'Has it really been ten years since that day?' were the thoughts of one Hiruzen Sarutobi, third Hokage of Konohagakure no sato, as he stood atop the Hokage tower, smoking his pipe and looking out over his village. Really, he should have been in his office dealing with that thrice damned paperwork of his but he needed to get out and take a break after having a lovely visit from his three former teammates and current advisors. As had become their habit since that day ten years ago they had come to his office to bitch and moan about the fact that the jailer of the Kyuubi no Yoko had been taken from their village by persons unkown.

He of course had sent all the ANBU he could spare to search the whole of the elemental nations to locate and 'rescue' the boy he saw as a second grandson, he'd even recalled Jiraiya to inform him of his godson's apparent kidnap. The aged kage couldn't help but shudder at the memory of how that meeting had gone. Jiraiya had been absolutely livid at the knowledge that his student's son had not been protected well enough that someone had been able to essentially waltz into the strongest ninja village of the five great nations and steal away his godson. Though that had paled in comparison to the white knuckled rage that he had displayed when he'd found out the events leading up to Naruto's supposed abduction. It had taken all of Hiruzen's willpower and years of negotiation to make it so that the village hadn't just been made into a bloody toad print upon the face of the world.

But even motivated as he was and having called in every mark he had, the legendary spy master could not find anything about the possible whereabouts of his godson, that had sent him over the edge into a great depression that could rival his teammate Tsunade.

Sighing once again Hiruzen looked up to the sky's, sorrow and regret held within his eyes as they glistened with unshed tears of pain 'Oh Minato, Kushina, how could I fail you and your son so, so thoroughly...I am so sorry' he thought before lowering his head, shaking such thoughts from his mind before turning and making his way back down to his office, wincing as the portraits of his deceased fellow Hokage seemed to glare at him in fury at how far he had fallen, old man or not he was still a kage, but it had been years since he had last acted as such. Trying his best to banish such thoughts from his mind once again he tried to focus of his paperwork unaware of the storm that was on its way to the village.

The east gate to the village

If you had lived in Konoha or visited the village on a regular basis you would know that on the east gate there was a pair of chunin, who had gained the nickname 'The Eternal Gate Guards of Konoha' due to them always being assigned to guard said gate. Nobody bar the Hokage and the two chunin knew as to how this came to be the case, though there were many theories as to why they were being punished so harshly, but none had ever been brave enough to ask about them in fear that they may be given the same punishment...there were after all three other gates that needed to guarded and none would willingly risk the mind numbing boredom of having to guard them for more than the mandatory length of time each chunin must do.

Izumo Kamizuki was sat next to his partner, Kotetsu Hagane, at the desk by the gate as they waited for something to happen, anything at all to give them something to do for a time no matter how short and let them keep what little sanity they'd managed to cling onto. Izumo couldn't help but sigh as he leaned back in his chair looking up at the ceiling of their little booth "Ya know, after so long guarding this damnable gate you'd think the boredom wouldn't get to me any more" he drawled out in a lazy, somewhat sleepy voice "But I swear everyday it gets to me more and more easily!" he finished in an almost hysteric tone causing Kotetsu to glare at him from the cry basically right in his ear.

"Shut up Izumo! It's your fault we ended up here!" was his sharp reply as his glare bore into the side of his friends head "….and don't shout in my ear" he grumbled tiredly at having to play out the same old routine, all due to a stupid prank gone wrong before tuning to look back down the road.

He was somewhat surprised that instead of seeing an empty road his sight was blocked by eight black cloaked figures standing before their little desk, he most certainly didn't jump and scream like a little girl. No, he most certainly didn't…

Clearing his throat as the tired to look professional as he looked up into the hood of the person who stood before the others in the group, the apparent leader, and only saw a black hole where someone's face should have been "Hello and welcome to Konoha Traveller-san, I will need your reason for coming to our village along with you and your companions to sign in please" he said in a level tone whilst offering a clipboard with the sign in sheet which the person took, silently filling the form out before handing it back over the Izumo and walking off into the village with the rest of his group.

"What a friendly group" Kotetsu muttered so only Izumo could hear him, before after a moment turning to his friend having expected at least a chuckle from his comment only to see his fellow chunin staring wide eyed at the clipboard with a mix of fear and joy in his eyes. This confused Kotetsu making him stand so that he too could have a look at the form and try to figure out what made his friend react in such a way only for his eyes to go wide as well at the first name of those who had entered the village.

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

Hokages Office

Hiruzen couldn't help but grumble at how stupid his civilian council apparently thought he was, sure he was old, the second oldest kage to date he may be, but he was not becoming senile! He still read through ever word of every proposal that he had to approve or disapprove. Honestly, he thought that they were the truly stupid ones and he felt quite insulted that they would try the same trick for the thousandth time in a row. It wasn't just because they thought that they could hide an order for Naruto Uzumaki to have an execution squad sent out to find and eliminate his grandson in all but blood, thought that did draw a huge amount of his ire.

No what insulted the old kage more then made his furious was that he was a shogi player and these idiots had basically used that same stratagem multiple times in a row and expected a different outcome each time! Shaking his head with a sigh he just tossed the paper into the air and incinerated it with a small fire jutsu.

"Still having fun with your paperwork, I see old man" A voice suddenly said, causing the old kage to stiffen as he saw a group of people in his office despite not having heard them come in nor sensed them in any other way. As his hand slowly reached a little further under his desk to palm the kunai hidden there, whilst he looked the group over, all had black cloaks on, though only one has his hood up, the one he guessed was the leader judging but his companions body language.

His eyes slowly wondered over the group taking their faces in, his eye first being drawn to who he thought was the most dangerous of them a tall man with spiky orange hair, an angular face and brown eyes that were cold as they looked at the aged man.

The next to catch his eye was a woman who looked tall for her gender with long read locks that looked to go down past her shoulders and cover her right eye leaving only her left eye visible on her beautiful face that looked at him just as coldly.

After that it was two other males who drew his attention one boy with bright pink hair with a scar on his right cheek and fire in his eyes as he was being held back by a hand on his shoulder by another male with black hair that just showed a scar that was a few inches above his left eye.

Between them seemed to be a young woman with long blue hair tied into ponytails on each side of her head that swayed as she looked between the two males behind her, the leader of their small group and him.

The last two were a pair at the very back of the group a male and female. The male had a black shaggy mane of hair that cascaded down over his shoulders in a loose pony tail, his slitted red eyes board into the old kage and made his tense further for a moment as he remembered the eyes of the Kyuubi, but he dismissed that quickly, instead taking in the metal piercings in his ears, nose, under his bottom lip and where his eyebrows should have been. Just in front of his was a small female with blue hair partly held back with a ribbon leaving to bangs to frame her cute, angular face.

All his observations of the group only took a second as he catalogued their appearances as well as analyse their stances, body language and visible emotions with the eyes of a man who'd not only survived two wars but won them. He was somewhat confused though as what his gut told him, despite almost the whole group looking at him with eyes so cold that they could have stopped the heart of a civilian he felt as though this group wasn't there to hurt him, so with that in mind he gave them a grandfatherly smile as he made his body seem to relax despite the kunai in his hand ready to defend himself should he need to.

"Indeed, I am intruder-san though I am not sure how I know you to know me" He said in a civil tone before his eyes became icy and looked at the hooded figure "Are you here to kill me?" he asked straight up, noting how a few of the males smirked as though they'd like to do just that. "I am hurt old man~ I am gone for only ten years and you forget how my voice sounds?" the figure said again, a foxy grin within his voice as the old monkey frowned and tried to think as to where he'd heard that voice before.

After a few moments the figure sighed shaking his head within his hood "I really am wounded Jiji!" he said before throwing his hood back revealing spiky blond hair atop his head with bangs falling down to frame his face and whiskered cheeks, his ocean blue eyes dancing with mirth as he gave his grandfather figure a fanged grin "After all I am going to take that hat from you one day dattebayo!" he crowed loudly, trying his best to not outright laugh at the expression of his Jiji.

Said old man slowly stood, the kunai he held falling to the floor as he stared at the blond before him all the while as he made his way around his desk, tears gathering in his eyes as he walked tentatively towards the Uzumaki. "N..Naruto? Is that really you my boy?" he whispered, almost begging for the boy to answer. At the smaller, genuine smile that he had only seen a few times before the boys disappearance, and small nod the ages kage wrapped the boy in a tight hug "Oh Naruto my boy I am so sorry" he repeated over and over as he held the blond who happily returned the gesture.

"It's okay old man, I know that you did what you could to help me, it isn't your fault that the villages couldn't see past the furball in my gut" the blond soothed only for the older male to recoil in shock and fear as he looked at the boy, then his companions before returning his eyes to the boy "How do you know about the Kyuubi?!" he asked in softly, only to get an amused chuckle from the blond "Same way I know about my parentage" he said seriously whilst lazily pointing a finger at the picture of the fourth Hokage. That just made Hiruzen's shoulders slump as he reached up to rub his temples. "Please would you tell me everything Naruto-kun?"

