I know this story is G rated, but there is going to be a situation where Ladybug is staring at Chat's butt. Innocent enough, right? Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter! This is a little redemption after having not updated for over a month before chapter 6 was posted.

Once Marinette was sure that Chat wasn't coming back, she gave a huge sigh of relief.

"Well that ended better than expected…" Tikki commented with a sly smile. "But your plan to ask Master Fu is pretty much useless now that he knows…"

"Only if messing everything up and finally being rejected by Adrien was your expectation!" The girl groaned into her hands loudly in frustration. "I-I don't even know what I'm going to tell him, he's sure to have questions about how I figured everything out."

Tikki looked to her holder with sympathy. It wasn't too surprising that Marinette was unable to conceal Adrien's identity for very long, as she could hardly talk to Adrien normally without practically spilling her entire brain to the poor boy. "We can talk about what you'll tell him later, don't worry too much about it right now. Honestly, I don't see a problem with you having told Adrien. I had a feeling you weren't going to be able to keep it a secret for very long anyways."

Marinette gave a hard frown as she packed a few cookies into her purse. "This was all caused because I can't manage to keep it together around Adrien, I'm just such a mess. I thought I was starting to get it more under control now that I know he's Chat, but I still say such stupid things…"

Tikki smiled warmly. "You couldn't have predicted that Chat would be Adrien, so there's no reason to blame yourself. I know it's going to be hard working with him as Ladybug, but you can't give Chat any indication that you know his identity, or any indication that you're Marinette. Marinette and Ladybug both finding out his identity at the same time would be far too coincidental…"

Marinette gave a hesitant but firm nod. "I'm not going to mess it up this time, I promise. So long as he stays as Chat, I shouldn't have a problem interacting with him." Marinette looked to her Kwami eagerly.

"Are you ready?"


"Tikki, spots on!"

Adrien rushed into the school, only to find that the main entrance was completely vacant. He ran around looking for the akuma, and eventually came upon two figures standing closely next to each other. Their heads tore in the direction of Chat as he flew in, immediately jumping into combative stances.

One of the figures wore a dark cloak with a hood that concealed the majority of her features, aside from a golden masquerade type mask that covered her eyes. In her hand was a long staff that housed a blade at the end of it. The other was a girl dressed quite elaborately in a princess gown along with a scepter. Alya had said that only one person was akumatized, but it was hard telling which one it was from sight alone.

Chat grinned as he placed one hand to his hip and leaned on his staff with the other. "I'm sorry to break the news to you ladies, but the renaissance ended 600 years ago…"

The fancily dressed girl smiled playfully. "Your little jokes don't intimidate me pussy cat. You can call me Majesty, and that's your majesty to you."

Chat looked at her strangely and laughed. "I'd sooner claw my throat out than call you that. I think I'll call you Travesty instead, that's a much more fitting name."

Majesty's face turned red at Chat's mockery of her name. "You'll comply with me soon enough, once I have your miraculous!"

The leather cladded super hero sneered at her brazen words as he jumped into action, taking a running leap at Majesty. He aimed the end of his staff at her with full force as he went into a landing, but was stopped by the other person that resided next to her. Metal clashed against metal as Majesty's defender blocked Chat's attack with her own staff.

"Pussy cat, meet the head of my royal guard, Sorceress."

Chat could tell that his opponent also possessed super strength, as he was finding it difficult to maintain a constant force against her.

"Introductions are nice and all, but I'd rather discuss goals here. I know you're after Chloe and Adrien, and I hear you have a crush on the model boy?"

"We can talk about that later." Sorceress said, Chat hearing her voice for the first time. He hastily jumped back out of the attack when his arms started to feel weak from the constant force. He felt anxious at the thought of the two attackers potentially getting the upper hand on him.

Sorceress followed Chat up with another swipe of her weapon. He dodged, but the struggle quickly turned into a sparring match as Chat defended against her continued assault. Majesty aimed her weapon at Chat from the side lines, and several dark beams shot out at him.

A strange 'eep!' escaped Chat's throat as he desperately tried to manage the two-fronted attack directed at him.

Majesty laughed at Chat's awkward body maneuvers as he tried to defend and dodge at the same time. "Your dancing is great Pussy Cat, I'll be sure to turn you into my personal Jester!"

"This is so unfair…" Chat mumbled through gritted teeth.

After a while, Chat was beginning to feel fatigued. He found a brief moment to vault away from them, Majesty still trailing his path as beams came dangerously close to making contact with his body. Just when he thought he was a safe distance from his attackers while continuing to dodge Majesty's attacks, Sorceress came rushing in at him with her blade reaching out to the hero's form.

"Time to meet your end!" Sorceress yelled with a crazed expression on her face that sent chills up Chat's back.

