Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers. I do own Henry and Hank Trifora. Carol Williams, Kelly Davis, and Brema Skinner are based on real people with the same names. John Davis is made up so I guess I own him as well.

Time: 1997 (A/N the day after Tommy got the letter from Kimbery)

Location: Near Miami, Florida

It was cold and dark as Henry Trifora was driving to work. Because of the chance of ice on the road, he was driving 5 miles under the speed limit. Ahead of him about 200 feet he could just barely see the taillights of another car going the same cautious speed.

Suddenly Henry saw the taillight weave from one side of the road to the other and then disappearing off the side of the road. Henry let off on the gas pedal and began to slowly apply the brakes. As he slowed down he felt the car lose traction on the road, but was able to keep the car on the road. As he came to a stop he could see taillights off the road in his drivers side mirror.

Turning his 4 way flashers on , he grabbed his cell phone and a flashlight out of the glove compartment, got out of the car and headed back to the other car. As he got closer to the other car he noticed that the car had hit a large tree head on and that the front of the car was wrapped around the tree. Climbing down the slight bank, Henry moved to the drivers side, noticing a rental sticker on the back window. Approaching the drivers door he saw that the drivers door window had shattered and was totally gone. Flashing his flashlight into the car he observed that the driver was the only one in the car.

Shining his light on the driver , he saw that she was Asian, about 20 years old, and that he could see the bone sticking out of her left arm. There was also blood coming out of a cut on her forehead. Reaching through the window he felt her neck for a pulse. After finding a pulse he brought his hand back through the window. As he did so, her head turned slightly towards him giving him a better look as her face.

His first thought was "Wow she's Beautiful!" His second was " O Shit!". He recognized her. Her name was Trini Kwan and she was one of Zordons "specials".

(A/N it was real tempting to end the chapter here as a cliff hanger... but I decided not to )
Pulling his cell phone out of his pocket he quickly dialed 3 numbers. "Nine one one what is your emergency?" Henry felt better as the voice of his good friend came over the phone.

"I need to report a car accident." he replied to his ex classmate from high school.

"And where is the accident at?"

"About 2 miles south of Heartfelt Hospital on Route 7."

"Any injuries?"

"Yes the driver, no passengers, she has a visibly broken left arm, and is currently unconscious, she does have a pulse."

"Thank you. Could I have your name please?"

"Henry Trifora. Would you happen to know what medic unit has been dispatched?" he asked.

Henry could hear the smile on her face as she replied "Medic Twelve".

"Thank you Kelly." Hearing the sound of a car stopping up on the road Henry looked up and saw blue and red lights begin to flash on a sheriffs car. "A officer has just showed up I am gonna hang up and go talk to him."

"Ok and thank you." she replied.

After climbing back up Henry saw Sheriff John Davis. "Hello Sheriff."

"Hi Henry. Are you the one that reported this?" Kelly's father asked.

"Yes I just got off the phone with Kelly."

"Sheriff Davis smiled at that and asked " So what do you think happened?"

"Well I was behind her about 200 feet, both of us going about 45 , when all of a sudden I saw her taillights go from one side of the road to the other and then back before disappearing over the edge of the road. I let up on the gas and felt my car lose traction on the road. I think it was a patch of black ice."

The sheriff nodded his head and said " That's what I figured."

Both of them looked to the south at the sound as they heard the sound of a siren of a fire truck sounding.

Henry said "They are going to need the Jaws of Life to get her out of the car, the doors are jammed shut."

As the rescue truck came to a stop the sheriff walked over and began to talk to the leader of the crew.

Henry took his phone back out and and used his speed dial . "Heartfelt Hospital Emergency Room, how may I help you?"

"Hi Brema, this is Henry could you page my dad while I talk to you?"

"Sure, hang on a minute ." "Ok I paged him to my desk. What's up?"

"Medic twelve is on its way to a car accident, the victim is about 18 to 20 years of age, Asian, and female. Noticeable injuries are a broken left arm, possible concussion, and possible broken right leg. Patient is currently unconscious and the rescue crew is working on getting her out of the car right now. Oh and I am going to be a little late for work."

