There are always new beings born at the Sanctuary. Whether it's the way mammals do it. Or whether it happens by eggs or sometimes mitoses. New life is always happening. Sometimes it doesn't always happen on schedule.

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Will and Henry were in Henry's lab, sitting in front of a large screen, playing a street racing game. "Suck it Dude!" Henry said after beating Will for the 3rd time. "I can't believe I blocked out 2 hours of my day to help you, and this is what we are doing." "I told you Dude, Greg asked me to build a street racing game. And that Magnus was happy I was helping him." Will put on a childish smirk, setting his controller down. "She's probably just happy her 2 baby boys are playing nice. And by the way what's up with putting a blond chic on a bike that cuts you off, in the game." Henry laughed, "Dude, I just wanted to include Ash in the game. And don't be so jealous, mommy loves you too." "Shut up," Will gave Henry a playful shove. "You know Doc's been like a mother to me, but I've never called her mom. But after our Christmas 2 weeks ago, it's nice to feel like a family again. Except for not have Ash around full-time." "Well, and except for Erika and Jess. What's up with those 2?" Henry cringed, "I don't know and Erika says she's not sure way Jess bugs her so much. Doc said she's hoping that after 1 or both give birth, and their hormones balance out. They can start over and try at least to be friendly to each other." "I feel for both Abby and Gina, being friends with both of them. They must feel torn trying not to take sides." "Right? Dude, I'll give you one more chance to beat me, if your game?" Will picked up his controller, "You're on!"

Nikola had given up on wearing a jacket these days. So he was in an off white shirt, dark blue tie, vest and trousers. Jess who lived in jeans, had taken to wearing dresses. It just made life easier for the many bathroom trips she made, due to her being 8 ½ months pregnant. Helen of course was rocking her business sexy look in tan dress and goldish rope belt and heels. When she had dropped Jess off with Nikola before heading to the other building this morning.

Nikola was fine with being on babysitting duty, for the very pregnant Jessica. Even if Jess was less than thrilled, she hadn't fainted in weeks. They were in his lab, Nikola working at his bench, Jess sitting on Nikola's sofa. He was finishing some trinket he was working on. "There another Tesla masterpiece." He looked over his shoulder, but Jess was reading and not paying attention. "Jess, you could at least pretend to admire my genius." Jess looked up, "Nik, it's 2 weeks until my due date. Unless you're working on a way to make labor painless. Or something to help my body recover faster, after labor. I just can bring myself to get to excided." Nikola walked over with something behind his back. "Even if my masterpiece is this?" He held out a mobile that was black and white. The 6 pieces that hung down were a: circle, square, triangle, a crest ant moon, shamrock, and a 6 pointed star.

Dam pregnant hormones, Jess almost teared up. "Ahh… Nikola, that is so sweet. But why black and white?" Nikola smiled sheepishly, "I might have read that new born babies are more stimulated by black and white. In their first few months after birth." Jess motioned for him to lean down to her. She took the mobile and kissed him on the cheek. "Just one question, did you make one for baby Foss?" Nikola wrinkled his nose, "Do I have to?" "It would be very nice if you did. You've know Henry longer than me, and I know you like him." She poked him in the chest. "Bite your tongue," he sat on the sofa next to her. "But you are probably right. After all baby Foss will kind of be Helen's grandchild." "And I want you to make the exact same. No making any dog, bone or fire hydrant shapes!" Nikola grinned a very wicked grin, "You're no fun."

Just then, Jess took a shape breath and placed a hand on her stomach. "Are you ok?" Nikola asked with genuine concern. He had become very fond of Jess, for many reasons. Although he made it clear he was not touching the baby until it was toilet trained. "I'm fine, baby girl has been moving around. Between that and the back pain. I can't wait for this girl to make her appearance." "Did you finish reading the birthing book to her? So she can find her way out." Jess looked down and rubbing her stomach, "Funny Uncle Nikola, but yes I told her to please come head first." Nikola stood up, wiping away any wrinkles. "Wise idea. Would you like to go up to the apartment or do you want to go to the rotunda and walk around?"

