Chapter 1

Starting of Canon

And so, the days passed, until it was the 1st of September, Age 749.

The day I was waiting for the last decade arrived at last, in the form of Bulma driving, the car. I was practicing my katas when I heard the unmistakable voice of an engine. I sensed a person driving her car at high speed despite the fact that this was a mountain road. I instantly knew that the canon has started and so I calm my breath and prepared my mind for the whirlwind adventure. A grin formed on my face by just thinking about it.

I also stopped my practice to enjoy the show. Now only if I had popcorn, it would have been amazing. On one hand, I could stop it but meh…. Even I need some entertainment from my boring and dull life. Moreover, this would be enough payback for all those times when Goku angered me but I could not o anything about it. I conveniently forgot the times when I beat Goku in our spars.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Goku hauling a large fish when he got hit by a fast-moving car. Goku and the fish went flying. Goku easily got up and became scared after seeing the car, mistaking it for a beast whereas Bulma sighed in relief when she noticed him alive.

"Y….You surprised me" She exclaimed.

Now Goku was angry. He said "You evil beast! You are trying to steal my food, aren't you?"

I had to stifle a laugh when he mistook the car for a beast. Damn, I had watched this episode in my previous life many times, but seeing it live was totally another experience.

Now the car looked really heavy and even Goku had a hard time lifting it

"Gugugig..! I won't let you get away with that," He said and with that Goku lifted the car and threw it away.

It landed a few meters away. 2 tires of the car instantly came away while its body pummeled. I winced as Bulma let out a shriek and moaned probably in pain when the car hit the ground. I probably should have warned Goku, but for the 'sake' of the canon, I didn't. Plus it was hilarious. I couldn't believe I was watching the scene play out.

As Bulma started crawling out of her damaged car, Goku pulled out his Power Pole from his back and challenged the 'beast'

"If you want my food, come and fight me," He said. I let loose another laugh at that.

Bulma came out of the car and angrily exclaimed, "How dare you monster?"

My jaw dropped. The show hadn't done her justice. Or maybe it was different seeing her in real life rather than as a cartoon. Or maybe puberty was striking fast and hard on my 13-year-old body. Actually, I don't know what actually my exact age is as it is never mentioned in the canon. It gets all confusing too. We just celebrate our birthday on October 1. So according to that, we were actually 12 years and 11 months old.

In any case, I couldn't look away. Her skin was flawless, her hair was the most dazzling shade of blue braided as a ponytail, and her legs went on forever. Even in her dress, her figure was breathtaking. I haven't seen a girl in a year. Last time my body wasn't responding that much by seeing a female. Does it mean puberty has already arrived? I unconsciously moved in her direction.

When he saw Bulma, Goku was really surprised "Huh? There's a weird goblin coming out of the beast". It took me out of my musing and sent me into another frenzy of laughter.

Bulma heard that and came out guns blazing and firing at him. Which brought to question how a sixteen-year-old gets a gun in this world? Well, it was probably the perk of being rich. Since I realized she was going to shoot, I dodged the bullets in my way and kicked the gun out of her dainty hands. Still, Goku got hit by a stray bullet. It didn't do anything other than causing him some pain.

"What was that? Black goblin magic?!" Goku said ignorantly, holding his head in pain.

Bulma was clearly surprised by us, as I was able to dodge the bullets and Goku had tough skin that even bullet couldn't penetrate. "Yikes! What are you guys? How aren't you dead? How did you dodge those bullets and kick the gun out of my hand?" Bulma said properly shocked.

"I just can move faster than your mere bullets," I said flatly.

Goku got up now quite angry, "Don't be stupid! I'd never die that easy. My body is as hard as steel"

"And you would have two kids' dead at your hand, so you should be glad we're alive," I said seriously, noticing how she could have killed 2 normal kids.

"Now foul demon, prepare to die! Baali, let's end this evil goblin!" He said raising his Power Pole.

Before he could strike her, I used my hand to block his attack. I hid a wince when the power pole connected my hand. Goku wasn't pulling any punches "Goku, you dunce! She's not a goblin. She's human" I said

Bulma was nodding rapidly, hoping she wasn't going to end up dead.

I turned to Bulma and said, "You should consider yourSelf lucky that we can resist and dodge your bullets. If any of it had managed to hurt us, I would have had to hurt you in return" I seriously said leaking a little killing intent hoping she would understand the gravity of the situation. She nodded rapidly. Her face was white as snow.

I sighed and stopped leaking killing intent, feeling bad about threatening a teen but I wanted to nip it in a bud. "Let this be a lesson to you, lady. Those who threaten violence will often be met with violence. Had you pulled that act with anyone else with our skills, you'd likely be in very big trouble right now"

She gulped. "Umm…. Yeah! Sorry about that. Thanks for not killing me or anything" She said feeling relieved

"Human…? Is it really a human?" Goku said curiously still digesting the fact that she was human.

Bulma was confused at his question "Isn't it obvious? Have a good look! See" She said emphasizing her chest.

'Oh, I have every intention of 'seeing' her' I thought lecherously, my anger gone in an instant.

Bulma was around 5'5 in height. She wore the same dress as the canon. An orange dress on which BULMA was written in blue capital letters, the frock which barely covered her butt and left her long legs open to see, blue sneakers and purple socks. She had a red ribbon on her head too. All in all, she was cute, in the process of becoming a sexy girl.

