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P.O.V changes


Chapter 8

Preparations, And a Well-Executed Plan.

Next day:

I woke up the next day on a super comfy bed though I was a little annoyed by Goku who was sprawled on the bed, covering a lot of space compared to me. The guy was really carefree. It was good that the bed was gigantic (compared to our sizes); otherwise, I might have kicked him out in the night.

Ignoring his unconscious attempt to hold me, I went to the attached bathroom and did my morning rituals.

Today, I already decided to take a break from the exercises so I was taking my time. I also couldn't spar with Goku as he wanted to go to Roshi. By the time I was done with bathing, etc., Goku was awake too.

Before I could even speak, he ran past me to the bathroom. I chuckled at him holding his bowel movements. It was these little things that made me realize some of the changes in Goku due to me. The Goku from canon probably would have pissed somewhere else (probably in a flowerpot) while the current Goku knew some manners. I made sure of that. The extra time Gohan lived probably also instilled some types of manners in him.

I shook my head of the reminiscing and ordered a large breakfast by calling the robot; a dozen boiled eggs and a jug of milk, perfect for starting the day. On further thought, I ordered it once more as I was sure Goku would eat mine when he comes back.

And just as I predicted, Goku came in after getting ready and started eating my food. Thankfully, the robot came back soon after that with my second order. After that, I also ordered the robot to pack a lunch filled with meat for Goku.

Just as we finished eating breakfast, the robot came in with the packed lunch.

With the most important thing out of the way, we quickly got ready and exited the room. I already ordered one of the robots to inform everyone else about Goku's departure when the robot came to deliver Goku's lunch.

It didn't take much time to reach the mansion's ground.

Even if it was early morning, the whole gang came to say goodbye to him, even Bulma, though she was yawning like crazy. This speaks volumes about their friendship with him. I don't think Bulma would lose any sleep over some acquaintance. She definitely considers him a friend even when she just met us 10 days ago.

"We'll all come together and see you someday," Bulma said taking another yawn.

"Work hard and surpass Master Roshi, alright!" Yamcha said fist-bumping him.

"Take care and become strong. I don't want to win Tenkaichi Budokai without a proper fight" I said giving him a brotherly hug.

"Take care alright?" Oolong said offhandedly.

"You too Baali, Bulma, Puar, Yamcha, Oolong" Goku said

Once all was done, he called Nimbus and flew away.

"Bye," we all said to him.

"Bye-bye! See you all later" He waved and soon disappeared into the clouds.

"Man Goku would be a lot stronger after training with a great martial artist like Master Roshi" Yamcha mused out loud pumping his fist in an excited manner.

While he might be an idiot for losing Bulma in the future, he wasn't wrong now. Goku would at least be double in his strength by the next year by my knowledge of the canon.

Seeing as he would be doing some tough training, I wanted to start my training now but I couldn't as I need to do some things first.

'Well! No time like the present'

"Hey guys, I will be back in some time," I said taking my leave.

"Where are you going?" Bulma asked stopping me in my tracks.

"I just want to see the city" I lied "Wanna come?" I asked already knowing the answer

"No way! It is too early in the morning. I am going back to sleep" She said and walked away. Yamcha and the others too followed her example and went back to their rooms.

Seeing this I also decided to go. After all, the early bird gets the food and all that. But, instead of just walking around, I started jogging to get my body warm-up.

Once, I exited the mansion, I was awestruck. I didn't see the city properly when I came here yesterday. It really looks futuristic though its novelty started to wear off after a while.

After asking around, I finally found the address I was looking for.

It was a cow dairy situated on one corner of the city which supplied milk and other milk products to the nearby areas.

I asked Bulma last night about this. Apparently, people buy milk from nearby shops and malls, so only a few people supply milk directly. The one I found, supplied milk for people covering a tenth of the city area.

As for why I wanted to find it: Simple. I wanted to find it for training.

Now, I might have not gone to Master Roshi for the training but it doesn't mean I can't do his training on my own. After all, I already know what his training entails.

This way, I don't have to live in the wilderness away from the city to get stronger while suffering through Roshi's and others' antics. I can do it while living in the city with all the luxuries Bulma could afford. And trust me; there are very few things she can't afford.

