A/N: Hi! Thanks for clicking! So, I've had this idea in my head for quite a while, I just wasn't planning on making it a Lego Movie fanfic. But now I am! Yay! This is set post-Lego Movie Two and will obviously contain spoilers. This story contains medical stuff, and while I did research, things may not be totally accurate, so please bear with me. Read this as you want, humanized, not, etc. To anyone following Redamancy; I'm still continuing with that collection, I plan to take it to at least 25, more if asked. Enjoy, and THANKS!

July 13th, 2 years after Lego Movie 2…

Sleeping. That's how Emmet and Lucy were spending the slow Sunday morning. The sun was hardly awake, and it seemed the birds, squirrels, and all creatures of nature were following in the example. The TV, the proud soldier that had been fighting throughout the night, played Charade on loop as its masters lay on the couch in quiet, soft slumber.

"Do you, Lucy Emerald, take Emmet Brickowski to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Lucy smiled from across Emmet, taking his hands in hers. "I do."


The ringtone, blaring in her ears like an uninvited in-law, threatened to tear her from her dream. She fought it and clenched her eyes shut. She would not let the phone bring her out of her sweet trance.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Her favorite part. Burying deeper into her boyfriend's embrace, she let her fantasy overtake her mind once more.

Emmet's smile, wide and earnest, covered her own as he pulled her into a kiss. She closed her eyes as he leaned slowly arched her back, the crown cheering around them…


"Ugh…Emmet…" Lucy's hand weighed a thousand pounds as she lifted it out from under the thick, heated blanket and towards where her exhausted mind assumed his phone was. "Shut your phone off, I wanna sleep." Too tired to move it, she gave up and left her arm laying across his chest.

Her weariness could not prevent her smile as her boyfriend's arms curled around her, pulling her close against his chest. "Morning, Lucy." He pressed a soft kiss on the top of her head.

Warmth left her, for a moment, when he removed one of his arms from her body. "Mmph…" she voiced her displeasure, and he returned it quickly, cuddling around her once more.

The void where the sound of the TV had been was filled by his voice. "Sorry, I turned off the TV."


Emmet groaned at the pest. Couldn't his phone leave him and his girlfriend alone for five minutes?

He reached behind him to grab his phone, but Lucy finally woke herself up enough to snatch it from him. "No," she commanded, laying back on top of him with the phone wrapped in her hoodie. "If you look, it will probably be work, or someone asking for help. If you don't look at the phone, you don't leave." Her simple explanation wore her out, and she curled again underneath the blankets. If anyone ever saw her acting so sappy, she'd probably flush like a red crayon. Emmet, and only Emmet, could see her so vulnerable.

The quick rise and fall of his chest was more comforting than a lullaby. "What if it is work?" His voice, tinted with a mischievous, playful air, warned her she should hide the phone better.

Lucy considered his counter for a moment. "I won't let you leave."

"How do you plan to do that?"

The teasing question was more than enough to wake her up. Turning to face him and finally opening her eyes to the sunlight, she gave him a small smile. "Well…" She propped herself up, twirling and playing with his ruffled bedhead hair. "…I could do this."

He knew what was coming, and successfully caught her lips in his own as she jolted forward, passionately kissing him as her means of persuasion.

He held her close against him, noting the delicate taste of chocolate on her lips. Work could wait, she was all he needed.


"Hi, Emmet!"

Pulling back from his girlfriend, Emmet groaned at the muffled voicemail recording. He didn't dare try to find the phone Lucy had buried so artfully, instead listening with one ear as Lucy started kissing him again.

"It's Gail, we need you down here. I know it's Sunday, but it won't take long. It's about the new waterpark. We could really use a Master Builder!"

Lucy ignored the phone and its unpleasant messages, pressing herself forward to kiss her boyfriend harder, deeper, longer.

"Anyway, I know you're there. I'll see you here in a half an hour, then you can go back to, uh, whatever you're doing. BYE!"

"You're not going," Lucy informed him with a full kiss. "You're staying here, they can build that stupid waterpark without you."

Emmet wholeheartedly agreed with his girlfriend, but his sense of right-and-wrong and unbreakable appreciation for duty had a strong hold over him. "I'll be right back, I promise."

Groaning, she fell back on top of his warm chest. "No, I want you to stay."

"I don't want to go."

"Then don't."

"I have to."

She smirked, propping herself up once more. "Sometimes I wish you weren't so good." Her words were a mere, fleeting mumble, but they read into her deepest desire to have her near him always.

The forlorn expression on her face moved him to give her a gentle kiss. "I'll be back really quick, then we can watch North by Northwest." Their precious secret love of old romance movies never failed to make her smile; they mystery was just for the two of them, a special gem only they had the key to.

She broke into a smile. "Alright. Go get out of your pajamas, I'll see you in a bit."

"Thanks!" He graced her with a gentle kiss, untangling himself from her grasp. "Love you, I'll be back to say bye in a minute."

"Kay," she replied. Propping herself up on the couch, she watched her boyfriend walk up the stairs, barely aware of the soft smile on her lips. Goodness, the effect he had on her.

After he was long gone upstairs, Lucy reached down to the floor to grab her phone. If she had nothing planned for the day, it was a good day. Her mind was already racing with ideas and plans of all the fun things she and her boyfriend could do, and they were only amplified when her planner app told her she had the whole day free.

Yawning and stretching beneath the cavern of blankets and pillows, she admired their setup from the night before. Saturdays were movie nights, consequently the nights Unikitty spent over at Sweet Mayhem's place.