Snickering Naruto nodded "Sure old man but you may wish to sit down, this is going to be a loooooong story" he said with a foxy, fanged grin that only made Hiruzen want a stiff drink before nodding and walking back to his seat, sitting and steapling his fingers before nodding for the blond to begin.

Naruto took a seat in the chair in front of the old kages desk before cocking his head to the side as though he could hear something before he shrugged and smiled at his grandfather figure "Well I suppose it's best to start with the attack that landed me in hospital before I left" he began, making Hirzen tense a little at the blonds choice of words, if he had left of his own volition then that could make things a little trickery in the future for Naruto.

"I'm sure you remember that day right JIji? I had been bought in by Anko I think her name was after being mauled by a beast in the forest of death" Naruto began, only continuing once the old monkey had nodded showing that he remembered "Well it wasn't the usual kind of chakra mutated animal that you usually see from the forest, in fact it and its...species don't even originate from this land whatsoever but that is a tale for another time."

Naruto paused here his eyes thoughtful as he tried to think how to word this without the old man thinking that he was a loony, but unable to think of anything he decided to just put it bluntly and hope the old man believed him "I was attacked by what is called a Werewolf, a monster from a far-off land that has come to ours in the last century or two, nobody is quite sure as to when the first of their kind came here but they have tried to keep a low profile and mostly succeeded" he explained looking the Hokage in the eye to try and convey just how serious he was about what he was saying "Anyway that isn't overly important to this story, what is important is that occasionally they have a rouge werewolf, much like our missing nin, they do things that cause them to become an enemy to all other Weres, mainly because they will attack and kill random people...like me"

This caused Hiruzen's eyes to widen in disbelief before regaining his composer after hearing a set of growls from behind the blond, though they subsided as Naruto gave a small hand gesture that most wouldn't have noticed, but Hiruzen wasn't the Hokage for nothing. "So, you are saying that you were attacked by this...werewolf?" he asked the blond, gaining a nod as a result "And what? How does this have anything to do about you disappearing ten years ago?"

That got a sigh from the blond as leaned back into the chair and pulled a cigarette from seemingly nowhere, popping it in his mouth and lighting it before he replied "Simply put I was going to die when I was attacked by that werewolf my bloodline and the fox be dammed" he said bluntly once again shocking the old kage from the fact Naruto knew about his family's bloodline as well "However the reason I didn't die is because the near death sate is what is needed for the magic of the wolf to slip in past your immune system and give you the healing ability to survive if your will is strong enough, in short I became a werewolf the moment I survived that attack" as quickly as he could so that he could get past the whole magic thing as even to him, ten years a werewolf and having seem more than enough evidence of magic in various ways, it still sounded stupid and childish.

"As for why I left, I left because the night I was released was a full moon, this forced me to shift into my wolf form, I had no choice but to heed her call and change" he paused here for a moment, sighing after a moment "You have to understand Jiji that when a wolf changes for the first time that they are all instinct, we have essentially two soles in us. Our human and our wolf. When a new wolf shifts for their first time, the wolf is in charge and the wolf is a hungry, angry beast. It will kill everything within its sight until nothing lives or the wolf is killed"

Hiruzen paled at that scared that is grandson in all but blood had become some kind of blood thirsty monster "Luckily for this village a man was walking not far from the village and heard my howl when I shifted and was able to get here in time and help me control my wolf before I slaughtered everyone" Naruto said with such a cold look in his eyes that Hiruzen couldn't help but think 'What's happened to the energetic young boy I once knew? Has he really gone and become a monster?' shaking such thoughts from his head he paid attention as Naruto continued with his story.

"This man is what is called an Alpha and he is the strongest Alpha of all in the whole world and due to this he was able to control my wolf and make him submit to him, meaning that I didn't slaughter the mob that night, as much as they deserved it, and instead I was taken from here and taught how to control my wolf among other things" Hiruzen couldn't help but blink in surprise about the Alpha concept that Naruto spoke of, it sounded a lot like the mentality that the Inuzuka had with their family and their companions.

After some prompting and pointed questions from the old kage, Naruto went into further detail about just what werewolves where, what their abilities were and what he had done whilst he was away from the village for ten years getting answers mostly thought he felt that he wasn't always given the whole of the answers.

Several hours later

"...and that's about its old man" Naruto finished up as he smirked at his grandfather who sat before him, his eye twitching being the only sign of his mental state as his face was totally blank. "I know you've left out a lot of things Naruto, I however won't push you to reveal these things to me...yet" he said sternly expecting the blond to smile and nod sheepishly, but was shocked as he instead got a low warning growl from the blond as he stared into the aged kages eyes, a sudden pressure and sense of danger coming over Hiruzen as he stared back into the blue eyes that bore into his own.

A few moment's passed before the aged kage realised what he had said wrong and was trying to think about how to rectify it without losing the 'dominance fight' he'd inadvertently begun only to be saved as an ANBU dropped down next to his desk "Hokage-sama, the councils are in session and have...requested you attendance" he informed his leader, allowing Hiruzen to turn to his agent and break the stare down, neither of them had won or lost the contest, it was just over as Naruto rolled his shoulders to release some of the tension that had built up as his instincts kicked in.

"Furthermore Hokage-sama they have ordered the group here to be brought before them" the ANBU continued in his monotone though his leader could hear the fury at being ordered around and the council trying to make him do the same to their Hokage. Sighing the old monkey once again rubbed his temples shaking his head "Thank you Inu, I shall go and deal with those idiots, I assume that it is the usual suspects that are bitching and about to cause unnecessary trouble for me?" he asked receiving a nod from the dog masked ANBU

"Very well you are dismissed" he said with a wave of his hand, the agent nodding before vanishing in a puff of smoke as he turned to his grandson "I am sorry Naruto-kun, it seems that you aren't even in the village again for a day and you already being harassed" he apologised what the blond waved off with a grin "Don't worry Jiji, how about we go and show them that they aren't messing with a helpless child and frail old man?" he said before standing up and making his way to the door to the office but not before turning to look the old man in the eye again, his face blank and his voice low as he spoke "You Hiruzen Sarutobi are the third Hokage of this village, you are its leader and this village is a dictatorship not a democracy. You need to get your spine back old man if you wish to keep me within this village, use that will of fire that you told me about as a child. Make me want to stay here, in this village that my parents loved so much that they scarified themselves and me for it to still stand to this day. Remind them to fear the second man to be called Shinobi no Kami!"

With his bit said Naruto walked out of the office with his group and towards the council chambers leaving a gaping Hiruzen Sarutobi behind. Once his brain rebooted the aged kage had a shark like grin on his face as he stood, his back straighter than it had been since before he'd retaken the hokage seat from his successor after his death. 'Trust Kushina's son to be the one to give this old man a wakeup call' he thought to himself with a dark chuckle as he made his way out of his office following Naruto, unable to hide a predatory grin as he did so 'Time to remind these shit's just who they are messing with! I won't fail your son again my friends, I swear on my will of fire!'

Council Chambers

The governing body was made up of four parts. At the head of it was the Hokage, the supreme ruler of the village who only need listen to the fire diyamo who gave them permission to be within his lands.

Next was the Hokages advisers, though they held no actual power within the power structure through law they were the oldest living shinobi within the village alongside Hiruzen himself so their experience had a great deal weight behind it when they spoke and in recent years they had gotten used to being able to use power that they weren't supposed to have had.

Next was the shinobi council, this was made up of all the major clans within the village with a few of the more powerful minor clans as well since the fall of the Uzumaki, Uchiha and Senju clans from the village. Though none had been total wiped out and each had at least one member they were either not old enough to take that role or lacking in rank or were not within the village. Each clan had a grate sway within the power structure as was their right as powerful clans, though some had more sway than others for various reasons. But once again they all fell under the command of their Hokage and for the most part they followed their kage and tried to do what was best for the village.

Finally, was the most troublesome part of the four sections, the civilian council. They were a group of merchants who had become the best within their respective sector or field and thus risen to represent the civilians within the village, this had however caused a great many of them to become arrogant, power hungry bastards who did all they could to gain more wealth and power for themselves even at the expense of others and their village.

Three out of four parts of the council were in session were within the meeting hall as they awaited their Hokage and the new people who had some to village. Well the civilian council knew why there were they because the elders had informed them that the demon brat was back in the village and had bought other demons back with him! Said elders where there waiting to try and once again get the Uzumaki back under heel for them to control as they thought he rightfully should be. The shinobi council however where sat there wondering just what the hell the rest of the damn council was up to this time.

Just then the doors to the chambers opened and in walked Hiruzen in his usual dress of his kage robs, however many of the shinobi noticed something different, he was walking straighter and with more energy, those who were brave enough to meet his eyes saw a fire within them that they had not seen in many, many years and caused the collective thought of 'About bloody time!' from the shinobi council, though many also wondered what had bought the fire back to their aged leader and if it was due to the group following in his wake.

