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Chapter One

The First Summoning (Titans, Go!)

All seemed quiet in the bustling metropolis known as Jump City. Well...it started out that way, until a tremendous explosion rang out in the vicinity of the downtown area. Then, bounding through crowds of screaming bystanders; a man was seen holding three large sacks of money.

"HA-HA-HA-HA! Try and catch me, fools" cackled the thief while soaring over the streets. On this day, the people of Jump City found themselves being tormented by Brother Blood, a half-human/half-robot villain. Having escaped from Steel City Prison, he decided to...have some fun

As a squad of police vehicles continued to trail him, they appeared to be at Blood's heels. "That's right, fools" he whispered, "get closer, I have a few surprises in store for you." As if Fate had heard his wish, they were now inches away from Brother Blood. Then, once they were within range; he sprang into action.

Before coming to Jump City, he had some new upgrades built into his cybernetics. Now, the time had come to give his new toys a test run. After pushing a series of buttons, Blood's feet suddenly morphed into boosters and he went airborne.

Due to the force of his thrusters, it created a shockwave so strong; several of the cars went flying into the air. The people scattered in terror, as the vehicles came crashing to the ground. Thankfully, no bystanders were injured; the same could not be said for the officers in the cars.

Looking down at his handiwork, Blood cackled madly in victory. "At long last, victory is mine" he decreed, waving his loot high with joy. Down below; the people were screaming many slurs, rants and insults at Blood but he didn't seem to care.

"It looks as though it will be smooth sailing from here on out" he chuckled, "nothing can stop me now." Then, without warning; a green orb suddenly smashed against his back. Brother Blood, taken off guard by this attack, was sent spiraling.

What the man saw next seem to cause his heart to lodge into his throat. Rising next to him on both sides was a beautiful, orange-skinned alien with red hair and a green falcon. Upon seeing these two, Blood suddenly turned a deathly pale.

"Please, no; not them" he thought fearfully, "I thought they were supposed to be halfway across the galaxy!" He slowly looked behind him and saw the T-Ship, hot on his heels. "Oh, c'mon" Blood whined, "you can't have air jurisdiction!"

Through the T-Ship's intercom, Robin's voice chuckled. "We go wherever crime is happening, Blood" he stated, "and it looks like you're speeding in a no-fly zone...among other offenses." Hearing these accusations, Blood shot back in saying they were in the same zone as him.

"That's the difference, Blood" Cyborg retorted, "when justice needs to be done, we get a free pass." With that said, the half-robot hero pressed a button; which sent a small missile towards the criminal. Blood wanted to deflect, destroy or dodge the projectile.

But due to him being airborne still, he needed to conserve his power source. So, he could only watch; as the missile collided against his chest. Much to his surprise, there was no blast and he was still flying.

Thinking himself safe, Blood laughed at the Titans; proclaiming that they fired a dud of a rocket. "Laugh while you can, Blood" Cyborg shouted, "your goin' down in 5...4...3...2...1." Just as he was about to have a fit of laughter, the missile on Blood's chest had begun to glow red; causing him to stop.

Before he could register what was happening, a massive electrical burst erupted from the missile. After that, Blood's systems began to go haywire; forcing him to land. He threw down the sack of money and demanded to know what happened.

"That bomb that hit you...it was an EMP Missile" Cyborg replied with a chuckle, "which means your systems will start shorting out and then, shut down." After this explanation, the Titans smiled; expecting Blood to be freaking out over his fate. But to their surprise...he appeared rather calm.

"Where are the screams" questioned Beast Boy, "you're supposed to be screaming in fear." With a wicked grin, Blood pulled the missile off his chest and crushed it between both hands. "Foolish Titans" he sneered coldly, "the upgrades I made to my robotic enhancements weren't just for weapons or transportation."

It didn't take long for Cyborg to put the pieces together. "Y'all, I think we're in trouble" he whispered, "his systems can resist electromagnetic pulses!" Starfire, still slightly unfamiliar with earth concepts, asked what this meant.

"EMPs short out technology, Star" explained Raven, "his body is half-machine, so..." With all the knowledge presented; Star, after ten seconds, began to understand. "I do believe the phrase to say here is...'we are the boned,' yes" she asked, growing nervous.