Jess put the mobile down and held out her hands for Nikola to help her up. "I'd love to people watch in the rotunda. I'm sure after I poop out this girl. I'm guessing I won't feel like going anywhere for the first week or 2." "To the rotunda then," Nikola said as he tucked her hand in his arm. Then he looked at her, "Are you sure? You look rather flushed." "Nikola, I know you got stuck watching me, because Helen and Gina are in the other building. With some creatures is going through mitosis over there. And everyone else is busy over here. But you don't need to fuss, I'm fine." "Jess, other than the fact you don't care for wine. I… and I'll deny it if you tell anyone. I enjoy your company." That made Jess smile. She took his arm and they started to leave.

They had only taken 3 steps from the sofa, when Jess stopped. She looked at Nikola with a shocked look on her face. "Jess," Nikola got a smell of something strange. Jess looked down at her legs, to see fluid running down them. "That's not your-" Nikola's eye got wide. Jess nodded, "Ahh, well I didn't just wet myself. Which means, my water just broke." "Son of a Bitch! We have to get you to the infirmary." He bent as if he was going to pick her up. Jess put her hand on his chest, "You don't have to carry him. Besides you'll get your vest and shirt all yucky." For once Nikola didn't care about his clothing, Jess was in labor.

Nikola grabbed a lap blanket from the back of the sofa, and wrapped it around Jess' waist. Without waiting for another objection, he vamped out and scooped her up. At the quickest possible walk he made his way to the infirmary. They pasted Cricket on the way. "What the Hell?" Cricket yelled as they approached her. Jess shouted her water had broken as they passed her by. Cricket let out a swear word. Apparently there was a baby pool and today was not the day Cricket had bet on.

Helen and Gina were in the habitat with a giant slug type creature that used mitosis as a way to reproduce. The smell was strong but not too bad. Gina was staying clean by taking notes and a few photos as directed by her mother. Pili and 2 others were also there but she was observing from outside the enclosure. "Gina, get a picture of this area right here." Helen pointed to a spot that was starting to divide. This was the first time Helen was able to fully document this. She was like a kid with a new toy. It would take another 5 or 6 hours before this was over. Then Helen would be busy going over her notes and typing them all up.

Nikola power walked into the infirmary carrying Jess. One of the staff Justin walked up to the Vamped out Nikola, "Problem Miss Jessica?" "Where should I put her? She's in labor, her water broke." He said in his deep vampire voice, not waiting for Jess to answer. The fact that Nikola was touching her. She knew how concern he actually was. He really did like her a lot and wanted her to be safe and taken care of. Which helped her not think about the pain.

Justin had Nikola bring Jess to the room that had been fitted with Nikola's telepathic blocker device. Nikola return into his human self, but wouldn't leave her side. He told the nurses to find Chris and Helen.

Jess winced at another pain, she now knew was a contraction, not just back pain. "I'm ok Nik, you don't have to stay. In fact when I start to get ugly. You will defiantly not want to be in the room." Nikola held Jess's hand, "Well, until Helen gets here or you become violent, I'm staying right here." A young blond woman named Taylor came in with a gown to put on Jess. Nikola did turn his back, but still would not leave the room. Jess was left in his care and he would do his best by her. After all Helen might shot him if he didn't.

Pili entered the habitat, "Helen, I just got a call from the infirmary. Jess' water broke and she is already 6 cm dilated." Helen was on her knees reassuring the slug thing that it was doing well. "What did you say?" Pili repeated herself. "Mom, maybe we should let Dr Pili take over?" "Nonsense, first babies always take hours upon hours. But if you can, hand off your job and go keep her calm. Let me know when she's 8 cm."

Pili looked at Gina a bit surprised, but took over as Gina needed to clean up before she could even leave the floor.

Justin entered the room and started hooking Jess up to monitors. "I talked with Pili and she's going to tell Dr Magnus and Miss Gina. I also got through to Chris and he is on his way." Nikola was rubbing Jess' back, "Is there anything else I can do?" "No Nikola, with your added strength rubbing my back is enough. But I might start getting bitchy soon. So when I tell you to get out. You will probably want to get out, but don't leave ok. And don't let Chris in here until I say. No since in me being mean to him until I get closer." She added, "I think this will be the ultimate test for your block gadget." Jess said as she squeezed his hand. Sally had warned Jess at times like this she might project feelings without trying. In that flesh on flesh contact, Nikola could feel Jess was scared. He hoped Helen and Gina would get here soon.