Goku seems to be curious as he moves around her, zipping around and looking about.

"Forget about me are you two even human?" She asked called out snapping me out of my daze. I quickly regained my cool, fighting down certain… physical reactions so I wouldn't embarrass mySelf.

"Of course we are" Goku replied "You don't seem like me and Baali. You are soft and weak-looking"

"Of Course I am a delicate girl"/ "Of Course Goku, she is a girl" Bulma and I said to him simultaneously.

Goku had mild surprise on his face and Bulma was relieved. However, she looked mad at me for not telling him sooner.

"Oh! I've never seen a human before other than Baali and my grandpa" Goku said distracting Bulma. When she looked at me, I waved my hand "Hey don't look at me, I used to go to the village with Grandpa. I know how a girl looks. Only Goku is so ignorant. Even though he has already seen a girl, he probably doesn't remember it"

I thought lecherously the first day I went with Grandpa Gohan, to the nearby village town which was actually quite far. We were just 4-5 years old. It was just a year and a few months after I woke up in this world. Grandpa didn't want to leave us behind feeling we will injure ourselves. He wasn't wrong though.

On that day I learned that chicks really dig at cute kids. I took full advantage of that day, groping and taking a feel of every woman I came across. Grandpa was so humiliated at the end of the day. He had to apologize to half a dozen women. Women were totally ignorant of my wandering hands. They just looked at my cute face and became mesmerized by it. I was so busy in the memory that I missed half of the next conversation.

He later learned of my lecherous nature when I was some 7-8 years old. He was always confused about how I got so perverted when he wasn't.

"My grandpa always said if I ever met a girl, I should be nice to her" Goku said taking me out of my thoughts

Bulma said winking at us "That sounds like good advice. See?! You have got to be nice to me now!"

"That only applies to nice girls, not ones that try to kill you," I said with extreme sarcasm in my tone.

"So you both live with your Grandpa then?" She asked changing the subject. I raised my eyebrow at the blatant change in the subject. It was not subtle at all. Who does she think, she is fooling. I then remembered 13-year-old boys are not that attentive. Even Goku can be easily distracted. And we looked like fucking 9-10-year-olds.

Goku became depressed at hearing her question. I answered in his stead.

"Grandpa just died some time ago. We don't talk about it" I said in a somber voice.

Thankfully Bulma had some tact as she didn't ask to elaborate.

In the meantime Goku became curious. He used his power pole to hike up Bulma's skirt to see if she had a tail. Bulma scolded him for doing that, screaming she doesn't have a tail. It really reminded me how much a jerk Bulma can be at times. Still, it was funny when Goku said ignorantly "Girls don't even have tails?"

This time I was able to control my laugh and said "No Goku they don't. But let's treat her as a guest anyway" and after that I turned to Bulma "C'mon, let's get you some food" I said with a smile.

I told Goku to haul the fish. In the meantime, Bulma remarked how lame Goku was for wearing a fake tail. I usually keep my tail under my clothes wrapping it around my waist so she didn't know that I had a tail. While I would have agreed with her if it was true but it wasn't. Still, it doesn't mean I had to listen to her making fun of my little brother.

"You know I heard that" I snapped at her. She shut up at once.

Goku agreed to eat while Bulma remarked, once more opening her big mouth "As long as that's all you do…"

"Hmph! pervert" I muttered under my breath.

"Did that beast catch you or something?" Goku asked naively starting a conversation for which I was grateful. I hated awkward silences.

"That wasn't a beast. It was a car" She replied back

"I heard about cars from grandpa but this is what they look like? They look great but they are weak!" He remarked

"You both are very strong for someone so tiny," She remarked back.

I felt a little bit insulted by that comment but naïve Goku replied proudly anyway "Grandpa trained us from an early age. Oh! If you were riding that car, are you from the city?" He excitedly asked her.

She smiled at us thinking about something. I knew she was thinking of using us but if my plans worked it will be the other way around. I definitely won't hesitate to use this to my advantage.

"Yeah, anyways are you both Twins?" She asked as we were making our way to the house.

"You only took so little time to notice that. Can't you guess it by yourSelf?" I asked her with my voice dripping with sarcasm. Bulma's eyes twitched at hearing my comment although she controlled herself much to surprise. I was really surprised by that. I didn't know she could control any of her emotions.

It wasn't so difficult to see the similarities between Goku and me. I had a little bit less baby fat than Goku. Sure he trained but he did the bare minimum whereas I worked my ass off. How do you think I became so strong? I and Goku together could keep up with Grandpa Gohan when we spared for the last time. But only when, we both teamed up against him. Still, I knew he never fought with full strength and probably went easy on us. But we made it difficult for him to go easy as I definitely didn't pull any punches.

Either that or his age was catching up to him. Now I just sparred with Goku as an exercise. Yes, you heard it correct I was quite a bit more strong than Goku. If I had to guess, I would be between 45 and 50 if Goku was 42 (according to the canon). Then again maybe Goku was stronger than his canon counter-part because of my meddling.

I was only an inch taller than Goku with a diagonal scar on my left cheek that was present from the start since I got in this world. According to Grandpa Gohan, I got that scar when I fell in a ravine with Goku. I was already certain that it was also the time I got reincarnated in this body.