Raven gave her alien friend a nod and assumed a battle stance, just as Blood readied his blaster. The moment he drew it out, Cyborg whined and demanded to know why it looked bigger than his. "That's one of the perks of being a villainous half-robot, my boy" he chuckled, "we always get the bigger toys."

As his plasma cannon charged, Beast Boy's mind began to burn; thinking of a way to save everybody. Just as the gun reached 80% power, an idea hit him like a blow to the head. "Dudes, I have a plan" he murmured while facing the Titans, "but before I try it...do you trust me?"

At first, they all protested; proclaiming that he was simply showboating...again. But in an instant; his large, green eyes gave out a very serious glimmer. "Guys...I've got this" he assured them firmly, "just give me a chance and you'll see."

Before anything else could be said, Blood's weapon was charged and he opened fire. Thinking quickly, Raven created a mystical energy dome around herself and her friends; blocking the attack. Despite Raven's power being able to withstand Blood's, everyone knew it wouldn't last long.
"Come on, guys" begged Beast Boy, "let me do this...I won't fail you." The moment everyone saw the look in his eyes, they knew that their friend was serious (surprisingly.) With a soft sigh, Raven created an open at the bottom of the dome, one just large enough for BB to roll out of.

With a smile, the changeling morphed into an armadillo and rolled outside like a bat out of Hades. He kept rolling faster and faster towards Blood, confusing the criminal. "Just what in the world is he plotting" he murmured, "surely, he doesn't think he can beat me with that form."

Clearly not taking Beast Boy seriously, Blood readied himself for another blast. But then, at the last moment; the green teen sent himself airborne towards Blood's chest. Surprised by this, he aimed his blaster and fired.

The shot went by so quickly, no one could so much as beg for Beast Boy to duck and then...it hit the green armadillo. The remaining four Titans gasped in horror at their friend's possible defeat, while Blood danced about in a victory dance. "I win, I win; HA-HA-HA!" he cackled madly.

With tears of both sadness and rage pouring from her eyes, Star made her way towards Blood; intent on doing great harm to him. But then, just as the dust cleared away; everyone went deathly quiet. No one...not the Titans, not Blood, not even the citizens who watched the battle from the sidelines dared to speak.

The reason for this; as the dust cleared, Beast Boy was nowhere to be seen. After the blast hit, everyone expected to find some part of Beast Boy lying around. But much to their surprise...they saw nothing; no body, no limbs that were blasted off, not even traces of destroyed clothes.

"He...he's gone" murmured a little girl behind a mailbox, "it's like he disappeared or somethin'." Many people, including the Titans murmured softly; all thinking the same thing. Just then, Blood heard a faint...yet familiar laugh from seemingly out of nowhere.

"What's going on...who's there" he exclaimed nervously, "how dare you laugh...I WON!" Everyone else just looked at Blood, as if he was going nuts. Meanwhile, Cyborg was adjusting his audio receiver.

The moment it was finely tuned, he could hear the laugh as clear as day; which made him gasp. "Friend, whatever is the matter" inquired Starfire, "is something wrong?" Cyborg shook his head and smiled, telling everybody that Beast Boy was okay.

"But...how can that be" questioned a woman nearby, "we don't see him, it's like...he disappeared." With Raven's help, Cyborg boasted the range of the audio frequency he was hearing; allowing everyone else to listen in as well. The moment it happened, they could hear BB's laugh ringing out jollily.

"This is too cool, dudes" he chuckled, "if this doesn't make me Hide n' Seek champ, nothin' will." Both confused and slightly flustered, Raven demanded to know where he had disappeared to. To which Beast Boy replied in saying he didn't disappear anywhere.

"I'm still with you guys" he stated, "things are just...a bit smaller where I am." With that statement, it all started to make sense to the team. Just before the blast hit, BB must've changed his form. The exact type of form he chose was yet to be revealed.

Impatient, annoyed and growing even angrier; Blood demanded to know where the changeling hid himself. "I told you, dudes...I'm not hidin' anywhere" Beast Boy's voice chuckled, "I'm actually right under your nose...or rather, under your skin." Blood blinked confusedly with his right eye and looked at his arm for signs of life.