Justin checked again it had only been 30mins since he first checked and she was now almost 7 cm. Justin tried to pretend that everything was ok, but Jess knew from her telepathic abilities. Justin was thinking that this was going to be a faster than normal delivery for a first timer. 'Dam had reading that book out loud really make her baby come faster. Or had her labor/back pains been early labor?'

Chris used the air compressor to blow off before coming in the building. But most days still came in covered in dirt and debris. So Chris followed Helen's check list. He quickly showered and put on fresh clothes. Then woke Greg and both of them got to the infirmary at top speed. Despite people trying to already congratulating them on the way.

Gina had gotten cleaned off and was now crossing court yard at a trot. She would still need to get properly scrubbed up once she got to the infirmary.

Jess was getting more agitated. It had been almost 2 hours since her water broke. When Chris and Greg finally appeared in the window. "Hey My Love, I'm here." 'He knew not to call her beautiful. She had warned him at 6 months not to call her that until after the baby was born.' Jess looked at him, she looked angry. "Where the hell is Helen?! Or Gina?" Chris walked in the room, the air almost seem thick with anger. "Love of my life, what can I do for you?" She looked at him with daggers in her eyes, "Get out, until I say you can come in." She growled at him. She then grabbed Nikola's vest, "FIND HELEN!" Nikola stopped his rubbing and removed Jess' hand. "I… I will find Helen, right now!"

Justin and Taylor were the only 2 Jess seem to tolerate, in the room. Justin had the small birthing pool all set up and ready to go. He checked her one more time as a scrub up Gina finally walked in. "Did you stop for ice cream!?" Jess snarled, without even turning to look at her. Justin looked at Gina with relief, "Ahh… Good you've arrived." Gina walked over to Justin but didn't touch Jess. "So, how are they doing?" Justin told her, mother & child were both doing find and that Jess was now 8 cm. Gina didn't seem to believe him and checked for herself. "Anyone else want to take a look under the hood?" Jess joked, becoming more aggressive. "Justin would you be a dear and tell my mom to get her skates on, please!" Justin left the room. Gina took a page out of Jessica's book, "Now my older lady, I suggest we get Chris in here and we get you ready, up and in the pool. Or do you just want to lay here and bitch?" Jess narrowed her brow, "That playing dirt Gina. Talking to me like I talk to our mom. But yes, if it's time, Chris can come in now." Gina motioned to Chris to come in.

One of Pili's assistance passed on the message from both Nikola and Justin. Helen was sure there was still time. Between Gina and Chris they should be able to keep Jess calm. Helen would be done soon, clean up and get over there in plenty of time. 'Was Jess real thinking her birth would go faster, because she wanted it to. Or because she had been reading the birthing book out loud like the baby would understand it.'

Nikola appeared in the window. Taylor had put a privacy screen in place and Jess was facing away from the window. But the labor must have enhanced her telepathic abilities. Because Jess knew he was there, "Nikola, where is she?" "I'm sure she's on her way." He shrugged while looking at Greg. "I have plenty of people that would love to be this child's godmother! If she doesn't get her ass here soooo-" a large contraction hit her. Gina and Chris finished getting Jess into the pool. "Nikola! Get in here!" Nikola walked in trying not to see too much. Jess was naked except for some kind of sports bra. She turned her head to look him in the eyes. Her eyes were kind of scary looking, "Nik, I am telling you. Vamp out and go find Helen. Go cave man, throw her over your shoulder and get her ass here NOW!" Nikola wasn't sure but when Jess added, "NOW NIKOLA!" He Vamped and ran out of the room. 'Pregnant women were scray.'

Gina was in the pool with Jess, "Ok Jess, I know you hurt and you're wanting to push but we're not there yet." "We're not there YET?!" "Chris, please do your thing and calm her down. It's important for both her and the baby." Chris was sitting right behind Jess in the pool. She was leaning up against him. He could feel her fear and her pain. "Love of my Life, close your eyes and listen to my voice." He began to count back from 10. Like he always did when she was stressed. Trying to impart his calm Zen demeanor to her. Every time he did it he would try and use a different saying, to distract her. This time instead of saying 10 Mississippi, he said 10 baby toes. That seemed to do the trick. Jess was a little more relaxed and a lot more civil.

