One month later

Andrew never felt so frightened before in his entire life. He had flown down to be with Gina, a week before her due date. Norman offered to come down as well, but Andrew said he was perfectly fine. The real reason was, he didn't want Norman judging him, especially if he saw she was this young Spanish girl, living in a three story walkup, barley making ends meet cutting hair downtown in the city. He wasn't ashamed of Gina, but he may have stretched the truth when it came to her. He had told Norman she was one of his very good friends. That she was a model, and one of the head stylist at one of the top salons in the city. He lied saying she was a stylist for the stars, and came from a wealthy family in South America, who sadly had a falling out with her when she moved to the states to pursue her modeling career. It was here she ran into trouble becoming a citizen. He married her after the two met through mutual friends, and he married her as a favor. He happened to leave out that he was paid for these services. He told Norman they remained friends, and had slept together several times resulting in her getting pregnant. He told Norman he was over the moon, but was the one that had to convince Gina to keep the pregnancy. It was here they came up with an agreement on sharing custody. Norman bought it all. When he told Lizzy the truth, her jaw dropped. She was thrilled since Andrew adored her children, and had kept up with the lie that they were divorced themselves, since he claimed Norman was turned on by the idea that he was bisexual.

"Why does he even care?" Lizzy asked over the phone one afternoon. Andrew was in the living room, on his cordless phone directing the movers to put in these new ten thousand dollar white leather sofas he ordered.

"Beats me, but if this is his fantasy let him have it."

"So what is the deal with Gina. Are you ever going to have Norman meet her?"

Andrew made a face.

"God no. Gina is sweet, but not smart. At least I can trust you not to say anything stupid. He'll meet the baby one day, eventually but no Gina."

"What about the baby?"

"What about her?"

"Are you really sharing custody?"

"I hope to get full custody."


Andrew smiled.

"Maybe not tomorrow, but I'm going to see what I can do. No child of mine is going to live in that shit hole apartment."

"Does Norman know your plans?"


"Well, I think you're going to be a wonderful father, but remember...children take up a lot of time, and I have a full time nanny."

Andrew chuckled, shaking his head as he crossed the room.

"Well, everything is up in the air, but I have a feeling a baby will melt Norman's heart and we'll see how generous he is then."

Lizzy's laughter filled the phone as Andrew laughed himself. His main plan was keeping Gina and the baby separate from his life here. Things were just beginning, and he was now certain this was the type of life for him. They had been traveling to exotic places, the house had gone up in record time, and Andrew had more money than he knew what to do with. Since Norman traveled so much for business, he was able to head into the city and entertain his friends, and lie saying he was an assistant to an oil tycoon. He paid for eight hundred dollar dinners, bottle after bottle of expensive wine. He was thrilled by the look of surprise and shock as he bought his friends gifts, and opened his wallet as if it was nothing. The high was being able to pay or anything was better than any drug he was currently taking. He visited Lizzy and his godchildren, went to the bars, and visited Jeff. He kept the details vague on what exactly was going on, and continued writing postcards to David, always racing to his P.O box where his mail from David was directed.

He always would re-read these letters over and over, and over again. Closely studying the handwriting, and feeling like a teenager, head over heels, giggling, and smiling hearing from him. He sent money to his mother, as well as letters of traveling around with Versace around the world, but never visited. As for Gina, he promise he would fly down a week before the due date, and be there for her when the baby arrived. He talked with her on the phone every other night, and she seemed to be doing good. She did bring up that guy Ted, and how he still wouldn't be back for another two months. Feeling his blood boil, he quickly changed the subject. He had sent two more checks, as well as a package packed to the brim with outfits he had picked up at some of the higher end baby stores in LA. Norman had actually helped him pick most of them out, chuckling, and smiling at how cute everything looked.

"So, what's the arrangement with the baby? You said Gina and you agreed to share custody?"

Andrew, hating to talk about this time of personal stuff, simply nodded as they walked past the displays in the store.

"Yeah, the baby will live with Gina for the first few months since she'll be breastfeeding, but we're going to come up with an arrangement together."

"Well, I'll have you meet with my lawyer. I know you and Gina are friends, but whenever a child gets involved things can get messy. Maybe straighten things up. Children can make things complicated."