But as he already knew, he had barely any skin left for the teen hero to hide beneath. Sensing that his point wasn't getting across, Beast Boy decided to be more specific. "I'm inside of you, genius" he said bluntly, "I'm a germ...one from a very rare disease."

Hearing this revelation caused Blood's still human heart to almost stop. Then, he nervously demanded the boy to be clearer. "Man...and people say I'm the idiot" BB's voice sniggered, "like I said; I'm a germ, one from a veeery rare disease called...oh, it's on the tip of my tongue...Oh, yeah; Malignalitaloptereosis"

He went on to explain that his earlier armadillo attack was meant to be a decoy. "I took a piece of garbage, before I launched myself" he explained, "then, just before your blast hit; I threw it and the trash took the hit for me!" He then went on to say that before the dust cleared, he changed into a germ and entered Blood's body while he was laughing.

"To reiterate, dude; I'm a germ that's part of a disease" he chortled, "and you just caught me!" It felt like an eternity; before all the information had, finally sunk into the frazzled minds of Blood and the Titans. The moment he snapped out of his daze, Blood looked at his belly in sheer terror.

"What? What...WHAT?!" he roared in alarm, "y-y-you...you're inside of me...and you're a germ!" While Blood was busy pacing about in a nervous fit, the Titans were busy laughing (even Raven;) who were completely overwhelmed by the sheer ridiculousness and yet, still clever nature of Beast Boy's plan.
The moment their laughter faded, everyone looked back at Blood; wondering what this... Malignalitaloptereosis would do to him. Meanwhile, the criminal in question had halted his pacing but had slipped into a severe panic attack.

"Dude, chill out for a minute" BB's voice chirped, "I haven't even told you what the disease does yet!" While still panting frantically, Blood nervously demanded to learn more. With a coy chuckle, the first thing Beast Boy asked was for Blood to look at his face.

Confused, the criminal stumbled towards a shop window and looked at his reflection. There, he could see the human half of his face breaking out into splotches. "As you can see, dude; the first symptom is breakin' out into spots" Beast Boy's voice explained, "this is followed by both hot and cold body temp flashes."

Before anyone could say a word, Blood suddenly began to severely sweat and shiver in a tandem motion. "I haven't even mentioned the violent sneezing spells yet" Beast Boy laughed, "hope you brought plenty of Kleenex tissues, dude." Before he could say a word, Blood suddenly went into a rapid sneezing fit.

Said fit caused him to fly and stumble about like a mad fool. At the same time, everyone watching couldn't help but laugh. "I am aware that it is unbecoming to laugh at one's misfortune" Starfire quipped, "but in this particular instance...I shall make the exception. At that same time; Raven, against her own pride, gave in to the laughter as well.

"Congrats, Beast Boy; something you did finally made me laugh" Raven said between breaths, while also wiping away some tears. Meanwhile, after momentarily recovering from sneezing; Blood glared at the laughing crowd, inhaled through his stuffy nose and aimed his blaster. "I'll teach you to mock me, fools" Blood shouted nasally, "prepare to taste the wrath of Brother Blood.

Within seconds, the blaster had begun to give out sounds of electrical charging and a small orb of red light appeared over the barrel. But just as quickly as it came, the blaster suddenly died down and Blood's power had all but burned out as well. It was then that Cyborg began to realize what was happening next.

If Beast Boy's germ was affecting Blood's human half this bad. He wondered what was going on with his cybernetic half as well. At that moment, Blood's systems flashed on with a "whiiiirp;" causing him to look at the team with a "deer in the headlights" stare. For what felt like ages, no one dared to speak a word.

Then, without warning; Blood's head began to twitch and spin around violently. Then, he started spouting incomprehensible gibberish at the top of his lungs. Next, he began leaping around the block while laughing like Woody Woodpecker.

While still freaked out by what was happening, the Titans leapt into action and attempted to subdue Blood. Surprisingly, his currently loopy state made him easy for both Cyborg and Raven to catch. But just as Robin prepared to cuff Brother Blood, the man's face shot up and he suddenly sneezed in his face.