Hiruzen walked to his seat within the chambers and sat down, waiting a moment to look around the room before saying "And just why have I been...asked to attend this meeting that I did not ask to be convened, I am certain that there was no meeting until next week for the monthly information exchange" he said in a deceptively calm voice that put all the clan head and the elders on edge, the latter cursing as they notice that the weak, beaten and tired Hiruzen that they were used to dealing with wasn't here any more and that the fire within him had somehow been reignited. The civilians however weren't as observant...or smart.

A random fat merchant stood and with so much arrogance that it was a minor miracle that he didn't choke on it he said "We've called you here Hokage-sama because you haven't bought the dem... the Uzumaki brat before us for punishment and to determine if those he bought back with him are of any use to the village or if we should just kick them out". The shinobi in the room couldn't help but stare at the man in jaw dropping shock at his statement and essentially saying that he felt that he could order the leader of the village around as he wished, well, all except the ever stoic Hyuuga and Aburame. Though a low angry buzzing could be heard from the latter clan head.

The room was silent for several painful minutes before Hiruzen simply muttered in a dangerous tone "Is that so?" not that the fat man seemed to notice the danger he was in, nodding before continuing as though he hadn't just insulted the most powerful ninja within the land of fire. "Yes Hokage-sama, we the council demand that the..boy be punished for killing several civilians the night he disappeared ten years ago, as well for deserting the village after the fact." he finished up with an arrogant smirk thinking that he had won in getting the demon brat into a lot of trouble with the accusations and that the demon will soon be put in its place.

"Well those are some rather serious charges you are levelling against me Fatty-san" Naruto said blandly as he seemed to be cleaning under his nails with a kunai. The reply and nickname put said fat man into a fury as he shouted "Listen here demon you will show us the respect we deserve we are the council of Konoha and as such hold power over you, we can have you executed if we wanted so you better curb your tounge!" he bellowed, going red in the face whilst spittle flew from his mouth.

"I don't have to give you respect for shit Fatty-san" Naruto replied with a cheeky grin. The merchant was about to shout bloody murder, but our blond hero cut him off "Furthermore not only are you lacking the power to carry your threats out but also over stepping your area of influence" he continued as though he was talking about the weather which only served to piss off the civilian council and elders whilst the clan heads and hokage watched on in amusement "You are an advisory council and are under the Hokages power not the other way around you can't make me do anything, nor can you demand anything of me or my Pack" he continued as he pulled out a cigarette, lighting it up before continuing despite several disapproving looks he was getting.

"But to humour you I will answer your charges and plead not guilty for the following reasons. The night I left I didn't kill any civilians, almost yes, but almost only counts in horseshoes and paper bombs. From what I saw they died of a heart attacked caused by server shock and thus I can't be held responsible as it was from natural causes" this surprised many in the room who heard this as they had seen the reports of that night and noticed that the blond was indeed right, though it angered the civilian council as they couldn't help but agree with this as they can't argue with the cornier reports "As for my supposed desertion, I was and still am a civilian thus I can't abandon, desert or even leave this village without permission as I have no loyalty to it or its leader" he continued causing many to tense at the fact he had basically said that he had no loyalty to the village, but they all became shocked as he finished with "My status as the container of the Kyuubi or not I am a civilian and thus fall under civilian law"

Silence followed the blond's words as many absorbed his words, though many of the civilians were stewing at bring outsmarted by the demon and Danzo was hiding a frown behind is blank face. Though he supposed it was too much to think that the civilians could actually do a job properly by trapping the container so that he could use it to his advantage and get the demon under his heel where it belonged.

Eventually though Hiruzen spoke up "Well then that solves the first part of this meeting then seeing as Naruto-kun has adequately explained and defended himself I am throwing the charges out" he said in a firm voice, eyeing the civilians with a steely gaze as if daring them to say anything more on the matter.

"Where have you been for the last ten years boy? Why have you returned and who are these people that you have bought back with you?" Danzo said in a monotone demanded after a few more minutes of silence had passed within the chambers. "In order. None of your business. Because this was my parents' home. My pack." Naruto replied cheekily to the old war hawk whilst holding up a finger for each question raised by the bandaged man, his replies gaining snickers off amusement from some of the shinobi council, most notably Tsume Inuzuka, and cries of outrage from the civilian council.

"Be still" Naruto said softly but he might as well have shouted for the effect it had, everyone in the room fell silent, the shinobi in the room sat up straighter in nervousness at the feeling that rolled through the room and the civilians paled for an unknown reason, something in their hindbrains telling them that they were in the presence of a predator and that they were the prey. "None of you have the authority that you wish to claim you have, only the Hokage does and he knows everything that he needs to know about where I have been, what I have done and who my pack are, you do not need to know anything" he continued in a firm tone, brooking no room for argument, though many in the civilian side seemed to want to, but were too fearful of the feeling they had to say anything.

"Naruto-kun is right, this farce of a meeting is dismissed, all of you get out! Shinobi stay." Hiruzen said with a look that promised all kinds of pain to anyone who chose to complain? Thankfully it seemed that the civilians had been cowed enough to leave the council with little more than a murmuring of decent, though carefully low enough that nobody but the werewolves and Inuzuka clan head could hear their words clearly. The elders stood to follow looking as though they were going to say something to their old teammate but a look from him sent them on their way in a huff and Danzo planning on ways to get information on what the blond had been up to on his time away from his village along with how to get the brat and his so called pack under his control.

Back in the chambers the shinobi council had stayed behind as told, though many were looking between Naruto and his group and the old Kage with calculating looks though some where looking at Naruto specifically with looks of sudden understanding namely Shukaku, Shibi and Hiashi along with Tsume though she had an edge of anger and fear in her eyes as well. "Hokage-sama might I ask why you have required us to stay?" Choza said respectfully after a few moments of silence though with a small smile, still clearly liking the fact that the old monkey had finally gotten his spine back and put the other two councils in their place.

"I have asked you all to stay here so that you can be informed that Naruto-kun and his...Pack here will be joining the village and be put into the shinobi program once they have been tested to see what level they are at with the exception of Naruto himself who will be going to the academy tomorrow to take the genin exam" the old monkey explained gaining nods from most of the shinobi there, none finding any reason to object "This meeting adjourned thank you for your time" the old man said before leaving the chambers for his office as Naruto and pack followed after him.

"Okay old man, now that has been sorted, I want me heritage and my clan seat on the council" Naruto said in such a way that the old kage felt compelled to follow it like an order given to him when he was but a genin under his sensei Lord Second, Tobirama Senju. "Naruto what did you just do?" he asked calmly but his eyes looked at the blond, carefully avoiding the boy's eyes, with suspicion. Naruto stiffened a little before relaxing a little and smiling in an apologetic fashion "Sorry about that old man, the council meeting has left me...tense and its harder to keep the Alpha down when I am riled up. What you just felt was the magic that comes with being dominate giving an order to someone less so, that also powered up by the fact I am Alpha and that is a magic in of itself" Naruto explained before looking the old man over with a rising respect "You'd make a good wolf old man...not many humans could have resisted the impulse of an order that I gave them" he said casually.

Hiruzen filed that away for later, debating if it could cause any issues for him and his ninja. It could become a problem if Naruto or his wolves decided to use that kind of magical impulse on those who should be their superiors. 'I'm too old for this shit' he thought as he shook his head walking over to the picture of the Fourth Hokage and removing it revealing the safe, doing a short sequence of seals and smearing blood over the seal over the front if it causing the door to vanish and revealing a handful of scrolls and a box. Turning he gave the blond what was his birth right "These are all the things that Minato left here, I am not sure what they are asides the box, that has the key to his house, their wedding rings and one of his famous kunai" Hiruzen explained, before walking back around his desk and writing down the address "This is the address, its next to the Inuzuka estate" he explained as he handed the piece of paper over to Naruto who nodded a little stiffly.

"Thank you old man, if that is all we have been on the road for a long few week and we need rest of unless you've anything else to talk about?" the blond asked "Just make sure you are at the academy at 0800 tomorrow to take the genin exam" was the only thing the old monkey had left to say before Naruto and his pack left to go set up their new home. Their new den.

Uzumaki Clan House

Naruto and company walked in through the front house door after Naruto had unlocked the main gate by deactivating the blood seal used there to keep intruders out, Naruto liked that his family was so skilled with seals as that explained why he had always had an inclination towards them and the seal used on the main gate was a work of art and a great thing for him and his pack as it didn't just keep the gate locked but went all the way around his clan houses grounds and thus marked out his and his packs territory meaning that he and his wolves wouldn't have to worry about interlopers and possibly kill someone civilian who was stupid enough to wonder into their territory.

