Hey guys. It's me again after so many mouths and I've decided to put this story on hiatus. Sorry if I haven't updated in nearly 8 mouths, but I have been busy with school and other things and I had have severe writer's block so I've had no motivation to write. I actually did manage to write the third chapter for a while but then I got frustrated and deleted it along with a few other unfinished documents of mine. So sorry to anyone who is reading this and hoping for more chapters, because they won't be coming for a while.

Anyways, on a positive note, I'm interested in continuing this story one day, so I'm not going to discontinue this story, but it going on a indefinite hiatus since I want to focus on other projects and I don't know when I want to start writing for this again. But in the meantime, my writer's block has been fading away and I've started writing again, so maybe keep an eye out for my other stories.

Thanks a bunch,