Book 4: G

Chapter 35: A sniper in Mid-town. Shaw remembers something important.

November 28, 2020


Welcome ! Book 4 is starting. We're moving forward from the end of Saving the Saviors to newer adventures with the members of Team Machine. They've arrived intact, though that's not to say that all is well...

Book 4 begins with Reese, who's found it within himself to allow some help. He's been guided to someone who knows what it takes to be a Warrior, someone who understands the choices he made - and who uses unorthodox methods to reach and re-interpret the trauma. But, only Reese can choose if he's ready to begin the healing path.

The D.C. Team returns, minus one, just in time to help with a new case. Root and Shaw are up to their necks in it already.

Lionel is a little worse for wear from his last run-in with Greer's soldier-elite.

And the Machine notices something different about Harold lately.

Author's preface:

As usual, just a bit of orientation for those who might want it. This is the fourth book of a series that began with Saving the Saviors. Think of that one as bookends around Pointillist and Pointillist 2 (P2).

It jumped back and forth in time between the years 2014 and late 2016. Book 1 imagined a different ending to the TV series, and it showed, instead, what it would take to bring back the people we loved from all the losses they'd suffered. Book 1 brought back characters from the show in expanded roles, and it introduced a few new ones to help with the plot.

We all knew that there was such richness to this story, so many chapters left unwritten. So, Saving the Saviors was the first step in erasing that ending, and visualizing a better world where these characters could move on, together.

Welcome to G, the next helping of the feast.

In continuing deep love and appreciation for the ground-breaking work of the original show, and all of those who made it so unique. Let's keep going.

March, 2019

Table of Contents

Part 1:

Chapter 1: Introduction, Table of Contents and Works cited

Chapter 2: on his way

Chapter 3: The dark and the cold

Chapter 4: too deep; what was he going to do? (rated T)

Chapter 5: flight; not over

Chapter 6: night sky; familiar somehow; a killer

Chapter 7: For a long time, he drifted (rated T); open his eyes, and see

Chapter 8: It's you; Don't question the mission (rated T); beginning to seep in

Chapter 9: Familiar; the ring; moving meditation; two could play at that game; the Way... is the Way...

Part 2:

Chapter 10: something very new; "Bless your heart."; Too bad about him; "We'll be okay."

Chapter 11: men in black; unruly step-child; They just had to get there;

Chapter 12: through the pain; cover; Blood; two of our Team; until night time;

Chapter 13: gagged; refuge in the Bronx;

Chapter 14: sniper?; back off; who the hell was she?; leave it for the police;

Chapter 15: nowhere; under the overpass; incoming wounded; 222

Chapter 16: or something brute force; as he waited for wounded; she was aware;

Chapter 17: Predator. Prey nearby (rated T).

Chapter 18: expecting him; eyes of the doe;

Part 3:

Chapter 19: two guests; Two a second

Chapter 20: the friends I told you about; number three;

Chapter 21: "No worse, Mr. Reese."

Chapter 22: the choices he'd made (rated T for adult situations);

Chapter 23: Her first day. (rated T)

Chapter 24: Maybe she was supposed to bow. (mild language)

Chapter 25: Right there in his eyes; Acceptance; slow and steady (rated T);

Chapter 26: A heavy burden, indeed; sight-line;

Chapter 27: vintovka, rifle

Chapter 28: all in white (rated T for adult situations);

Chapter 29: waking up wounded; "Take it easy, Big Guy"; "Coffee, Mr. Reese?"

Chapter 30: crack the silence; "...that won't be you..."; He was sure the Machine had noticed; So near, too far.

Chapter 31: "This is important"; a metal locker

Chapter 32: Quite the show they had tonight; "when this is all over"; third row; Yana could feel it;

Chapter 33: More than a mile; "Find them!"; worth it; He already knew who it would be;

Chapter 34: wobbly; Big Dope; Lamb; A few steps away;

Chapter 35: All that remains; pick them off; that kind of skill

Works Cited

Music and other works important in this story will be cited here, for your own journey. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: in on his way, Reese had already received this book as a gift from Jules, to help him re-connect with his authentic self and the Warrior's Way. It re-surfaces again in G:

Kaufman, Stephen. The Martial Artist's Book of Five Rings, Tuttle Publishing, 1994.