In a move of desperation, Chat extended his staff straight into the air and traveled up to the ceiling with it. On the way up, he nervously watched the blade close in on the position where he was formerly standing only seconds ago, along with a look of pure frustration settling in on Sorceress's face. He angled himself carefully to land at the entrance of a nearby hallway door.

"I'm out of here!" Chat exclaimed as he teetered forward. The hero made his mark and tumbled through the doors in a triumphant roll. As the door closed behind him, the inertia from his fall continued to propel his body several meters more than expected down the hallway. He knew this was not going to be a pretty or graceful landing, but it would have to do. This escape was a victory of its own, even if the execution faltered a bit.

The boy skidded to a halt, his body having contorted in strange ways during his perilous flight. His world was now inverted, and nothing but his own rear end and the face of a pretty girl stared back at him from above.

That pretty girl was Ladybug, who wore a look full of pity for her unfortunate partner. At the sight of her partners… position, she couldn't help the thoughts that came to mind.

"That's definitely Adrien's butt alright…" She would know, considering how often she looked at it.

"Just the pretty lady I wanted to see!" He proclaimed joyfully, earning a very unusual blush from her that made the boy absolutely smitten.

"Trigger happy with the compliments, as usual…"

This was going to be hard acting like everything was the same between the two, especially when Chat was such a flirtatious kitten. Marinette decided to just maintain her normal demeanor towards the boy.

"Did the kitty get kicked out by his owners?" Ladybug said teasingly, offering her partner a helping hand.

"I didn't get kicked out, but they sure owned me alright…" Chat grumbled. He took Ladybug's hand and dusted himself off.

Chat turned to look Ladybug in the eye, which elicited an unexpected reaction from the girl.

She couldn't help but to avert her gaze as another blush stained her cheeks.

"Is something wrong, M'lady? Are you still upset about yesterday?" he promptly asked with care while maintaining eye contact with her.

Ladybug gulped. The sweetness and concern emitting from his voice made her heart thump loudly in her chest. Of course, she knew there was no way to prevent the physical reactions of her body knowing that this was Adrien she was talking to, and Adrien who was absolutely in love with her… a love that she had turned down on numerous occasions.

She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. "Not really upset, more just stumped at how you managed to get me to kiss you yesterday." She feigned a grin.

"Clearly my unmasked face was irresistibly handsome." He said, giving a tantalizing smirk along with a suggestive wave to his eyebrows. "If I kissed you again, I'm sure I could make you remember."

"Tempting, but save it for another time Kitty."

"Tempting?" Chat thought. She'd never said that before when he suggested they kiss…

Before he could think about it any further, Ladybug spoke again. "Let's go, it's time to teach this akuma a lesson for giving you a thrashing."

The cat hero tilted his head affectionately and smiled. "A princess fighting for her knight's honor? What a way to twist the Fairy Tale!" Chat said sarcastically.

"In this story, the bad guys never knew what hit em'." Ladybug said as she readied herself in front of the door, peering to Chat with a look of defiance. "On the count of three, we charge in."


"This seems like a plan I would come up with…"

"2…" Ladybug rolled her eyes.

"I like it."


Both invaded the room in the blink of an eye, only to find that Majesty and sorceress were gone.

"And now they're gone!" Chat said, scanning the room.

"Where do you think they went off to?" Ladybug asked.

"Well, they're apparently after Chloe and Adrien Agreste-"

"Adrien!?" Ladybug exclaimed, interrupting Chat's sentence.

Chat was startled by the urgency of the question- or was it a statement? He couldn't tell. "Um, yes? Alya told me that the akumatized girl is in love with him. Why do you sound shocked?"

Ladybug gave a very awkward laugh while fumbling with one of her pigtails. She knew this was no time to be making Chat question her, so she quickly racked her mind for a good reason.

"I-I uh, well, I ran by Alya on the way over here. She mentioned the akuma being after Adrien, and where he went off too. Maybe they're heading there!" Ladybug explained rather quickly. Soon after her words, she came to a startling realization.

Marinette, who was currently moonlighting as a superhero, was no longer located at her home like Chat most certainly thought.

"Great" she detestably thought.

The heroine quickly thought of an excuse to correct her words. "Actually, never mind, the akuma probably doesn't even know where Adrien is anyways!"

Ladybug's explanation didn't exactly answer why she sounded so frantic, but Chat decided there was no time to pursue the topic any further. Protecting Marinette, if the akuma happened to have discovered his civilian identities whereabouts, was far more important.

"We can't take that risk LB, the akuma might have an ability that allows it to gain information from people." He explained.

"Yeah, your right Chat…" Ladybug meekly agreed. "Adrien is apparently at the bakery across the street from here."

There was no escaping having to go to her house first. Even if the akuma did go there, it would be her job to protect the civilians who it was targeting. The problem was, neither of the civilians who were supposed to be there, were going to be there…