Erik Needs Some Help

Chapter 1

Erik woke up in a cell. The walls were stone and stained with dark stained. Some looked like blood stains.

"Well he IS alive." A man laughed. It sounded all too familiar. It was a fat, dark tan man. he wore a pockadoted shirt with a purple vest under it. The man's grey, curly hair was long. Almost to his shoulders. Erik growl like a caged animal.

"Javert" he snarled. "you remember me!" The man cheers. "How dare you." Erik growls. A whip lashes out and smacks Erik hard on his good cheek. "Behave like a man not an animal living corpse" Javert said sternly.

"you're crazy if you think you can keep me here" Erik mutters. "Oh I know that's why I will play with you as soon as possible." Javert giggles madly before stalking off leaving Erik in the dark.