"Ok I got all that , here's you father."

"Hi Henry what's wrong?"

Checking to see if there was anyone near him Henry replied "Hi dad is it safe to talk?"

There was a pause as he heard muted voices talking and then "It is now what's up."

"It's one of Zondon's dad, and I think she's in worse shape then I told Brema. Could you use your healing powers to help heal her?"

"Only because she is one of Zondon's." Doctor Trifora replied.

"Thanks dad. I gotta call Zordon now and let him know. I will see you in a bit."

After ending the call Henry looked at the rescue crew who almost had the roof of the car off, and at the medic crew that was waiting to work on her. Looking around he saw the sheriff putting flares out on the road. He quickly dialed a number by memory. "It's Henry, I don't have much time to talk. Short story is that Trini is in a car accident but I think she will pull through with some special help from my father." "As soon as she is awake I will call you." "I gotta go someone is coming." As the sheriff approached he hung the phone up and put it in his pocket.

"Well since neither of us have anything to do while they get her out lets get your statement down." stated Sheriff Davis.

Just as they finished the paperwork the medics were putting Trini into the ambulance and then left heading north to the hospital. Going to his car after telling the sheriff goodbye Henry followed the ambulance to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital a few minutes after the ambulance, Henry parked his car in the staff parking lot. After punching in he headed towards the emergency room. As he walked in , the short blonde at the desk looked up and said " Your dad is waiting for you in Room 3."

"Thanks Brema." he replied as he headed for Room 3. In the room was his Father Dr. Hank Trifora and his mothers sister Carol Williams along with Trini who was on the bed. "How is she?"

"You were right, she is in very bad shape." Turning towards his sister-in-law the Doctor said "Carol this is going to be a special." Looking at the doctor in surprise the nurse nodded, went to the door looked out, pulled her head back in the room and said "Clear."

Doctor Trifora took a deep breath and put his hands above the young asian woman's body. As his hands began to glow with a blue energy, he began to move his hands above her body. First her head where it seemed the energy flowed from his hands into her body. As the energy flowed he moved his hands above her chest then her leg and finally to her arm. As he finished Doctor Trifora stepped back in exhaustion. "That's the best I can do."

"Thanks dad I'm sure Zordon will be thankful."

Looking at his son, he said "It's the least of what our family owes him for what he has done for us."
Time: The next Day

Trini woke up with a feeling of being confined. She couldn't move her right leg or her left arm. But she had one heck of a headache.

"Trini are you awake?' asked a voice to her right. Opening her eyes she saw that she had a cast on her left arm and another on her right leg. Looking to her right she saw a young man sitting in the chair next to her. "He's kinda cute." she thought to herself. "Who are you and where am I?" she asked.

Taking out his cell phone he replied "My name is Henry Trifora, and you are in Heartfelt Hospital a few miles north of your accident." Holding up his hand to stop her from asking anymore questions he said "It's Henry. She just woke up. Sure." handing the phone to Trini he said " He wants to talk to you."

Holding the phone to her ear she heard a voice she thought she would never hear again. " How are you feeling Trini?"


"Yes Trini, How are you feeling?"

"My arm and leg are in a cast and I can't find Kimberly! she replied as she began to cry.

As Zordon began to question her, he found out that Trini on her way back to Angel Grove, had decided to stop in Florida and see Kimberly. However when she got to where Kimberly had been living, Kimberly's roommate told her that Kimberly had quit the gymnastics team, packed all her stuff and moved out without leaving a forwarding address. After talking some with Zordon she handed the phone back to Henry.



"I am unable to locate Kimberly with the scanners here. Do you think you could find her for me?"

"I'll give a try."

"Thank you Henry."

After saying goodbye, Henry put the phone in his pocket and turned to Trini. "I have to go. I will be back later to answer your questions."

"You better or the next time I see you your gonna be help." Trini replied looking irritated.