My only regret is that I couldn't be in contact with Launch. Then again, her split personality would also create unnecessary drama and violence. And I already have a blonde bombshell in form of Panchy to ogle.

'Speaking of Panchy, I wonder if she would be interested in sunbathing with me' I thought with a giggle.

Anyway, I arranged with the owner of the dairy farm for delivering milk to his usual customers in the early morning without any vehicle. I had to be clear on this as I didn't want to get any complications when it was time for delivery.

He first laughed good-naturedly at me but agreed to a trial tomorrow when I remain stubborn and showed my speed and strength. I agreed to it as I knew he wouldn't just give me the responsibility without some hard proof.

If I pass the trial tomorrow and deliver the milk on time, he agreed to give quite a bit of money.

The next place I went to was the farmers living on the outskirts of the city. Similarly, I arranged with one of them for plowing his fields in exchange for some money.

I didn't arrange this with all the farmers as I knew that I wouldn't be able to do them at once after seeing the size of their farms. I was also surprised to learn that I only have a month left to plow the fields as they were just done with cutting all the crops. After a bit of digging, I learned that I wouldn't be able to plow the farms for about 2 months as they would be occupied with all the crops that would be growing.

For a second, I was worried that I made a mistake by refusing the offer of Master Roshi and that there was more to his training than shown in the canon.

Thankfully, I learned that the farmers would use the other quadrants of the farms in the meantime. This way, they won't be idle. Apparently, there are about 4-5 dozen farmers who have all the land outside the city. They have divided their farms into 4 parts and use a quadrant for 3 months after which they move to the next quadrant.

This knowledge made me realize that the farmers near the Roshi's house probably do this too. And if I do it fast enough, I might be able to plow all of their farms on my own after this month.

Once I was done with the farmers, I went to one of the construction sites in the city, where I arranged a part-time job with them for money.

They all decided to see how much work I could do before agreeing to a particular amount of money.

But I didn't stop at only them.

I went to the factories and other places where they would require hard labor. For example, I went to a demolishing company where instead of demolishing the building with the help of cranes or bombs, I would use my fists. Similarly, I went to a timber factory where instead of cutting wood from axes, I would use my hands.

Similarly, I worked out about every work that required machines or tools to be done with just my body.

Obviously, none of them believed me first. But, once I demonstrated my strength, they easily agreed. But even then, they insisted on the trial period to decide my wage.

While some might think I won't have the time seeing as Goku and Krillin were very busy with just the first 3 jobs in the canon, I don't think so. After all, I don't need to study and I could easily do them in the afternoons and evenings.

I chuckled at the irony. While Goku would be studying with Roshi, I would be training my ass off.

I was sure that this training method would be far superior to Master Roshi's.

There was just a teeny tiny problem. I didn't have enough time to practice my magic even if I wake up at 4 and go to sleep at 7.

'And I haven't even opened that book' I thought morosely.

I shook my head and looked at the schedule that I would be following for the foreseeable future.

04:00 am to 04:30 am: Waking up, Morning rituals, and traveling time to the Dairy farm

04:30 am to 06:30 am: Delivery of Milk and other products if possible

06:30 am to 07:00 am: Traveling time to outskirts of the city and an early breakfast

07:00 am to 9:30 am: Plowing fields

9:30 am to 10:00 am: Traveling time to the construction site and a late breakfast/ an early lunch

11:00 am to 01:00 pm: Working at the construction site

01:00 pm to 01:30 pm: Lunch and Travel time back to Bulma's mansion

01:00 pm to 02:00 pm: Rest

02:00 pm to 02:30 pm: Traveling time to the factories and some late afternoon Snacks

02:30 pm to 06:00 pm: Working in different factories

06:00 pm to 07:00 pm: Traveling time back to Bulma's mansion, Bathing, and Dinner.

'Well if I decrease my sleeping schedule, I could adjust some time to study my magic book' I thought and made the changes. While it would suck to have 7 hours of sleep instead of my usual 9, it would be fine after a while.

'I can forego 2 hours of sleeping in favor of learning magic' I decided

Now my schedule was something like this.

05:00 am to 07:00 pm: Same.

07:00 pm to 09:00 pm: Studying Magic

By the time, I was done with all of them; it was time for lunch. While it might not look like, the west city is really big. It took quite a lot of time covering all that distance even with jogging.