Andrew held back from rolling his eyes. He hated whenever Norman acted like he was stupid. Still, he faked a smile, thanking him. The month passed quickly, with weekend trips to Europe, shopping sprees, and working away at making the mansion absolutely perfect. When he flew in, Gina greeted him at the airport, looking absolutely huge. She was wearing leggings, and a baggyT-shirt. Her stomach was perfect round ball, still showing underneath the shirt. She looked pretty, but tired. Her hair was in a ponytail, and her eyes lit up as soon as Andrew waved. She waddled over, clearly having a hard time making her way over. Andrew laughed.

"Whoa! Slow down sweetheart!"

He hugged her, and laughed as her stomach got in the way. Leaning over, he kissed her, and tasted her peach flavored lip gloss. Instantly he grinned, and looked down at her stomach and laughed, eyes widening as he placed both hands on her belly.

"Wow! Look at you!"

Gina laughed, looking tired as she rolled her eyes.

"I know I'm huge. I can barley walk."

Andrew laughed as he leaned down, kissing the gentle curve of her belly. Smiling, he placed his hands on it.

"That just means we got ourself a healthy girl."

He then looked up, and smiled at her.

"You look beautiful."

Gina smirked.

"I've missed you."

Andrew kissed her cheek.

"I've missed you too, now come on, let's get some lunch."

Later Andrew wanted to take Gina out for a five star lunch, but he could tell she was uncomfortable, and decided to order in. He hated seeing her climb all those stairs, and stayed right behind her. Once they got settled, Andrew laughed looking around.

"Is this roommate ever around?"

Gina laughed, sitting back on the sofa.

"That's the beauty of their job. I'm here all alone."

Andrew raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah well I don't like the idea of you being all alone. What if your water breaks in the middle of the night?"

Gina laughed rubbing her stomach.

"I scream for old Mrs. Anderson who lives downstairs to come help."

Andrew shot her a look as she laughed as he started taking out the containers from the Indian restaurant downtown. Andrew insisted on this type of food since he read that spicy food could kick start contractions. Gina didn't have much of an appetite, but Andrew insisted on her having some. As the two lounged across from each other, Andrew went on and on about what was happening at the house. He brought photos he had just developed, and bragged about all the places he had just recently been to. Gina listened, finishing her food, before Andrew cleared everything away, and spread the photos out to show her.

"It's really beautiful."

"It's been a lot of work, and Norman has absolutely no taste whatsoever, still he just hands me the checkbook and tells me to do whatever I want."

Gina smirked.

"He's very generous. Please thank him for all of the baby clothes. She's going to have a new outfit for every day."

Andrew smiled and waved his hand.

"Oh please, he just pays for it. I picked everything out. My girl is going to be in style."

Gina sadly smiled, before Andrew put his arm around her, pulling her close. "So, I've been looking up on ways to kick start labor. We can either go for a walk or..."

Gina smiled and raised an eyebrow.



Gina laid back on the sofa, legs brought up, and spread. Andrew knelt between her open legs, and was dully thrusting inside of her. Gina laid back, her massive pregnant stomach sticking out, as she sat back, looking slightly uncomfortable as Andrew, who's slacks were thrown to the side on the ground in a heap with his belt, and thousand dollar shoes. He had worked on finding an easy position, and for the last fifteen minutes had been grasping onto her, sweating slightly, as he continued to work up a rhythm. The sound of wet slapping skin filled the dead silence of the apartment, and found himself struggling to climax. Right before he told Gina he wanted to try and have sex, he saw she was hesitant. He instantly knew it was because of this fellow named Ted. He was about to get snippy with her, but instead smiled, kissed her hand, and told her he needed to freshen up, and when he came back out he expected her out of those leggings, and ready for him. He went into the bathroom. Sat his carry on bag down, and began to run the water. Unzipping the bag, he found crystal he had been wanting to use from the second he landed. Tapping it down, he snorted a big fat line off the back of his hand, before unscrewing his bottle, and tossing back three different pills. All ready the high was starting to hit him, keeping him happily buzzed. He checked his hair, washed his hands, and dabbed a little cologne on his neck that he had just picked up for two hundred dollars a bottle. Humming, he left the bathroom, before seeing Gina still with her pants on. Smiling, he pointed.