Nikola ran all the way to the other building at vampire speed. Pili saw Nikola and pointed it out to Helen. Helen jumped up and walked out of the habitat. "Nikola, what's going on?" "It's Jess, hurry clean up!" "What's going on?" "Helen, please just clean off! AND HURRY!" Helen had never seen Nikola like this. She told the other to help Pili. Then went into a special room and got cleaned off.

When she came out, Nikola was pacing still vamped out. "Nikola, why are you still-" Helen was cut off, by Nikola picking her up over his shoulder. He ran all the way back and even took the stairs not wanting to wait for the lift. Nikola ran into the infirmary and put Helen down. The vertigo hit her hard and he held her until she was steady. "Bloody Hell, Nikola!"

"Cutting it a little close mom?" Greg chastised his mom as she approached the room. She could hear Jess swearing like a sailor in both English and what must be Choctaw and a few made up cruses. Justin had seen Nikola enter with Helen and was already dragging her off to scrub up.

"Son of a Biscuit Eater!" "Ok, relax and breath" Gina said. "Gina, I love you and your doing great. I tell you this now, cause when I'm done here. I'm going to go Kill your Mother!" From Chris angle he could see Nikola in the window. Before he could say anything, Jess piped up. "Nikola, where is SHE!?" Nikola realized he was still in vampire mode and shifted back to human. "She's here, nurse thumper is getting her scrubbed up." "Ok here comes another one, big push." Gina said feeling the muscles contract, under her hand. "Christopher I Love and Hate you right NOWWWW!" "I know, I can feel it. I wish I had half your strength." Helen finale hurried into the room. She saw Gina in the pool and Taylor assisting outside the pool. "What is going on? How many centimeters is she? And why is she pushing?" "Nice.. Of.. You.. To.. Stop by." Jess said through clenched teeth. "Call me crazy, but when a woman is 10cm and wants to push. I Let Her!" Gina said firmly. "What are you talking about? Her water broke what just over 4 hours ago. There's no way she's…. OK, she's ready." Helen said as she walked around the pool behind Gina. "Mom you want to get in here and take over, please!" "Jess, what do you want? Gina, seems to be doing fine." Jess in between breathes said, "Gina is doing great. Except as a telepath, I can tell she's scared. Which is not helping me stay calm! Love you G." Helen started climbing in, "Dear Lord, I'm sorry. I should have come straight away, but I'm here now." "I will yell at you later right now I want to push… Please Tell Me To PUSH!"

15mins later a baby girl Elizabeth Rolling Thunder Burton entered the world. Helen let Jess hold her baby for a minute before Gina took her off to get cleaned, weighted and measured.

After the placenta was delivered. They got Jess up a comfortable back in the bed. Gina handed the baby back to Jess. She was a healthy 8.3 lbs and 22 inches long. She had a beautiful head of black hair and her skin was just a little light then Chris'.

Everyone left and Helen engaged the privacy frost to the glass window. So Jess and Chris could have a few minutes, with their daughter. "My Hero… My Champion… The Love of My Life." Chris gave Jess a kiss with each of the titles he gave her. "Can I tell you, you are beautiful now? Or is that still something you don't want me to say?" (Jess didn't want to be called beautiful when she felt fat.) Jess couldn't think, only feel. She felt the amazing love pouring out of Chris. Her daughter taking in all the sounds and reaching out her little hand. Jess could also feel despite Nikola's shield the love and well-wishers that were in the infirmary.

Jess told Chris to remove the privacy frost from the window. Everyone turned and started oww and ahhing at the baby. Jess asked Nikola to come in first. He had changed into scrubs. Just to make sure none of that slug stuff was on him. Jess gave Nikola a kiss and thanked him, for getting Helen. He made a comment about enjoying tossing Helen over his shoulder.

Helen shooed the everyone in the infirmary away, that didn't need to be there. Telling them to go spread the word that Mother and Child were fine. Helen entered the room herself, still feeling bad for assuming the birth would take longer. "So… I'm I still in the running for godmother? Despite my total screw up." Chris looked at Jess, she nodded. Chris carefully picked up his little girl and handed her to Helen. "Sweet Heart this is you godmother Helen. She can be a real pain in the butt. However, your mother and I love her anyways." Helen looked down at this new little miracle. Yet another Rolling Thunder was now a part of her life. Georgina and Harold were long gone and someday Jessica would die to. But here this little girl would continue on. Giving Helen joy and no doubt grieve for years to come.

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