Rey and Finn were break dancing in the forest when suddenly out of nowhere there was a dark and mysterious sound. It was the DOOM Slayer the dinosaur king among the men! DOOM Slayer fired the plasma rifle but Finn jumped to protect Rey full of sorrow "I will protect you he said tears in his eyes, butt they were both incinerated by the awesome blast of fag killing energy and there was blood and pieces of brains everywhere! After that the DOOM Slayer flew to the secret moon base where Kylo Ren was training with the knights of Stimpy, after seeing the DOOM SLayer the knights ran away leaving Ren with hot shit in his pants. "Please don't kill me!" screamed the Emo knight but his words fell on deaf ears and the DOOM Slayer cleaved his skull, after that his corpse was devoured by the mutant zombie beavers. It seems that my work here is done,, said the DOOM Slayer and fly away