Chapter 11: La vie est Belle

Me and Paigey were just hanging out for a little bit before our next classes.

Ever since Leonard confessed his love for me, Paigey has been asking me endless questions non-stop. It was getting kind of annoying yet exciting at the same time. Everyday, I would walk across the halls and get a ton of glances from the guys checking me out. Of course, they won't last long once Leonard approaches me with his arms around my waist.

When Valentines Day came along, Leonard and I went to our favorite café across the street from the university. We sat on the terrace overlooking the ocean, the breeze swept upon the palm trees, kids are playing with the beach ball, two bassets are racing each other to fetch the stick, and a sandcastle contest was also taking place.

"Have you ever built a sandcastle?" Leonard asked me

"I have, but it's nothing compared to the ones here in France."

"One time, my dad and I were at a beach not too far from here. I brought all my stuff that day to make the biggest sand castle you can imagine."


"Of course, mon cherie. Would I ever tell a lie?"

Then he showed me a picture on his ipad, it had a dark sapphire blue case with a picture of the most wonderful castle I've ever seen.

"That is really good, where was this?"

"Calvi beach, it's near Corsica."

"Did you used to travel around France a lot?"

"Oui, I used to love going to places all the time."

I looked around, and then my eyes met up with his.

"Maybe we can go back to those places, what do you think?"

He smiled "Sounds like a plan cherie."

Leonard leaned in, and we started to kiss.

I knew this was going to be the start of something new.

Chapter 12:

Return to England or Bust

It's been since Valentine's Day back when I was still with Leonard. Until sadly he passed away from a recent violent gun shooting which made me act suicidal for months. I wanted to be with my one true love, and now he's gone because of his stupid god damn family! Julien, his obnoxious cousin wouldn't care less if he loved his cousin long enough to care about his mental wellbeing but seriously, who the fuck even thinks that? Paige is happily engaged to her boyfriend of 2 years after finally setting a date for the wedding to take place sometime in June which I think is a good idea compared to just staying at home at your boring local church, sorry Jesus I still love and worship you. Gina is doing well but her mental health was deteriorating, feel like total shit after a couple of hangovers from her drinking problems and having to go to rehab because of it. Athena's grandmother died, Albert was having gastrointestinal problems related to IBS, and Breanna I believe is directing her next movie in Hollywood and her partying skills are going to pick up I think, god forbid she dies before seeing her first Grammy award for the wildest party animal in the world. Apparently, Beatrice wants to be called Breanna because she thinks it's better cause she wants to hang with Rihanna backstage or something.

I kept having dreams about Amelie's and Nino Wedding which ironically relates to Paige's dream wedding only the theme for this wedding was lemon themed for the month of June with a wild strawberry themed wedding tier with red hearts which happened to be the Queen's idea which we all loved and as a result, she no longer got mad over the smallest things. Marie Antoinette helped with the rest of the decorating and the most beautiful wedding dress of the century. The rest of the characters in Wonderland were also at the wedding which included the Cheshire Cat, the Red and White Queens, The Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse, the Tweedle Twins, and almost everyone I can think of. Collingion apologized for being a total prick and brought a gift basket for the newly weds filled with all sorts of fruits and vegetables including a bottle of champagne and Foie Gras. Collingion also brought me a nice mini basket of wild strawberries with a side of freshly baked Madelines and Creme Fraiche to dip them in which I thought was very nice. There was a huge feast after the wedding which was filled with beef stew, green salads, lemonade, and all English and French cuisine from all over the regions of each country. Then we saw the happy couple motorcycle away into the sunset on their plane to Tahiti.

I decided to go to England with Paige to help pick out her wedding gown. We finally found a pink one that would look adorable on her with tulle ruffles on the sleeves, lace, fake diamonds, roses, and the magical works in the making. But then major plot twist (yes plot twist). I was waiting for Paige to get out of the dressing room until I saw a familiar and alarming face I've haven't seen in years since leaving for France to start my new life with my soon to be three roomies, Paige and her fiancée Gerald whom she met on campus during a volleyball match at the beach, and his family owns part of a fancy casino in Monte Carlo so Paige invited me her bestie to be part of her family adventures. We are going to be sisters for life, and it's the greatest thing that's ever happened so now I just ignore what's happening and enjoy my new life with my famille.

