Bonus Girls Night Drunken Bonding Night after the babies. Helen conveniently has to go to Sanctuary city 3. So she misses out on all the fun.

Helen was in her office. She was sitting behind her desk in a dark tank top and slacks. Her light colored heels matched the blouse like jacket and her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. She was giving her daughter Gina some last minute instructions. Helen was going to City 3 to see about something to do with the food they were growing.

"Do you think you can handle all of that?" "Piece of cake mom." Gina said as she typed the last thing her mother said into her tablet. Helen leaned forward folder her hands together, "One last thing, keep an eye on Nikola." "Why don't you ask Jess?" "I have no doubt they will be spending time together. They're some kind of odd couple." "I think it's sweet. After all the fuss he made about not touching baby Elizabeth. Now he just looks uncomfortable holding her, but he does hold her."

"Please tell me he's not babysitting for your rowdy, drunken girls' night, tonight?" Helen picked up her tea cup and walked over to the pot to refill it. "No mom, Chris and Greg said something about treating her to a male bonding, gaming night. Plus how rowdy or drunk could we get? (She winked) You won't be there, to set the pace." Helen walked back to her desk, "Very funny, however you, Abby, Erika and Jess playing drinking games in the Foss lab. Does make me a little nervous." Helen took a sip, "and a little jealous. It's sure to be a good time."

Chris, Greg and Nikola took Lizzie and went to the Foss/Zimmer resident. Greg and Henry had been working on a driving game. Complete with steering wheel, shiftier and pedals. They wanted to test it out one more time. Before building an arcade like car to put it into. They had talked Helen into letting them put it in the rotunda as a way to keep their driving skills sharp. And to entertain the abnormals take could use it.

Gina and Abby had cleared a spot for the makeshift bar and snack area. They already had music playing and half of the lights off. Erika and Jess walked in together talking about the game night. Erika was complaining that she hadn't been asked to help with the game. Gina gave Erika a look, "Don't start off the night like that. This is supposed to be fun girly time. We've got the music on and you 2 can now drink. So what are you drinking?" "Red wine for me," Erika said walking to grab a glass. "Jess are you starting with whiskey or brandy?" "Jameson and Mexican cola," Jess smiled as Gina was already pouring it for her.

Everyone was still on drink number 2 as Abby poured her 3rd glass of wine. "Should I put on another movie?" Erika asked. "I'd rather play some cards or something?" Gina said looking at Jess, "So what card games do you and mom play when I'm not around?" Gina knew Jess and her mom stayed up late drinking on her visits to the farm. Jess laughed as the other 2 looked at her. "You make it sound like, they might be dirty. Or are you just implying that your mother and I are dirty?" "Well, Helen is having a thing with Nikola," Erika said getting herself some more popcorn. "And I find it hard to believe you aren't a little dirty." Abby said pointing her glass at Jess. "You don't have to be telepathic to know we women are far more aggressive and can be way dirtier than men." Jess said stealing some of Erika's popcorn as she sat down next to her. "How about truth or dare?" Abby said taking a big gulp of wine. The other 3 shrugged, and Gina went first.

Gina took truth, Erika asked her about her first kiss. Gina admitted to having her first kiss at band practice at 14. Jess pointed at her laughing, she had a feeling Gina like a certain trumpet player. Erika took truth, Gina asked when her and Henry were going to get married. Erika admitted they were waiting until after the baby. And now with Kate's wedding just weeks away. She was really starting to think about planning hers.

Abby took a dare, Jess thought hard for a moment. Abby was a little unsteady with her drinking. "Ok, I dare you to take your socks off." "That's it," Gina said expecting more from her sometimes twisted aunt. "Let me finish, take your socks off, with your teeth." Abby rolled her eyes but sat on the floor and proceeded to take her socks off, with her teeth.

Jess took truth, Gina begged to ask the question. Abby nodded to busy to come up with one. "When was the first time you and Chris sex?" Erika almost choked on her popcorn, "Wow." Jess smiled, she was sure her face was a little red. But she confessed that she and Chris have sex for the first time. The morning after the kids caught them sleeping together on the couch.

At another point Abby asked if Jess would ever look in Will's head. So Abby could figure out what he wants, out of life. "No way! I'm not in to reading Steven King or looking in haunted houses!" That got a laugh out of everyone.

The Truth and Dares got more out there. Abby almost always taking a dare. Which includes doing pushes while saying your ABC's and letting Gina blindfolded draw a mustache on Abby, with a permanent marker. However shortly after that Abby passed out.

Gina was only barely awake, leaning against Abby. Abby should never have switched to whiskey. Erika looked at Jess who was felling no pain but was still going strong. "I must say for an American you can hold your liquor quite well." "I'll take that as a compliment. Of course I've been trained by Helen." "She's got to be impossible to keep up with." Erika said turning and tucking her feet under her. Jess mirrored her, so they could see each other better.

"Did you mean what you said about Will's head?"

Jess' face soften, "Yes and No. Yes, I don't want to look in his head. No, I don't know for sure it would be like a haunted house."

"So what's it like, can you read my thoughts right now?"

"Not right now, I'm a little compromised. But without touching a non-telepath I can only sense your emotions. Unless I really, really concentrate." "Like you did when I gave birth?" "Yeah, and man did I have a killer headache after. Sally said later down the road I might be able to communicate like her. Right now I'm too feral."

"Can Cao and his sister do it? Or are they too feral like you?" Erika wrinkled her nose when she said feral.

"I bet they can. They've had more training and Sally's helping them too. Mermaids Rock!" Jess said raising her glass and toasted with Erika.

As their glasses clinked Gina moved saying "Truth." Jess and Erika laughed. "What are we going to do with those 2?" Erika said standing up a little wobbly. "I made up one of our spare rooms for Abby. Just in case, she over did it. Her and Will seem a bit rocky. I didn't want her going back plastered and saying anything she might regret." "Brilliant," Erika said putting her glass down, and continued. "I'll grab Gina and you get Abby. I'll let Henry clean the lab up tomorrow." "What else are husbands for?" Jess joked.

Erika had turned to go to hers when they exited the lift. The other 3 stumbled into the Magnus Unit, by that time Gina was somewhat a wake. After Jess and Gina got Abby into bed, Jess stared at her for a minute. "What's wrong," Gina asked trying to stay on her feet. "I have nearly, an uncontrollable desire to put her hand in a bowl of water. Pour thing has enough problems, I guess I'll be good. Come on you," Jess shoved her out the door. Reminding Gina to drink a ton of water and have a bucket near her bed just in case.

As Jess crawled in bed after drinking a few liters of water herself. She wondered who's win the prize for worst hangover in the morning. Jess' only regret that Helen hadn't been there for a very interesting night of Truth or Dare.

I'm thinking about writing Kate and Garris wedding. Not sure Yet.