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The gift

Quasimodo took his cloak and left by the front side of the church, descending carefully among the stones, gargoyles and other ornaments that helped him maintain balance. His big foots made a hollow sound as he landed safe. After making sure no one has noticed him, he began to move, limping as fast as his feet allowed him, in direction to the court of miracles. Why? Esmeralda was to marry Captain Phoebus, and that night was her "stag-party" as Clopin had called it. He of course was invited, and of course only was going out of respect, because to celebrate the pre-marriage of the girl whom his heart belonged to, wasn't exactly his idea of funny night.

When he finally arrived everything was settle up already. The tents, the carps, the large ribbons up in the ceiling, and the decorative flags representative of their culture. Everything was even prettier than the first time he had been there almost a year ago, with good reason: Now that Frollo was dead, nobody was hunting them anymore, so the romani people were able to make more money.

"Quasi, you're here" he heard to the distance, and from the crowd emerged the most perfect apparition, the finest girl in paris, with her beautiful hair tied up with a pink hair scarf.

"H-Hi" he said, smiling while avoiding her cheerful gaze.

"You've been distant these past months, I was worried you wouldn't come" She said maybe with a bit more kindness than she should. He felt a small pinch of pain in his chest, right in the heart.

"I… I have had a lot to do, i-i'm sorry" he said hesitant, not to say obviously lying. Even when he wanted to be supportive of his friend's romance, he couldn't help to feel sad upon the situation, because he was convinced that her was the only thing he could ever love, and this love would never be returned.

Esmeralda, oblivious to the boy's thoughts raised an eyebrow as she inquired:

"Is everything okay?"

"Oh… y-yes! yes, of course it is! happy stag-party" mumbled he, with forced joy. Quasimodo smiled a little and the romani woman seemed convinced.

"Well then" sighed she "come, sit back there the show will begin soon. I'll be back in a minute" after those words were spoken, she disappeared in the crowd. Quasimodo observed her leaving as he sat on a shared table. As soon as he fited himself on the bench, a familiar face pulled him closer to a group of drinking romanies.

"Hey, hunchback boy!" he said with a chuckle, cheerfully. Quasi was almost petrified by the surprise, and soon a hint of distrust appeared on his face. "How ya doin?" Clopin asked with a grin.

"I-I'm good, thank you" he muttered, slowly pulling back.

"So, are you waiting till the wedding, or will you tell her now?" he smiled mockingly to what the boy blinked innocently.


"What Clopin means is: will you confess your feelings or you're just letting her marry another man" Another guy finished, with drunk voice.

Quasimodo startled a bit, feeling his guts ache out nervousness. He looked aside.

"I-I… I don't…"

"C'mon boy, who do ya think you're fooling? It's so obvious that it's almost painful" the other man said, and they both shared a laugh as the misshapen boy lowered his gaze, shaking his head in negative.

"I won't tell her" sighed he, griefly.

The men previously addressed as Clopin looked upon him with a little pity, not to mention guilt for bringing up the subject in such a harsh way. This boy looked like a goddamn demon, but he was more sensitive than a little girl. It came to his mind the first moment he saw that hunched boy. He jumped from the top of Notre Dame, hanging to a rope directly to the burning pyre, risking his life in order to save Esmeralda. This creature had not even one evil hair on his entire body, and yet he was doomed to never feel the delightful love of a woman. Not fair.

Quasimodo deserved a small romance, even if it was prefabricated, even if it was just for one night... then it occurred to him what on his mind seemed like the most wonderful idea. Clopin searched in his pocket till he finally felt the rough paper.

"Aha!" he shouted, startling not only Quasi but the whole table."This right here boy, it's my gift to you! For saving our dear Esmeralda" he said as he pulled the red haired into a hug with one hand, and with the other held what it seemed a squared shaped paper of a bright red color with tiny hints of golden glow.

"L-La Maison de Plaisir?" Quasimodo read the letters that seemed to jump from the paper. Just the name itself sounded sort of… sinful. The romani man smiled broadly.

"Yes! This is a house of courtesans boy. Turn it around and read what it says!" he said almost shouting due to his excitement. the younger one obeyed promptly, turning the paper to read aloud, tutumbering a little.

""I-If the client request we shall go anywhere. Fulfilling y-your wishes is our command, and to satisfy your... desires?" Quasimodo gazed up to Clopin, who gave him a lusty look, and then the boy kept reading, awkwardly. "A-And to satisfy your desires our commitment. W-We are the dolls who make reality out of d-deliriant fantasies" once he finished, he frowned. "W-What is this?!" The misshapen creature was slightly confused, and a dash of red appeared on his cheeks.

"I think you know what it is"

"No" He gazed down again, a little embarrassed. It was true, he didn't know, but just the composition of the text remitted to the things Frollo always presented as sin. "A-Anyway, I can't accept it. Besides, h-how do you even have something like this?" he questioned in an attempt to divert the subject, but one part of him, was genuinely curious. It looked very expensive and as far as he knew, romani people didn't make that much of money.

"Someone dropped it on the street" he said simply, but at the same time, there was some sort of mischief in his tone. "I was saving it for later, but you need it more than me"

"I d-don't need this!" growled he, as ashamed as frustrated. Clopin took a deep breath, what stubborn creature, he thought. Never in his life had he seen a young man so determined to reject that sort of things.

"Look boy, the way I see this you can just reject it, or accept it and see what happens. That you call for one of them doesn't exactly mean that you have to... you know. Just send a letter asking for one; the courtesans are cultured woman, you'll be able to at least have a decent talk"

"Talk? a-about what?!" he exclaimed in horror. Just to speak with girls and make conversation out of nowhere was something that seemed more suitable for Phoebus, but not for him... never for him.

"Anything! think on a topic, drop the hint and she will do the rest. Seriously, it's the easiest thing in the world"

"P-Perhaps... for men like you" Quasi whispered, as he looked upon his gigantic hands, and with them he covered his face. "She'll scream when she sees me..."

"How can you be so sure about that?"

"Look at me!" he mumbled and Clopin sighed.

"Keep the ticket boy, and listen well. There are things that you're feeling right now that can no longer be kept bottled inside of you. And you know you won't speak about them with your friends because how could you explain them how painful it is to you that they're happy together. And you won't tell us, because how in the world would we understand you? My point is, there's a third option. You're holding it in the palm of your hand right now."

Those words kicked in pretty well, Clopin could tell just by Quasimodo's expression. He was changing his mind, but also feeling guilty about it.

"A-And... how would she know where am I?" he inquired shyly, and the gypsy's face glowed up.

"Do you know how to write?"

"umm a-a little, but mostly common tongue"

"That'll do" he came closer to Quasi's face as he whispered "Write the place you're at boy, it wont be difficult for them to find it, and then wait for her arrival...that's of course in case you use my small gift" he said almost mockingly.

That night Quasimodo went back to Notre Dame with a new idea tickling his mind, and a red-golden ticked on his pocket.


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