Naruto stood there just inside the house taking in the entrance hall and the scent, weak as it was of his parents before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath before turning to his pack "Right I want Erza, Natsu and Grey to go through the downstairs and Ichigo, Gajeel and Levy to go through the upstairs, see what we have and what we will need, compile a list and we'll see about sorting out what's what" he ordered before his eyes fell on the smallest of his pack "Wendy I want you to come with me, we need to go next door and say hello to the neighbours, they are like us to some degree so we need to go and sort this out before something happens and people get hurt" he said smiling at Wendy softly, she tended to get a little nervous when she had to deal with this sort of thing but she was the best choice, as a submissive even none werewolves feel protective of her and it helped to get to know other Alpha's. Wendy nodded with a determined look in her eyes that caused Naruto and the others to smile, she was the youngest of them asides Naruto and whilst being a lot older than she looked, that with her being a submissive made her be nervous when she was called upon to do something so important.

"Well you have your orders! Get to it!" Naruto said before turning to leave with Wendy in his wake.

Inuzuka Compound

Tsume was sat in her living room thinking over the meeting that she'd not long retuned from. Over all it had all gone rather well despite the fact the arrogant civilians had once again, with the Elders help, called a meeting because the young Uzumaki pup had returned to the village after the event that happened ten long years ago before he'd disappeared. She had always had suspicions about that pup and the weak reason the Third had given her as to why he'd chosen to call the boy Uzumaki when he supposedly wasn't Kushina's and Minato's son and caused her to fail at being the pups Godmother as Kushina had wished. She'd done what she could to help the pup out when she'd seen how the village had treated him after his status had been revealed, another choice that she had been thinking about a lot recently despite not having the pup in the room.

Shaking her head, she retuned her thoughts to the meeting, it would seem that the Third had finally gotten his spine back and she couldn't help but grin at the sight of the 'Will of Fire' that was once again a raging inferno in his eyes as he dealt with the arrogant bastards in the civilian and elder council. She got a curious look from her partner Kuromaru as she snickered "That pup sure has got balls to give that old war hawk the metaphorical birdy" she told him before frowning and looking into Kuromaru's eye "But did you sense the aura he gave off? He is an Alpha in the most literal sense of the word" she said gaining a nod from the canine "Yes, he is, you need to be careful around him, his scent isn't human" he said in the deep gravelly voice with a great deal of serious caution.

This took Tsume by surprise, Kuromaru didn't often speak so seriously when it comes to others so young and especially not when it pertains to their dominance, probably due to the fact that he was the partner to the clans alpha and he himself was the alpha of all the canines in the pack and firmly the most dominant within the whole village so as a result didn't really have to worry about others dominance. "He's dominant enough to make you sit up and take note?" she asked to make sure that is what he meant and gained a nod "I think he is more dominant then you or me Tsume" he said gravely, flinching a little at the slightly betrayed look his human gave him "But he is just a pup!" she exclaimed, not noticing her children Hana and Kiba walking in to the room having heard their mother.

"Yes, he is a pup, same age as Kiba and yet he is already an Alpha, you saw it didn't you? Those with him were his pack and they were all powerful. I am not sure that you felt it but the power they all gave off was more than everyone else in that room several times over" he cocked his head a little in thought "Except the girl with the pigtails, she was a submissive". Before Tsume could reply Kiba decided that he had, had enough of being ignored and bounced in to the room boisterously "Hey mum! What are you talking about?" he said, his puppy Akamaru yipping a few times from atop of his head in curiosity as well. Kuromaru grunted in annoyance but made no move to say or do anything more then moving to his bed and laying down on it with his back to the room.

Growling Tsume turned to her son "What have I told you about eavesdropping brat!" she said gruffly to the younger Inuzuka who only grinned back at her "I wasn't, you and Kuro were talking and ignored me and Hana coming in" he explained cheekily and dodged a half-hearted swipe his mother aimed at his head "Brat" she grumbled before turning to her eldest child "I take it your all done at the clinic? Any issues?" she asked gaining a shake of Hana's head and a smile "Not today mum, everything is good, though we need to get some more flee bath solution were running low on it after Blue and the others got back from that tracking mission in Grass country" she reported as she started to make her way to the kitchen to make dinner though the knock on the front door made her stop and change her direction "I'll get it" she said on her way to the door only to stop dead with her mouth open as the greeting died in her throat and a soft blush dusted her tattooed cheeks at the sight of a tall, muscular blond with sapphire eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks and power rolling off his that just screamed Alpha!

Inuzuka Compound Entrance

Naruto and Wendy walked through the front of the Inuzuka compound down a path towards a large house that Naruto's nose told him belonged to the clan head that had been in the council chambers earlier that day. He kept his eyes forward so that he didn't have any chance of anyone of the clan members that were milling around the compound of catching his eyes, it wouldn't do for that to happen. These people were like him, they followed their instincts, they were feral and had a candid mindset, because of this having him and Alpha walking in to their territory would cause them to be more aggressive then they might have been to a human but because of what he was and because of his wolf that would have not been a good thing and most likely would have ended in bloodshed and that isn't a good thing when he was there to try and make an alliance with this clans Alpha.

Luckily, they made it to the front door of the clan heads house without incident. Naruto knocked on the door and stepped a few feet back to make sure that once the door was open it couldn't be thought that he was trying to invade their territory. He hadn't expected to see anyone else open the door other than the woman from the meeting. He couldn't help but berate himself for not paying more attention to his nose as when he concentrated, he could scent the one who'd opened the door along with a male and four other dogs. Once he was done with calling himself several colourful names for his lack of awareness, he took note of the female in front of him.

She had long brown hair which she had up in a ponytail with two locks of hair framing her face over her large, black eyes. She was also wearing a light shade of lipstick and had fang-like tattoos on both of her cheeks that he remembered were a tradition of this clan. She wore a brace on her left wrist, bracelets on her right hand as well as bandages and the beige Konoha medic uniform and a form-fitting variation of the Konoha flak jacket, the front of her jacket unzipped, exposing her cleavage. She also wore a pair of form-fitting shorts cut just above the knee. Naruto couldn't help but think that this woman had a noticeably softer appearance compared to her kinsmen that he'd seen, not that she didn't look wild like those in her clan, but she didn't seem to be as..rough as they all seemed to be. He thought that she was a vision of beauty the likes of which he had never seen before.

"Hello Inuzuka-san I am here to talk to your Alpha, is she here?" he asked in a level voice and a soft smile as he maintained his distance for the moment, his gaze falling upon her forehead in an attempt to be polite and not cause any possible issues for dominance if he met her eyes, though for some reason he didn't think that would have been an issue but he would rather be safe than sorry.

Hana stood there and blinked a few times once the words had registered and the effects of this boy...no this man before her had worn off enough for her mind to work again. "M..My Alpha? Do you mean my mother the clan head?" she asked a little confused, though before the blond could make a reply Hana was pulled back and Kuromaru was suddenly in front of her growling lowly in warning as he bared his fangs at the unknown man, Tsume with her hand still on her collar was just in front of her protectively as she eyed the young man and the young woman from the council meeting.

Naruto stood still in a casual manner so as to not raise the tension in the air any further, whilst shifting a little to put himself between the wolf before him and Wendy who stood with confidence and determination, but that mattered not a bit to Naruto's wolf, Wendy was submissive, she didn't like to fight and she was his! His to protect! "Alpha" Naruto started as his eyes met those of Tsume Inuzuka, not in challenge but in recognition of their status and to show her that he meant no disrespect and wasn't here to undermine her authority "I am here to talk and talk only, I mean no harm to you or yours so long as no harm comes to me or mine" he stated formally, slipping into what he was taught was protocol when he was meeting another werewolf Alpha, he wasn't sure how this human Alpha would react or if she would be as touchy as werewolf Alpha's can be when it comes to this sort of thing and he'd learn that it was better to be safe then sorry when it came to formal things like this.

Tsume eyed him for a few tense minutes before nodding shortly "Kuro, back down" she said in a voice full of authority that Naruto couldn't help but respect, he knew a few wolves that, that tone and power would have worked on. Once Kuromaru had stopped snarling and moved to stand beside his partner Tsume spoke up once again "What is it that you wish to talk about Uzumaki- san?". Once he was in front of her again, she was certain now that without a doubt this was the boy, she was the godmother of, the son of her best friend and the boy that the Third had told her was dead.

Naruto cocked his head to the side in a rather wolfish motion as he thought of how best to go about this. "If I may Inuzuka Alpha, this is a discussion that isn't for everyone's ears" he said carefully, doing his best to not say anything that sounded like an order "If I might suggest we move inside? That way we can discuss what needs to be discussed in private with you and your family. In return I will explain why I and my pack mate here.." he said motioning to Wendy "Have come into your territory" another tense silence followed before Tsume nodded and after sending Hana ahead to the living room moved to the side and invited the two wolves on her doorstep into her home.

Once everyone was sat down in the living room, Naruto and Wendy sat opposite the Inuzukas, Naruto waited to see if there was anyone else who wanted to speak up first and whilst the other male in the room his age, with the same wild look as, what his nose told him, his mother wanted to speak but the tension and power in the room seemed to keep his tongue from running. "I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikazi and this is Wendy Marvell" he introduced "I am Tsume, this is my daughter Hana and the brat is Kiba" Tsume introduced in return, ignoring the disgruntled grumbling from Kiba at being called brat "If I may, what are the names of the rest of your pack? I did say your family may hear what I have to discuss with you" Naruto said, his eyes flicking to Kuromaru then Akamaru before his eyes lingered meaningfully towards the kitchen door where his nose and ears told him three other canines where hiding.

