Author's Notes

This is a continuation of Project Pseudonym's (PP) The Fallen Renegade, which itself is a rewrite (or inspired reboot; I do not really know, since the author does not say one way or another) of Shezza's The Denarian Renegade. Even though Shezza's Denarian series is complete and quite good, I prefer PP's take, since the Aries in the latter's story is more competent, and more important, much more charming, compared to Shezza's Aries, whose only manner of speech is bratty insults. However, there still are elements and plot points in Shezza's series, which I find appropriate, that I will likely incorporate into my story. Due to my immense enjoyment of PP's story, the lack of further story updates since 2013, as well as no one else taking up the duty to continue this brilliant story, I will do it (although co-writers are welcome to share the load). As such, my (ambitious, due to my academic and work commitments) plan is to finish The Fallen Renegade; and even though I will try to be faithful to PP's style of writing and extrapolate their plot points, as well as incorporating various details from Shezza's series, mentioned above, do not expect complete adherence to such. For example, while the story summary for PP's story states the pairing as Harry (Aries)/Fleur, anyone with a working synapse knows that there are other women (human and otherwise) who already have fallen and are falling into Aries' sphere of attraction; thus, the relationship that the Aries in my story will end up in is obviously a collective (a replacement term for 'harem' which I picked up from megamatt09).

Anyhow, that is my plan for The Fallen Renegade (continued).

Update (2019-05-12): If you go to my profile, you can see that the story I am paying the most attention to is Epic of the Triumvirate Dragonborn Conquerors (ETDC), a HP + ASoIaF crossover story. Considering my real life obligations, I underestimated how much energy I need to input to produce quality fanfiction. Do not worry, I definitely still want to work on this story, although the first chapter may not be published until later, hopefully June or July 2019.