And, look for the line across the page to queue this short, beautiful instrumental, from Paul Simon:

Simon, Paul."In The Garden of Edie." Stranger to Stranger, Concord Records, 2016

Chapter 3: in The dark and the cold, Reese makes a return visit to Jules before she leaves, and she plays this in the background during her session with him. It is an example of Alpha brainwave entrainment:

Walder, Russel. "Wisdom Calls When the Wall Falls." Bruce Lipton's Music for a Shift in Consciouness, Sounds True, 2011

Chapter 4: in what was he going to do?, Reese relives a harrowing time in the Rangers. It is stuck inside him, swirling around him like the snake in this music, haunting:

Walder, Russel. "Walking Among the Snakes." Bruce Lipton's Music for a Shift in Consciouness, Sounds True, 2011

Chapter 5: in flight, Jules must go after Reese as he descends into darkness. She uses the sounds of this piece to help her reach him in time:

Kater, Peter. "Echo Inside." Resonance, New Earth Records, 2016.

and in not over, Reese wakes to find himself in Jules' living room, rescued. As she watches him recover from his haunting memory, she begins to see what needs to be done. Share the resonance of that moment with them in this piece, from Peter Kater, too:

Kater, Peter. "One Flame." Resonance, New Earth Records, 2016.

Chapter 6: in a killer, Jules uses this music again to help Reese find the truth. It brings all of us to the Cascades, canoeing in a mountain stream at night:

May, Daniel. "Calm The Mind." Solitudes Calm the Mind, Somerset Entertainment Ltd., 2006

Chapter 17: in Predator. Prey nearby. You can feel the desperation in this music from the soundtrack of Luther, how it creates that tension in the fight scene. I see so many parallels between the characters of Reese and Luther. Wait until you get to the line across the page to queue this short piece. By the brilliant:

Englishby, Paul. "Carnage." Luther (Songs and Score from Series 1,2,3), Silva, 2013.

Chapter 18: in expecting him, we travel with Reese into his past, finding the threads of who he was then. This first piece is the musical backdrop for his memory of this time. Wait until you see the line across the page to queue the second familiar piece. It is theme music for his encounters in the deep woods. And then, in eyes of the doe, we begin to see a little more about a mysterious being who has appeared to him through time. This piece takes us to the Cascades, where Reese discovers something he'd given up ever having. And if you'd like to read the same book that young Katie reads to Reese, here it is. He has much more to learn but he is taking his first steps on the path:

May, Daniel. "Stream of Consciousness." Solitudes Calm the Mind, Somerset Entertainment Ltd., 2006

May, Daniel. "Calm The Mind." Solitudes Calm the Mind, Somerset Entertainment Ltd., 2006

May, Daniel. "The Cascades." Solitudes Calm the Mind, Somerset Entertainment Ltd., 2006

Egawa, Keith. Tani's Search for the Heart, CreateSpace, March, 2013

Chapter 22: in the choices he'd made, Root recalls the tumultuous relationship with Sameen. Wait for the line across the page to queue this great piece from Alternative singer, Cat Power. Love that amazing guitar sound, too:

Power, Cat. "Dark End of the Street." Dark End of the Street - EP, Matador, 2008

Chapter 28: in all in white, Root has a disturbing vision. This piece was the background music to writing the second half of this chapter. If you can listen to this rendition - from the album instead of her solos on YouTube, you will hear the background voices, the percussion, and the waver-y sounds that give it its impact. I can't stop listening to this one. Wait until you see the line across the page to queue this devastatingly haunting piece by singer/songwriter:

Joan as Police Woman. "Forever and a Year." The Deep Field, Liberator Music, 2011.

Chapter 30: in so near, too far, Harold recalls his Christmas trip to Rome two years ago, when he showered Grace and the children with gifts, watching from afar, wishing he could make things right again. This piece seems so perfect for this memory. Please enjoy this gorgeous voice:

Fabian, Lara. "Love By Grace." Lara Fabian, Columbia, 1999

Chapter 31: in "This is important", Reese reunites with a trusted friend again, and their brief meeting speaks volumes about their relationship. Enjoy this wonderful collaboration from Sting and Melody Gardot:

Gardot, Melody. "Little Something." Sunset in the Blue, Verve, 2020.

Chapter 34: in Just a few steps away, Harold dreams of the moment two years before when he first re-united with Grace, after her capture and psychological torture by Greer. When he awakens from his dream, he finds a special gift sent to him on his laptop. Watching in the background, the Machine learns the meaning of the expression it couldn't decipher before. This duet by Swedish jazz singer, Ida Sand, with Nils Landgren captures the tenderness and the uncertainty of Harold's thoughts. Wait until you see the final line across the page of this chapter to queue this beautiful duet:

Sand, Ida. "If You Don't Love Me." My Soul Kitchen (with Stockholm Underground) [feat. Nils Landgren], ACT music, 2018.

Chapter 35: in All that remains, Yana is revealed to be the Russian sniper sent to New York for her next mission. On the battlefield in Crimea, she proved herself to her Team, and to the Russian President. Jesse Cook creates the mood on the battlefield with his wonderful guitar work, and that haunting violin:

Cook, Jesse. "All That Remains." Free Fall, Narada Productions, Inc., 2000.