Tsume looked at him with a mix of surprise and respect, before relaxing a little before grinning in a fashion that looked very natural for her "You've met Kuromaru, the puppy is Akamaru and three in the kitchen are the Haimaru brothers" she said, the three latter dogs walking into the room as their Alpha introduced them, moving to sit near Hana in a protective manner "It is nice to meet you all" Naruto said earnestly before quickly moving on "The reason I am here is simple. We are like you, in a sense. From what I have been told the bond you have with your four-legged partners gives you many benefits like advanced senses, but you also gain their instinct for Pack and hierarchy" he said keeping his eyes focused on Tsume who nodded slowly, clearly not too sure on where this was going.

"You are somewhat correct; I won't tell you how much as that would betray clan secrets. However, I am not sure where you are going with this and why it is important. I am not someone who is patient, please get to the point" Tsume said a little gruffly, ignoring the look that those who knew her in the room gave her at saying please, she wouldn't usually but her instincts were telling her to be respectful to this boy and she listened to her instincts.

"What do you know about werewolves?" Naruto asked seriously getting a shocked look from Tsume and surprisingly Hana, Kiba however burst out laughing "Werewolves? What are you five?!" he mocked between laughs which cut off briskly at the low threatening growl that rumbled in the blonde's chest. "Kiba" Tsume growled out to her son whilst her eyes stayed locked on Naruto "Shut up on subjects that you know nothing about and show respect when you meet someone new, especially when that someone is a werewolf Alpha" she scolded with utter seriousness. Naruto took a few deep breaths to calm himself down "I apologise. You are correct Tsume, I am indeed both a werewolf and an Alpha which is why I have come. We both have canine instincts, though ours are much more pronounced, and because of that I have come here today to not only assure you that I am not here to take your territory or your pack and to hopefully form an alliance as my packs territory is next to yours" he finally said deciding it best to ignore Kiba and his comment.

The thing that caught Tsume off guard was that they were living so close, her compound was flanked by the Aburame and the Uzumaki clans. Her eyes widened in sudden comprehension "That bastard!" she exclaimed, shooting to her feet, pacing around the room various colourful names being aimed at the old monkey. Asides the initial tensing of his muscles and Wendy moving up from her seat to, ready to fight for her Alpha, submissive or not the room just sat there and either watched in amusement or with open mouths at some of the creative names she'd used.

Finally, Tsume calmed down and turned to Naruto "So you really are an Uzumaki? That bastard Hiruzen said that Kushina's pup died" she said before sighing and shaking her head "Very well I understand what you are and who you are. I am happy to accept your alliance, not just because I can see many benefits of being allied with a werewolf pack but also because your mother was one of my best friends" she paused for a moment before saying in an almost shy voice "I am also your Godmother" . Naruto sat where he was for a moment eyeing the feral woman before smiling as he stood and proffered a hand for her to shake "Then I am happy to give you the title Wolf Friend and look forward to working with you Godmother" he said grinning wolfishly and getting one just as wolfish as he own in return from her as they shook hands and took the first step in making their clan names feared through out history.

Academy - Next day - 07:50

After talking with Tsume a bit more and explaining to Kiba that yes in fact werewolves were really and the Inuzuka had, had some dealings with them in the past due to their close connection to canines Naruto had gone home, though not before he had done a little flirting with Hana much to Wendy and Tsume's amusement and Kiba's ire, though he kept his mouth shut on the matter. He had had a good deal of fun flirting with her and hadn't expected her to be so gentle and calm, after all her kin had a reputation for being a wild and destructive lot, much like her younger brother Kiba, though that wasn't to say she didn't have a side like that as she proved when Kiba tried to tease her after she had requested to see Naruto's wolf form. The blond couldn't help but smirk and shake his head in amusement, he'd never seen another female put a male's head into the ground...well expect her.

The werewolf was currently walking from the Pack house to the academy to do the genin test as requested by the old man, he knew he'd pass with ease as he was well above a genin in skills and experience, you didn't get to be Alpha at his age without gaining a lot of experience in fights, but he had made a promise that he would try and make some friends his age so that he could socialise easier with the humans and to hopefully make at least some good memories in the home that his parents had sacrificed themselves for.

Looking around though he couldn't help but sigh in annoyed amusement at all the glares he was receiving. Back not even a full twenty-four hours and already all the adults knew that the 'Demon Boy' was back in the village. Shaking his head, he just carried on towards his quarry making it there with five minutes to spare and no incidents asides the glares but he was long used to those thanks to his childhood here. He made his way to the room he was told to attend and opened the door, raising an eyebrow as all noise stopped and everyone turned to look at him.

Walking in her his eyes looked around at all those who'd turned to look at him, as well as taking note of every possible route of escape from the room, anything that could be used as a weapon and anything that might hinder him if he had to fight. It was one of many habits that he had picked up from one of his teachers and that had been hammered home for him several times in various situations, even times that he thought it wouldn't be needed, like now after all nobody in the room stood a chance against him in a fight, but he'd found that paranoia was quite honestly a life saver.

And this is how Iruka found his class when he arrived, a blond boy he wasn't familiar with standing in front of the room, seemingly holding everyone silent with just his gaze and the power he was putting off like he was a spring. He assumed that this was Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi container, that the Hokage had informed him about and the fact the boy would be taking the test today with his consent. Iruka had been unsure at first, not because of the Kyuubi or at least not totally because of the fox, no he was more worried that with the boy having been out of the village for a decade he wouldn't have been trained well enough to become a shinobi but he had to admit with the cloths he wore, ANBU style black trousers with black sandles and a darks green muscle shirt that was showing off and impressive amount of muscle underneath it the boy at least knew how to dress correctly for the role he was hoping to take and his build showed hours upon hours of hard work put in to gain and then maintain.

"Alright class sit down!" Iruka said with authority as he walked fully into the classroom followed by his assistant Mizuki, everyone but Naruto doing as he is told as he didn't have a seat "Okay class, this is Naruto Uzumaki and he will be joining us today for the exams. Naruto please go and sit next to Kiba" the scared teacher said to the class and Naruto respectfully, about to continue to tell the blond where to sit, but stopped because Naruto was already moving to the seat next to Kiba and Akamaru as though he knew them, which seemed likely as said dog boy was grinning and waving at Naruto who just grinned. Iruka was about to get on with the first test but was interrupted but a pink haired girl (*cough* banshee *cough*) standing up and screaming "But Iruka-sensei he hasn't been here at all! How comes he gets to just come in and take the exam but Sasuke-kun couldn't?! He's way better than that blond baka!" her screeching causing Naruto to flinch and growl lowly as Kiba and Akamaru whined holding their sensitive ears in pain.

Iruka just sighed shaking his head "Sakura, Naruto has been given permission by the Hokage himself to be here for the exam, if you have any issues then by all means please go and speak to him" he said in such a way that it made it sound like he was talking to a five year old and not someone who was potentially about to become a konoichi, causing said girl to blush like a tomato in embarrassment and sitting down. Nodding Iruka moved on to explain how they would be sitting a written test followed by target scores, taijutsu exam and finally the ninjutsu exam whilst Mizuki handed out the test papers.

Several hours later

Naruto was frankly disappointed at the standard that was expected of those to be genin, the written test had been a breeze along with the target section of the exam, though he couldn't stop the twitch his eye had developed as he'd watched so many in the class get such poor scores, the only ones that were any good where the clan heirs. Then there was the taijutsu examination, that had been difficult, but not because he had any trouble keeping up with Mizuki, who clearly was trying to hurt him from the intent he'd shown and the fact he'd been fighting at a chunin level, though Naruto would have known he was trying to hurt him from his scent along which reeked of anger and hatred, not every werewolf could scent emotions, they were hard to recognise and be able to accurately assign and gauge but Naruto had always had a knack for it. What had made this part of the exam difficult for him was to not show to much of his skills as well as holding back his strength enough so that when he'd had enough of Mizuki he didn't kill the stupid man, thankfully he managed to get a grazing blow to his temple that knocked him out without cracking the man's skull wide open.

Currently Naruto was sat next to Kiba and Akamaru conversing with them in soft voices that only the canine trio could hear thanks to their enhanced hearing, Kiba had just passed and gotten his headband and was telling Naruto that his mom had said to tell him to come over with his Pack after their exam for a celebration at his clan compound. Apparently Tsume had told her whole clan about Naruto's alliance with them, his being a werewolf and even his parentage, which surprised Naruto at first, though he hid it well. Akamaru however sensed the blond Alpha's shock and annoyance and decided to, as respectfully as he could, tell Naruto that his clans Alpha was a good judge of what to say and that nobody from within the clan would breath a word of anything said to anyone outside the clan, to which Kiba quickly agreed.