It was approximately 18 months ago when Grandpa died. In these 18 months, Goku has driven me mad. I tried to convince him that 4 Star Dragon Ball was not grandpa but he would not listen to me. Apparently, the first thing he found on the day after his rampage was that dragon ball. He was convinced that Grandpa's soul somehow transferred into that orb. He made a pedestal for the Dragon ball even when I tried to convince him otherwise.

In the end, I admitted defeat and let him be. Just this morning he told the ball that he was going to go to catch some food. The ball even glowed.

I was hoping that it meant it was the start of the canon but I didn't put my hopes up. The brat even told me that it was a sign of Grandpa talking to us.


It was another day on Mount Paozu. Goku and I were chopping woods after cutting it from a large tree. We trained a bit after that. Knowing that our stomach will make itSelf known soon, I ended the spar, even if I wanted to fight more. Goku was just going hunting some game after grabbing his Power Pole. We had an accord. Whenever he would hunt, I would cook it and vice versa.

Still most of the time he would hunt as I cooked tastier food, the secret was just ingredients. I used some spices whereas he didn't.

He joined his hand and said after bowing to the dragon ball "Grandpa I am going to catch some food"

That's when the Dragon Ball glowed and while Goku thought it was his grandpa speaking to him. I knew it could mean the start of the canon but I wasn't so optimistic. Still, there was a part of me that wanted it to be true. In truth, I have gotten very bored from living in the wilderness with only Goku as company. I wanted some adventure in my life.

"Baali, Grandpa's speaking to us! What do you think he's saying?" Goku asked turning to me.

I thought of what to say until "Maybe it's the call of destiny today" slips out of my mouth.

"Wow, really! Well, we could go get something to eat then, huh?" Goku said innocently enough. I don't think he even understood the meaning of the sentence.

I decided against joining him on his way to the forest. I knew Bulma could be coming and considered what was going to happen. If Bulma showed up while we both were away, it would derail the canon so I remained there.

A smirk crawled up my face as I could play this to my own advantage. Now if Goku is the pure-hearted hero, I was the classical anti-hero in a sense. I was basically a nicer Vegeta with the perverted streak greater than Master Roshi. Ironic considering everything…

Flashback ends

While I was thinking to mySelf, Bulma took out a circular device which I remember being a Dragon Radar. I came out of my musing when I heard her muttering "…hen their power will come in real handy, even if one of them is weird"

Goku being naïve asked "What's wrong? Don't you want to eat the food? Big Bro makes really tasty food"

"I am coming. But no funny business" She replied snootily.

"Funny business..? What is that?" He asked innocently.

A blush came upon Bulma "Well you know… That's right! This is the first time he has seen a girl so he doesn't know anything about that!" She muttered the last part to herself. Even a weird smile came upon Bulma when she realized that. I also realized she was making fun of him.

I coughed loudly to make my presence known "Whereas 'he doesn't know anything about that' I know enough" I answered lecherously knowing I will get a treat if everything goes according to the plan. Bulma just huffed at my answer muttering about little perverts.

"You sure are weird. Oh well, follow me" Goku made his presence known once again.

"By the way what are your names?" She asked once again walking to the hut.

"My name is 'Son Goku' and my big brother is 'Son Baali'. What about you" Goku answered before I could say anything

I never knew the name that was given to me on planet Vegeta. I could have found out about it but the name Gohan came up with was quite good. 'Baali' was the previous king of the 'Vaanar' race in Hindu Mythology before Sugriv dethroned him. It suited me just fine.

(For readers who don't know 'Vaanar', it was a race which is a hybrid of human and monkey. They even had super strength, the power to fly, etc. Fitting I suppose)

"Eh! Me? It's Bulma" She mumbled as she was reluctant to give her name.

"Bulma! Haha, that's a funny name" Goku said while laughing. A smile also cracked on my face remembering that it meant 'girls gym clothes'. Basically, all of the 'Brief Family' has names that are puns on underclothes.

"That's why I didn't wanna tell you" She replied getting pissed off. Still, Goku kept mocking her and laughing his ass off.

"Look I don't like it either, you know" She replied but when Goku didn't stop laughing she loudly proclaimed "What an annoying kid. That's why I hate kids" as we soon arrived at the old hut.

"What do you expect when your name just means 'gym shorts' for girls," I told her with a smile on my face. Bulma's face became beet red at my comment. Maybe she didn't expect me to know the meaning of her name.

Goku immediately dropped the giant fist and ran up inside the hut to the Dragon Ball saying, "Grandpa, Look! We brought a human female home with us!"

I entered with him while Bulma was behind us. I saw the 4 star Dragon ball glowing. Goku stopped in front of it "G-Grandpa's talking" He sounded shocked

I noticed Bulma getting confused "I thought you said your Grandpa was dead"

Bulma seemed puzzled until she saw the Dragon Ball. She threw Goku away who was in the way while going for the dragon ball. Snatching it up, she proclaimed it was the dragon ball, the radar worked, and all that crap. Goku immediately confronted her saying it was the last memento of Grandpa and took it from her hand. What am I to say about that? It played like a normal canon event.

Knowing it could take some time, I sat on the nearby bed. She took out 2 more Dragon balls and explained what the Dragon Balls were and so on. Goku naively said that she had 2 grandpas seeing the 2 dragon balls. I listened with half ear already knowing the story but still just in case the universe decides to fuck with me and change the story.

