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Chapter One

A Rough Night

As the scene opens, one Saturday night in Royal Woods; we find a shadowed figure moving about frantically in the higher levels of one of the houses. Then, slowly yet silently; a round window of this house opens and a rope made from bed sheets descends down the wall. As the figure proceeds to slide down the wall as quietly as they can, a loud bang sounds off inside; causing them to slip.

Thankfully, the figure wasn't that high up off the ground and managed to land softly on top of a bush below them. As they rolled out of the leaves with a groan, a light turns on from inside the house; revealing the figure's true face...Lincoln Loud. With a startled yelp, he quickly ran back into the bush; choosing only to reach out to grab his backpack rather than be noticed.

After a while, Lincoln's eyes peeked slightly out of the bush and darted side-to-side worriedly; fearing that his crash might've alerted someone. Thankfully, all appeared to be quiet; which meant that no one seemed to notice that he was outside. He let out a quiet yet relieved sigh and then, he suddenly noticed the viewers watching him.

"Oh...hey, nice to see some friendly faces" Lincoln said with a wave, "you're probably wondering why I'm sneaking out of my own house, right?" He sticks is head out slightly from the bush and looks at the chaos in the house. "See...my sister, Lori had a golf game earlier today and we all went to support her" he explained, "sounds like a normal Friday for me and my family, right?"

Before he could continue, a loud crash sounded off from the window above him and a golf club came flying through the glass; as if someone threw it. This same club landed on the yard of Ol' Mr. Grouse's yard, second later. As if on cue, the man in question stepped out onto his front porch and spotted the club in his rose bushes.

He gasped loudly in horror, rushed over to his precious flowers and cried over the unwarranted abuse they had suffered. Then, with a bitter growl; he collected the club from out of the destroyed bush and carried it back into the home. On his way over; Mr. Grouse glared bitterly at the Loud House and shouted his famous phrase of "MY YARD, MY PROPERTY!"

With that said, he went back into his house and slammed the door with an angry grunt. While this was happening, Lincoln did his best to remain hidden in the bush and keep as silent as the grave. Meanwhile, the inside of his house was echoing loudly with the sounds of his sisters locked into what sounded like another one of their famous fights.

With so much noise going on, this gave Lincoln the chance to sneak away unnoticed. He tiptoed his way out of the yard, hid behind another neighbor's garbage cans and proceeded to do this all along the rest the block. "You're all probably wondering what's going on at my house, right" he asked the viewer, "well...it all started earlier this week on Monday, when my family and I were attending a golf game my eldest sister, Lori was playing."

(Line Break)

Within seconds, the scene flashes back to the date in question at the town golf course. Lincoln was sitting on the sidelines with the rest of his family; watching his eldest sister, Lori attempt to sink her golf ball into the final hole. Tonight was the big Royal Woods Golfing Championship and Lori had been prepping hard over the past weeks for it. Throughout the game, she had made several successful strokes and gained several holes in one.

But she also missed a few of them, earlier on; which put a bit of a kink in her score. Yet in spite of all this, she had made it to the final hole and her score had enough points to put her that much closer towards winning the trophy. All she had to do was sink one last putt and victory would be hers.

Everyone was a-quiver with anticipation, hoping for Lori to succeed; especially Lincoln. Then, just as Lori moved her club back ever so slightly; the skies echoed with a fearsome blaring noise. This sudden noise caused Lori to swing her putter with incredible force, thus sending the ball flying into a water hazard.

As Lori stared out at the pond in horror, she had missed the moment where the judge had declared victory for her opponent; Carol Pingrey. Then, once she slowly came back to her senses and started to register what was happening; Lori turned around and bitterly demanded to know who ruined her shot. Rather than say anything, all eyes suddenly moved towards the second eldest of the Loud Sisters; Leni.

She was wearing sports face paint on the left side, waving an air horn wildly in one hand and pumping up a foam finger with the other. In spite of all the times she attended Lori's games, Leni almost always seemed to forget the golden rule of golf; keep...quiet! Now, thanks to her; Lori had lost the game (which was something that rarely ever happened to her.)

Of course, losing said game may have been bad enough on its own...but losing to her frenemy felt worse than missing out on the biggest mall sale of the year. To say that Lori was angry with her sister for all of this would be a gross understatement, unfortunately. When the rest of the Louds caught sight of the anger burning in their eldest daughter/sister's eyes, a great sense of dread soon washed over them.