"Didn't I say pants off by the time I came out?" Gina sighed.

"Andrew, listen maybe this isn't such a good idea..."

"Hey, unless you wanna keep waddling around uncomfortable, we're kick starting the labor as soon as possible. Or are we taking the boring route and going for a walk?"

Gina sighed again staring up at him.

"Andrew, we agreed we don't want to complicate things. It's going to be different once the baby is here. You have your life down state with Norman and you're happy...I can tell. Happiest you've ever been. I don't want to weigh you down. Maybe we outta..."

"Outta what?"

"Get the marriage annulled?"

"And have you get kicked out of the country? Or is this Ted fellow willing to marry you?"

"Andrew...don't be jealous."

"Well what is it?'

"Andrew, I'm not ready to get involved with anyone. You told me all about this David fella. You don't see me acting all jealous. Besides...does he even know about me or the baby?"

Andrew sighed, not in the mood to even start.

"Listen, I don't want to upset you...but I've actually missed you."

"I've missed you too Andrew, but let's be honest with each other. Shared custody? Do you really think that's going to work?"

"I all ready told you, Norman can't wait until the baby comes. You will always be welcomed there, and we're all ready planning on building a nursery."

"That's sweet, and I can't thank you two enough, but be honest with me Andrew. Are you really ready to be a father?"

Andrew just stared at Gina before she nodded.

"Listen, there's no judgement. You've done so much for me all ready. I just don't want to weigh you down. We'll figure something out, and you can see her as much as you want...but I don't want to be the reason you don't get what you want in life."

"I'm currently living the life I want...and you are part of it, including our daughter. We're friends...and soon to be parents. Now be honest with care about this Ted guy?"


"No really."

"Well...I guess so, but it's all new."

Andrew smiled, unable to believe the burning jealously that was pounding inside of him. Instead he gave that award willing smile, faking it.

"Well that's how I feel about David. Things are complicated, but we'll figure everything out. Now for old time's sake...take your pants off, and let's try to make the next few days memorable for our little princess' birthday."

Gina laughed, before she sighed.

"I need help..."

Andrew laughed, walking over, the drugs fully taking affect as he walked over and gently picked Gina's legs up, pulling her leggings off, one leg at a time, all the while thinking of David as a huge bulge began to form in his slacks.

Now fifteen minutes later, he continued thrusting away inside of her, actually really enjoying himself. The drugs made him feel floaty, and buzzed, as he stared down at her.

"God you're tight..."

He said in a breathless voice, gritting his teeth, as he clung onto her, ass twitching, as he continued taking deep breaths, before holding onto her stomach. The baby was kicking up a storm from inside of her. Smiling, he leaned down, and kissed her bare skin. Throwing his head back, he snapped his eyes shut, as his hands reached up and squeezed her full breasts.

"I can't come...fuck!"

In just the matter of seconds, he pulled out of her, and instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the sofa. Gina didn't say anything, as he took her doggy style, positioning herself, as he groaned, and slid himself into her.

"Andrew, the baby hanging like this hurts..."


He grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting away as fast as he could. Gina jiggled in silence, looking uncomfortable, before he felt himself coming close. He thought of David, and his baby blue eyes... With that, he cried out and came roughly inside of Gina. Collapsing against her, he took his time catching his breath, before brushing her hair back and kissing the back of her neck.

"Good girl..."

Laying there, Gina slowly turned over, as Andrew leaned over, and kissed her mouth, lacing his hand in hers.


Andrew had taken a shower, and gobbled a few more pills. He felt nice and spacey, and had changed into a pair of baggy basketball shorts, and a T-shirt. He wore his glasses, and went into Gina's room to start setting up the crib he had ordered. It had all ready been assembled by the deliverymen, but he was putting the mattress down, and hung the mobile up. He smiled, looking at the boxes upon boxes of clothes that was waiting for her. It seemed so unreal that the baby was coming soon. If only his father could see him now...


Andrew looked over his shoulder and saw Gina standing there. She was in a sundress, hair done up. She had gone into the shower while Andrew was looking at the crib. Now, he saw her standing there holding the baggy of crystal, and pill bottles. Instantly Andrew froze. Gina sighed.

