Too many looses ends aint gonna leave them untied only you can help.

Back in Westeros Joffery is lifeless dying a heroic death.

Loose ends they beg too many questions.

I had read some fan fictions where authors had collaborated with others to craft an awesome story.

This gave me an Idea.

I ended my story for Grim Darkthorn BUT what about Westeros?

Since this story is in both Fan Fiction and in Archive Of Our Own I have a mission for writers from both places ,

Your mission should you choose to accept ,

Read this story as crazy as it is. From the end of chapter one where Joffery becomes Grim Darkthorn to his death in chapter 11.

Then take what loose ends I left about the characters ion Westeros and continue the story with what happens after. Tie them up in whatever bow you like . (smiles)

One writer I will choose . email me your ideas revrobDumc and a chapter as an example. I will Post the Chapter I like and that writer will be my superstar .

I will be the one to post what you give me in its entirety.