The young brunette shivered in fear wondering if she was severely concussed. The darkness didn't help her vision one bit. Their genius plan of crouching behind the rose bush with her two friends seemed great at the time, no one knew what they were up to. No order members telling them to stay behind like good little children, safely tucked up in their warm beds in the dorms.

"Stop it Ron" came Harry's muttered voice followed by a strangled yelp. Hermione angrily spun around eyeing both the boys "shut up the both of you before we are bloody caught". Peeking her head over the bush she could just make out a younger woman caught in the talons of the death eater. Harry's messy hair covered in mud and twigs popped up next to her, his glasses wonky "we need to cause a distraction".

"Pray tell what distraction could you possibly come up with" drawled a new voice from behind the trio.

Before Hermione could speak both the boys tackled the intruder to the rain soaked ground. Ron attempting to keep the long thrashing legs still while Harry sat triumph on the man's chest. Fools are going to get us killed or worse. The brunette ripped the hood from the intruder to reveal a very annoyed Draco Malfoy. "Mind getting your guard dogs off me" trying to buck the Gryffindors off his body.

"Not till you tell us why you are following us Malfoy" Hermione gritted her teeth.

Grey eyes met cinnamon "I saw you dunderheads leaving the school so I decided to follow. Now tell me why your here?" Draco sneered at the muggleborn witch.

"None of your bloody business ferret" Ron spat, using his quidditch reflexes to dodge the Slytherins kicking legs.

Realising how loud their small group was being Hermione crept toward the bush, relief flooding her exhausted body the two figures across the field didn't hear them. A rough hand clamped down on her shoulder causing the girl to shriek, the hand flew to her mouth "shut up mudblood before you get us caught" Draco harshly whispered. "I'm going to remove my hand but you better stay quiet do I make myself clear?". The brunette reluctantly nodded.

Hermione shoved the bully away from her "how did you escape?". Draco proudly pointed towards her two tied up friends with a smirk. "Now tell me why you are here?".

The Gryffindor sighed but Harry beat her to it "we followed Tonks because she was acting strangely at the meet... Er at hogsmeade and right now she is being attacked by your crazy bitch of an aunt". Throwing his head in the direction of the two witches.

Draco grinned, he couldn't believe his luck. "You complete and utter idiots that isn't Bellatrix nor is Nymphadora being attacked and may I add Bellatrix would never hug a filthy half blood. You came rushing here without a solid plan and you didn't tell your handlers either". The young Malfoy barked a laugh, clutching his side's.

"Then who the hell is it because she awfully looks like that batshit death eater to me" Ron yelled over the boys fit of giggles.

Draco pulled himself together, levelling a glare at the blood traitor "duh Nymphadora's mother my aunt Andromeda" seeing the jaw dropping expressions of his most hated class mates "what did you think my cousins birth was a miracle".

Hermione gripped her wand, pointing it straight at Draco "she may not hug one but she does bow to one and no doubt kisses the helm of his robes like a love sick puppy". The furious look in the purebloods eye made the muggleborn shrink back away from him, her heart trying to punch a hole in her chest.

"What the fuck you say mudblood?" Draco pounced on Hermione, knocking her wand away from them, both teenagers rolling around the mud trying to get the upper hand. The muddy tussle resulted in the pair exposing themselves to the two witches that stood not a foot away, both with matching expressions. Amusement.

Hermione was the first to see them, forcing the mud covered boy away from her, she slipped about trying to stand. Tonks grinned giving her a helping hand "you two really know how to fight dirty huh". Hermione blushed looking down at her ruined robes, covered in mud, rips and unidentifiable stains.

Tonks then went over and helped release Harry and Ron from their bindings "wotcha boys didn't know you were into bondage". Both boys started to protest their innocence loudly earning a snicker from Draco.

The dark witch raised a finely groomed brow at the snickering blonde "pray tell nephew what are you doing here? I'm sure your mother would a fit if she found her darling boy out of bed on a night like this". Her walk to Draco was predatory matching that of her sister Bellatrix and the way she said it brought dread creeping down Hermione's spine.

Both her friends were busy laughing with Tonks, the three missing the middle Black sisters hungry gaze when she turned to eye Hermione "I can see why my big sister has it out for you deary" she huskily whispered, only she and Draco heard it and the blondes eyes widened into saucers.

"I'm just a mudblood" Hermione squeaked her terror filled eyes flitting from Draco's to his aunt's, while both had grey eyes the older witches eyes were slowly turning red. Her heart stopped as the moonlight shone bright clearly showing off Andromeda's fangs.

Hermione screamed as the ground rushed up to meet her, her friends calling her name faded as the darkness pulled her under.