The moon shined brightly in the night sky, glowing luminously with the stars as it lit up the darkness, standing out like a ghost in a dark room. Its pale-yellow light slipped through an open window, which happened to be from the attic of the Tilly residence, where it faintly spotlighted Chucky as he put his son Glen to bed.

"Goodnight, Son,'' Chucky said to Glen as he finished pulling up the covers to his neck. "Goodnight, Otou-San," Glen replied to Chucky as he stared up at his father with his ocean-blue eyes, dazzling with innocence. Chucky slightly grinned a bit, then turned around to join Tiffany in bed.

They had just come back from their "boy's night out," where Chucky had killed Britany Spears after she drove in front of him on the road by driving her off and a nosy photographer and paparazzi by the name of Pete Peters, who had stalked the residence and took pictures of various people in the house, including Chucky who was masturbating in the bathroom. Luckily, Chucky had been able to catch him as he was leaving the property and vowed to get revenge on him. He snuck out with Glen at night and went over to his studio, where Glen had accidentally spooked him, causing him to back away from Chucky and Glen and accidentally bump into the shelf of acids behind him, causing it to break and a dangerous and deadly acid to fall on him, causing his skin and face to burn and ultimately killing him. Glen felt incredibly guilty about getting him killed, while Chucky was extremely proud of Glen for his first kill.

Chucky still smiled to himself, still very proud of the event. Glen was a natural-born killer and he hoped to kill more with him. His pride soon faded away, however, and was immediately replaced with surprise when he saw Tiffany sitting in bed, awake.

"Listen, Tiff, I can explain..." Chucky started to speak before Tiffany unexpectedly grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him passionately. "Shut up,'' she replied in a lusty tone while she stared up at him. Her bright green eyes were half-open and glowed with passion and desire. Her hand caressed his face and her lips were slightly formed into a lusty grin. At that moment, Chucky knew exactly what she wanted. His eyes turned into the same expression as Tiffany's, and his smile grew wider, now reminiscent of his dirty thoughts and immediate thirst for love. He joined Tiffany in bed and the two immediately started kissing passionately, holding each other tightly and caressing their bodies. Chucky undid Tiffany's choker and pulled down the sleeves of her dress while Tiffany undid Chucky's overalls and threw off his striped shirt, leaving their bodies bare. Tiffany traced her finger down Chucky's thick stitches while Chucky brushed his hand over Tiffany's curvy hips.

Time passed by and the night continued on, and the two of them continued to make love. They both eventually fell asleep in each other's arms, holding each other close, making sure neither of them let go. They knew that morning would come soon, but to them, the night felt like an eternity, a dream they didn't want to wake up from. They continued to cuddle each other, both of them filled with passion and love, without a care in the world. But this carefree outlook would not last long though, as the Ray family were in for an unexpected surprise...

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