Before Naruto could reply however his name was called down to take his test. "Okay Naruto, please can you perform the transformation, substitution and clones?" Iruka asked with a small encouraging smile. The blond nodded before he switched placed with a potted plant in the corner of the room before switching back to his original spot gaining a nod from Iruka, next he performed a few seals and in a puff of smoke turned into an exact copy of Iruka "Very good Naruto, now just the clone" Iruka said as Naruto released the jutsu "Does it have to be the standard clone or can I use any?" he asked making Iruka's eyes widen a little at the idea of an academy student knowing another type of clone before he thought the question over 'I don't think that it specifies about the type of clone in the manual and seeing as it takes more skill for higher level clones, I don't see any issue' nodding to himself he smiled at the blond "If you know a different clone then you can use that" he said gaining a grin from the blond who crossed his fingers "Shadow clone jutsu" he said followed by several puffs of smoke and being joined by six other Naruto's all grinning wolfishly.

"Well done Naruto and congratulations, you pass!" he said cheerily and proffered a headband to the younger male who took it with a grin and nod of thanks before leaving the room as he tied it around his forehead. After Naruto had returned to his seat getting congratulations from Kiba and Akamaru which Naruto grinned at and fist bumped with the fore just as Iruka returned to the class. "Okay, well done to all of those who passed! You will be given a week to get ready to meet your new sensei and to be placed in the teams that you'll be in until you become chunin" he said loudly once again gaining everyone's attention "I am proud of all of you and wish you all the best of luck in your future careers as shinobi, just remember that as of the moment you put those headbands on that you are shinobi of the village and as such you represent this village, make sure you don't cause a dishonour to be aimed at the village due to your actions"

He looked around seeing several of his students take note of his words, though had to resist a sigh as some clearly didn't but they weren't his students any more he could only hope that their new sensei and teammates will keep each other safe and out of trouble. "Okay everyone, once again well done for passing now dismissed!" he said with a large smile gaining a cheer from the room before they flooded out to go and tell anyone who'd listen to them that they were shinobi now.

Outside of the academy there where many parent's both civilian and clan awaiting their children to see who had passed, though the clan parents where more than confident that their children would pass with no issue. Which was proven right shortly after they heard a stamped of bodies coming towards the gate. Soon the air was filled with laughing, cheering and cries of "Well done!" and "I knew you could do it!". Naruto the last to walk out smiling softly as he looked upon the many happy scenes before him, he ignored some of the looks that he got as the civilians saw him, even as they got worse once they saw the headband on his head, and began to take their children away under the pretence of taking them out to celebrate their passing.

Some however stopped in their departure as they watched the head of the Inuzuka along with her son and their respective canine partners walking towards the 'demon brat', many hoping that he was about to be used as a chew toy by the feral clan. "I congratulate you Naruto-kun on your passing" the feral woman said with a grin at the blond who grinned back "I thank you for your words Tsume, though I am surpried at the suffix" he said in a teasing tone only to make the older woman laugh loudly "I like you kid!" she said roughly clapping him on the shoulder, though she was surprised as he didn't even budge and as she felt all the muscle under her hand "I take it my pup told you to come over with your Pack for the celebration dinner?" she said gaining a nod "Good! Then we will see you are 1800?" she asked gaining another nod from the blond "Of course Tsume, your clan's dinners are well known among my kind and we will defiantly be there, hope you've enough food" he said smirking teasingly knowing that werewolves had a huge appetite, many to the point they could give the Akimichi a run for their money.

After Tsume had finished laughing loudly and confirming that they did in fact have enough food to feed the whole village they separated and went to get ready for the festivities.

Several hours later at the Inzuka compound

Naruto and his Pack where just walking into the compound each dressed up in formal kimonos, many of them drooling at the scent of bbq meats and many other enticing aromas when Kiba and Akamaru ran up to the group with a wide grin "You made it!" he exclaimed as he stopped in front of the blond, the boys fist bumping as Naruto grinned and chuckled "Of course we did pup, we said we'd be here. Besides if I hadn't allowed my Pack to come after they scented the food from our den then I'd have had an uprising on my hands" he joked gaining several snickers from those behind him and a "Fight me!" from Natsu as he dived at Kiba who stood there wide eyed before sweat dropping as Naruto without looking or seeming to have noticed back handed the pinkette in the face before he got past his Alpha.

"So Kiba, shall we?" Naruto asked as Natsu was picked up by a grumbling Gray, shaking his head clear of the weird sight he'd just witnessed, Kiba nodded and grinned before dragging Naruto further into the clan compound with said blonds Pack following behind them with an amused smile on their faces. Kiba dragged Naruto past his personal family house into a huge back garden with multiple BBQ's alight with meats being cooked and many tables set up with many bowls of other foods. "Ah Naruto-sama!" Tsume said loudly gaining many looks aimed at her in shock before looking at the blond who had a tick mark on his head "What did you just call me?" Naruto growled out softly causing many to still in fear, others got tensed as though thinking about getting into taijutsu stances if they weren't too scared to move and many of the canines mixed in with everyone either ducked their heads, tucked their tails and whined or lowered their heads with ears back and their muzzles wrinkled in a silent snarl. However, everyone relaxed as Tsume laughed loudly walking up to the blond and grinned at him "Sorry Naruto-kun, I couldn't resist, your mother always hated that kinda formality and I wanted to see how you'd react" she said gaining a sigh from the blond who shook his head.

Tsume continued to laugh not noticing a small smirk that flew across Naruto's face before she suddenly stopped as Naruto and his whole Pack bowed formally and said "We thank you for allowing us to join you in dining and enjoying the festivities this evening Tsume Inuzuka, Alpha of the prestigious Leaf Pack, partners to our four-legged cousins". Everything was silent as many gaped at the display whilst Tsume stood there with an eye twitching, which only increased as Naruto stood back up with an almost evil grin and a twinkle in his eye "It would seem that in the last ten years everyone had forgotten who the Prakster King from Hell is" he said in a sing song voice that made many pale in fear as images of a much younger Naruto running around the village chased by many shinobi after pulling one of his many, many pranks against those who he shouldn't have been able to such as the ANBU and the Hyuuga.

The silence continued on for a few moments longer before the air was filled with noise, everyone having burst out laughing loudly as the tension in the air melted away into a happy and festive mood as Tsume and Naruto grinned at each other and griped each other's forearms in a symbol of friendship.

Throughout the night the canine like clan welcomed Naruto and his pack with open arms talking about what it's like to be a werewolf, though the questions mostly came from the children of the clan which each of the wolves seemed to look at them with both happiness and longing which confused Hana once she'd seen all the wolves with this look in their eyes, even Naruto. Finally, as she was talking and lightly flirting with Naruto who surprised at her by being able to flirt back with her very well for his age, she'd had older males flirt with her before and very few of them were able to flirt without it turning crude. "Naruto-kun, why is it that you and your Pack all get a longing look in your eyes whenever they talk to, play with or talk to a child?" she asked with her head cocking a little in a somewhat candid gesture that made Naruto think 'She's really cute'.

Sighing Naruto suddenly downed the saucer of sake that he was drinking with her, not that he could get drunk thanks to the Kyuubi inside him as well as the metabolism that comes with being a werewolf, but he still enjoyed the taste "Well Hana-chan, it isn't something we like to talk about but you and your clan are out allies and I suppose they should be aware if they decide they wish to pursue someone from my Pack" he said in a heavy voice that caused Hana to look at him in worry after getting over the blush as he added the chan suffix to the end of her name. "Werewolves can't have children" he said gaining a gasp from her "Well that isn't exactly accurate I suppose. Werewolves can have children, we aren't infertile, very much the opposite in fact. You see a male werewolf is more than capable of getting a female pregnant, however with a human there is a high chance that she'd have a miscarriage as only those that are 100% human will be able to carried to term, you see no werewolf is ever born they are all made" he said making Hana's eyes widen whilst Naruto thought 'Well that isn't strictly true but the handful of wolves that are born are extremely rare and came at a great cost'.

"B..but what about female werewolves?" Hana asked in a soft voice as Naruto gave her a sad smile, his eyes glistening with tears he wouldn't usher, not in public, not in front of those who would take it as a show of weakness, the Alpha must be strong for his Pack and never show weakness "We wolves can control when we shift to some degree, however there is one time a month when we can't choose if we shift and that is the full moon" he said causing Hana to look at him confused why she was telling her this "The change isn't instant or fast, except for in a few very rare instances, it is also very violent, due to this when a female shifts the fetus can't survive it and automatically aborts itself around the second trimester" he finished as Hana looked at him sadly, her hands over her mouth in shock, she was about to turn to look at the other wolves when a thumb and finger caught her chin in a firm yet soft grip making her look at him.

'He's so warm' Hana thought as a light dusting of pink came across her cheeks "Don't. Don't look at them like that, they aren't weak and they won't want your pity" he said softly but firmly, realising her chin once he got a small nod from the woman in front of him. From there the night went on with great cheer as everyone celebrated not just Kiba and Naruto becoming genin but the new alliance the clan had.

