there owners and they drew. Rogue smiled as he got the cards he wanted two forests, three swamps, and the enchantment card 'Recycle.' He played all mana cards, tapped them and played the enchantment as he did he drew a card from the deck as he did it was a forest. He played it and repeat the drawing and playing the card he drew by the time he got to the next card which was another enchantment called 'Aluren,' and since the mana pool had eight forests and four mountains, so he had enough to cast the enchantment which needs two forests and two other, so he tapped two mountains. A with this play he drew a card and Rogue smiled and to Urza. " It has begun!" Urza had a strange look on her face, but she soon understood as she saw what the two enchantment did together as Rogue filled the table with mana and the small monster she thought at first, but as she looks closer her eyes grew bigger as she realized they were. 'Sliver.' And as she did the math in her head, the small fry monster soon became titans with a large number of skills. By the time he had finished his turn, he knew the outcome had become obvious.

Unless she could summon a monster that could block flying monsters and tank (his whole army,) when they attack next turn. Unlucky for her she was only able to play her entire hand and summoned six plains and tap those to summon a 'spire golem.' It was evident by the look on her face she already it was over, so she waved the white flag which made Rogue laugh. " I never played nicely in Magik so don't feel bad …. Could you move the table over there and I get to work on reading that book you gave me and design my skill."

She nods the cards disappeared, and Rogue found himself and the table out of sight of Urza and anyone who may arrive in the chamber.