(Line Break)

The camera suddenly flashes forward back to Lincoln, who had now found a hiding new hiding place behind someone's garden shed. While there, he did his absolute best to not get himself caught; just like he did at his house. Once he saw that the coast was clear, almost five minutes later; Lincoln let out a sigh and continued his story.

"After that loss; no one dared to speak a word, on the drive home" he stated, "but all that changed, the moment we all got back to the house." At that moment, he suddenly hears a loud crash coming from halfway down the block; which was then followed by the blares of a guitar riff. "To make a long story short, everyone...once Lori and Leni started fighting, their anger quickly spread over to my other sisters; thus leading up to another 'Sister Fight Protocol' situation" he groaned while using air quotes, "something I did not want to get mixed up with again."

Lincoln then went on to explain that after dealing with his sisters chaos all week, he felt it was best to...lay low from the family, until further notice; not wanting to risk inadvertently escalating things like what happened during the last Protocol situation at his house. However, one glaring question had buzzed through his mind while traveling down the block...where would he go and/or stay while his sisters were busy feuding? Before leaving, he thought about heading over to Clyde's house; believing he would be safe there.

But then, Lincoln realized that if he told Clyde what was going on; he would try and attempt to "console" Lori in her "hour of need" (and Lincoln didn't want to see anyone else get hurt by his family's silly drama.) Next, he considered crashing at Liam's family farm; believing that none of his sisters would want to look for him there. But while it was a nice place to visit; for a suburban boy like Lincoln, it wouldn't be the best place to live (even temporarily.)

Then, he considered going off to Great Lakes City and bunking with Ronnie Anne. But that idea held two problems, much to his dismay. Not only did Lincoln not have enough money to take the bus there. If he did, somehow get to the Casagrande Residence; either Ronnie Anne's mother, her relatives or her older brother, Bobby would call up the Louds and tell them he was there.

This would, no doubt lead to Lori coming over to pick him up and become even more flustered than she already was. Upon realizing that he had very few logical options left; for the moment all Lincoln could do now was walk and think.

(Line Break)

The time was now 8:30 PM and he soon found himself wandering into the downtown area of Royal Woods. He was surprised by how far he had been wandering, to say the least but didn't feel too concerned about it. Lincoln had traveled to this part of town so many times, in the past; it all felt like his home away from home.

He took a look at the time on his phone and smiled, realizing that many of his favorite places would still be open now. But then, just like with the bus ticket to Great Lakes City; Lincoln realized he didn't have enough money to spend too long of a time anywhere here. "Great, what am I supposed to do now" Lincoln groaned, "I don't have enough money to do the stuff I like and I can't go home yet...what else could go wrong tonight?"

As Lincoln began to sulk over his tragedy of an evening, a vehicle suddenly pulled up along the sidewalk behind him. Then, mere seconds later; Lincoln's world was suddenly rocked by the loud "tooot" of a car horn. As this horn sounded off, headlights suddenly flashed on from behind him.

This combination of things coupled with his already frazzled mind filled Lincoln with such terror, he leapt up into the air and held his hands above his head; as if he were confronted by the police. Much to his surprise, however; he didn't hear the sounds of grown-up police officers. Instead, his ears were filled with the soft yet jolly giggles of teenage girls.

After taking a moment to calm down and clear his vision, Lincoln got a good look at who it was that confronted him. Much to his surprise, it was none other than Carol Pingrey and two of her friends, Becky and Whitney standing alongside her. "HA-HA-HA! Boy, did we get you good" chortled Carol, "you should see the look on your face right now!"

Becky and Whitney joined in on the laughter, a split-second later but Lincoln was not so amused. As the laughter slowly died down, Becky took a good look at the boy and gasped softly in surprise. "Hey, I know you" she murmured, "yeah...you're Lori's little bro, Lincoln, right?" The boy's mood softened slightly, humbled by the fact that the teen remembered him.

They had only met on two occasions, in the past; the first being at Lori's attempt at throwing a "sophisticated" house party and the second one was at the Ace Savvy Convention. During both times, he and Becky seemed to have gotten along very well. However, he had only heard mentions of Carol and Whitney's names through Lori's past phone conversations.