A week later at the academy

Naruto was sat near the back of the class between Kiba who was talking to Akamaru who was sat on the desk in front of him and a young girl with dark blue hair and pale pupil less lavender eyes who he'd found out was called Hinata after he struck up a conversation with the shy girl. They along with the majority of those who had passed the exams had arrived early and were waiting for Iruka to arrive when a rumble came from the hall outside which turned out to be one Sakura Hanaro and Ino Yamanaka racing to class to see who'd be able to sit next to their beloved Sasuke Uchiha. They both crossed the threshold at the same time but began to argue loudly about who it was who had won, neither seeming to notice that seats either side of the brooding emo were free. They only stopped, much to the annoyance of the others, once Iruka entered and shouted at them to sit down and shut up with his big head jutsu.

"Right now, that you have all settled down I will read out the teams" Iruka began only to stop as Sakura stood up and asked "Iruka-sensei, where is Muzuki-sensei?" at that question Iruka's face darkened surprising many in the class who had never seen the scared man look so dangerous instead of the loveable teacher he was normally. "Mizuki was found to be a traitor to the village and was killed when he attempted to steal secrets from the village" he said in a quiet, icy voice that made many in the room shiver and many sat there wide eyed and mouths agape "Let this be a lesson to you all" he said looking at all those in the room "Traitors will be dealt with lethal force and shown no mercy". He continued to look around the room seeing his words sinking in until his eyes met Naruto's and nodded slightly in thanks.

Flashback start

Naruto was running through the forest outside of the village after leaving Ichigo in charge of his Pack once the party had finished and they'd gotten back to the den. He had a soft smile on his face as he felt the air rushing though his hair and past his ears whilst running at speeds that would leave many shinobi green in envy 'Perks of being an Uzumaki, jinchuriki and a werewolf'. As he ran though, he suddenly heard the clang of metal against metal, grunts of exertion and pain along with the sweet scent of fresh blood which caused him to change direction towards the source.

Once he was closer, he crept through the trees towards the sounds of battle looking out from his vantage point he saw Iruka and Mizuki fighting in a clearing near what looked like a shack that had seen better days, between them was a large scroll which they seemed to be fighting over. "Why are you doing this Mizuki?" Iruka shouted at the silver haired man across from him having just broke apart from a violent exchange, leaving both breathing heavily with cuts and bruises on each of them. Mizuki sneered at the brunette across from him whilst brandishing his fuma shruikan "Why? Are you serious?" he shouted before a evil smile split his face with an evil look in his eyes "This village is weak! This village that lost its demon when we should have killed it and then once it came back, they just let that...that THING become a shinobi!" he ranted.

This caused Iruka to narrow his eyes in anger, he'd seen the blond around the village before he'd been taken away by that mysterious man and the wolves and he'd even started to befriend to boy once he noticed his treatment and the fact he couldn't read or write, as well as the fact that he didn't act how he had expected. He was ashamed to admit that he to believed that the boy was just the Kyuubi in human form at first, however after witnessing just how the child was treated by the village and his lack of retaliation, he realised that he was mistaken and a fool for ever believing that, if he really was the Kyuubi in a human form he'd have raised the village to the ground long ago.

Not hearing Iruka's inner thoughts Mizuki continued to rant "So I have decided to leave this village of weaklings and join Orochimaru-sama! He has offered me power that you couldn't even comprehend and once I bring him the scroll of sealing he'll give me even more power as a reward!" he boasted getting a growl from Iruka who was disgusted that one who he once called a friend would defect and to another traitor of the village and not just any traitor but the second worst living traitor of the village! "I am afraid I can't allow that Mizuki" said a third voice as Naruto walked into the clearing having heard enough to know what was going on.

Both men turned to Naruto in surprise at his sudden appearance, neither having sensed him at all before he entered the clearing 'Though even now I can't sense anything from him. No power. No killing intent. Nothing.' Iruka thought worriedly thinking that Naruto was way out of his depth trying to enter this battle. Mizuki on the other hand laughed madly before grinning at the blond "Well if it isn't the demon himself" he said whilst leering at Naruto menacingly trying to intimidate the younger male, failing miserably to do so as Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Tell me teme, how do you store those over sized shuriken?" asked in a boarded tone, causing the other two in the clearing to look at the blond in confusion "In a storage scroll" Mizuki said deciding to humour the blond "Right, so can you kill me with that scroll when your shuriken are in it?" he asked getting a look of comprehension from Iruka and a confused and annoyed look from Mizuki "Of course not you idiot! Just because I seal my weapons in there it doesn't make the scroll it!" he yelled out loudly not noticing Iruka's deadpan look and sweat drop whilst Naruto just looked at the moronic man blankly as he said blandly "So then why am I the Kyuubi when he is only sealed inside me?".

Mizuki could only growl before spinning the fuma shuriken in his hand like a buzz saw whilst screaming "Die demon!" but before he could lose the weapon or Iruka could begin to move to intercept the weapon Naruto disappeared and appeared in front of Mizuki his fist buried harshly in his stomach before he flew back and into a tree knocking him out and leaving Iruka looking on gaping.

Flashback end

After Iruka was sure that his words had been taken in he began to read out the teams "Team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Hanaru and Shino Aburame" he said having to stop as Sakura shot to her feet and screeched "True love conkers all! Take that Ino-pig!" only to fall silent as a heavy pressure filled the room, the source coming from Naruto who growled out "Hanaro-san, use you inside voice or I swear by the moon that I will rip your vocal cords out" before the pressure disappeared leaving one very pale howler monkey. "Team 8 will be Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka said as he carried on as though nothing had happened "Team 9 is still in circulation so Team 10 is Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi" he finished before smiling at his class "Now remember what I said the day you passed, I am proud of all of you and remember to bring honour to yourselves, the village and your families!" and with that said he left.

Those left in the room started to talk whilst moving around to sit with their new teammates, though shortly after they had jonins started to file into the room calling out for their teams and leaving with them. Naruto sat smiling as he fist bumped with Kiba and saying to Hinata "I am glad that you are on our team rather than any other girls in the room, you are by far the strongest" he said causing the shy girl to duck her head and blush hiding a small hopeful smile as Kiba voiced his agreement along with Akamaru "Team 8, with me!" said a female voice causing the three to look up and look at their sensei.

Kurenai Yuhi was a fair-skinned woman of slender build, with long black untamed hair reaching her upper back and very unique red eyes, with an additional back ring in them. She wore little make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her outfit consisted of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Overall, it was a very broad material which resembled bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs were also wrapped in bandages with her Konoha forehead protector in its rightful place and regular shinobi sandals. Overall, she was a very beautiful woman and it was why she was known as one of the 'Four Ice Queens of the Leaf' as she had refused to date scores of males from the village.

Naruto and his teammates got up and followed after her leaving the room and then the academy grounds all together "Okay everyone I am your sensei you can call me Kurunai-sensei or Yuhi-sensei of you wish" she said whilst leading her new team through the village on autopilot as she weaved through the crowds towards her favourite restaurant "Hai Kurunai-sensei!" was chorsed in response making her smile a little "As this is our first day as a team, I am going to treat you to lunch at my favourite restaurant so we can get to know each other" she explained gaining smiles and nods from her charges. So far, she was happy with her team, sure she had Naruto instead of Shino as she had asked but he didn't seem too bad, her other two genin seemed to like him as well as they made small talk between themselves, from what she could hear it was mostly about what training they thought she was going to give them and future missions.

"I am sorry Kurunai-san but we don't allow his kind in here" said a voice that took Kurunai by surprise as she turned to see one of her regular waiters who had let her, Kiba and Hinata pass by and into the restaurant but seemed to be partly blocking her third student from entering as he glared down at the boy who just seemed resigned to the treatment and rolling his eyes in exasperation. "I am sorry Shiba-san, but what do you mean?" Kurunai asked in a voice so cold the arctic would have been jealous, not that the man seemed to notice "We don't let his kind in here Kurunai-san, you are your other students may enter, however this filth can't come in" he said whilst turning to her and giving her a smile as though he was doing her a favour by giving her a reason to make the blond stay outside and be excluded from whatever she had planned.

Kurunai was shocked that someone would so blatantly discriminate the boy and in front of two from the younger generation that didn't know about the Kyuubi! She glanced at her other two students to see their reactions, poor Hinata was trying to hide in her coat, she'd known the young heiress for many years and she'd never been that good around conflict, but she was more surprised as Kiba seemed to have a look of understanding on his face whilst he started to become more feral and his ninken growled from atop of his head. "It is okay sensei, you all go in and enjoy your meal" Naruto suddenly said making her look over at him with a look slight confusion as he seemed to be wearing a pair of sun glasses that had appeared seemingly from nowhere "If you let me know what training ground we will be training at I will meet you there tomorrow" he said all the while he had a smile on his face that made her want to walk over and hug him from the pain hidden behind it.