If this was anime then the Pilaf gang would also be getting the dragon ball from the weird-looking temple. And Mai would be telling the legend of Dragon balls to Pilaf right about now.

"I found one in the cellar at home and wondered what it was, so I asked a bunch of people, but no one was able to tell me. After doing a lot of research, I found a document that finally explained everything to me. These are called 'Dragon Balls' and they are seven in all. They shine brightly and even have a number on them from 1 to 7… when you collect all seven something amazing happens. After reciting the magical words 'Shen Long' or the gods of Dragon appears and will grant one wish no matter what it is!" She said

I decided to step in when Bulma got into what her wish was going to wish for.

"Having an unlimited supply of strawberries is hard to turn down, but I am going to wish for a cute boyfriend" She said excitedly.

Even if knew her wish, I face faulted off my seat. Of ALL the things ANYONE could use this power of a magic dragon for…she wants to use it to wish…for a boyfriend!? How…ridiculous! 'I don't think I'll ever understand teenagers.' I thought with a sigh knowing I mySelf was a teenager not a long time ago.

'And now I was talking like a bloody adult' I thought morosely.

"Well that's the gist of it so Can I have the Four-Star Dragon ball please?!" She asked tilting her hear head cutely.

"No Way! Grandpa gave me this. This is all I have left to remember Grandpa" Goku said holding the Dragon ball tightly.

Then I realize what a golden opportunity I have because I knew what would happen next. I had a perverted idea.

"Goku, Let me talk with the lady. You go out and hunt another fish. We will need more food after all" I said to him. The boy was so dense he didn't make a fuss or even ask what I was going to talk about. He nodded giving me the ball and dashing out with Power Pole in his hand.

Bulma asked me if I was going to hand it over.

"Nope" I responded taking a chair and seating back on it.

Bulma scanned my face and looked up and down. Now I was just an inch more than Goku, but I was more mature. She took some time feeling a more mature air off of me. At least that is what I told mySelf.

"Oh, I get it. You naughty boy! You want something in exchange" She said as I grew a smirk.

I was going to milk this for as much as I could get. This was going to be worth it and every fan would kill me to be in my position. She came up to me hiking up her dress showing her white bland panties and offering me to even touch her butt. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Bulma asked me what was so funny.

"Hon, if you expect me to hand this over to touch your admittedly firm butt, then just give up now," I said to her getting a rise of anger and embarrassment out of her. "You'll have to ante up," I said giving a glance to her chest.

I was enjoying every moment of this, and I was thinking of Vegeta wanting to kill me if he ever found out I did this. But I didn't care. By then; Bulma will be in no way willing to tell him. Maybe they won't even get together.

"But…..But" She stuttered out when she got the meaning of my glance to her impressive bust.

"Look do you want it or not?" I asked her impatiently

Then Bulma surprised me by saying, "Please, give to me! I'll…I'll…show you everything!"

This was a chance to see her naked? Hell yeah!

"Deal," I said excitedly.

I told her she might want to hurry because Goku could be on his way. Bulma looked embarrassed but still hurriedly took off her clothes except for her panties baring everything. Not wanting to get her mad I let her wear her panties. Moreover who the hell wears white old grandma panties? She tried to cover her chest but a look from me dissuaded her.

'Maybe I could introduce her to lingerie' I mused perversely

After seeing her body I don't doubt that she considers herself the most beautiful girl in the city. There was no blemish on her white creamy skin. While she may have been spoilt throughout her life, there was no extra fat on her body. Sure she was soft but at least she wasn't chubby. Her waist was perfectly matching with her tits. Her boobs were round and supple with perfectly cute pink nipples.

I concluded that she is at least 32C (It could be higher than that. I don't remember the exact measurement from a previous life) Still they wouldn't fit in my hands now but they would be quite enough once I hit my growth spurt. I could easily squish them with both of my hands while my head is in between her cleavage. I don't exactly remember what Oolong actually names it but still, it was quite amazing to be able to see her boobs. Part of me wondered if her chest even grew later down the line.

Just thinking about her bigger boobs sent me into a heavenly dream. I had never seen a naked woman in either of my life. So you could guess I also didn't get laid and I wasn't going to get laid by at least 16 or 17 years in this life. That was 3 to 4 years down the line. Who knows what could happen to me. In the meantime, I was going to try to charm every woman I came across this journey.

"Well?" She said with a thick blush. "Enjoyed your peep show?!" Thankfully she didn't notice my boner. We boys are actually very good at hiding them.

"So round and shiny," I said feigning a little innocence. I wanted to touch them, ravish them, suck them; I wanted to do every perverted thing with them but I could wait for that later. Moreover, I wanted my body to be a little more mature before I do those sorts of things. I would need my Dick to be big when I show it to the girl for the first time.

"Wow so round. And I got my look, you can get dressed!" I said. In the canon, she took the advantage of Goku's naivety but here she had to show me her body in exchange for the Dragon Ball. I had every intention of taking advantage of her little naivety and innocence to get in some favors for going with her on her quest. Oh, I would go and help even if she replies negatively but what's the harm in trying?

Bulma got dressed again red-faced from my compliment.