I literally ran back to the Capsule Corporation House. There, I ordered the lunch in a similar way to the morning (by ordering the robot). But this time, it was filled with meat, rice, juice, and salad.

'I could really get used to it' I mused as I ate my lunch. After all, I don't have to put any effort and waste time hunting for food. Instead, I could use that time to make myself powerful.

When I was full, I went to Bulma. It was half pain in the ass to find her even with the help of the Robots. In the end, I had to admit defeat and use my sensing ability to find her.

I sensed her Ki in the other wing of the mansion. Thankfully, she wasn't with Yamcha as I could sense him in his room with Puar and Oolong.

I followed her KI and found her in her room applying make-up.

"Hey, Bulma" I called her out after opening the door.

"Aaaaaahhh" Bulma screamed though she stopped when she saw me.

"What happened?" I asked with confusion.

"You don't barge in the other people's room like that" Bulma screamed at me.

'Ah' I realized that it had indeed been some time since I lived like a civilized human being. 'I probably have forgotten some other things too' I internally grimaced.

"My bad" I rubbed my head sheepishly "It won't happen again"

"Anyway, do you need something?" She asked turning back to the mirror and started applying make-up.

"Yeah! I have an idea. I was thinking if you can build something for me" I said.

"What do you need for me to build now?" She asked with an annoyed expression.

"I was thinking of some sort of device which would increase the gravity on me. The device should be small enough that I can attach it to me and do the other work normally. Is it possible?" I asked ignoring her annoyance directed any me.

"I have a date with Yamcha today and I don't have time for anything" Bulma declined.

"You don't have to do it today," I said ignoring a brief spike of jealousy towards Yamcha. "You won't even owe me any favors afterward. How about that?" I bribed her.

"Hmmm! I guess… Let's see… hmm… I will have to run some calculations. Why don't you check with me tomorrow? I should be done by then" She suggested.

"Sure. And don't forget, you have to upgrade my refrigerator too though you can go easy seeing as I wouldn't require it anytime soon" I said and exited the room before she could refuse.

Initially, I thought about going to her father as he made the first gravity chamber in canon. But it felt awkward asking the man when I have only met him once and not even properly at that.

After that, I went back to my allotted room.

Once I reached my room, I took out my magic book and started reading. After all, while I might not want to train my body, I have no problem reading a book. Moreover, I have been dying to read it for a while.

'And, I might only have free time today to read it as I would be busy from tomorrow onwards' I thought.

'Magic is a type of energy that is found in every sentient living being...'


A Week later

It has been a little over a week since I started living in Bulma's house. And it has been a hectic week except for the first day.

While I knew that the training won't be easy, I didn't realize it would be so difficult. The very first day, I was spent even without any weights weighing me down. I didn't even have the energy to practice my magic when I came home. Instead, I was asleep in seconds after hitting the bed.

The same thing happened for the next couple of days too.

And just when I thought I had adapted and would be able to read my magic book that night, Bulma completed the gravitational device I asked from her.

It was in the shape of a belt that would exert extra gravity on the wearer. It could be worn so that the person could do his work normally. She already told me that she wouldn't be able to make the gravitation more than double on the 2nd day of my living there just as she promised. She gave the reason that the belt was small and made of simple material so it couldn't withstand more gravity.

I was a little disheartened that it won't be able to exert more than 2G but beggars can't be choosers. It was better to have a belt able to exert 2G than not have it at all.

Naturally, I wore it the second she presented it to me. My first reaction was to increase the gravity to 2G and be done with it. However, I knew if I did that, I wouldn't be able to do more than my first task.

So, with great reluctance, I turned the knob to 1.03 instead.

I didn't do that on a whim. It was a very thought out move.

Goku and I were about the same weight at around 40 kg. And I knew from the canon that he was able to do Master Roshi's training with 40 kg shells on him. Instead of 40 kg, we can also assume, he be in 2G gravity instead of G.

So, according to my calculation, I only needed to increase the gravity by 0.03 percent every day to easily surpass him as I had more than 350 days left.

Unfortunately, with some additional gravity weighing me down, I was again spent by the time I was done.

The same thing happened in the last couple of days too as I had to increase the gravity daily.