Taken momentarily off-guard by this sudden assault, Robin tried to clear up the mucus from his face. At the same time, Raven kept a strong hold over him. "I suppose I should say bless you, Blood" she murmured, "but for someone like you, it's pointless."

Blood didn't offer a response to this comment. How could he; for just before anyone could react, he suddenly ralphed all over the street. The moment he got his breath back, Blood smiled at everybody and suddenly said "I'm the prettiest girl at the Harvest Moon Ball."

By this point; it was clear to the Titans that every part of the villain's mind, human and robotic, had gone on the fritz. All thanks to a clever...yet at the same time, disgusting plan executed by Beast Boy. With that thought in mind, everyone wondered where their friend was.

"Um, y'all" murmured Cyborg, "I think I've got a good idea where our buddy is." In that moment, everyone looked at all the places Blood had either sneezed or vomited on. It was then that they realized that BB was there, just still in microbe form.

While still trying not to get nauseous himself, Cyborg approached the vomit pile and used a microscope lens in his robot eye to look for his pal. In less than a minute, he could see what looked like a green microorganism waving at him. "Hey, dude; what's up" his voice chimed softly in Cy's hearing receptor, "did I do good or what with my plan?"

Cyborg tried to offer a retort but the stench of Blood's leavings was too much for his senses to bear. So, he scooped up a fraction of it and carried to the side; where BB suddenly morphed back to normal. "I'm back, everybody" he chuckled, "did ya miss me while I was taking my Fantastic Voyage?"

In spite of the corniness of his joke and the overall poor taste of it, given what he had just done; the team couldn't help but snigger softly. "B, you are somethin' else" said Cyborg while patting his friend's back, "just...don't do that to my body, ya hear?" Beast Boy smiled at his friend and gave him the "Scout's Honor" sign, swearing he'd respect his wish.

"In all seriousness, Beast Boy; that was ingenious" Robin said with praise, "where did you come up with that plan." With his chest puffed out and a proud smile, BB confessed that he saw it happen in a movie and he wanted to test if it would work. Raven rolled her eyes at this, thinking "of course he'd use something from a movie."

But in spite of his silly idea, it still worked and she praised him for it. BB thanked Raven for her kindness and stared at her slyly. "Hey, Rave...you think I could get a reward for my little victory" he asked while licking his lips, "like a hug...or a kiss on the cheek or somethin'?"

Again, Raven found herself rolling her eyes at him. But a small smile still lingered on her lips, in spite of his forwardness. "Let's get Blood in jail, first" she stated, "then, maybe...just maybe you'll get your reward." Beast Boy's heart swelled and he began to think of ways he planed to be intimate with Raven, when they got back home.

"Not until you also get a hot shower, green jeans" the empathy said suddenly, "there's no way I'm kissing a boy that smells like someone's breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one." With that said and a small yet flirty wink, Raven made her way back to the T-Car. As she walked away, Beast Boy swooned softly; utterly smitten with her saucy behavior.

Since they first began dating after his "Things Change" escapade with Terra, Raven and Beast Boy (or Gar as she sometimes called him) had been rather close. Yet, she still had moments where she would still rib him; much like before. But these were done in a more flirtatious way, not in a bitter way.

Moments later, after Brother Blood had been taken in by the authorities; the Titans climbed into the car and headed off for home. Upon their arrival, Beast Boy immediately headed for the bathroom for a nice warm shower. While scrubbing, he hummed the melody "Fade Away" under his breath with a smile.

All went well, for the next twenty minutes; until Beast Boy suddenly heard a faint whisper in his ears; "come." This caused him to stop scrubbing his head with shampoo. Then, he peeked his head out from the shower slightly to see if anyone was with him.

As he thought, there was no one there but himself and the shower; which he immediately went back to. Sometime later, he finished up and was in the midst of drying off. Then, that same odd whisper called to him again; "come."

After hearing it, Beast Boy looked out the bathroom window to see if anyone was peeping in on him. As he thought, there was nothing outside but passing boats and the occasional seagulls on the rocky shores of the Tower's island. "You're just imagining things, Gar" muttered Beast Boy, "the battle's got you hearing things all of a sudden."