"What is this shit?"

Andrew then remembered, he left his bag open in the bathroom from earlier. He opened his mouth to say something, but instead knew there was no point in lying. Somehow with Gina, he could never quite pull the wool over her eyes. He signed.


"I knew you did drugs here and there...but this is crystal isn't it?"


"I've noticed a change in you...ever since you started living with these older men. I thought we could make it work. I really did. I wanted it to work...I loved you. I knew you were gay but I thought...maybe just maybe you could fall for me. You've been different Andrew. I stand back watching you lie, and live this life...pretending you're something else. You don't want this baby...and you don't want me. I'm just something you can stick your dick in. We can't make this work and we both know it. I would never stop you from being happy...with Norman, or even this David. When I told you about Ted I could see it in your eyes. You don't want anyone to have me besides yourself...and the sad things don't even want me. I can turn my back, and pretend everything is okay...but these types of's serious. How can I trust you with the baby?"

Andrew glared.

"You aren't a saint Gina. They are just party drugs. So what I get a little high? You've just been looking for an excuse to kick me to the curb. I told you I can take care of you and the baby..."

"By sending me checks and clothing? That isn't being a father Andrew...we both know you don't want this baby. I've given you multiple outs...there are no hard feelings. Be honest with me Andrew please. Do you really think you're going to bring our daughter to Norman's? Have this part of your life meet the other? I know you love this baby and she isn't even born yet...but be honest please. This isn't what you want is it?"

Before Andrew could say anything, Gina's eyes widened. Suddenly her eyes snapped shut as she cried out. Holding her stomach, she moaned, before suddenly, a gush of water came out from Gina's legs onto the floor. Andrew raised an eyebrow, and stared at her confused.

"What's that?"

Gina held her stomach looking terrified.

"My...water just broke."

Eight hours later Gina sat up on the delivery table, Andrew and one of the nurse's bending her legs, up against her, keeping them spread, as the doctor worked between them, OR mask on, coaching Gina to keep pushing. Machines beeped in the background, as Gina, who was pale and exhausted from eight very long hours in labor, cried out.

"I can't!"

Andrew, feeling terrified, looked through his glasses at the doctor.

"Is something wrong?"

The doctor shook his head.

"She's doing just fine Mr. Cunanan. I know you're tired Gina, but I can see her head. A few good pushes okay?"

Gina threw her head back against the pillow, her hair sweaty, as she looked up at Andrew, grasping his hand.

"It hurts so bad..."

Andrew stared down at her. He had been holding her hand throughout all of the labor. He hadn't called Norman, and simply stood by her, rubbing her back, squeezing her hand, bringing her ice chips, and helping her through the pain. They hadn't talked much, but Andrew took several trips to the restroom, snorting as much as he could to stay level headed. This was reality, this was really happening. Now the baby was coming.

"Push Gina! Push! She's coming!"

Gina took deep breaths, as Andrew squeezed her hand and stared down at her. They locked eyes, before Andrew nodded to her.

"You can do this."

Gina nodded, before looking forward. Taking a deep breath, she snapped her eyes shut and screamed as she pushed with all her mighty. Andrew squeezed her hand, before Gina bore down with all her might. The nurse told her to keep pushing, and in just a matter of seconds, the doctor looked up and smiled.

"Here she is!"

Loud cries filled the room as the baby slid out into the doctor's gloved hands, bloody, and screaming at the top of her lungs. The doctor laughed, holding her up.

"She's beautiful! Would you like to cut the cord Mr. Cunanan?"

Andrew took a second, before nodding. The nurse handed him the clippers, as he nervously cut the cord, before the doctor grinned. Turning away, he handed the screaming newborn to the nurses, as the doctor continued working on Gina, who looked completely worn out. She laid back, slowly catching her breath as the nurse smiled and carefully with Andrew let her legs down.

"You did wonderful honey..."

Just then, the other nurse walked over with the baby all cleaned up, wrapped in a blanket tightly, with a cap of her head.

"Here she is..."