All in all, I didn't get any time to practice my magic other than the basic ones. Thankfully, I already read about it everything I needed to know. It was all very basic but even then, it was more than enough.

Apparently, KI is really different compared to Magic. I was very surprised to find that. I thought KI and Magic were the same things but with different applications.

The books proved me wrong on the first page too.

While KI is directly tied to the life force, Magic is directly tied to Willpower. The greater the willpower; the greater the magical potential.

Some people are actually born with the ability to use magic, but in one field only.

I already suspected of some people who came under this category. Take Fortune Teller Baba for example. She was definitely a prodigy at Divination magic. Similarly, Rabbit Boss had an affinity towards the Transfiguration magic but it was directed against another person instead of oneself. Then there was General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army who was definitely a prodigy of Telekinesis for a human. Unfortunately, he wasn't creative enough to use it properly.

But that doesn't mean other people can't use it. Roshi and Goku were able to use some degree of Telepathy due to their experience. Hell, Roshi could even do some basic hypnosis.

This let me understand that a person can easily do some basic magic with some experience.

But just like KI, it also needed to be trained.

There isn't some rule about unlocking magic. Everyone has that. But there are only a few who have great willpower to use it.

I also realized why fighters in the canon don't use magic that often. It is just not destructive enough. Instead, it has more diversity than KI.

It has more of a supporting role. No doubt, there are many techniques that are destructive but they are all grandmaster level techniques. I can't even do the basic techniques for now.

But there are some spells I could perform. I was easily able to perform them on my first day too.

The first was Telekinesis.

Now, some might say that it is not magic. But they would be totally wrong. Telekinesis and Telepathy both come under the magic. For now, I was only able to lift some pens and small things with my magic. And I couldn't even hold them for more than a minute before going out.

The second was Telepathy.

Again, I was shit at it. I couldn't exactly do the proper telepathy. I could just sense some emotions from people. So one could say that it was more like empathy. But with my sensing skill, it could be a little more useful. Unfortunately, I couldn't even differentiate between different emotions.

The third and my favorite was Magic Materialization.

It is an ability that allows the user to make an object from thin air. The user doesn't need to know the object's exact configuration. He just needs to visualize and will it. Of course, I am shit at it too. I could just make some needles which was the first step of mastering this spell.

I have made some progress in these spells this week since I adjust some of my time during the day to use them sparsely.

For example, I use my telepathy/empathy to sense what others are feeling. In the last week, I have come to recognize the different feel of their emotions. Similarly, I use Telekinesis to lift rocks and other things respectively while doing my jobs. This had let my Telekinesis be able to lift twice the amount of weight compared to before (It was still shit).

But even then, the progress isn't very much in those two spells.

Magic Materialization, on the other hand, has progressed much faster compared to those two. I guess the reason is that I have also used it more times than the other two spells combined.

There was one thing that I didn't realize before when I learned the spell. Once, I master the spell, I can make my creations permanent.

Let me spell it out to you again. The creation is permanent.

That spell is so broken, it is not even funny. Money and a lot of other things would become moot at that point. Even now, I can fool people by giving them money. The only problem is that they would disappear after some time.

'I can't wait to be able to make some weighted clothes' I thought excitedly. With some weighted clothes and this belt, I might be able to train under 3G soon.

Unfortunately, I tried making the clothes and was even successful but they disappeared after a few seconds. I have since realized that the heavier or the more complicated the object is, the harder it is to make them.

Suddenly, my surroundings jerked which brought me back to my present. I looked around to see that Bulma lost control of her plane a little bit when Yamcha's plane came too close to her.

"Bulma! Focus on flying the plane now. You can flirt with your boyfriend later. I don't want to die just because you couldn't control yourself" I reprimanded her.

I ignored her "Humph" and spoke in comm link "And Yamcha, same goes to you. If this happens again, you can expect our daily spar to be more brutal from tomorrow"

The ride after that was very smooth. Yamcha and I started sparring in the morning before I go to work. It was a recent thing, just after the day Bulma gave me my Gravity Belt. To make the spar more enjoyable, I started using it on 1.5 G. This put me around the same level as Yamcha.


"How much time more till we reach there?" I asked after 5 hours of the journey.

