The next day-

Once again, everyone who was sleeping at Joanne's house which was Joanne herself, Maureen, John, and Nancy jumped up at the sounds of pounding on the door.

" Nancy! I knew I shouldn't have left those kids!" Ed yelled, continuing to pound on the floor.

Nancy came out of her room, and rushed to the door as John followed her, and Maureen stood up from her air mattress next to the couch that Joanne was sleeping on.

Nancy opened the door, and Ed stormed in, grabbing Maureen and John. " You two are coming with me! And you'll never see you mother again! You hear, Nancy?! You're not even allowed to see them! They're my custody."

" Stop, dad, we're not objects that you could just write your name on. We're humans, who want to stay with mom, not you." Maureen said, pulling away from Ed and grabbing John.

" You have no say in this, young lady. You're already in enough trouble for stealing, running away, and taking your brother. So I suggest you shut that trap of yours."

" Ed, they're my kids, too. It's not right for them to not be able to see their mother." Nancy said.

" Oh please, these children don't belong with an alcoholic abuser."

" It was you who got drunk and hit us!"

Suddenly, Ed struck Maureen across her left cheek, and Joanne quickly rushed to her side, which didn't go unnoticed by everyone else, and she pushed him back. " Ed! What the hell is wrong with you?"

Ed backed away slightly. " You're not apart of this, Joanne. Nancy, give me my children or I will call the cops!"

" After you hit Maureen for a third time?! There is no way in hell!" Nancy yelled back, and shut the door in Ed's face.

" I'm calling the police, you bitch!" Ed yelled from outside.

" Maureen, are you okay?" Joanne asked, inspecting Maureen's face that had a bruise and was bleeding from a cut one of Ed's rings gave Maureen above her eye while she held it in her hands.

" Yeah, I'm okay." Maureen said.

" Come on, let's go get you cleaned up." Joanne said, and grabbed Maureen's hand, dragging her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Joanne shut the door behind her, getting on her knees and searching for her peroxide and a cloth, and Maureen stared at her ass. " You have a nice ass."

Joanne hit her head on the cabinet as she tried to abruptly stand up, making Maureen giggle. She stood up quickly, facing Maureen so there was no way she could look at her ass. " Okay."

Maureen chuckled lowly. " You don't take compliments well."

" No, not from flirty seventeen-year-olds staring at my ass." Joanne said.

" How many seventeen-year-olds do you have staring at your ass?… tell them to fuck off, you're mine."

" There's only one seventeen-year-old staring at my ass, and it's weird," Joanne said.

" It won't be weird when you're my girlfriend and that ass is all mine."

" Who said I was gonna be your girlfriend?" Joanne asked.

" You'll see," Maureen stated, and smiled. " Hey, we didn't get to talk about what happened between us yesterday."

" There's nothing to talk about." Joanne said.

" Yes there is; the fact that I kissed you after you gave me permission, and you kissed back." Maureen said.

" I was… out of line. You're a minor." Joanne said as she wet Maureen's cut carefully, getting any dripping blood on the cloth.

" A hot minor. You got to admit that." Maureen said, smirking cockily.

Joanne breathed out through her nose loudly. " You are beautiful, but nothing can ever happen between us."

" If you didn't want something to happen right now, then why did you close the door?" Maureen inquired.

" Because… I knew you were going to bring this up." Joanne lied.

" Yeah sure, keep telling yourself that. But deep down, you knew it was because I was going to kiss you again, and you were going to love it just as much as you did the first time."

Joanne sighed. " Stop talking, please."

Maureen blinked fastly. " Rude, much?"

" What if your mom was listening the whole time?" Joanne asked.

" But she wasn't," Maureen said.

" How do you know?"

" I just know. Exactly how I know that you wanna kiss me right now."

" Stop. I don't wanna kiss a little girl."

" I'm not a little girl, or a kid, I'm seventeen, eighteen in two months."

" You're still a minor."

" And you still wanna kiss me."

" No I don't."

" Yes you do."

" I don't."

" Ya, ya do."

" You know what I want? I want you to shut u—"

" You want me."

" Stop!"

" That's what she said."

" Jesus Christ," Joanne said. " You're so annoying."

" And yet you want my lips on yours."

" Would you please stop?"

" That's not what she said."

" Stop it!"

" No."

" Why? Why don't you just leave me alone?"

" Because…"

" That's not a reason. Just leave me alone."

" But you're cleaning my face, I can't leave."

Joanne didn't say anything.

" So you're just not gonna talk now?"

Joanne just didn't look into Maureen's eyes when she cleaned her face.

" Joanne! Speak!"

Joanne again didn't speak despite Maureen's demands.

" Joanne!"


Maureen sighed. " You asked for it." Maureen leaned in and kissed Joanne again, except this time, her tongue was already in the kiss, and her hands had found their way to Joanne's ass.

Joanne reciprocated despite the amount of times she told Maureen she didn't wanna kiss her, when really, it was all she wanted.

Maureen pulled Joanne closer, and massaged Joanne's tongue with her own, making Joanne moan.

" Maureen! Joanne! Get out here!" Nancy called from the living room, and Joanne pulled away quickly. She stared Maureen in the eyes, slowly but surely falling in love.

Wait, love?! Joanne, what are you thinking?! The girl is seventeen, she's still a little baby! She can't even drink yet!

Maureen kissed her again, more quickly but with just as much passion.

" We should go," Joanne whispered after they pulled away.

" Yeah, we should," Maureen agreed, and grabbed Joanne's hand, leading her out of the bathroom.

Joanne let Maureen lead her out, looking at her hand which was intertwined with Maureen's. She slipped her hand out of Maureen's when they got to the end of the hallway and everyone could see them.

" Look, look at this, officer!" Nancy suddenly yelled, grabbing Maureen's bicep and pulling her towards the officers that were now in Joanne's apartment, to show him the cut and the bruise.

" How do we know it was who hit her?" one officer asked as another wrote everything down and the other stood there.

" It was him," John, Joanne, Maureen, and Nancy said in unison, and the cop glanced at Ed.

" Welp, it's four against one, you have bad luck," the cop said and cuffed Ed.

" I'll get you back, bitch!" Ed yelled at Nancy as he was dragged away by the cops.

" Okay, we need to ask you guys some more questions," a female cop said. " Is it okay if we sit?"

" Sure," Joanne said, and they sat, Maureen next to Joanne, who was at the arm of the couch, John sat next to Maureen, and Nancy sat next to John, and she sat by the other arm of the couch while they were questioned.

Maureen looked kind of scared. Scared for her mom. Scared for all of them. Joanne whispered, "you okay?"

Maureen looked at Joanne and just held her hand, then putting her attention back on the officer. Joanne looked at the hands, and smiled, then also paying attention to the cop while Maureen unnoticeably shifted closer to her.


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