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P.O.V changes

Chapter 7

Wish and a Laborious Escape

"I wish to get a book from which I can learn every type of magic you can find. It should also be written in the language that I can understand" I wished loudly, covering all of the loopholes that I could think of.

It wasn't something spur moment type of thing. I thought hard about it in the last few days. Getting panties was just a waste of wish as was getting a perfect boyfriend. That's why I decided to get a wish of my own.

I couldn't ask for any type of regeneration because it could affect Zenkai (If that is even a thing). Similarly, I can't ask for Immortality if it would just stop my body from aging and thus getting stronger, and let's not forget about my sex life which would be destroyed. There were quite a few side-effects that I could get for asking for any type of change in my biology.

I first thought of getting a wish where I would be able to regenerate my tail if it gets cut, blown, or harmed in any other way. Getting my tail, back, would be awesome if I am able to control my Oozaru transformation without the moon but I can't help but fear getting some side effects.

That's why I wanted something material instead of changing my biology. I can't even think how these balls even work so it was best to wish a risk-free wish. And getting my body changed is not a risk-free wish.

I stood there like a complete idiot waiting for my reward. For a moment, I thought that the dragon took a piss at me but suddenly, I saw an object falling down. It didn't take much time to see that it was a book.

When it was in my range, I jumped to catch it. When I got near, I was surprised to find the book bigger than me. It was almost double my size. Even then, I somehow caught it. When I got back to the ground, I almost buckled under the pressure. The book was really heavy. Still, I couldn't wait to study it.

"Very well, your wish has been granted. Farewell!" Shenron spoke in a deep baritone before converting into yellow energy which further broke into 7 energies. Those 7 energies took a shape of balls and went supersonic in different directions.

I was only partially aware of that. My full focus was on the book instead.

Magic is quite versatile in this universe. Even the stronger villains have it. Piccolo knew magic and so did Zamasu and Moro. The last villain was so powerful that he was sealed away for millenniums.

Speaking of sealing, I could probably learn it, as it should be a magical skill. I could even form matter from nothing with magic. Teleportation, Telekinesis and so many other skills are within my grasp with magic under my belt. I really was confused as to why the heroes didn't use magic more in the canon other than a few tricks.

I just stood there with the book in my hands, thinking about the uses of my new wish. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I almost missed the Pilaf gang waking up. The keyword: Almost.

"How are you, my sleeping beauties?" I asked with a cheer in my voice when I heard them stir awake.

Pilaf being a smart… imp (?) easily noticed the missing dragon balls.

"Where are my dragon balls? What did you do to them?" He screamed in his annoying voice.

But I ignored him and focused on the other 2 people.

"Ho! Ho! We meet again, hot girl and rabbit ninja. And look there appears to a new underling of yours" I said.

I know it will burn Pilaf for someone to see him as an underling. Hearing me Mai gained a blush while Shu had a tick mark on his head

"Don't ignore me. I asked you a question. Where are my dragon balls?" Pilaf screamed again.

This time, I was really annoyed. I looked him in his direction, dropped the book gently on the ground, took out my sword, and started walking in their direction. I also emitted some killing intent.

Obviously, they got scared.

Still, I have got to admit that both Shu and Mai got guts. While Pilaf just stood there quivering like a leaf, they both took out their knives. Although seeing Shu wielding a knife, half his size, quivering, was really funny.

"W-What a-are you doing?" Pilaf asked in a stuttering fearful voice.

"Now there are 2 options for you guys…" I started ignoring him "…One, I torture you and then you tell me where my friends are and how to free them. Second, you willingly free them and I let you go after you have given me the castle in the back. I like it. Please choose the first option. It is more fun" I said calmly making them all the more scared.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" They screamed as they ran away.

'Huh! I thought they would at least try to fight back' I thought with a sweet drop.

In the end, I shrugged and started walking towards the castle. I didn't want to waste my time capturing them. After all, I already know the location where my group is. But not before, I safely stored the book of magic in my house capsule.

After half an hour, I have already gone through every nook and cranny of the castle. I even found the switch to turn it back to the capsule which would let me bring it with me. I have to say that the castle was pretty advanced with the lights and all the tech. Still, I will have to renovate it for my use when I settle somewhere.

There were a lot of things I didn't understand. But I easily recognized some things. One of them was the freaking weather control device which is used by Pilaf to make a thunderstorm appear to shock Shu and Mai when they fail their missions.

Then there is a giant incubator where Pilaf keeps prisoners to die out in the heat, just as he was going to do to Goku and the others in the canon after they ruined his wish.

There was also a room for Shu's wolves. There were about half a dozen of them.

There is also a throne room, probably of Pilaf, judging by its small size. The different thing is that there is also a dining table there.

There is apparently only one bedroom that all three of them share, as all three of their beds are in the same room

Now, I have just one thing left to do: Saving all the others from the dungeon.