"We are already around the area where we met that perverted Hermit," She said back a little annoyed, no doubt thinking about how Roshi asked her to show him her panties.

It was Sunday today and a day off for most of my work except for Delivering Milk which I did in the morning before we started traveling to see Goku. Apparently, Bulma wanted to see how he was doing and I agreed. Yamcha also wanted to see the famous Martial Arts expert Muten Roshi.

So we decided to go on a trip. Unfortunately, we all couldn't fit in a single plane and not all of us knew how to fly a plane. So Bulma and I were in one plane while the others were in the other plane.

I was brought back to the present again when the airplane jerked again. The reprimands and threats were on the tip of my tongue when I looked around to see that we have arrived and landed on an island.

Unfortunately, the Kame house wasn't there.

"Are you sure, they live here?" Oolong asked Bulma snootily.

"Of course, I know. They live here. You can confirm with Baali" Bulma screamed back.

Still, Oolong wasn't fazed. Two weeks of that and he had already adapted to it. He merely looked in my direction which I confirmed with a nod

"Bulma is right. But they might have shifted somewhere close for the training. This isn't exactly a good place to train. It is very small" I added my two cents.

"Good idea Baali! Let's find them" Bulma said excitedly.

We quickly shuffled in our respective planes and flew off.

Half an hour later:

It took us about half an hour to find them. Initially, we all went in one direction but on my suggestion, Bulma and I went in one direction while the others went in the other direction. This way, we were able to cover more area.

Even then, it took us half an hour to locate them.

Seeing as I located them using my sensing skill, we landed near the kame house first after informing Yamcha and others on the comm.

With my sensing skill, I was easily able to locate all of the characters.

There was a person with Bulma's level of KI in the distinctive pink house.

'It was probably Launch' I mused.

Even with my interference, Goku probably reached Roshi around the same time he did in canon as a day we saved in traveling was spent in traveling to Bulma's house and back to Roshi's Kame House.

The other 3 KI were quite powerful.

One was around Yamcha's level. He was probably Krillin. I was familiar with the other 2 and knew they were of Goku of Roshi's KI. While Goku was only a little stronger than before, Muten Roshi was of the same level, around double of Goku.

I unconsciously walked in their direction without realizing it. Soon, they came into the view.

Roshi was teaching Goku and Krillin. But he wasn't teaching them martial arts. Instead, he was teaching them reading and writing. And judging by what Goku was saying, I don't think Roshi had anything other than porn to read.

I must have come under Goku's senses as he stopped reading out loud and turned towards us.

"Baali" He shouted excitedly and ran towards me. Unconsciously, a smile came upon my face. I won't admit it even under the pain of torture but I missed the little bastard a little bit.

We exchanged a bro hug.

"When did you come?" He asked excitedly.

"Just now" I replied.

Meanwhile, Bulma also met with Roshi.

"When did you moved here? We have been looking for you guys for the last 2 hours" Bulma said annoyingly.

"We needed to move to a bigger area for the training" Roshi replied.

Roshi being predictable, asked her to show her panties next. Instead of that, he got a slap to his face.

This generated a round of laughter.

"I know Master Roshi but who is he?" I asked once the laughter subsided.

"He is Krillin. He is my training partner" Goku explained.

"Hello! It is nice to meet you. Goku has told many things about you" Krillin greeted us with a bow.

"I see," I said. I just hoped he hadn't blabbed all of our abilities.

Before I could say anything more, the others arrived. I already sensed their arrival a few seconds ago so I wasn't surprised by it. But Goku was definitely surprised.

Goku was also quite excited to meet with Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong. He boisterously introduced the others to Krillin and Master Roshi.

Once all the introductions were over, Master Roshi came over to me.

"I thought you would come with Goku, Baali. But he told me that you refused my offer to become my disciple" He said indifferently.

"It was my first plan but I wanted to see and experience city life" I explained. "So how is Goku doing?" I asked to change the subject.

"He is very good in martial arts. But a little bad in the study department" He replied looking over Goku.

"Trust me, I know. Even Gohan had a very hard time keeping him still. I still think he got all the gray hairs from his antics" I said and we chuckled good-naturedly reminiscing about the same person.

