A/N: Written before the release of Endgame for a fanfiction competition at college.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its characters.

A Strange Plan

In a dead deserted planet, a man with red cloak levitated, shaking violently while a green gem in his amulet glowed brightly. Five people watched him, waiting for his answer. The man's body stopped its spasms and dropped to the ground; others rushed to him.

"How many futures did you see?" Tony Stark asked the sorcerer.

"Millions," Dr Strange answered.

"And how many did we win in?" Spiderman asked.

Dr Strange looked them in the eye and said, "One."

The five glanced at each other to confirm if they all heard the same thing and turned back to Dr Strange.

"Tell us," Star-Lord said.

"We must hand the Time Stone to him," Strange replied.

"That's stupid, you're stupid," said Drax the Destroyer.

"It's the only way!" Strange insisted, "Thanos already has four stones; even with the Time Stone we stand no chance."

"Couldn't you just travel back to the past before he had any of those and defeat him?" Spiderman asked.

Strange shook his head, "That would cause a time paradox."

"What's a time paradox?" Mantis asked.

"A waste of time," Tony answered, "How does letting a mad alien overlord have all the Infinity Stones help us win?"

"There is a defect in the glove that Thanos doesn't know about, once he uses it his gauntlet will short-circuit-"

"Wait a sec! You want him to use it?" The Star-Lord asked.

"It's the only way, he can't be defeated right now but once his gauntlet is damaged it will be possible."

"Yes, if we survive his snap that is," Tony retorted.

"You will live," Dr Strange said.

"All of us?" Tony asked.

"Only you… and a purple cyborg lady about to join our battle against Thanos."

This obviously did not sit well with everyone.

"Great," The Star-Lord scoffed, "So we let the Mad Titan wipe half the universe – including most of us – then Stark defeats him and then what? Half the universe is still dead."

"Once Thanos is dead, the Infinity Stones can be used to undo all the damage Thanos did," Strange answered.

"Wait, wouldn't Mr Stark need Thanos' gauntlet for that?" Spiderman asked.

"Yes, which is why Mr. Stark and the cyborg lady will travel to Nidavellir where they will meet the dwarf who made the gauntlet and will make another, after Stark makes new arms for him and new suit for himself and upgrades for the cyborg with alien tech, then they will travel to Earth where he'll pick up the Avengers and a laser shooting blonde lady, and take them to planet Zen-Whoberi where they'll find Thanos. There the laser lady and Asgardian will put an end to Thanos with little help from the rest. Then Stark will use the Infinity Stones and restore all the people in the universe killed by Thanos."

"And this plan is guaranteed to work?" Tony asked.

"There are many things that can go wrong," Dr Strange conceded, "But this is the only plan with a real chance of success."

Despite Strange's insistence, no one was willing to believe that this as the only path available.

"Dr Strange, your plan is interesting but it sucks so why don't you leave the planning to me so that our plan doesn't suck," And so the Star-Lord told the group about his plan which everyone accepted because Thanos would arrive at any second, even Strange for he knew how this would end.

Once done with the planning, everyone dispersed to their positions but Strange lingered around Tony a bit longer.

"What now?" Tony asked Strange and Strange gave an answer that Tony would later wish he had never heard.

"There is something you must know about the Soul Stone."

The End.