So, I did that.

I went to the dungeons.

I didn't go to the control room as I didn't know the control system. I could kill my friends by mistake after all I can be almost 100% sure that there are some lethal options there. And without any manual guide, I won't know how to use them.

I simply followed the arrows painted on the ground and reached a dead end.

"Goku! Bulma! Oolong! Are you guys in there" I screamed to check if they were still in there.

"Baali! Is that you?" I heard Bulma ask.

"Yeah! I am here" I screamed back ignoring her "Thank god", I speak again "Now step back from the wall. I would blow this wall" I said and got into the Kong Fist stance.

I gave them a few seconds before punching and kicking the wall like crazy. The thing is I couldn't feel that my attack was working. When I stopped the attack, I saw that there wasn't even a dent in the wall.

I nearly facepalmed.

If breaking the wall had been this easy, Goku would have already broken it.

The thing was I didn't want to use the KI attack as I wasn't sure it would even work. And if it works, it might injure them when it goes through the wall.

"Okay, guys! I think it might take some time. Goku! You try to punch the wall from your side while I punch it from here. Focus on punching the wall in the same place as mine. And don't stop punching until I say so" I said getting an idea.

I again got into the Kong Fist Stance and started punching and kicking the wall like crazy. While I was doing that, I could hear two sets of hands punching the wall from the other direction. This let me know that both Goku and Yamcha were in there.

In 2 minutes, we started getting results. I could clearly see some small cracks forming in the wall. I could also hear Bulma and the others on the other side celebrating for probably the same reason.

In the next 2 minutes, we were able to destroy the wall partially.

And in the next minute, we completely blew a hole in the wall. Granted the hole was only half my size.

Thank god, they weren't captured in the steel room. It would have been a pain in the ass to free them.

Truthfully, I was a little happy about this obstacle. I really got to practice my Kong Fist. Now, there weren't any kinks in the technique. I could feel that my attacks had more power than before too.

Anyway, once the wall was destroyed, it was quite easy to enlarge the hole by blowing off chunks of rocks little by little.

In no time, I was tackled by a happy Goku, Oolong, and Bulma.

"Baali you really saved us," Bulma said with her eyes moistening up a bit.

"No problem Bulma. You are my friend. Of course, I would save my friend though that doesn't mean I won't charge you. This count as a normal favor" I joked.

"Sure" She nodded and asked, "What took you so long?"

"Really, after I saved you, you have the gall to ask me why I was late," I asked her with a deadpanned voice trying to change the subject.

She blushed at that and started stuttering.

"Anyway, who are those two. Wait a minute! I know you. You are the ones who tried to mug us when we were in the desert" I said getting into a defensive position. I already knew the reason but can't let anyone suspect me. I should really get an oscar for my performance.

"Yeah, sorry about that" Yamcha apologized "But we don't have time for this. The people, who trapped us, have the dragon balls. We have to take them b-"

I cut him off "I know. I met them about half an hour ago"

"You met them. What happened?" Bulma asked curiously.

"Well, when I reached here, I found them in front of the dragon. They had summoned it already" I said in an apologetic tone "I didn't know where to find you or where you were. In my panic, I asked for a wish before they could" I said abashedly sheepishly bringing my hand at the back like most of the shonen protag do. It usually works out whenever the hero is in some sort of problem.

"What?" Bulma said dangerously.

'Uh-oh! Looks like it didn't work out' I thought with dread.

"You mean to say that the wish, for which I spent days in the jungle, for which I was almost eaten by a dino; for which I remained hungry; for which I was trapped here for hours… you just took it like that," She said in a low dangerous tone that sent shivers down my spine.

"Now! Now! Bulma! Calm down. You can't blame me for that. If I hadn't asked for the wish, they would have" I said calmly inching backward "How about this. In return for taking your wish, I will forego that 1 large favor. Huh! What do you say? No! Then how about 1 Big and 1 normal favor…? No! Very well, you drive a hard bargain. 1 type of every favor! What do you say?" In the end, I was panicking a little.

"I say bollocks to that" Bulma screamed and started running towards me.

I am sure no amount of logic will get her to stop chasing me. The best way would be to run until she is out of energy. Seeing that, I did the clever thing and strategically retreated away. I didn't run away and whoever is telling you that is a big, fat liar. And tell me his location so that I can 'persuade' him otherwise.

I continued to run and so we ran for about a few minutes in the same room before she stopped. All the while, she was hot on my tail, screaming like crazy. I think she even used KI subconsciously as she became faster without any reason. I was quite impressed with her running speed.

Once, she ran out of energy, she fell on the ground and started moaning miserably for missing out on her wish.

Still, I continued to keep my eyes on her and be wary to see if she wasn't faking it. I wanted to comment that she could be my girlfriend but I didn't. After all, I didn't want to run anymore, and making her angry would do that.