With that, he proceeded to put on his clothes; when he suddenly heard a faint knock on the door. "Don't worry dudes" he called out, "I'll be done in a sec." To his surprise, the voice on the other side of the door let out a soft, sultry giggle.

"Don't take too long, Beastie Boo" it cooed seductively, "it's movie night tonight and I talked the others into it just being the two of us." It didn't take long for BB to realize it was Raven talking to him. But anytime she spoke in that tone, his whole body surged with a burning love.

He approached the door casually and knocked it in the Morse code pattern for "kiss." Raven, after giggling on the other side, gave him the same knock and went off on her way. Beast Boy let out a swooning sigh of joy, before resuming his dressing regiment.

Now fully dressed, he made his way towards the Common Room. But not before stopping for some snacks in the kitchen. After collecting some popcorn for both of them to share and some candy for just himself, he went into the room.

The moment he did, he was met with a sight that almost made him drop his goods. Lying sprawl along the circular couch on her side was Raven, dressed in her white cloak and what looked like a purple nightgown beneath it. Upon catching Beast Boy looking at her dumbly, she rolled her eyes and gave a whistle; snapping him back to his senses.

"You just gonna stand there...or are we gonna get cozy" she said with a wink, adding a soft giggle afterwards. After getting some feeling back in his noodle legs, Beast Boy happily joined Raven for some R&R. An hour passed into the movie and all appeared quite pleasant.

But then, just as they began to cheer during an action sequence; the voice whispered again with "come to us." Beast Boy took a quick glance over his shoulder; once again, confused by who or what was speaking to him. But just like before, there was nobody else around. Well...not entirely true; for behind the door leading to the hallway, a red light was blinking.

There, hidden behind the sliding doors was Cyborg; who was in the midst of recording a hidden camera video (for reasons.) "Man, I'm gonna get a looooot of blackmail mileage outta this" he whispered with a snicker, taking care not to attract the couple's attention. From behind, Starfire watched over his shoulder; voicing her opinion on how wrong it seemed to be spying on their friends.

"We have no right to pry into their intimate moments" she said firmly, "you would not like it if he did the same to you...yes?" Cyborg flushed softly at the implication; then, he sneaked a peek at something on his wrist device. It was a picture of him and Jinx, sharing a drink together at a soda shop in Metropolis.

After the Brotherhood's defeat and her defection to the Titans' side, Jinx had become a close ally of theirs. Of course, she had something stronger with Cyborg...but didn't want to have it get around. She may have become a hero now...but she wasn't ready to be called a softie yet.

Realizing that Star had a point, Cyborg decided to stop recording. "You're right, let's let them have their moment" he whispered softly, earning a grin from Starfire. Then; just as they prepared to leave their spot, a voice suddenly whispered in both of their ears..."come to us!"

They yelped softly, upon hearing these whispers; thinking Raven might've discovered them spying. But upon looking into the Common Room, they saw that she and Beast Boy were still snuggled up cozy together. "Strange...what might've caused that voice" murmured Starfire, Cyborg simply shrugged his shoulders and muttered a soft "I don't know."

Believing themselves to just be tired from the earlier mission, Cy and Starfire decided to head off to bed. Robin meanwhile, was logging in the events of the aforementioned mission into his crime log in his room. All seemed quiet at first, save for the soft yet rapid clicks of Robin's fingers typing on the keyboard.

Then, his ears suddenly heard whispering voices echo through them with a murmur of one word; "come." Upon hearing this, Robin stopped typing and looked around his room. But aside from the silhouettes of some training dummies, there was no one else there.

"If this is another prank of yours, Beast Boy...now's not the time" he muttered, "I'm too busy to mess around yet." Much to his surprise, he didn't hear his friend's reply; which made him slightly uneasy. After a moment of minor paranoia, he went back to typing. These whispers continued on for some time, that night; until each Titan decided to head off to bed.

