Ron and Monkey Fist were still fighting each other, practically tooth and nail as the saying goes. The jerky movements of the truck as Gill drove didn't exactly fall in Ron's favor for that matter. But he fought hard, hard as he could. Due to his monkey feet, Monkey Fist found a way to grab onto the side of the truck's bed, and using that as an anchor, he punched Ron right in the gut. That caused some damage to Ron's suit and he lost his balance collapsing onto the bed of the truck.

Monkey Fist smiled a sinister smile as he stood over the blonde boy who considered him his archnemesis. Now, Ron was normally one who wasn't good in fights, despite the missions he had gone on with Kim, but he was never one to give up. Despite the pain he was in, he still looked Monkey Fist dead on, determination etched into his face. With great effort, he got himself up, shaking as he did.

"You just don't know when to quit! Do you Stoppable?" he jeered.

"Nope, my friend Kim taught me to keep fighting, even if the odds seem against you," Ron answered back. A horn honked at them and Gill just waved the guy by.

"You honestly thing the niceties are necessary!?" exclaimed Monkey Fist.

"I don't want anyone tailing us!" answered Gill.

"Hey! I just called the cops on you! You're gonna get jipped for what you're doing!" the driver of the passing UPS truck shouted at them.

"Fuck off asshole!" exclaimed Gill. The driver continued on his way but unbeknownst to him, Kim was hanging on the back of his truck, and timing herself correctly, she somersaulted onto the truck.

"You're not going to hurt my friend again you son of a bitch!" she shouted.

"What is it with you teenagers! Can't you just let an evil genius do his job!" exclaimed Monkey Fist.

"No! We do that, this world would be in a horrible situation!" she answered venomously. Just as they were passing a construction site, Monkey Fist jumped off and started to run.

"You're pulling over!" Ron shouted at Gill.

"Make me Ronnie!" laughed Gill. Using whatever strength his suit was giving him, Ron reached over, forced the car door open, jumped onto the side board and punched Gill right in the face. That caused Gill to let go of the wheel. Now, despite Ron not having a driver's license, he grabbed the wheel and turned the car to the side of the road, Kim was overly grateful that there weren't any cars near them as they fell into a ditch. If Kim hadn't been in such great shape, and Ron weren't wearing his suit, they would've both been unconscious at that point.

Ron's suit did take most of the impact, so it was in pretty bad shape, but he just got up, one last time, and ran right where Monkey Fist was. Kim watched him go, she had flipped off the truck and now stood by the truck that was now on its side with Gill inside. She ran over to see that the fish boy was still in his seat, the seat belt and air bags had done their job keeping him alive, if unconscious from both Ron's punch and the impact of the crash. Deciding he would be alright without supervision; Kim ran off in Ron's direction.

Ron was still running after Monkey Fist who had taken command of a large tractor on the site and was attempting to drive away with it. But Ron wasn't about to give up easily, he still had one trick up his sleeve. He went up for higher ground, he grabbed his grappling hook, and getting it latched onto some framework he looked straight upon his archenemy.

"Oh no Monkey Fist, you're not getting away that easily!" he swung over to where Monkey Fist was having difficulty getting the tractor to move any faster than it was designed for. He grabbed the man monkey around the waist and with a mighty heave pulled him away and they fell down on some large rubber waste in a heap.

"What are you? Punishment from God?" Monkey Fist asked Ron as he looked at the exhausted teenager just as sound of sirens blaring could be heard.

"You could say that," answered Ron with a grin. But his grin didn't last very long. Kim was the first to the scene, she waved down the police officers and the EMT's who had come over because they were told of the dangerous activities that some individuals were participating in on this stretch of highway.

The first officers surrounded the two foes and were quick to arrest Monkey Fist. An EMT came over to check on Ron. He was understandably confused to see Ron wearing a robotic suit. Kim came over hoping she could shed light on the subject to save her boyfriend.

"What's with the suit?" the EMT asked.

"It was supposed to protect him, give him strength, I think he used it up, I knew he wasn't up for this!" she exclaimed. Ron looked over at Kim. He was beaten, bruised, weakened, he had nothing left.

"Goodbye, Kim," he said weakly before he went unconscious. Kim felt as though time had fallen completely still. There were still sirens going on, cars driving up, for all she knew it was their families. But that didn't matter.

"No!" she screamed, as she helped the EMT remove Ron's suit and shirt so a defibrillator could be applied. The EMT did the job his training permitted him to do.

"C'mon Ron, c'mon," Kim panted. Hoping against her very instincts that Ron would be alright. Their families arrived, Ann insisting on offering her help. Because of her medical background, she was allowed to kneel beside Ron. Ron's parents stood right behind getting close to the point of hysteria which was why they were held back.

Kim looked upon Ron's face, tears beginning to stream down her face. She remembered back when they were kids. Ron was often scared of bullies; he wasn't exactly the best at standing up for himself at the time. She would often calm him down by gently holding his hand and saying: "Ron as long as I'm around, I would never let anyone hurt you." Now it felt as though she had failed in that promise. She buried her face into her father's chest, soaking his shirt with whatever came out of her mouth, nose and eyes.

"Kim! Look at this!" Ann called out. Kim turned around to see Ron opening his eyes. Those close to him held their breaths.

"Hey guys," he said, albeit weakly. Kim rushed over to his side, she was still weeping, but at least now she had a smile on her face.

"Ron! You're alive!" she exclaimed.

"Well, I barely made it, your granddad say's hi," he replied. Rufus was now weeping tears of joy.

"Get this kid to the hospital, and make sure the life supports are running, he's not out of the woods yet," Anne ordered.

The next week, Ron was once again attending school in a wheelchair, and wearing casts on both of his legs, and a small one on his left arm. Principal Barkin, was still surprisingly nice to Ron. Now that Ron could talk again, he was able to have proper conversations. People cheered him because they saw him as a hero, often asking if they could sign one of his casts, and he just enjoyed the popularity, the big ham.