"Baali! Where is Grandpa's ball?" Goku asked taking me out of my thoughts.

"Grandpa's ball..? Right! The dragon ball! When the dragon completed my wish, all seven of them flew away. I didn't have the time to even catch one of them…" I said acting puzzled "…You should ask Bulma about this. I bet she knows something about it" I suggested to him so that it might take the mind off Bulma from the wish.

"After a wish has been made, the dragon balls scatter all over the world" Bulma explained when Goku asked the question.

"So that means Grandpa's ball also went somewhere" Goku questioned morosely.

"Unfortunately," Bulma said unsympathetically.

'Wow! What a bitch' I mused.

"Let's get out of here before the pilaf gang comes" Yamcha interjected.

"Yeah" I muttered.

Suddenly, a voice rang out. "It's of no use! You all will die here for getting in my way" I belatedly realized it is Pilaf's malicious voice. Before I could even do a thing, gas started to leak out of the walls.

I understood the situation in a second. I realized that the pilaf gang probably quietly came back and while I was busy getting them free, they planned their next move. Still, all was not lost.

I took a huge breath and started running away. I didn't have time to warn others. We need only 1 of the fighters to get, away. It would be bad if all are caught. I quickly went in the opposite direction to the drawn arrows as quickly as I could. In no time, I almost reached the end.

At last, I was just about to get free, when the dungeon door closed and a wall sprang up enforcing the door. My speed was too much and I couldn't stop in time. With a thud, I collided with the wall. I was dazed for a few seconds unconsciously releasing my breath.

I quickly took a huge breath again and went in for the kill. In no time, I was going at the wall like crazy with my Kong Fist.

Thankfully, the gas has not fully reached my position.

Suddenly gas started leaking from the walls near my position which killed whatever I was planning.

I quickly charged my KI in my hands and let it loose. I knew I had to give my all otherwise I could be captured. This was no time to hold back. I kept the attack for a few minutes. I didn't stop until I could feel both oxygen and KI drying up.

When I stopped the technique, I found that my KI attack had only destroyed the wall by a little more than half. I was really surprised that Goku's half-ass Kamehameha would be more powerful than my KI attack in its penetrating power as I remembered that he was able to make a hole from it during the canon.

I shook my head and decided to think about it later.

I once again took a huge breath inhaling some of the sleeping gas and got into the King Kong stance. The next second, I was attacking the partially destroyed wall with my full power.

I could see that my attacks were working but they weren't working fast. I could feel myself getting sleepy and tired with every passing second.

'NO! I won't go out like this' I screamed internally and redoubled my efforts.

But they weren't enough. I destroyed the wall but the door was still there and it was made of steel. I could only get half a dozen punches on it making a few dents before the sweet oblivion took me.

Sometime later

I woke up with a groan. My head was killing me.

It took me a few seconds to remember my situation. When I did remember, I quickly got up which I shouldn't have.

'The damn Vertigo'

Once, my vision had stabilized, I looked around to see all of the others knocked out. But that wasn't a problem. The problem was that we were in a room that looked like it was made of steel.

"Fuck" I mutter softly 'I remember now'

This was the same room where Goku and others were kept in the canon.

Looking up, I was greeted with the sight of the stars, and almost a full moon.

"So we did save a day…" I mutter thinking how Goku and the others were captured on the full moon night.

Suddenly a plan began to form in my mind. While Goku can't do it, I can easily go change in Oozaru mode with the last year's practice. At last, those nights of training would come in handy.

I was taken out of my thoughts when I hear a groan. I looked in that direction to find Goku waking up.

'And here goes my plan' I thought morosely. After all, I don't want anyone to witness that ability.

"Huh! Where are we?" He asked after a few seconds.

"Let's wait for the others" I answered and went into a meditative state. While the moonbeams might not affect Goku, they affected me a little. They didn't use to affect me but once I changed into Oozaru on a similar night some months ago, it started affecting me.

When I came out of my meditative trance after a few minutes, I found all of them were awake.

"How pathetic! I can't believe they captured us again" Yamcha said bitterly.

"Not like we didn't try! But the gas knocked us out before we could get away" Oolong pointed out.

"We couldn't have gotten out even if we were a little fast. They closed the gate with another wall. I was able to break the wall and I tried to break the steel door but got knocked out before I could destroy it" I interjected making everyone silent.

"What now…?" Bulma asked after some seconds of silence.

"We can't even destroy them like the wall. It's all, steel" Yamcha said punching the wall

"What are you talking about? The roof's wide open" Goku pointed out.

Bulma tried to tell him that the roof was made of reinforced glass but he didn't listen and jumped up. Naturally, he couldn't even make a single crack and only got pain in return.

"Owww! Oww! Ow!" Goku moaned in pain totally ignoring Bulma's "I told you so"

"Shit! If we can't find a way to get out of here somehow, forget gathering the dragon balls. We will die right here" Yamcha said looking angry.