While we were waiting for Goku I made my move after a minute "You know, you would need some bodyguards when you are going on a quest. I could help you find the dragon balls" I said in a matter-of-fact tone. I wasn't going to beg her. She would need me and she knows it.

"What makes you think that I would need your help?" She asked with a scoff.

"Well, I have seen quite a number of wild animals just around Mt. Paozu so I can guess they will be all around the world. They could be even bigger and dangerous. I have also heard about Oni, dinosaurs, and bandits who like girls of your type, and…" I listed off. I was going to horrify her more but she stopped me by covering my mouth with her hand.

I looked up to see her ashen face looking in the other world no doubt imagining the scenarios in her head.

"Ok, ok you win I guess I will need some help, after all, hahaha," She said laughing awkwardly with sweat pouring down her face.

I smirked at the success of my plan "Who said our help will come free?"

Her eyebrow twitched when she understood my meaning. "I am not going to do it with you… you little pervert" She said making a fist trying to scare me. But I didn't get scared so easily.

"Who said about having Sex? I am just going to hold a few favors for the future. And you don't know what will happen in the future. You could be begging for me in the future you know. For now, I am small but I could grow up to be a hunk you know" I said fully knowing I was going to be a handsome man in the future. Bulma spluttered at the mention of Sex. Seriously how innocent is she.

"So what type of favor are you asking?" She asked after regaining her composer after a minute and changed the subject.

I thought about it for a little bit. "Hmmm for every time we save you, I get a favor. And if you think that favor is big, you can equate 2 favors for that one big favor. And half favor for the small one. As for what favor, I haven't actually thought of them but I will tell you when I need to cash in those favors" I said mulling about it for a bit.

"Hmmm," She said and started to think about it. To further convince her I said,

"You seem pretty weak, and you'll probably run into trouble gathering the rest of these Dragon Balls if they're as special as you say. It would really bother me if we let you go on your way all helpless and something happened to you. So we come along, keep an eye on each other. You get your wish at the end of it and I get my favors. Sounds like a good deal to me" I said summing it all up in one breath.

I didn't want the timeline to be shattered by my little plan and thankfully Bulma accepted the deal. In the meantime, we exited the hut and I started preparing for the fish. I took some wood for the fire and some other utensils I would need for cooking the fish.

With that I started cooking the fish Goku caught. I took out my pocket knife from its holder. I had my pocket knife with me at all times. It could be used for anything from Skinning to fighting. I even used it to blend the tuna by cutting it from everywhere. I even blended its bones in the mixture.

I admit I got the idea from one piece when Sanji used this to show off Jessica at Navarone. Once I finished blending the fish with bones and its meat, I added it to the tub in which vegetables were roasting. Fish already has some oil in it so I didn't need oil for roasting.

All that was left was to keep stirring it to mix it well.

I just finished cooking it when Goku returned, not a minute later with a larger fish. I explained basically we were going on a quest with her and she was going to borrow the ball.

Goku was a little confused but I just repeated the words Bulma used to motivate him in the canon "Staying here would be boring Goku! Men like us are supposed to travel around the world. Think of all the strong fighters we will get to fight little Brother" I appealed to his Saiyan Blood. I grabbed a big sharp cleaver knife and started working on the fish.

Goku's face lit up like a Christmas tree "Do you really think we can be as strong as Grandpa Huh, Baali" He asked me. Thinking about him going toe to toe with God of destruction I mutely nodded.

'That bastard is going to be very much powerful than Grandpa. And if I am lucky so will I' I mused

"You could even see oceans, a town full of people. It will be fun Goku" Bulma added her two-cents, feeling he was going to cave in.

"What is Ocean?" Goku asked naively.

"Think of it as a huge River" I answered him.

In the end, he agreed but on 1 condition "Okay I will go. It sounds like fun…. but I am holding to the ball" He said.

Thankfully Bulma agreed "Great it's decided then! I will just need it after we find the other balls" She said laughing creepily

Bulma seemed smug, and I bet it's cause she knows they're going to scatter when they're used. And she was exactly thinking that 'Mmuhuhuh after the wish is made, all the Dragon balls will scatter in a different direction so it doesn't matter in the end. It will teach Baali not to mess with me. Both kids will be perfect bodyguards in my quest'

While talking, I also started cooking the other fish so by the time we convinced Goku, the fish was ready "Excellent. Now with that settled, I believe that breakfast is ready" I told them.

"Likewise, so we're partners now. Something tells me things are going to be pretty interesting from here on in" She said with a small bounce in her voice.

'Young lady…you have absolutely no idea.' I thought while pouring the mixture and placing it on three different bowls. I could only imagine Bulma's expressions when she realizes the capabilities of us. I could also use this adventure to become close to Bulma.

'Sorry, Yamcha! You would have to find some other girl' I thought

In no time we start eating breakfast.

"This is really good. I didn't know you could make such good food" Bulma complimented me while eating the fish. I smirked at her and said, "I could make some tasty drink too".

"Oh, really you must make it when we are traveling. If it is any good as you say then I would even hire you as my cook" I sweat dropped when she didn't get my double meaning reply. My eyebrows twitched when she arrogantly made the offer. I had to hold back my erupting anger. I repeated to myself muttering under my breath "Don't hit her! Don't hit her! She is just a spoilt brat"

She 'did' learn that both Goku and I have a very large appetite. She couldn't stop looking at us as we finished the 1st fish in no time and started on the other fish when it was cooked.