All seem quiet during much of the morning, save for the tides crashing outside...and Cyborg's occasional snoring. Then, around the hour of 1 AM, Raven came out of her room and decided to pour a glass of some evening tea to help her rest. After preparing the tea and pouring herself a cup, Raven was moments away from drinking it.

Suddenly; yet again, the whispers came to her ears. But this time around, they seemed a tad louder and more demanding. "This is getting ridiculous" Raven thought to herself, "as long as these voices keep talking, we'll never get any peace!" With that in mind, she decided to perform some meditation; in hopes of finding the source of the whispers.

Upon returning to her room and sipping her tea, Raven positioned herself and chanted her mantra. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos...Azarath Metrion Zinthos" she whispered, her voice sounding hoarse yet calm. After a minute or two of chanting, her eyes flashed white and images suddenly filled her head.

She soon found herself flying over the city, out past the entry line and out into the forest. Before the visions faded; they swiftly led her to a familiar large, old and knotted tree. Upon seeing this, Raven gasped and softly fell backwards onto the floor.

The moment she recovered, Raven began to recap on what she just saw. "That tree, why does it seem so...familiar" she pondered mentally, "what do the whispers have to do with it?" Despite receiving more questions than answers, Raven decided that she and the team would investigate the forest on this in the morning.

With that in mind, Raven stood up from the floor and made her way back to bed; hoping to sleep peacefully the rest of the night. When the morning came, the Titans immediately went out into the forest and began searching around every tree there. "I still think we should've had breakfast first, before coming out here" Beast Boy grumbled while rubbing his belly, "any idea what we're looking for, exactly?"

Raven turned towards her beau and told him to keep an eye out for an old, knotted tree. Upon being told of this, each Titan suddenly stopped in their tracks. Something about the mention of that specific type of tree felt...familiar to them, somehow.

"Don't stop until you find the weird tree, Titans" Robin ordered, "who knows if this could be a plot by someone." The team nodded at their leader and resumed the search. But after almost twenty minutes of walking and inspection, they had little to no luck.

Then; just as they began to lose hope, the whispers soon came again. This time, they sounded closer and louder than they did when the team first heard them. Using his sensitive ears, Beast Boy hurried off to find the source of the voices; his teammates following close behind him.

"I think we're getting closer, dudes" BB laughed with anticipation, "I can feel it in the tips of my ears." Eventually, they reached the middle of the forest; where they had, at last found their quarry. Standing before them was a large, twisted tree; perhaps hundreds of years old.

Upon seeing this thing; Starfire commented on how their situation felt somewhat...familiar, somehow. "Yeah, Star; you're right" murmured Cyborg, "I feel like we've been here before." As Raven took a look at their surroundings, she was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu.

Then, without warning; the tree began to emanate a soft glow of light. It was this that brought Raven to realize what this tree was, why everything felt so familiar and what the voices they heard were. "Don't freak out, everyone" murmured Raven, "but I think something's going to happen soon."

Before anyone could question Raven on her words, the tree's glow suddenly ceased. Then, they saw an orb pulsating inside one of the knotholes. Slowly and cautiously, Raven approached the orb and lightly touched it with her index finger.

This caused the orb to shoot out and suddenly morph into a large gateway. The moment it opened, the team immediately knew what was happening; which caused Starfire to squeal with delight. Then, the strange voices spoke again; this time, they said "come through the portal, my friends."

All was silent, as the Titans all looked at one another in confusion. "Do y'all think this could be..." murmured Cyborg warily, "I mean...it's been ages, I know but...could it?" The other Titans simply shrugged and declared the only way to find out was to enter through the portal.

So...with their fists clenched tightly, and after each of them took in a deep breath; they quickly passed into the portal without hesitation. Afterwards, it suddenly closed and the tree's light began to dim down.

"Good, very good" murmured a voice from seemingly nowhere, "now, we must summon the rest of the champions."

(AN: The Titans have found themselves in another weird adventure. Where did the portal take them and why did the situation seem so familiar...and what other "champions" are the voices talking about? Tune in next time, to find out)

(Second AN: The disease known as Malignalitaloptereosis is something mentioned in Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Every time I watch that scene, I picture Beast Boy doing something similar to a villain. Hey...it could happen)