" Maureen, tomorrow, you meet my fiance, Joanne." told his 17-year-old daughter, Maureen.

" Okay, dad." Maureen replied unenthusiastically, since she knew her father would ruin this relationship just like he ruined his relationship with Maureen's mom, and every other woman he dated.

" Dress nicely, okay? She's a very fancy, beautiful, lawyer. She's also very nice, you'll love her, I swear." promised.

Maureen nodded and went back to her room, rolling his eyes before she drifted off into a deep sleep.

" Maureen! Why are you still asleep? Joanne will be here in two minutes!" yelled into Maureen's room.

Maureen's head snapped up, and she slowly stood up, stretching. Her father's yells woke her up a bit more. " Hurry up, Maureen! I can not believe you! I asked you to wear something nice for one day, and to wake up a certain time, and you can't even do that?!"

" Okay, dad, I get it! Your stupid girlfriend can wait, just give a minute! Damn!" Maureen yelled back at her father, now rummaging through her room to find her dress.

grunted and stormed away, going down the stairs. Maureen rolled her eyes, and ran downstairs, into the laundry room, where her brother, John, was standing, folding clothes. He looked like the male version of Maureen, and he was twelve.

" Johnny, where is my dress? I put it in that load!" Maureen yelled, pointing at the clothes Johnny was folding.

" Oh, um… it's right there." Johnny said nervously, pointing to a red dress on top of the dryer that could fit a toddler. " Sorry, Mo—"

" What the hell, Johnny?!" Maureen yelled, picking up the dress and throwing it at his face even though it was wet.

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry, just wear something else, okay?" Johnny said, taking the dress off of his face.

Maureen grunted. " Who told you to do the fucking laundry in the first place?!"

" Dad." Johnny replied, and just then, the doorbell rang. The door outside was opened quickly, and there was small laughter and voices speaking.

" John! Maureen! Come out here!" yelled.

Maureen glared at her little brother. " I'll get you back for this, you dumbass."

John went outside first, in a fancy suit and hair well done. Maureen came out after him, wearing a tank top that had been cut so that the shirt stopped right above Maureen's belly button. Her hair was in a messy bun at the top of her head and her pants were just little booty shorts. She folded her arms across her chest uncomfortably, trying to cover herself.

" Hi, it's nice to meet you two. I have heard so much about both of you." Joanne said, first holding out her hand for John to shake, and then for Maureen to.

Joanne didn't seem to care how Maureen was dressed, in fact, her eyes seemed to light up at her practically being half naked.

" Likewise." Maureen replied, shaking Joanne's hand. She smiled at Joanne, noticing that her father had actually picked someone beautiful to be with. She also noticed that Joanne looked more around her own age, like in her late teens or early twenties, than her father's age. " How old are you?" Maureen blurted out.

" Maureen." warned Maureen.

" What? She just doesn't look your age… at all." Maureen muttered and her father glared at her while John tried not to snicker.

" Oh, I don't mind. I'm 24." Joanne stated.

John's eyebrows raised, and he got on his tippy-toes to whisper something into Maureen's ear. " Curvy, sexy, and young. Dad hit the jackpot."

Maureen looked at her brother, eyes widened. " What the hell is wrong with you, man?"

John shrugged his shoulders, and Maureen looked looked back at Joanne.

They all sat down together in the living room, John and Maureen talking to each other on the couch across from the couch where Ed Johnson and Joanne spoke.

Maureen looked at Joanne, thinking about what her brother said about Joanne. It was true, but she couldn't ever say that she thought a woman was beautiful.

" Excuse me, Joanne." Maureen said politely, and everyone stopped talking. Joanen looked at Maureen, and smiled. " Yes?"

" How did you and my father meet?" Maureen asked, settling back into the couch.

" Um, he was a friend of my father's." Joanne explained briefly.

" You're dating a man who could be your father?" John asked bluntly.

Maureen chuckled, and Ed's face only got angry with rage. He went to stay something to John, most likely scold him, but Joanne stopped him. " Honey, calm down. He's just a child."

Ed slightly calmed down. " Fine, dear. John, I'll let you off with a warning."

" Yeah, chill, dad, I wasn't speeding." John said with a smirk, and Maureen laughed again. " You're so young, you couldn't even be my mother. You could be Maureen's best friend."

Joanne sighed, and Ed stood up. " That is enough disrespect, John. Go up to your room, now."

" How is it disrespectful that he's calling Joanne young?" Maureen inquired.

" Do you wanna join him, Missy?" Ed asked sternly.

Maureen rolled her eyes. " No, missy."

Ed sat back down as John headed up the stairs, but soon stood back up. " I'll go fix us some drinks."

Joanne nodded before Ed gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away, so Joanne and Maureen were left alone. " So… uh, my dad tells me your a lawyer. What type?"

" Prosecutor. What do you wanna be, dear?" Joanen asked, crossing her legs and leaning her elbow on the armrest of the couch.

" An actress, and a singer. I wanna be on Broadway." Maureen stated.

" Oh, I just watched Hamilton with my colleague the other day and it was spectacular." Joanne said.

Maureen's face lit up in excitement. " You actually have watched Hamilton?!"

" Yes." Joanne replied like it was nothing.

" Oh my god! I would die to see that show!" Maureen exclaimed.

" Well, I could take you. If you want. But it would only be us two." Joanne said.