When Goku was done I asked him to go inside and pack for the journey. It wasn't like we had anything to pack. Goku wore the same outfit every day whereas I had 2 outfits, I wore alternatively.

Goku wore an open blue GI secured with a white bow-tied obi over his waist, red wristbands, and dark blue Kung Fu shoes.

My outfit was essentially a black version of Goku's uniform. I wore an open black gi with a black belt on my waist, black wristbands, and black kung fu shoes. I also ordered him to pick our toothbrushes for the journey. He happily went inside to pack. Thankfully I had already bought a bag pack for this day.

When I was done, some meat was still left. Knowing we will be on the road and not wanting to waste any food I asked Bulma "Bulma do you have any storage device where we can store the meat"

She looked up from her Dragon Radar and nodded. With that, she took out a capsule from her box and threw it away. It enlarged to become a big white refrigerator. It was about 1.6 meters tall and 4 meters wide. It already contained some food. It was probably her ration storage. I stored the meat there and Bulma shrunk it down. Damn these capsules were handy. With that thought, I got a wonderful idea. I could ask some capsules for the favors. It would come in handy when I would be traveling the world.

Meanwhile, she also de-capsuled her broken car and stored it away in another one of the capsules. It was more like a warehouse. When she couldn't start/move her car, she asked me to move it to that warehouse.

"You know I could count this as a favor but as Goku was somewhat responsible for destroying that car, I will do this for free," I said and with that, I picked up the car and dropped it in the warehouse. It wasn't easy to walk while lifting it but I did it anyway.

This all happened in the morning. Sun was not even directly above us. I would say there were at least 2 hours before noon.

Knowing nobody was going to steal our stuff, we didn't even lock our house/hut. Even if somehow a thief stumbles upon the house, he wouldn't find anything worth stealing. Seriously we lived totally like hermits. Sure there were some things before but Goku crushed them with Grandpa while I was away. And I didn't have any money to buy them again.

Moreover, I spent all the money when I went to the city last year to buy some essentials. I found some money in the grandpa's pouch but they were also spent in buying some things like clothes, futons, shoes, some culinary and big jars of spices. You know the basic essentials. At the moment I didn't have any money with me.

Thinking for a bit, I went inside again and brought back our 2 futons for the journey and all of the spices with me. I had no intention of sleeping on the cold hard floor throughout the journey. Moreover, I also didn't want to eat bland food for the next few days. I gave one futon to Goku while I strapped my futon on my back. I also gave all the spices to Goku to carry.

We walked away from the house "Now then let's start our fun adventure" Bulma said excitedly.

Goku being ignorant asked her "But how are we going to search for the Balls if we don't know where they are?"

Bulma puffed up her chest showing her tits and said proudly "Huhuhuh! I have a reputation for my brains, you know"

"Although my face is cute too" / "Although your breasts are cute too" She and I said simultaneously. She blushed at my compliment muttering about little perverts. I don't know why but she didn't make any threats against me.

'Maybe I am wearing her down' I hoped

Still, she took out a circular device and explained "We will use this! This is a Dragon Radar. It's an invention of mine. It picks up subtle energy waves emitting from the Dragon Balls that we have. See these dots, they represent the 3 dragon balls that we have…..let's see….. The next one is here….approximately 1200 km to the west!"

Goku being clueless didn't get a single thing "? I don't get it".

"But I do" I chimed in feeling if Goku did the talking then she will think of me as dunce too.

"We can't just walk there though. Since you destroyed my car, I'll have to bring something else out… what number was it again? Ah! #9" She said ignoring us completely. I was a bit miffed about it but let it slide.

She took out a tube and threw it away. 'Boom' from the smoke cloud a bike came out of it. I already saw the capsule working before but it never gets old. I wanted to ask her how that actually works. But I don't think Bulma would tell the secret of her Father's company's success that easily. Moreover, I don't think that I would even understand it. The physics of this world would be totally different than my previous one.

Also, I didn't want to study anymore. I had my fill of that in my last life.

Goku was in the house packing his stuff when Bulma took out the refrigerator so he didn't see that. Once again he started sprouting about Goblin Magic nonsense and Bulma being a goblin.

She quickly became annoyed by Goku's antics as he was poking the Bike by the Power pole. She angrily said "I am not a Goblin. Everyone in the city uses Hoi-Poi capsules! Just hurry up and get on it! ...behind me you buffoon" She got angry when Goku sat in front of her.

"I'm afraid I don't have space for both of you," She said smirking at me. I looked behind Goku to see a very good amount of space. She probably thought that if I remain here then she can use Goku as she wishes. She probably noticed I was the smart one while he was the naïve one. She was correct to think but I wasn't going away that easily.

I waived my hand "No need, I prefer to run anyway" I said coolly and with that, I gave my futon to Goku as it would only hinder me. Carrying that futon would only slow me down. I would be able to run fast without the futon. I could use this adventure as a training experience with some perverted fun in between it. I wasn't planning on it but it could build up my leg muscle and stamina.

She looked at me like I was an idiot. "This bike can go over a hundred kilometers an hour"

"But you won't be able to drive at that speed safely on the mountain roads," I pointed out.