Chapter 1: La Famille

I was excited and yet terrified, I didn't know what to feel when I saw that man back in the bridal shop. It sounded like his women he was going to marry decided to go off to be with someone else, and he leaves with a new woman. To help keep that kind of thought out of sight out of mind, I decided to go out and get some fresh air for me from the vibrant Spring green grass. When I celebrated my birthday in April, I went to Monet's Garden in Paris with my parents, and I saw the most beautiful 'fleurs' meaning flowers. There were Tulips from Amsterdam which I really loved that also made get inspired to go to Amsterdam and find the Tulip fields so that we can also spot the Dutch windmills as my mom and I were snapping beautiful pictures on our new iPhones. Then mom and I decided to go down to the weed bar to smoke us some pot just like they do it in hella Cali y'all. Sativa, Indica, mixed hybrids, Blue Dream, you name it. After Amsterdam in Dutch town, we went to Germany to see the castle that inspired Walt Disney to write Snow White back in the 1930's; as naughty as her personally sounds to others in my generation, I've grown to appreciate the classics overtime. Bavaria was one of the other places my mom wanted to go to before she dies, including Amsterdam, Austria, England, Spain, Puerto Rico, and many islands in the Caribbean and Hawaii. I preferred French Polynesia over anything if I had the choice.

My dreams still haunt me for some reason, I feel as if something were about to happen. After I wake up, it's always bound to happen. I make myself want to vomit sometimes, or even overdose all together. I mean can't I enjoy a good night's sleep without feeling like I want to go fucking jump off the fence, and then get myself stuck in the ditch or killed all together? It's always something related to my past whether it was family issues, ex-boyfriends, bitches, and dead pets. Four years ago, after Valentine's Day, Leonard told me how he used to be bullied back in high school for being the class nerd, his nasal passages due to asthma, and for being the only guy with the largest penis in the whole class. Now at first, I thought he was joking about the whole penis thing, but I can imagine being the only guy with the most matured brain probably due to an early growth spurt and a nice big set of famille bijou's (French for family jewels) and still feel like shit for days on end. Trying not to choke on my steak frite at the time, I looked at my fiancée cause I never felt so captivated and turned on by his story but also sympathetic at the same time. He died when he was in a dark alley trying to get back on to campus when all of a sudden, a random shooter was firing bullets around killing everyone in his or her path cause the suspect still remains unknown at this time but it was a mass causality situation because there may have been some form of stalking or possibly terrorism involved.

I missed my boyfriend terribly, death was not something I was prepared for like when my friend Ronique died from a drive by gun shooting back on December 3, 2015. It was a very sad year for me and ended up getting PTSD as a result of her untimely death at the age of 20. Now all I have left to do is pray for myself as I go through another grievance for the loss of my one true love.

Leonard Manet.

Chapter 2: L'amour du Coeur

I decided to move to England because I figured that I can start a new life here. I promised Paige and her fiancée that I would visit Monte Carlo when I'm on break after the first semester ends in the fall. I dated a couple of British men but so far was unsuccessful in the dating department. Ever since Leonard's death, I've had trouble finding the right man for me to share my life with. After eating my fish in chips, I stumbled across the most beautiful English rose gardens I've ever seen. Leonard would have loved it, but then I decided that it was time to move on from him and so I buried his box full of favorite things under a beautiful pink English rose bush that smelled like Honeydew melons, and succulent white peaches in a fruitful fertile scented orchard.

A voice suddenly started to appear in my head, it was the Queen of Hearts!

"My dear, you are in England now. Don't worry about finding new love, there are plenty of suitors out there waiting to pursue you. Now go out there and socialize!"

Then my dream finally came true, I met an English man with sea-foam green eyes with glasses and golden blonde hair named John Collington. And it was definitely love at first sight in the English rose garden. We both share everything in common, and finally after 2 years of dating we got married and had a beautiful ceremony in the Shetland Islands near the border of Scotland and Norway. Our child was born the following year on July 30th, and has strawberry blonde hair with sea-foam green eyes like her daddy; her name was Madeline Nicole Collington.

Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you enjoyed it!