"We wouldn't be able to collect them again for some time anyway" Bulma interjected.


Bulma sat down and started talking "Once a wish has been made with the dragon balls, it takes over a year until they become usable again. In other words, they'll just appear as round stones for a whole year… There's no way we can search for them before they reactivate"

"O-One year" Yamcha stuttered out.

Suddenly we heard a voice from the speaker on the wall "Hey, you guys! Nice job ruining my plans for world domination. I am giving you all the death penalty now…" I ignored the gasps and exclamations of surprise "Gufufufu but don't worry. I am not one for savage behavior. I am going to kill you nice and smoothly. You realized the ceiling above you is made of glass, right?"

He took a break and then continued "Around these parts, the sun is super-hot at the noontime. So being in that room is just like being in an open toaster. Dry up and die! All of you! Gyahahaha! I am so excited for tomorrow"

'Wow! Talk about being sadistic' I mused.

"Dammit! So that's the plan" Yamcha grunted with the gritted teeth.

"What should we do? I didn't bring any suntan lotion. My skin…!" Bulma exclaimed.

"You aren't acting like someone who is about to die," Oolong said popping her bubble.

"I am too young to die" "I don't want to become toast pork" "M-My dreams of getting married" "I want to pee" "I am hungry"

I don't need to explain who said what.

Still, this was grating on my nerves.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" I screamed.

Instantly they quieted down.

"Now I don't want to listen to your whining. Yamcha, Goku, you are with me. We are going to break these walls. We will attack, one by one, in turns. And focus on one place or a plate. I will go first" I detailed my plan and started attacking the steel walls in Kong style.

Now, getting out by going Oozaru was the last to last path. I didn't want to give away my strongest attack. I also didn't use KI because it had proved to be less destructive than I realized.

Anyway, I got tired after a while at which Yamcha started attacking it. Once he got tired, Goku picked up the pace. And so we continued.

Unfortunately, by the 3rd shift, we all were pretty tired and there was only a small dent to show our efforts. I had still not recovered from all the energy I wasted in my less than successful attempt to get, away.

"It is useless. It's completely impossible to break" Yamcha said as he rubbed his hands in pain.

"Gahahaha! Fools! Struggle all you want. The walls of that prison are made of 300 mm thick steel! The ceiling is super reinforced Glass! Not even guns could break through it" Pilaf bragged "Only death awaits those who get in the way of Pilaf-Sama's world domination!"

Goku, Yamcha, and I sat down once we heard that the walls were made of 1-foot thick steel. I didn't realize it. I just thought it would be a 3-4 inch thick wall, not triple or quadruple of that. No attack of ours could penetrate that.

"I am hungry," Goku said miserably.

'So am I' I thought but didn't voice it out loud. Thankfully, I ate some food before getting here otherwise, I would have been starving.

I continued to think of a way to get out without revealing my Oozaru form.

"I am hungry too. Are we really going to die like this…?" Oolong asked.

"I don't wanna die" Bulma started whining again.

"Nobody wants to die" Oolong retorted back. I don't know where he gets the energy to pick a fight with her.

"What are you doing Puar?" Oolong asked. I looked there to find Puar looking in the sky.

"I was looking at Mr. Moon. It's not a full moon but it is still pretty. I just want to look at something pretty before I die" Puar said softly.

"Don't say shit like it especially when you aren't acting" Oolong said angrily.

"A full moon" Goku softly said under his breath "When there is a full moon, a really scary monster comes out"

"Fufufu! You are kidding. You mean the wolf-man…?" Bulma said snootily "If you have time to sit around and think dumb stuff like that, think a way to get us out of here"

"It's not a lie. My grandpa was squashed flat by its foot and died" Goku explained.

"What..? Son Gohan, the world-famous martial artist..? That monster must be really something" Yamcha exclaimed.

I was surprised that he knew our grandfather was Son Gohan though I took it out of my mind. I had other things to worry about like my survival. He could have easily come to know that information after spending hours with Goku in the dungeon. Goku doesn't exactly have a filter on his mouth. It was a miracle he managed to hide some of our powers.

"Yeah…! It destroyed our house, trees, and everything" Goku explained.

"What kind of monster was it, anyway?" Oolong asked me.

"I was not there" I replied softly not wanting to remember the situation of Gohan's body that I found when I got home.

Oolong got the meaning that I didn't want to be disturbed so he then turned to Goku and asked him.

"I don't know. I was asleep so I didn't see it" Goku answered.

"Your house was destroyed and you still slept through it? Just what kinda nerves do you have anyway?" Oolong asked with visible bewilderment.

"Grandpa always used to tell us to never look at the full moon. I don't think it has anything to do with me looking at the moon though I wonder if the monsters come out around here too when the moon is full" Goku wondered and spilled the secret.