"Though I do hope that you have more than smut as a reading material for him," I said after a few seconds with a smile, though the killing intent I generated definitely confused him.

"Y-Yes, yes, O-Of course. It was only at Krillin's insisting that we decided to read it" Roshi replied weakly while swiping the sweat suddenly forming on his foreheads.

I have to admit, he does good acting for a hermit. This guy could literally hand me my ass in 100 different ways without even trying but here he is acting like he is afraid of me.

"I see. I hope you do not let him bully you anymore" I intoned sarcastically letting him know that I didn't believe his lie. "Anyway, as an apology for not becoming your disciple, I brought a replacement. He is rough around the edges but his martial arts is good enough. I think he would do good with you" I said looking over Yamcha.

I internally smirked. This was not a spur of the moment type of thing. I got this idea while traveling here and refined the plan over the journey. I gave a pat on my back for coming with this brilliant plan.

If Yamcha succeeds in becoming Roshi's disciple, he won't be able to spend time with Bulma at all. This will definitely throw a wrench in their relationship.

"Oh!" Roshi looked over him too. "I do see some training in him. Very well, I will see if he can take my training or not" He replied offhandedly.

I was a little surprised he agreed to it this easily. I thought he would ask me to procure him some porn magazines but it looks like I won't need to do it.

"Great! Let me go and break the news with him" I replied and walked over to the group.

"Hey, Yamcha. Come over here for a second" I shouted.

He looked confused but did as I asked.

"Yo Baali!"

"Look, I know how much you wanted to be Master Roshi's student. S-" I started but he cut me off.

"How do you know about that?" He asked with some embarrassment.

"It was all you could talk in the last week" I looked at him with a deadpan "So anyway, I asked him about it and he has agreed to take you as a disciple. B-"

"WHAT? That is great. Thank You Baali. I thought you didn't like me but I was wrong. You are the best person in the world" Yamcha cut me off and swept me in a hug.

For a second, I was very surprised but I composed myself and extracted myself from the hug. "That's okay and all but he will test you on your work so don't slack off, okay," I said all the while internally smirking at the job well done.

"Don't worry Baali. I will work twice- no thrice as hard as others and become his best student" Yamcha said with a determined gaze.

"What happened?" Bulma asked as the others came over us.

"Baali convinced Master Roshi to let me train here as his student. Isn't this great?" Yamcha said excitedly before I could even speak up.

'That damn bastard. I did him a huge favor and this is how he repays me' I thought with frustration, anger, and most of all horror.

I could literally sense Bulma getting angry.

"Is that right?" She asked sweetly turning over me and looked at me like she wanted to kill me.

I started backing off.

"I-It w-was t-truthfully Master R-Roshi's idea. I-I was just t-the messenger" I stuttered out, throwing Master Roshi under the bus without a second thought.

Bulma looked indecisive for a moment "But you said you convinced Master Roshi" Yamcha butted in.

For a second, I was really tempted to kill the bastard and be done with it.

Before Bulma could understand what Yamcha said, I hightailed out of there.

I have to give some credit to Bulma. She started running after me after only a second of surprise.

10 minutes later, she was tired on the ground while I was some distance away from her in case she was faking it.

"Umm... Bulma, What happened" Yamcha asked cautiously coming over to her but I could see there was some confusion in his voice.

'Oh, you poor bastard' I thought with satisfaction as Bulma rounded on him and started laying him off. I being the self-centered bastard, stepped away and started enjoying the show, all the while hoping that she forget my part in this fiasco.


I fully enjoyed the fight between Yamcha and Bulma.

Bulma wanted him to give up on the apprenticeship and come with her back to the city. On the other hand, Yamcha wanted to learn from Master Roshi and win the 21st World's Martial Arts Tournament.

Unfortunately, for once Yamcha stepped his foot down.

Master Roshi, took a test of Yamcha in form of running speed. It was the same one he took from Goku and Krillin.

Yamcha completed the 100-meter dash in 11.3 seconds. After which, Master Roshi looked satisfied enough judging by his emotions.

Seeing as we were intruding on their training, Master Roshi asked us to rest in the house while he took his 3 students to train somewhere else.