"That's right you scum run along and leave these good people alone" the man sneered at the blond who twitched slightly as though he had to force himself to stay still and not strike the man, though that hadn't stopped Kiba from slugging the man, knocking him the ground much to the surprised of the red eyed woman and Hinata who let out a startled eep. Kiba snarled at the downed man "You are the only scum here" he said before he walked over to Naruto stopping a foot away from the blond, looking into to his sun glasses a few moments before tilting his head a little as if exposing his neck to Naruto who's chest rumbled with a soft growl causing Kiba to nod and turned to his last teammate "Come on Hinata-chan, you don't want to eat here either right? There is a bad smell in the air" he said softly gaining a nod from the girl who seemed to stand a little taller as she moved to join her team, both boys smiling at her encouragingly and welcomingly before the trio walked off together with Kurunai watching on in shock over everything that had just happened in front of her.

"Kurunai-san! What are you going to do about your student's and that thing!?" came a cry from behind her as the owner ran past her to help his employee up from the ground, the cry bringing her back to her senses as she turned her head to the two civilians before her "I am going to do nothing, in my opinion he got what he deserved and is lucky that he was so careful in skirting the Thirds law else I'd kill him myself" she said in a cold tone much to the shock of those in the restaurant, before she began to walk out after he student's "You have lost my commerce in your establishment and I will be sure to tell others of your unfair treatment of my students" she said before taking to the roofs to catch up with her team leaving behind a shocked room of bigots.

After roof hopping for a few minutes Kurunai had caught up with her team and stopped to observe them. She couldn't help but smile as she observed her team talking and joking amongst themselves as they walked through the village. Kiba and Akamaru where the loudest as the former made wild gestures with his arms making Hinata giggle and blush as she looked at him, even putting her opinion in occasionally much the raveonettes shock and Naruto, who's sun glasses seemed to have vanished, smiled and laugh along with them happily whilst making pointed comments at Kiba gaining various reactions from said dog boy or sly comments at Hinata that would cause her to blush and eep or giggle more.

Gathering her thought's, she took a deep breath before jumping down in front of her team causing them to stop. She looked down at them sternly as though she was unhappy with their behaviour at the restaurant and was surprised that Kiba's face hardened and looked up at her with resolve and defiance with Akamaru seemimg to mimic his partners look from his place atop Kiba's head, Hinata looked a little shaky but her own eyes were full of resolve that didn't really surprise her, the young Hyuuga had always been a kind spirited girl and hated to see anyone treated unfairly. Naruto however surprised her by stepping forwards to shielded the other two from her, though his body language seemed to indicate that he knew that she wasn't upset with them.

"As your sensei I was to tell you that you aren't really genin yet" Kurunai started catching the three off guard at her direction of conversation, before Kiba's and Hinata's eyes widened in fear at the thought, Naruto's face however became so blank she couldn't read anything into it "The test you all took was to weed out the wheat from the chaff and see who has the ability to become shinobi" she continued stopping them from being able to respond "We jonin then are to administer a test to see if you are worthy of actually becoming fully fledged shinobi, this test is to see if you can all can work together" she said throwing the genin through a loop at being told the reason for the test "I however am not going to bother with the test, after what I have just seen in the restaurant I can see that you already are well on your way to being a strong team and have proven that you understand that you understand that you must look out for those on your team" she finished with a bright, proud smile.

This caused her genin to smile widely before Kiba cheered at being a true genin as Naruto grinned wolfishly and Hinata smiles softly in happiness, though their celebration was cut short as an ANBU appeared just behind the jonin "Kurunai-san, Uzumaki-san you are hear by summoned before the council. Make your way there immediately" the deer masked ANBU said in a monotone before vanishing causing Naruto to growl softly as Kurunai looked confused as hell "Kurunai-sensei I think I know what this is about and if you don't object I think that we should bring Kiba and Hinata-chan along with us" Naruto said, once he gained a nod despite her confused look he started to make his way towards the Hokages tower, nobody noticed the fact that Naruto had made a shadow clone that disappeared in a body flicker of sliver.

After making their way to the tower they proceeded towards the council room and walked into the room seeing that all the councils where there but the Hokage was not, that caused Kurunai's eyes to narrow in suspicion and annoyance. "Jonin Kurunai, I see you and the d..." began Homura only to cut himself off as he noticed Kiba and Hinata were also there "Why did you bring your other two students, only yourself and the Uzumaki brat were summoned" he continued with a disapproving look at the joinin "Dismiss them and then we can get on with why you have been called here" he ordered almost lazily, fully expecting the woman to do as he said.

"Actually, I think that they should remain here" said Hiruzen as he walked into the room with a pissed off look in his face and another Naruto next to him that flipped the elders and the civilians the bird before going up in a puff of smoke much to their ire. However, they daren't make any comment about how the lack of respect from the demon with the Hokage now in the room. "Now why has this meeting been called and why was I not informed" the old kage said in a steely tone once he took his place. The civilians looked nervous at the tone and presence of the aged kage, the old fool always defended the demon when he was younger and with his new found resolve he wasn't likely to allow them to punish it as they wish.

"We called this meeting due to a complaint from a merchant saying that he was assaulted by the Uzumaki boy without provocation and that his sensei didn't reprimand the boy in any way, as for why we didn't call you Hokage-sama we didn't wish to bother you with such a trifling matter" Danzo said from his seat without any emotion, drawing Hiruzen's attention who just narrowed his eye and resisted the urge he had to go over and deck the man, he knew he was being lied to but he couldn't call the old war hawk out without proof. "Very well, either way I am here now so I will deal with this" he said in a firm tone, daring anyone in the room to complain, the civilians certainly looked as though they wanted to but were too scared to, the elders on the other hand didn't show any outwards emotion, though inside they were frowning in annoyance.

"Jonin Kurunai, if you would please answer this accusation" Hiruzen said in a firm tone towards his jonin who just nodded and recounted what happened within the restaurant gaining looks of annoyance form a majority of the shinobi council, none of whom had ever viewed the boy as anything but a boy, though many did have to say that he was now a man and not a boy. "So, you are saying that it was Kiba Inuzuka and not the demon that stuck the waiter?!" an idiotic civilian shouted as he stood up causing many in the room to stiffen whilst the Hokage glared at the man "You just broke my law" he said coldly as he glared at the man who sneered at the Hokage in return "Shut up you old fart! We rule this village! Not you! We are the power here not.." he would have continued but Naruto appeared in front of the man and grabbed him by his throat, cutting him off as he clawed at the boy's hand trying to gain air as the civilians around his moved away whilst they all cried out "ANBU! Kill the demon!" one shouted out only instead to be held from behind with a kunai to his throat.

"Hokage-sama, your orders?" Naruto said coldly whilst looking into the scared man's eyes with his own suddenly golden ones and doing his best to keep a hold of his wolf and not show that he was enjoying the scent of the man's fear. Everyone turned to the old Sarutobi who sat in his chair before bringing his pipe out and taking his time filling it with tobacco before lighting it and taking a few puffs before responding "Genin Uzumaki...carry out the law, Horse take him to Anko" he said coldly before the ANBU vanished with his captive and a loud crack was heard in the room as Naruto effortlessly snapped the man's neck and dropping his corpse, that thudded as it fell over the table in front of what was his seat whilst Naruto reappeared where he'd started, Kiba looking on stoically though a little green with Akamaru letting out a soft whimper, Hinata however was trying standing wide eyed in shock and shaking.

"I warned you all last time that I would not tolerate you undermining my authority, nor you breaking my law any more" the aged kage said coldly looking at every member of his councils in the eyes with his own cold eyes, the eyes of a man who had killed hundred and would kill them all without loosing any sleep over it. "This is you final warning, if you do something I don't like I will either have you sent to Ibiki and Anko or if you piss me off have you killed on the spot. Am I understood?" he asked in a cool voice getting reluctant nods from the civilians and the elders as the clan heads all chorused "Yes Hokage-Sama!".

Before Hiruzen could carry on however a sudden power flooded through the room making every shinobi on edge or feel safe and comforted in the case of a few, namely Hinata, Kurunai, Tsume and Kiba. As for the civilians they all went white as snow in fear of the feeling, even the elders paled before a soft and dangerous voice filled the room "Your Hokage asked you a question, you WILL answer him!" Naruto said before as quickly as it came the feeling of overwhelming power left and a second round of shaky "Yes Hokage-sama!" filled the room.

Giving the blond a small nod of appreciation Hiruzen continued "I find the charges to be false and thus thrown out. Don't call another meeting like this again unless you have a real charge or charges with evidence and a reliable source!" he said in annoyance before dismissing everyone and getting back to his paperwork after reviving a bow from Naruto and his team. "Okay team, as I said you pass and are genin now so we'll meet up at training ground 13 tomorrow at 0500 so I can assess your skills and to train before getting out first mission in the afternoon" Kurunai said as she looked at the trio of genin in front of her as they stood out front of the Hokage mansion, gaining nods from them. Smiling she nodded back before dismissing them 'This team is certainly going to be very interesting to teach' she thought whilst walking off to find Anko and get ready to meet up with the other jonin that had been assigned teams this year.