In an instant Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar became scared and retreated to the farthest corner of the prison away from us.

I sighed.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Goku asked them after seeing them run away from him

"N-No way"

"D-Do y-you mind if I a-ask…? T-The n-night your g-grandpa was killed… Did y-you look at the moon?" Bulma stuttered out.

"Yeah! I was told not to but when I went out to pee, I accidentally did…" Goku said a bit abashed.

I closed my eyes at the grief that was starting to overwhelm me at the thought of him being so naive that he doesn't know he killed Gohan. And that's one more reason not to go into Oozaru form. I don't want him to think that I killed the grandpa, and I can't find it in me to tell him that he was the reason Grandpa was killed.

"I-I had a feeling, t-that they weren't n-normal k-kids" Yamcha stuttered out

"B-But t-that c-can't be p-possible... I-It's g-got to be a c-coincidence" Bulma looked even more scared.

"It wasn't a coincidence" I interjected before they became more scared "But don't worry! Tonight's not the full moon" I took out my refrigerator capsule and enlarged it "We should eat and try to get out before the sun comes up"

It was good that Ox-king took the big refrigerator, otherwise we would have starved as I couldn't have taken it out whilst stuck in this cage. Goku whopped in joy and quickly took out food. I also joined him. Seeing the food, they forgot their fears and quickly joined us.

5 minutes later, they probably forgot the news and started smiling again.

10 minutes later, we were done with dinner. 4 Komodo dragons were more than enough for all of us. We all had a bursting stomach when we were done, even Bulma. When I asked, she pointed out that it might be her last dinner so she didn't care for diet and all that crap.

I have to say 'People show their true self when they are going to die' proverb fit here perfectly.

Anyway, I got an idea while we were eating diner.

"Now that we are all on a full stomach, we should try to get out of here," I said and continued before they could object "Now we can't really destroy the walls but we can destroy the glass. Again, we will attack in shifts and focus our attacks on 1 place"

With that said, we started again. I used my Kong style. Yamcha used his Wolf fang style and Goku used his Rock paper scissor style.

10 minutes later, we didn't get even a single crack in the glass.

The situation looked as if I will have to reveal my secret. Suddenly, I got an idea.

I turned towards Bulma "Bulma, Do you have any guns?" I asked.


"Good! Take them out. All of them" I ordered.

She quickly started taking out guns. Seeing that, Yamcha stopped his attacks.

"Why did you stop? Carry on" I told him and he nods before starting again.

Once Bulma took out all the guns, I asked Yamcha to stop and everyone to come to my side. I armed every one of us and ordered them to fire at the particular spot, we were already trying to break.

We fired at once. The sound of bullets firing filled the room. The bullets hit the glass and bounced off it, going in the other direction and hitting the steel wall. Thankfully, they didn't bounce more and come towards us as I already took in the account of angle before asking them to fire. The wall that they hit was also the same one that we tried to destroy.

We continued until all of our ammo depleted. It took a little time for the smoke to settle, seeing as there didn't appear to any large vent in the box.

When we looked at the glass, we saw a few small cracks in the glass. Some whopped in joy while some bemoaned that nothing happened. Once, everyone was up to date, I started the next part of the plan

"Okay, guys! Now we have to just attack where the cracks are formed. We will be out of here in no time" I said ignoring their whopping.

10 minutes later, the cracks started continuing to other places. So, we redoubled our efforts.

20 minutes later, we made quite a bit of progress. It looked like the glass would break with only a few more pushes.

And it did, Yamcha's attacks finally pushed its breaking point over the edge.

We were in the process of getting out when we heard "Pilaf-Sama! They have broken out"

I realized that the voice was of Shu. I was confused about how did he know about it. Then again, him being a dog would have made his ears very sensitive. He could have heard the glass breaking or the guns firing.

I shook my head and decided to focus on the present. I tried to sense them with my sensing abilities.

"Dammit! They are running away" I cursed.

Still, I didn't want them to run away without getting punished for capturing me so I went in the direction from where I could sense them. They felt like they were in the process of waking up. I ran at my full speed in their direction.

Once Shu joined them, they quickly went in the other direction from me towards... dungeons. I was puzzled as to why they wanted to go there but didn't care about that after a few seconds and changed my direction.

I reached their position to see them in a plane running away. I was really surprised to find a plane in the dungeons. Still, I sprinted in their direction to catch them but they flew away before I could reach them. I even jumped but missed their plane by just a few feet.

"Dammit!" I cursed and kicked a rock on the side after I landed on the ground.

Goku and others reached my position not much time later. I really could have used Goku here as he could have used his Nimbus Cloud to capture them.

"Did you catch them?" Bulma asked.

"Does it look like I caught them?" I asked with a deadpan.

"Now What…?" Yamcha asked.