" I'm more than want that! I'm desperate for it!" Maureen exclaimed, and when Joanne blushed, she realized what she had said. " I mean not desperate to be alone with you, I'm just desperae to-to watc—"

" I know, dear. It's okay." Joanne assures Maureen, but she still looked away. There was an awkward silence for a second, and Maureen looked down into her lap, looking at her fat rolls on her stomach. Of course, she was healthy as can be, but when she was sitting, all her skin was squished together. She quickly sat up straight. " I should go change."

Joanne nodded, taking a drink from her water, and Maureen stood up, walking away and unpurposely swaying her hips, causing Joanne to stare at her ass and choke on her water. Maureen turned on her heels. " Are you okay? Are you choking?"

" No, no, I'm fine… just-just keep walking…" Joanne said, and Maureen nodded suspiciously, continuing to walk. Joanne's eyes once again averted down. " Damn." Joanne whispered to herself, but was brought out of her trance of thinking of Maureen after she went upstairs after a few minutes by Ed walking into the living room, fitting three cups into his hands.

Ed put a glass down on the coffee table in front of Joanne, and put one on the other side where Maureen would be accessible to it. " Where did Maureen go?"

" She went upstairs to change." Joanne replied quickly and nervously.

" Good, that outfit was… disgraceful." Ed said, taking a sip from his glass of wine.

" Don't you think you're being a little harsh on her, Ed? She's just a teenager." Joanne said, also sipping from her wine.

" She's seventeen. She should be able to get up at a certain time. She needs to learn how to take care of herself, and be more responsible, or else how will she ever go off to college?" Ed said, sitting next to Joanne.

Maureen turned the corner, but stopped and backed up a little, and listened in on the conversation since she heard her name.

" Ed, she seems pretty independent to me. But she's still not an adult yet, so don't expect to act like one that much. She's gonna wanna live her life and have fun, not have her father in her tail all the time." Joanen said.

" Yes, well, she'll have to get used to it, because her alcoholic of a mother who she repeatedly tells me she lives more than me whenever there is an argument, isn't going to come back to take care of her. No one, but John and I will want to take care of that girl if she keeps being so reckless, and disobedient. Soon, not even I will want her." Ed said harshly, and tears brimmed in Maureen's ears and her face slightly scrunched up.

" No, Ed, now you're just being unfair. Maureen is obviously a great girl. How could you not want her?" Joanne asked, putting down her glass and becoming more engaged in this.

" Why are you taking her side? You're supposed to always stick by me, and support me, not my useless daughter." Ed said, and Maureen let out a sob from the back of her throat, which called the attention of Ed and Joanne. Maureen stepped out from behind the counter.

" Useless? Did you forget that I do everything for Johnny while you're out probably screwing some whore or gambling? I clean this house almost everyday, and I help Grandma as much as I can when I go to the nursery home. I'm more of a mother to Johnny than you are of a father to him, so you can kiss my ass!" Maureen yelled, tears streaming out of her eyes. Maureen looked at Joanne. " You know, Joanne, I just met you, and only by the ten minutes we've spent together, I know how great of a person you are, and how you deserve much better than an imbecile like my father. Thank you, for being so kind."

Joanne only stared at Maureen as she walked away, storming up the stairs. She tried to open the door, but since it was locked, she slammed her hand down on John's door harshly. " Johnny! Get out! I need to talk with you!"

John quickly opened the door with a confused face. " What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you banging on my door like a psychopa—"

" Pack a bag, we're leaving." Maureen said, and stormed off, and John followed her into her room, where she took out a suitcase from under her bed and started throwing things in it.

" What are you talking about, Mo?" John asked, worried because of his sister's aggressive ways and the tear stains on her cheeks.

" Pack a bag, we have to leave this hell hole. I wanted to go, but I realized I couldn't leave you hear like nothing. You're my brother, and I love you, so you have to come with me."

" Mo, just calm down, okay? It's just an argument. You guys will get over it." John assured.

" No, Johnny, you don't get it! He called me reckless, and useless, and he called mom a drunk, and-and… Johnny, please, just put some stuff together. I can't leave you here with that monster." Maureen begged now.

" Maureen, you can't take me. I'm a twelve year old, and you're not my mom, so if anyone finds us, you'll go to jail for kidnap, Maureen. I won't risk that."

" Johnny! Just put some stuff in a bag, and let's go! Right now!" Maureen yelled at her brother. He sighed, and ran out of the room. Maureen finished packing her stuff a few minutes later and they met in the hallway outside their rooms.

" Good, you're ready." Maureen said. " Now, be quiet." Maureen said, beginning to tip toe down the staircase, Johnny following.

Maureen went to open the front door, but the lock made a loud noise, and Maureen looked back, where Ed and Joanne were standing, about to go up the stairs until they heard the lock. " Maureen, where are you going?"

Maureen glanced at John. She suddenly burst the door open, and grabbed John's hand, running through the door and out of the house.

" Maureen! Get back here!" Ed yelled, chasing Maureen and John.

Maureen and Jon ran to the nearest train station, jumping over the bars, and got into the train with John right before the doors shut, leaving a stunned Ed outside the train, hitting the train, until it began moving and he had to back away, which is when he began screaming profanities.

A few cops came up to Ed who was still yelling, and when they touched him, he turned around and punched them, so another cop cuffed him and brought him to the station.