Other than that, this was his first time meeting the two of them in person. After a while, Carol suddenly began to study the boy very intensely; which made Lincoln rather nervous, to say the least. Then, she let out a soft giggle and ruffled his hair in a playful manner. "Yeah, I remember you" she stated, "I've seen you on some of Lori's social media pics."

Upon hearing this statement, Lincoln's mind suddenly looked back to when Lori got caught up in a desperate desire to outdo Carol at getting more "likes" on her pictures than her. During such times, Lori would either bribe her siblings (including him) into dressing up for a photo or trick them into leaving the scene; thus allowing her to take a selfie in peace. In the end, the two girls realized that "competing" with each other was doing more harm than good for the both of them.

With this in mind, the two ladies swiftly decided to their silly rivalry to rest and become friends; which was something no one had ever expected. Needless to say, now that Lincoln was meeting her face-to-face; she seemed like an okay gal. But at the same time, Lincoln wasn't ready to lower his emotional walls just yet.

"Why are you outside at this hour...and on your own no less" questioned Whitney, "shouldn't you be at home having fun with your family or something?" Lincoln rolled his eyes and scoffed at the idea, proclaiming that home was the last place he wanted to be at the moment. "Why would you say that, little man" Becky asked, "you wanna talk about it?"

Just as Lincoln prepared to respond, a deep gurgle erupted from his belly; startling everyone. He crossed his arms over his gut and blushed nervously, clearly embarrassed that the ladies heard such noises from him. However, the three High School girls couldn't help but giggle at this; mainly because of the strange timing of the stomach growl.

"Sounds like somebody's a little hungry" Carol implied, "didn't you have dinner before coming out here?" Still feeling cautious, Lincoln confessed that he left home just minutes before dinner was even served on the table (if at all.) This revelation caused the ladies to gasp in shock.

"Why didn't you eat before you left home" questioned Carol, "didn't your family make dinner yet." Lincoln looked up at them nervously and confessed that due to certain "sensitive matters" involving his sisters, his parents would've probably been too nervous to set foot in the kitchen to serve anything; let alone cook. Feeling even more confused than before, Carol insisted Lincoln to tell them all what happened.

"Let's just say that...Lori didn't accept her earlier loss at the golf game with grace" he replied, "she would've won, if Leni hadn't disrupted her concentration." While not going into too much detail; Lincoln did however, reveal that the loss resulted in the two aforementioned sisters getting into another big fight. "I had to escape, in order to not get caught up in the chaos" he stated, "I've got enough bruises, bumps and indents on my body from past incidents to help remind me of that."

This explanation only caused the ladies to recoil viciously in horror, amazed that a single golf loss would cause such an incident. "I know Lori had some issues with me beating her before" Carol admitted, "but allowing her ill behavior to affect other members of her family, especially her only brother...that's going too far." Becky and Whitney unanimously agreed with their friend and vowed to give the girl in question an earful about all this, the next time they would meet.

In an instant, they all suddenly remembered who was in trouble now and looked back at Lincoln with concerned stares. Carol scratched her chin slightly and her brow furrowed deeply in thought, as she pondered on what to do with him next. Then, not a moment later; an idea began to form in Carol's mind.

"Hey...uh...Lincoln, is it" she asked suddenly, earning a soft nod in response from the boy; "I'm guessing you've heard of Gus' Games n' Grub, right?" As if she said the "secret word," Lincoln gave an enthusiastic nod; which brought small smile to Carol's face. "Sweet! How's about we head on over for some fun and food, huh" she offered, "you look like you could use a little of both tonight."

Naturally, Lincoln agreed to the offer and confessed that he was in need of something to help brighten up his mood a little. At the same time, though; he was surprised to hear that Carol or her friends knew about the place. "What, did you think teens didn't like video games and garlic knots too" Becky asked in a mockingly accusing tone, "sometimes, even we like to cut loose and feel like kids again."

Lincoln was greatly surprised by this turn of events, to say the least. After so many years around his sisters, you would think he'd learn to never be fooled by appearances (physical or emotional.) But he seldom thought such a lesson would apply to other people as well.

With that in mind and his stomach loudly demanding to be fed, Lincoln accepted Carol's offer to go to Gus' and climbed into their car. He took a moment to place his backpack on the floor, before buckling his safety belt. After that, Carol revved up the engine and they drove off down the road.

"Get ready, Lincoln" Carol cried with glee, "we're all gonna have a blast tonight!"

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