"First, I am going to capsule this castle so that even if they came back, they can't use it against us. With only their plane with them, they will not be a threat to us. Meanwhile, you guys can go to sleep. It's quite late" I said and went in the direction of the castle.

I found the button on the other side of the castle and quickly pushed it. The castle became the capsule in a cloud of smoke. I picked up the capsule and stored it with the other capsules.

When I came back, I found Oolong upset and Goku confused.

"What happened?" I asked them.

"Keh! Look over there," Oolong said with disgust.

I looked in the direction mentioned to find, Yamcha and Bulma dancing along.

"What the hell! How did that happen?" I asked him a little forcefully and angrily. I mean, I did everything so that they did not become a couple and when I just went for a few minutes, this happened. While I agreed to become Chichi's husband, I didn't want to lose Bulma too. Chichi would require a few years before she grows up but Bulma was already there.

"Bulma wanted a boyfriend and Yamcha wanted to be around women. They decided to become a couple" Oolong explained getting my question differently.

"Tch" I huffed. 'One setback after another'

"Hey, Baali..! Goku! We have decided to go back to the city together! Wanna come with us? You both are cute, so you will be popular with the girls too" Bulma asked.

"I am going to Grandpa Kamesennin's house. I wanna train more and get stronger" Goku replied simply.

"Sure! I will come along" I answered at the same time as him. I know that Yamcha somehow breaks up with her and that could be my chance. I would only get it if I am with Bulma at that time.

"You will" Bulma and Goku asked at the same time. Both were quite surprised.

"Yeah..! I wanted to live in a city anyway" I said.

While Goku might be happy to live like a hermit, I wanted fun. I wanted to play video games. I wanted to watch baseball matches. I wanted to do every other thing that I was missing out on.

"But why aren't you coming with me?" Goku asked sadly.

I sighed "Look Goku! I want to become stronger too but I don't wanna train under Master Roshi. I will train by myself. Still, you should go to Master Roshi. He will teach you lots" I reasoned with him.

The other reason was I didn't want to be any longer with Goku. A decade is more than enough. For once, I wanted to enjoy myself without looking out for him.

"Okay! If you say so" Goku replied simply.

Thank god! Now he is Roshi's problem.

"What about you Oolong?" Bulma asked turning to him.

"Are there really a lot of girls there?" Oolong asked suspiciously. I forgot he had never gone to a city in his life. He wouldn't know that a town can't even compare to a city.

"Oh! Yeah! But since you are a pervert and unpleasant to be around, I don't think you will be very popular" Bulma said bluntly.

"You don't have to say that much, Dammit!" Oolong angrily said and then calms down "I guess, I have got no choice. I will go with you guys" He said with a huff.

"Once the year is up, let's go looking for the dragon balls again" Goku suggested.

"Mufufufufu! We don't need the dragon balls anymore" Both Bulma and Yamcha said at the same time and started dancing again.

I couldn't stomach any more of that crap so I decided to call it a night. I took out my home capsule and de-capsuled it. In no time, I was on the bed. The day was tiring with the match against Ox-king, the incident with the Rabbit gang and the Pilaf gang. It was really good that with all the action, no one asked me what I wished for.

'Can't believe all this happened in just a day'

Soon sleep claimed me.


Next day

I woke up in a bad mood.

I quickly completed my morning rituals and got outside. There I found, Goku, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar bunking in Oolong's capsule while Bulma was in her home capsule. This made me a little better knowing that Bulma and Yamcha are not sleeping together... yet.

I quickly woke up Goku and asked him to come outside for sparring for some stress relief.

While Goku completed his morning schedule, I did some stretches and kata to get the blood flowing. I also put half of the T-Rex that chichi killed yesterday on fire for both Goku and me. Once Goku came out, we started sparring.

I was a little rough on him due to my bad mood. We made enough noises that Yamcha got up and found us sparring. He also asked to spar which I gladly agreed. And so I got to take out some of my frustrations on Yamcha and Goku simultaneously. I have got to say that they really gave me a run for the money by tag-teaming. Yamcha was particularly vicious for copying his Wolf Fang Fist but it made the spar all the more interesting.

Once, Goku got tired, I started trouncing Yamcha easily enough. I have to admit that it put me in a better mood. Meanwhile, Goku woke up the others.

Once we were done, I asked Goku to keep an eye on the food while I went to the bath.

After scrubbing myself clean, I quickly prepared the meat with spices. The smell was so good that Yamcha also joined in. The others obviously didn't want to do anything with it. They ate the normal crap food from Bulma's stores that she filled up the day before yesterday on Pleasant Mountain.

While we were eating dinner, I found out that Bulma gave Goku, the dragon radar to search for the dragon balls as he wanted to search for the dragon ball that grandpa gave him.

I also decided to give Goku his refrigerator and warehouse capsule. He wouldn't need the House capsule seeing as he would be staying with Roshi so I decided to give him that in the future when he would tour the world.