"But I will definitely take it up to 50 km per hour. You won't be able to keep up. It looks like Goku and I can only travel. You will have to wait here" She said with a smirk. Her smug face was really starting to annoy me.

I grinned to annoy her "I can keep up," I said in a firm tone.

Well, I can't but I am not going to admit it as it was really annoying her. The last time I checked, my top speed was 12 meters per second. That was a week before. Yes, you heard it right I could cover 100 meters in 8.33 seconds. Well, that was my best one. Sure it was superhuman fast according to normal human standards but in a world like the Dragon ball, it was a snail pace speed.

Moreover, I couldn't keep that speed all the time. My average speed would be somewhere around 40 kilometers per hour only and that too when I would be going fast.

Still, I would definitely try to keep up.

"Well be sure to keep up" She smirked at me and took off at high speed thinking I wouldn't be able to keep up and I was just boasting about it. I ran after her leaving the hut in the distance but her bike's speed was quite fast. Still, it wasn't that fast that I would lose sight of her.

And I did keep up with the bike. Well, barely but I wasn't going to show that to Bulma. Bulma watched in disbelief as I kept pace with her bike. My legs blurring as I ran faster than a sprinting cheetah.

I could hear Bulma scolding Goku for touching her inappropriately when Goku got scared by the speed of the bike and grabbed in breasts in fright. I felt like a fool for passing the opportunity to cope a feel of Bulma's budding breasts. That bastard was lucky. I only saw her boobs and he felt them.

'Well, it's in the past. I should focus on doing that in the future' I morosely thought. With that new vigor, I increased my speed. Well for a minute before coming back to 40 km per hour' speed.

"Wow. How the hell are you so fast?" Bulma asked about twenty minutes into our journey, after looking away from front to my direction.

"I train really hard," I said.

"Are you even human?" She asked

"Of course I am" I lied knowing I was a Saiyan. Why was she even talking to me? I need to conserve energy for running and with that, we silently took off continuing our adventure.

3 hours later I was feeling more than a little winded after running nonstop at my full speed. I was literally huffing and puffing for air. After an hour into the journey, I lost some of my speed. Still, I didn't let Bulma out of my view. It helped that she would turn to look at me whenever I was lagging behind and then she would smirk at me. Whenever she would do that I would get angry and speed up.

Suddenly I heard a shout. I was some distance behind her. I looked up to see the bike high in the air when Bulma sped up on a sharp hill.

Knowing the next course of action I sped towards their location. Sure enough, just as I reached the hill, I saw her getting down from the bike and talking to Goku. Knowing I was going to fight, I calm my breath to conserve some energy with some breathing exercises. After a few seconds, she ran to the boulder. Sure I heard her scream not 10 seconds after that.

Goku and I hurriedly rush in that direction to find Bulma in the grips of a pterodactyl with her underwear down to her ankles. I distinctly heard Goku asking if a snake bit her on her penis. Even in a serious situation, I wanted to roll on the ground and laugh my ass off. But the look on that pterodactyl's face stopped me from doing that. His expression seemed to imply he wanted to do more than eat her.

If I was just a normal human I would have been scared shitless of the 4-meter high pterodactyl, more than 3 times larger than me. But I had already faced wolves and tigers more than my size so it didn't scare me at all. Moreover, I knew I could easily defeat him.

"I just met her. Who are you? A friend of…." Goku said before I cut him off saying, "Drop the girl!"

In the canon, he would have made the fool of Goku but I was in no mood for any games. I was enough rested to beat him up.

"No Way! This one's mine and I'm going to enjoy every moment of eating her. It's been a while since I have tasted a lump of girl meat" The pterodactyl remarked even licking the poor girl's face while she just whimpered "And you two can't fly, so bye!" He said and with that, he took off.

But before he could go much high in the sky, I ran up to Goku who was already in the air and using him as a platform, I took off in the air higher. With my speed, I came exactly to the pterodactyl eye level. With a mighty roar, I punched him in the head with all my might. My speed due to running and using Goku as a platform was quite high so the force with which my fist hit him likely doubled. He became limped and let loose Bulma from his tail.

"Whahaaah!" Bulma screamed at the top of her voice as she dropped down from some meters off the ground. With my momentum, I easily caught her with my arm around her chest. I even coped a feel to her squishy and soft breast while we were in the air. I really can't describe the heavenly feeling. You could say that it literally felt like jelly in my hand. But it was only for a brief second. I didn't get to enjoy it fully. In no time we were again on the ground.

Pterodactyl fell with a thud just a few meters away from us.

Still, she kept screaming and crying "Ahhhh! I peed my pants" She said and sure when I looked down I could see a puddle of piss forming on the ground just below her. I immediately stopped supporting her, took out my arm from her chest, and got away from her. Thankfully she didn't fall on her own piss when I stopped supporting her.

When Goku remarked that she didn't pee in her pants. In fact, her underwear slipped out when the pterodactyl took off in the air, all he got was a thrown sandal which he easily dodged. I stifled a laugh when I heard Goku's comment. Bulma didn't waste time finding her white bland underwear and wearing it. She probably also cleaned herself from the nearby stream. At least, I hope she did.

In the meantime, I walked up to the pterodactyl. Finding it dead I shrugged and hauled it off to Bulma.