Carefully, they laid the baby on Gina's chest. She looked dazed and exhausted, but the second the baby laid there, her cries settled down, and she stared up with her wrinkled yet beautiful little face. Andrew stood back, both terrified, as well as completely amazed. He had made that...he had put that inside Gina and felt her move and grow. He now had a daughter, and she was absolutely perfect. Gina stared down, before smiling.

"Hi honey..."

The baby laid there, looking just as tired as Gina.

"Six pounds, two ounces."

One of the nurses said, before Gina smiled, and looked up at Andrew.

"You wanna hold her?"

Andrew looked unsure, before he nodded.


Carefully he took the baby in his hands, making sure her tiny little head was supported. He had held lots of babies since he had helped take care of Lizzy's children when they were first born. He held the baby, and couldn't believe it. This was his daughter. He was finally holding her. She looked up at him, and didn't cry of fuss. Instantly one of the nurses smiled and nudged him.

"She looks just like you."

Andrew smiled looking down.

"Yeah...she does doesn't she?"


Gina was upstairs in her hospital room recovering. She was on an IV, and despite the long labor, was actually doing very well. She was tried, but otherwise perfectly fine. She had even begun breastfeeding. Just a half an hour ago, the baby had been brought up from the nursery, and Andrew couldn't stop holding her. The baby was sound asleep, as he held her in his arms. He smiled, gently cradling her. Gina stared at him, watching before she sadly smiled.

"This is it right?"

Andrew glanced over at her, before she sadly smiled.

"I can't divorce you yet...but the time will eventually come. You can see her whenever you want...I won't keep her from you...but you have your own life to live now. We're not going to hold you back."


She shook her head.

"It's okay...we'll still be friends, and parents to this beautiful little girl. We just can't keep this going anymore. It isn't fair to us...or to Gypsy."

Andrew sighed looking down at his daughter.

"I tried so hard to convince myself...that I could...make this work. It's just...a lie. I love you and Gypsy so much...but you're right. We can't keep this going. I'll help as much as I can...but she deserves a stable family. I'm not that. I tried to own you...control you...and it just doesn't work. You're going to meet somebody who treats you the way you deserve to be treated..."

"Maybe, maybe not..." "I'll send monthly checks...I'm not going to abandon's just with everything going's going to be hard seeing you two..." Gina shook her head. "Don't worry. We'll figure something out...but we don't want to confuse her."

"I never thought I would be the type of man my father was...abandoning his family..."

"You're not. We're doing what's best for her. You'll see her again, I promise."

Andrew sadly smiled looking down at the baby, before leaning down and taking a deep inhale of her soft, sweet smelling skin. Smiling, he held her close, as she shifted against him, cooing lightly. Smiling, fighting tears away, he kissed the side of her tiny little face.

"Daddy loves you baby..."

Knowing if he didn't get up now, he never would. Rising, he walked over, before carefully laid the baby down in the small plastic bassinet that sat beside Gina's hospital bed. The baby, all ready asleep, shifted a little, still wrapped up. Smiling, he kissed the tops of his fingertips, before pressing them lightly against her tiny little face. Sighing, he sniffled, and looked up at Gina.

"What now?"

"You kiss me goodbye, and you leave. Go back and see Norman, tell me we're taking a break...and live your life. I'll call, and write, and send photos. You'll see her again don't worry."

"What about you?"

"I'll manage..."

"I'll keep sending checks..."

Gina waved her hand.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine. Just promise me something Andrew."


"Take it easy on the's only going to lead you down a bad path. Be smart. You're talented, handsome, and generous. If you love this David guy...find a way to make it possible. Okay?"

Andrew smiled before nodding.


He leaned over, kissing her forehead, before smiling, and gently kissing her lips. Slowly at first, before opening her mouth. Both moaned through the kiss, before Andrew pulled away and smiled. Gina stared up at him.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For her. She looks just like you...beautiful."

Andrew smiled, before looking down at the sleeping baby. Smiling, he gently patted her tiny little body wrapped up, before looking at Gina one last time.

"Send me a photo of her right away Gina...please?"

"Of course."

Nodding, he walked out, and never turned back.

Fifteen or so minutes later, when the nurse came in to check on Gina, she smiled filling out the card for the nursery.

"Gypsy Lopez?"

Gina shook her head.

"No...Gypsy C Lopez." "C?" "Cunanan, after her father."