Once we were done with breakfast, we were ready to go.

"Alright, let's go," Yamcha said and threw a capsule which became a plane. The plane even had machine guns! How cool is that!

Seeing as Bulma never lost her capsule bag, she also took out a plane which was an even newer model than what Yamcha had.

Seeing as neither Oolong nor me, knew how to fly a plane, Bulma and Yamcha had to be separated as only they knew how to fly a plane. That gave butterflies in my stomach. I was already cockblocking Yamcha. And I decided to do that often while I would be staying with them.

"We are not going to fit in," I commented after a few seconds. Even without me, it would have been a close call seeing as both planes could only fit 2 people each. No wonder the plane crashed in canon. From what I remember, instead of 2, the plane was carrying 3 people's worth of weight.

"What should we do?" Oolong asked.

"I have got an idea. Goku can take either Oolong or Puar on Nimbus, while I and the others can fly in the plane" I suggested.

"It's a great idea. Let's do this" Bulma said excitedly.

And we did though there were some problems we encountered.

Puar got scared of flying at height without any protection. So, we bullied Oolong into agreeing by giving him the option of flying with Goku on Nimbus or staying there alone in a desert where any monster could happen upon him. Oolong couldn't agree with the first option fast enough.

I also got a plan to keep Bulma away from Yamcha at least during the trip. While we were bullying Oolong, I got on the plane with Bulma while Puar went with Yamcha.

Still, Oolong couldn't hold Goku for much time and Goku couldn't fly Nimbus faster with him. So Oolong was tied to Goku while he followed the plane.

While flying, I convinced Bulma into teaching me to fly a plane for a small favor that she already owed me.

Initially, she wanted no favors to be there between us for me taking her wish. Obviously, I disagreed. I pointed out that she got her wish of having a boyfriend, in the form of Yamcha. But she didn't want to have any favors owed to me.

Soon, we started fighting over it.

After a while, we negotiated the price of the wish that I took from her to be of a normal favor. With her housing me and taking care of all my needs like schooling, clothing, and food for a large and a small favor, I was left with only 1 normal favor. Teaching me how to fly a plane was just a bonus.

It took a better part of the afternoon to get to West City. We had to make a few stops so that we could stretch our legs and eat lunch. Between Yamcha, me, and Goku, we destroyed the T-Rex easily enough.

I could have used my time efficiently by reading the magic book but I didn't want to explain the existence of the book. In the craziness of the last night, the whole group had forgotten about the wish and I didn't felt like reminding them. Moreover, I felt like I would have enough time to go through the book in the future.

We only got to the West city in the early evening.

The whole group sans Bulma was wide-eyed after seeing the city for the first time, even me. I have to say, West city was really big and futuristic. The vehicles were sleek and could fly. The roads were in top-notch condition. The buildings were more like skyscrapers.

And the best part: There was no pollution.

While the greenery was low, the air wasn't polluted. I learned from Bulma that vehicles and other contraptions use clean energy nowadays. The people haven't used fossil fuel ever since her father started his company. She wanted to know where I learned about pollution as that was decades ago as her father's inventions replaced the machinery that ran on fossil fuel.

I just told her that the books from which I studied were old-fashioned. Thankfully, she believed me without any suspicion. We also exchanged the seats giving control of the plane to Bulma again as I didn't know where her house was.

In no time we reached her home. The Capsule Corps was recognizable even from the height due to its unique color (yellow). The whole thing was situated in a few blocks' worths of land.

"So where should I park the plane?" I heard Yamcha asking from the mike.

"Keep flying straight… a little more… There… Park it on the roof" Bulma guided the plane.

"A-Are you sure, we are allowed to park here," Yamcha asked nervously and I could understand his nervousness. The house of Bulma's wasn't small. It was more like a mansion situated between Capsule grounds.

"What are you talking about…? Of course, we are allowed. This is my house after all" Bulma bragged taking me out of my depressing thoughts.

Yamcha's lost control over the plane for a little while after hearing that. Thankfully, nothing happened.

Soon, we were floating above the parking area.

I was wrong.

Her house alone covered at least a block. While the grounds covered half a dozen blocks worth of land.

God! I never felt the difference in the power of money between us, more than at that time. For a second, I even felt like a loser. I shook my head at that thought. While I didn't have money, I still could live easily with all the capsules that I managed to win from Bulma. Moreover, I was not interested in the money but the power one could wield from it.

"I knew you were rich but I didn't know you were this rich, Bulma" I commented simply as she landed the plane.

"Of course I am rich" Bulma bragged proudly.

Yamcha quickly parked the plane after us and I quickly got out.

The whole group was astonished at her wealth and made some appropriate comments. Bulma ate attention like a baby puffing her chest out at every turn.

Bulma led us through the building telling us all about the rooms and what facilities are where, while we trailed behind her.

