Erik Needs Some Help

Chapter 8

Erik was back in his cell when he came to. As his wife standing there. "Christine?" he asked tears coming to his eyes. "I'm here darling" she says opening her arms to hug him. Erik runs to her and tries to hug her. Erik's arms went right through her.

"Wh-what?" Erik said confused. "Christine I-the pill. Halucigenic pill. That sorry piece of trash drugged me." Erik growls

"Erik what's wrong?" "Christine" asked. "Yeah papa you seem off." his son Gustave said appearing beside him.

Erik began shaking violently. "No please stop" he grabs his hair and tugs at it.

"Papa it's us."

"Dear don't you love us?" the fake Christine asked.

"I do. Yes" Erik says.

Christine touches his hand and Erik faints.