Goku and Krillin wore their shells but he didn't give a shell to Yamcha. I guessed Yamcha was still in his trial period. Still, I was pretty sure that he would easily able to pass Master Roshi's tests. After all, in canon, he became his student just after meeting him in the 21st World's Martial Arts Tournament. So, I don't see why that can't happen here.

Bulma wanted to follow Yamcha to convince him to give up on the apprenticeship. But, couldn't keep up so she came back after a few hours.

While the future Z fighters trained with Master Roshi, I also decided to train as I didn't want to waste any time. I already wasted enough to travel here. So, I increased my personal gravity to 1.5 G and started doing some exercises.

By the time Bulma came back in a few hours, I was exhausted.

I laid there resting thinking of going in the house and meeting launch but Bulma came in with a thunderous expression mumbling about 'stupid jerks'.

"What happened?" I asked cautiously, not wanting to get her ire turn towards me.

"That jerk, Yamcha, doesn't want to come back" She screamed before mumbling "He and his stupid training"

I easily dodged the stone she kicked towards me and let her vent.

"C'mon Baali. We are leaving. If Yamcha wants to live in this backwater island, I am leaving him here" She said after she was done.

"Uh-okay, let's take Oolong and Puar and say goodbye to everyone else," I said.

"Very well, I will be waiting on the plane" She replied and turned back.

She didn't notice my satisfied smirk when she walked away. I also turned back and walked towards the house whistling happily.

Just as I was about to open the door, it slammed open. I narrowly dodged it and looked angrily in the direction to give him/her a piece of my mind. But before, I could do that, Oolong ran past me as if Devil was chasing him.

I didn't have to look further to confirm the truth. Blonde Launch was coming towards my direction with a gun in her hand. Not a second later, the bullets started flying around. I tried to dodge them and run away but was only partially successful.

I stopped when I could no longer feel Blonde Launch chasing me. Instead, she was chasing Oolong. I realized then that she was never chasing me. I was just in between her and Oolong.

'They will leave some bruises' I grimaced as I pulled out 3 bullets stuck on my shoulder and back.

"What happened?" I asked Puar who was just outside the door watching in amusement as Blonde Launch tried to fill Oolong with bullets.

"Oolong tried something perverted with Launch. But she accidentally sneezed and turned to this blonde lady" He said as if that explained everything. If I didn't have the canon knowledge, I would have been confused.

I shook my head.

"Anyway, Bulma and I are going back to the city. You wanna come?" I asked.

"Yamcha-Sama is not going?" He asked.

I shook my head "No! Bulma isn't exactly happy with him at the moment" I had to keep really hard control of my face so that my smile doesn't show.

"If Yamcha-Sama is not going, then I am staying here too," He said resolutely.

I nodded, already expecting this. Meanwhile, I looked around the Kame House.

Truthfully, it wasn't much, if one could ignore the distinctive pink paint.

The first floor consisted of the main room that served as a living room too. It had a TV set, a closet, a low table, and some crushed seatings. From the living room, there are doors, leading to the kitchen on the back, and to the toilet on the right. On the left side, there are stairs for the second floor, which contained a single bedroom.

All in all, it was good enough for 4 people if a few of them didn't have any problems sleeping in a futon in the living room. I guessed they were doing it now. But with the addition of Yamcha and Puar, they won't be able to sleep comfortably.

Suddenly, I got an idea and a devilish grin spread on my face.

I took out one of the capsules from my pouch and presented it to Puar.

"What is this?" He asked in confusion.

"This is Goku's apartment-style capsule, perfect for one person though it can easily hold 2 or 3 people. With your and Yamcha's addition, this house won't be able to hold you. So, you can use it for yourself and that lady. This way Master Roshi and Oolong won't be able to do anything perverted" I said the last part with a visible smirk.

Hearing this, Puar also let out a laugh.

"I will definitely use it. Thank You" He said.

I just waved him goodbye and walked away.

I looked for Oolong but couldn't find him and blonde Launch anywhere. I could also sense that Bulma was just on the breaking point. So, I decided to leave him here with the others. After all, I didn't want to live here, in the wilderness.

Soon, I reached there. Bulma didn't even ask about Oolong.

The next second, we were in the air, flying back home.

I knew the ride back home was about 5 hours long so I decided to rest and let sleep claim me. After all, training in 1.5G is no joke... at least for now.


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