One thing, I noticed was that Bulma's family didn't employ any human. I saw so many robots that I felt like I went to Star Wars for a second. There were robots for cleaning the house, cleaning the garden, cooking, laundry, and so many other things.

No wonder, we were Bulma's first friends. According to what I remember from our talks in the last few days, she didn't get along with the girls in her school as they were all jealous of her looks and wealth. I disagreed with her at that time. I know most won't put up with her attitude and I didn't fail to mention that much to her charging.

But looking around, I couldn't help but agree with her reasoning, at least a little bit. After seeing Bulma's wealth I know people would have definitely tried to suck up to her but the combination of her attitude and their jealousness over her looks and wealth would have driven them away.

The first human I encountered was Bulma's mom.

"Oh, Bulma! You came back. We were so worried when you went away 3 weeks ago" She said hugging Bulma who became embarrassed and tried to shake her off.

I was only partially aware of her talking to Bulma. I was just lost by her looks.

God! Was she sexy?

While Bulma can be considered cute, her mom was sexiness reincarnate.

With a thin frame, big boobs, and blonde hair, she was a total milf material. I was in love on the spot. With her classic ditzy personality, I am sure she wouldn't mind anything from me. Bulma's father sure chose a perfect material.

I shook my head of depraved thoughts when she asked who were Bulma's friend.

Before Bulma could say anything.

"Hello, ma'am. My name is Baali. It is a pleasure to meet such a beautiful lady" I said with a bow and kissed her on the back of her hand.

"Oh my! What a polite young man" She said giggling at my greetings.

One by one everyone introduced themselves. At Yamcha's introduction and his status as Bulma's boyfriend, she was quite surprised and even complimented Yamcha. That lead to Bulma screaming at her to stop flirting with her boyfriend.

"It is very good to meet Bulma's friends and boyfriend," She said with amusement when she saw Yamcha flushed with embarrassment.

After that, Bulma started dragging us away from her.

I wanted to spend more time with her but reluctantly followed Bulma.

"Bye Mrs. Brief. It was good to meet you" I said to which she enthusiastically waved her hands

I was really disappointed with going away but couldn't do anything. I decided to spend more time with her in the future. It's not like she is going somewhere. There will be many opportunities to spend time with her seeing as we both would be living in the same house.

Bulma showed her mansion for a few more minutes before taking us to our lodgings.

And what lodgings were they!

My room was quite bigger than my room in the capsule house.

Seeing as it was quite late and Goku wouldn't be able to reach Roshi's house in time, he also decided to stay with us for a night. So, I had to share the room. I couldn't even ask him to move to another room considering this might be the last night we could spend together before going away for a year. Even, I was a little sentimental. He might have been a pain in the ass but he still grew on me.

Once, the lodging was decided, I quickly went to the bathroom. A hot bath sounds wonderful at the end of the day.

While I rested for the whole day, resting in the hot bath is something else. I spent about 2 hours just resting in the hot bath. I don't even know when I fell asleep. It was good that I didn't drown. That would have been an embarrassing way to go.

'Speaking of dying, I wonder what would happen to my soul when I die' I mused. After all, I wasn't native to this reality.

In the end, I couldn't think of anything so I put that question on the back burner.

When I got out of the bath, I felt like a new man.

I didn't found Goku in the room but shrugged the worry. I was too relaxed to care.

There was one good surprise though. A set of clothes were on the bed. On looking closer, I found that they were my clothes.

'Aha! I remember now. I gave that robot both of my sets of clothes to wash' I thought back to when Bulma told me about the robot.

I have to respect their efficiency. In a couple of hours, the clothes were washed. dried, and ironed. Hell, they looked brand new.

I felt unusually lazy so I just laid there feeling content after wearing them. I don't know how long I just laid there and fell asleep.

I was jolted awake when Bulma barreled into the room with the whole group and Goku with them.

"Baali! This house is huge. There is this garden and they have so many animals. We would never go hungry" Goku exclaimed.

Bulma bonked his head "How many times I have told you, they are not food. If you want food, you just press this button" She said showing us the remote that called the robot that catered food services.

I watched in fascination as a robot came and asked for the order.

We all ordered our favorite food.

When Bulma ordered a pizza, my mouth watered. I totally forgot about the pizza in the last decade. Suddenly, I was horrified that I hadn't eaten a pizza in a decade. So, I canceled my previous order and ordered a pizza of every type.

The wait after that was almost torturous.

The prize after that torture was almost worth the torture.

After eating a large dinner, even by my standards, I waved off the invitation of exploring the mansion and let the sleep claim me. After all, tomorrow would be an exhausting day by my plan and I would need the energy.


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DAY 9:

6:55 pm: I wished for the magic book.

7:35 am: The whole got captured after he freed the group just a few minutes prior.

8:00 pm: He woke up.

8:40 pm: They destroyed the bulletproof glass and freed themselves.

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