"Okay I am going to cash the favor from you now," I said thinking of a great idea

"Hmm okay, I guess. You did save me from the Pterodactyl after all" She said thinking for a bit, turning around to face the boy that had saved her from being a pterodactyl's dinner. Without his help, it was almost certain that she'd be the one getting eaten for one's dinner instead of her attacker... thankfully he'd been along for the journey!

"You really did save my life back there. That guy could have eaten me! Thanks, Baali. But it better not be some-thing perverted" She said with little more happiness while her last sentence was with some anger.

'Is she bipolar' I thought with a sweet drop.

"No problem, that's why I'm here, to protect the pretty lady on her quest," I said flirting with her a little, despite I was caught a little off guard from her changing her attitude from happy to angry in a second.

She blushed. I blinked. 'Was she seriously reacting to flirting from a 13-year-old who looked like a fucking 10-year-old? How experienced was she, exactly?' I wondered

"I want that refrigerator capsule of yours but it should be empty. Do you have an extra empty one?" I said. What? You thought I was going to ask her some perverted. Guys, I am sure there will be plenty of chances to do that. Sometimes I got to think about my stomach too. It would be dead useful to store the food.

"Okay! You can have it…. here" She said giving me the capsule. Once again after asking Bulma how to use it, I pressed the button and threw it away in a clearing. A refrigerator came out where I tried to store it away. Goku predictably made a remark about me doing black goblin magic but I just sent him away to haul the bike as I was not in the mood of hearing that nonsense again. It was funny for one time but now it was getting annoying.

It was the same type of refrigerator but empty. I wondered for a minute why she carried an empty refrigerator but after seeing some food wrappers lying in there, I understood she already ate the food during her journey. It was also a little small for the pterodactyl. I could fit it but I would have to cut him into pieces for that. Trust me tried.

Bulma asked me why I was storing it, I replied on the reflex. "To eat it later," I said

Bulma felt her eyes widen upon hearing my words on intending to eat the gigantic creature that had previously held her captive. Said girl, nearly throwing up a bit in her mouth at the discovery… yep, that was one thing that separated city folks from the country or in this case, wilderness – people. The latter would eat literally anything with meat and an unresponsive heart aside from another human but I wasn't so sure even about that!

I still remember it. I once visited people who lived in a village far north in my previous life. They were also quite similar to us. I actually learned many things from them. They could also eat anything from chicken to horse. They lived a frugal life. They didn't even waste anything. On 100 kilo of an animal, only some 15 kilos were not used in eating and that was used in some other things. Whereas in the city, on the same 100-kilo animal, at least 25 kilos was usually wasted,

"You actually mean that you're thinking of eating that… that thing!?" The bluenette cried out in both shock and disgust at the thought of eating such a vile creature. Sure, she'd had fish… lamb… even alligator but 'pterodactyl that just tried to kill you minutes earlier… Thinking for a second, did she care that he was going to eat? Well not much.

Bulma looked gross at the mention of eating the pterodactyl but didn't make any fuss after some mulling.

'Heh! She was definitely a vengeful type there was no doubt about that. Still, the problem remained – the refrigerator was quite a bit small for the pterodactyl' I thought

"Umm Bulma do you have a bigger refrigerator? This won't fit" I finally asked her but she replied negatively.

In the end, Bulma took pity and gave me a capsule that enlarges to become a warehouse in place of the refrigerator. Now the pterodactyl could become bad if it is not refrigerated but I planned to eat it at night. It wouldn't go bad till then. Actually, it wouldn't go bad for a week even without a refrigerator but its meat's taste would start getting worse after a week. I had full trust in my ability to eat the whole pterodactyl in 4 settings – even less if I missed a meal.

I don't know why she even had that capsule as it doesn't look like she even had a use for that. Still, I wasn't going to complain about it. In the end, I had a large warehouse to store away my goods which could means anything from food to skin pelts. And the warehouse was quite large. About a house-sized. I would say it was 3 meters high with 20 meters long and wide. I could fit a few dozen pterodactyls in it.

After seeing the warehouse, I got a wonderful idea. I could ask her to build me a large refrigerator the size of the warehouse but I doubt she will make it for me.

'Maybe when we have completed the journey and we are acquainted better with each other' I mused.

I ate the previous meat from the refrigerator feeling a little hungry after running for 3 hours while Bulma rested a little. I quickly ate the meat, not wanting to give it to Goku. Even if he did not do any work, his stomach will make itself soon enough. I know how his body works trust me I have lived with him for the past decade. It is quite enough time to know someone. I felt fully energized after eating. In the meanwhile, Goku brought the bike.

With that note, we resumed our great adventure. It was still an hour past noon after all.


And done

The first chapter was 16.5k+ words in total. Highest word count among my stories' introduction chapter. So I had to break it into 2 chapters. Still, it came up to 6.7k+ and 9.8k+ words which are still pretty good if you ask me.

I know the first chapter is a little bit dark while the 2nd is a little comedic. Don't worry next few chapters will be comedic too. But there will be a few chapters that are quite dark compared to manga and anime.

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Day 1

9 am: Bulma came into the picture.

10 am: Started the adventure with Bulma and Goku.

1 pm: Incident with the pterodactyl.


Power levels:

Bulma: 04

Goku: 43; Oozaru Form: Height and Power x10 (430)

Baali: 48+; Oozaru Form: Height and Power x10 (481)

Pterodactyl: 16 (4 meters)


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