Kim and Ron were traveling out of their normal scope of Middleton on yet another assignment. Their friend Wade had told them that a group of their foes had actually teamed up and were plotting something most unpleasant. Well, let's be reasonable, even separated, the villains are always planning something unpleasant.

"It just doesn't feel right. I mean, all of our baddies teaming up, that just feels like trouble with a capital 'T!' I mean, I can't quite put my finger on it but it seems as though disaster follows when there's a villain team-up!" exclaimed Ron.

"Well that's stating the obvious," answered Kim as she pulled into the exit to enter the city where the villains were hatching their nefarious scheme. She found a place where she could park inconspicuously and without getting a ticket, and the two of them jumped out of her car and ran in the direction of the warehouse where the villains were allegedly gathered according to Wade's tracking.

Rufus stuck his head out of Ron's pocket and made some kind of squeaking sound. Rubbing his little paws together.

"Sorry little buddy, but we're not stopping for a snack right now, we've got some big fish to fry," Ron told his hairless pet. He didn't say anything out loud to Kim but he couldn't help but observe how the fog was rolling in, it almost seemed thick enough to get lost in. They climbed up to the roof and peered down a window to find a small ragtag group seemingly going over details.

"Drakken, Shego, Motor Ed, Duff Killigan, DNAmy and Gill. There's a group I never quite expected to see working together," Kim observed through her binoculars.

"Why do I feel as though someone's missing?" asked Ron, his eyes darting side to side.

"Perhaps because we knew you'd be trying to do a sneak attack!" said a rather familiar voice. The three heroes turned around and saw Monkey Fist, smiling ear to ear like a child who had just been promised a great amount of candy!

"My archenemy!" growled Ron.

"You knew we were coming?" asked a curious Kim.

"Aw yeah!" came another voice, once again the heroes forced themselves to turn around and see a large screen featuring the other villains who were downstairs. Clearly Motor Ed had been the one to announce their arrival.

"Yeh're always trying to git one hit ahead of us lassie! Well, we sliced yeh this time!" said Duff Killigan.

"Seriously, you're going with the golf puns?" asked an exasperated Shego.

"Well, it doesn't matter now, we've got Kim Possible and her idiotic sidekick right where we want them!" laughed Drakken.

"He has a name, it's Ronnie," pointed out Gill. Now Monkey Fist started right at the teens, his fists raised, he was ready to dish out pain between them. Now, Ron was afraid of monkey's, everyone knew that, but whenever Monkey Fist made himself known and tried to get the jump on them, he was ready, after all, he was also technically a Master of Monkey Kung Fu!

Ron jumped right in front of his archenemy and they began to fight. Rufus made a point to skedaddle out of Ron's pocket and run towards Kim, knowing that this would be a rather jumpy duel. Kim was capable of following their fight, after all, she had studied martial arts herself, but her attention was short-lived. The rest of the villains made their way to the roof!

"Shego! Get rid of Kim Possible!" demanded Drakken.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill!" replied Shego irritably. She ignited the green fire from her hands and rushed right at Kim. Once again, the two were at their most deadly fights, Kim knew all of Shego's moves, and could predict when and where she would strike.

Rufus decided to run right up to the other villains, believing he could take them by surprise and maybe do something useful against them. DNAmy must have predicted that because she sent her dog with lobster claws right at Rufus, laughing maniacally. Rufus was no stranger to DNAmy's unusual creations and faced the creature heads on.

But something happened that night that nobody there would ever forget. During their fight, Ron and Monkey Fist got a little too close to the edge of the building, and unfortunately, Ron put his foot right by Monkey Fist's attempting to trip his opponent, but that trip caused the two of them to fall down. Their screams caused everyone to turn around and quickly rush over in attempt to rescue them. But it was to no avail. All they saw was the fog that had now blanketed the area. All they heard was an incredibly loud splash in the dark river below.

Now Kim and Rufus were frightened. Ron was their best friend and more. He was now lost in some dark waterway, and there was almost no hope of trying to find him. But that didn't matter, they were going to try till their very bodies ached!

"The poor wee lad! Y'suppose he and Monkey Boy are still alive?" asked Duff.

"I'll gladly check it out!" offered Gill as he jumped into the water.

"Well, he should be okay, that's practically his element anyway," said DNAmy.

"Yeah, but those other two dudes may not stand a chance, I mean, that water was rough when we first came to this place! And it don't take a genius to tell you current don't stop at night!" exclaimed Motor Ed.

"Where's Kim Possible and that hairless rodent?" asked Drakken. Sure enough, Kim and Rufus were now gone. They had snuck off while the villains were having their discussion. Kim didn't jump into the water like Gill had. She just stuck Rufus into her pocket and made a point to get to the water's edge, using a flashlight to find any sign of Ron or even Monkey Fist. Her only interest in the latter was questioning him about where Ron might be. She then grabbed her Kimmunicator and got in touch with Wade.

"Wade! I need help, desperately!" exclaimed Kim.

"Kim, is everything okay? You sound as though you've actually lost a fight!" asked a nervous Wade.

"Ron and Monkey Fist fell into a terrible current. Those guys knew we were coming! I need you to contact my parents, Ron's parents, and maybe even my friend Monique and my grandmother and see if they can come over here and help me find Ron! It's incredibly dark, foggy and I can barely see a thing to save my life! Or more importantly in this matter, Ron's!" Kim ordered. Wade was already typing things in.

"Kim they're on their way! I'll even make a point to send drones out to aid in the search! Keep a positive mind! We'll find Ron somehow and he'll be alive!" Wade reassured her. Kim nodded, but she still felt a bad knot in her stomach as she continued searching for her boyfriend. Rufus peeked his head out of her pocket with a nervous look and made a sad squeaky sound.

"Don't worry Rufus, we'll find Ron, I don't know how, but we'll find him somehow! Let's just hope we find him before Gill does!" she reassured the little guy as she continued with her search.