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Femslash & Blackcest

Barely a day since her strange but rather enticing new life had officially started and the new Vampling found herself nervously pacing the large chamber, purposely avoiding eye contact with her friends who sat together in the seating area. She was aware of the concern radiating off her bonded, it felt like tight threads pinging through her chest connected to each of her mates. Narcissa was the strongest thread out of them all much to Hermione's pleasure. A deep red thread pulsing constantly since the moment they bonded.

"How does this work exactly?" Harry suddenly spoke up, breaking the awkward silence that had descended upon the sombre group.

Lucius eyed the bespectacled boy wizard. "The Council will assemble shortly in the main atrium where we will be called in to witness the trail of the accused. Miss Weasley has the right to offend her actions.."

"Who is the Council?"

"Powerful vampires that consist of our most elite. That is all you need to know." Cygnus answered, raising a hand to silence Harry's further questioning. "No offence young one but the Council are suspicious of outsiders and with good reason."

"Not even we know who resides on the board. Brunch of paranoid fools." Lucius retorted. "The Council holds the decision on Miss Weasley's fate. Do not expect a good outcome but if Hermione is willing to show leniency to …"

Hermione spun her on heel, her eyes blazing with anger. "After what she did to me I shall never forgive that bitch let alone show leniency. How dare you ask that of me."

"No one is asking you to do anything you are uncomfortable with Hermione. Lucius was only explaining that if you showed leniency towards Miss Weasley the Council may allow you to come up with the punishment befitting of her crimes but that has rarely ever happened" Cygnus gently explained to the seething Vampling. Placing a comforting hand upon her tense shoulder, "all I ask Hermione is for you to keep an open mind after all she once was your friend."

With a sharp nod the young brunette stepped away and collapsed into a seat next to the silent brooding Bellatrix.

"Say the word my delightful mate and I shall end the redheaded spawn." Bellatrix whispered, enjoying the shudder that ran through Hermione at the mention of their bond. "The things I am going to do to you later."

"As tempting as that sounds I couldn't bring myself to further hurt the Weasleys. Be that is it may Ginevra is the only guilty party and her family doesn't need to be subjected to more pain." Hermione groaned, realising that she didn't have much of a choice after all.

Bellatrix sneered in disgust. "You want the little bitch to get off with what she did to you? She deserves to rot in the ground for daring to deliver such damage that she stole one of your fangs." She could see how distressed Bella actually was, carefully without spooking the dark vampire she intertwined their fingers, relief spreading through her as Bellatrix squeezed her hand in comfort and even more so when Hermione shook slightly at the reminder of her missing fang. She hasn't been a vampire for long but even she can tell how wrong it felt to only have one. It felt like part of her soul was missing which was peculiar to think about.

"Sorry Mudpup." Bellatrix whispered against her neck.

""Miss Weasley will receive punishment that was never up for debate but how severe the punishment is, is a different matter all together" Lucius replied to be former sister in law, he himself believes that the foolish imbecile deserves the toughest punishment the Council could deliver but it was ultimately up to the new Vampling who was the most effected by her crimes.

The room fell silent once more as everyone was called upon. Hermione still holding Bellatrix's hand, it seemed for both their comfort and support took a seat near the front next to Narcissa. The blonde vampire placed a possessive hand on her Vamplings thigh, her blue eyes scanning the High bench where the twelve High Elite sat wearing magic repelling cloaks with their hoods up to obscure their identity. Narcissa could make out the faint runes stitched in the very fabric of the black cloaks, leaving her to believe the cloaks were indeed magic repellent.

Orion and Cyngus was in charge with communicating to the Council. They stood elegantly before the High bench, both with a matching mask of polite coldness.

"Good evening Your Excellency, Lords and Ladies of our Council. Tonight we have a human being Ginevra Weasley charged with near fatal damage upon one of our own, Hermione Black nee Granger. She is still recovering from the injuries she received."

"Surprising seeing as most if not all vampires including Vamplings recover near immediately." A dull ache started to work itself in the back of her skull as she heard an eerie voice boom in her mind.

"Hermione lost a fang in the attack Your Excellency. To which you know has lasting consequences."

A collection of sharp intact was heard in the silent room.

"How old is the accused?"

The sharp sound forced Hermione to cover her ears with both hands and whimper under the agonizing pain.

"Your Excellency I beg you to voice communicate, our new Vampling has only just started to recover from her brutal attack and recently bonded to two witches and four vampires." Lucius suddenly some up, the usual arrogance he used in public was replaced by a slight submissive attitude.

"Of course my sincere apologies." The figure at the centre spoke out loud, the pressure gone from everyone's mind. "How old is Miss Weasley?"

"She is sixteen."

"Very well, we have of course already viewed the memories of both the attack and the attempted rape of Narcissa Black formerly Malfoy nee Black. Why is the attempt not included?"

Orion looked at Narcissa, "My niece decided to withdraw the charge due to personal reasons Your Excellency."

"Does Miss Hermione Black wish to speak for herself?"

Hermione by habit sucked in a deep breath as she stood on her shaky legs, her red tinted eyes landing on the pale faces of Mr and Mrs Weasley. She felt sorry for them, after all they were watching their youngest and only daughter stand before a court of deadly and dangerous creatures to stalk the earth.

"Yes Your Excellency, Lords and Ladies. The fact you have seen my memory of that night it would be a waste of all our time to go back over it so I just want to say that even though I am truly tempted to end Ginny for trying to hurt my Va.. Narcissa," Hermione squeaked out, stumbling over her possessive slip, "I have been told that if I ask you for leniency I may be able to have some input on her punishment."

"That would be a fitting justice Miss Black. What do you suggest? And let us remind you anything we deem as not enough we will intervene."

Hermione straightened up. "I believe Ginny would fare better by being bonded to the House of Black. Back in the dark ages before house elves were used, humans were they counterpart. Similar to an house elf the human be it magical or not would be bonded for a certain amount of time before being allowed death or in this case her freedom."


"She stays human and takes over the chores of House of Black until such time that the Head grants her freedom. Ginny wants to become a vampire, so keeping her human around vampires and her magic temporary bound would hopefully teach her how to respect supernatural folk."

Hermione retook her seat as the twelve privately communicated to each other.

"Good job little one." Bellatrix spoke up, nipping her earlobe while Narcissa had her hand up Hermione's thigh, her sharp talon like nails dragging along her flesh. Morgana she couldn't wait to get home, in which her and hopefully both sisters in bed, Andromeda too.

Her eyelids fluttered as she felt the warmth pool between her thighs. Bellatrix smirked and Narcissa continued her path along her thigh.

"Ginevra of House Weasley you are sentenced to a minimum of 7 years bonded and under the command of House Black. You will not receive the bite and if any vampire is foolish to do so will lose their existence. Your magic will be bound to your core until you are granted your freedom and If you attack any member of House Black again you will forfeit your life."

"Druella Black as Head of your Coven you shall decide the responsibility and commitment of Miss Weasley. Her magic will be bound by yourself and her wellbeing is down to you. No fatal or long lasting injury is permitted on Miss Weasley. Do we make ourselves clear?"

"Of course Your Excellency, Lords and Ladies thank you for your time in this matter." Druella smoothly replied, taking a bow.