Blankets were piled high above, around, and underneath her, spreading from the couch sprawling out like a nuke had hit. Candy wrappers, popcorn, and soda cans sprinkled across the floor, mixed in with DVDs of animation movies and romantic comedies, along with the occasional thriller or horror movie. Watching those gave her a nice excuse to hold her boyfriend as tight as she could, not that she really needed one.

"I'm back!" Emmet announced, barreling down the stairs to greet her in his neon orange uniform. "You want me to make breakfast before I leave?"

Hopping off the couch, she walked in a leisurely pace to her boyfriend. "No, I'll make it later." She moved her hands up his arms to his shoulders before gently kissing him. "Love you," she murmured, still hanging onto the chance he would drop work and stay with her.

The temptation was there, especially when she pressed him against the wall as a means of deepening the kiss. "Luuucy…" he whined, breaking the kiss for a moment. "You're making this really hard!"

Seeing that she was gaining some ground, she nodded and kissed him again. "That's the point."


"Ugh…" Lucy groaned. "Fine, fine, you can have him." She played with the edges of his vest, muttering under her breath about Gail. "She better not look at you while you're there."

Emmet giggled. "Don't worry, she doesn't stand a chance. I'll see you later, ok? I love you." He gave her a long kiss that lasted his whole walk backwards to the door.

"Love you," Lucy replied, a smile that was both lovesick and routine on her face. She watched as her boyfriend smiled, turned, walked out, and shut the door with a soft click.

She smiled. The wonders that man did to her.


Lucy walked from the living room to the kitchen, possibly in the best mood she had been in for a while. Waking up and just relaxing with her boyfriend, not to mention having the whole day ahead with him, just gave her heart a little jolt. She had never felt this way around Batman, or any other boyfriend of hers. There was no question, Emmet was the one for her.

Speaking of an oh-so-familiar phrase, she smiled at the thought of a wedding. She didn't know anything yet, but the other day she did catch him peeking at an engagement ring store while she was buying coffee, and she could only draw one conclusion from that.

"Hey, Wyldstyle!" Unikitty greeted, walking in the door with a cheerful tint to her voice. "Where's Emmet?"

Grabbing a donut, or, as Lucy called it, breakfast, she replied, "He had to go to work. Want breakfast?"

Unikitty deadpanned. "Are donuts 'breakfast'?"


Unikitty licked her lips as her eyes burst open with sparkles, glitter, and fireworks. "In that case, YES." She accepted the plate of chocolate and strawberry donuts that Lucy offered. "Let me guess, you let Emmet go without making breakfast?"

She rolled her eyes. "I can make breakfast, too."

Unikitty's smirk was answer enough. "Tell me when you make a buffet of waffles, pancakes, eggs, and steak, all before we wake up. On a Monday morning."

Now, if anyone had ever auditioned for a Bed-and-Breakfast cooking show, Emmet could teach them a lesson in cooking the first meal of the day. "Fine, so I'm not the master, but I know how to save donuts from the night before."

"Obviously," Unikitty said with a mouthful of sugary, cakey sweetness.


Lucy groaned. The phones in their house must have had it out for them.

Without looking at the name, Lucy slid her phone open and answered it. "Hello?"

"Is this Lucy Emerald?" The voice sounded official.

A weight dropped to Lucy's stomach as she gave Unikitty a worried look. "Yes, what's wrong?"

The voice answered immediately. "Ma'am, you need to get to Brick Road right away, Emmet Brickowski has been in a car crash."


No, no, no. "He's...no, is he alright?" Her words came out in one breath.

"We can give you more information when you get here."

"I'm...I'm on my way." She hung up and grabbed Unikitty. "Unikitty, Emmet...he's..."

Unikitty stopped her roommate from going any farther at the door. "Lucy, what is it? You sound pale. Is Emmet alright?"

Lucy swallowed the lump in her throat. Her vision was shifting from left to right, bouncing around and blurring like rain on sidewalk chalk. "He...car crash..."

Unikitty shook her head. "No... ok, you're not driving, you'll pass out at the wheel." Adrenaline pumping, she tore out of the house with Lucy, and they dashed into the car.

Lucy had left her heart with Emmet when he left, and she was too afraid to find out if his heart was still beating.


Unikitty skidded to a stop at Brick Road, her breath tearing from her grasp at the sight.

Lucy nearly ripped the door off as she thrashed from the car and crashed by Emmet's side.

He looked as though he was at death's door.

Blood drizzled and gushed from twenty places. His leg, shredded and torn, exposed a fragment of bone while blood surged onto the pavement. It was hardly hanging onto his body, and Lucy lost her lungs at the sight. He groaned and withered, clutching his stomach as he lay on the stretcher. Paramedics buzzed from him to a man by a truck and everywhere in-between, but Lucy's concentration was only on her boyfriend.

"Emmet..." she griped his hand, covering hers in blood. The liquid, slipping between their hands, caused her every reason to wince.

His eyelids weighed tens of thousands of pounds, but for her, he tried to open them. At the mere sight of his girlfriend, a small smile managed to find its way onto his face, despite his condition. "Hey, Luc-Lucy." He chuckled, wincing, and letting out a groan. "Heh…I-I guess y-you were ri-right about…about me leaving."

How could he joke about this? He was at death's door, and he was making a joke! For her? Was he trying to make her laugh? How could he even think it! "Emmet..." she begged as her tears fell, clouding and swarming with his blood. "Please, please hold on, I can't…I can't lose you!"

Clutching her hand tighter through the pain, he looked up at her through foggy, misted vision. Everything on him hurt, and if there was any part of him that didn't, it was only because he was numb. His ability to breathe nearly vanished– as if someone cut his throat off at the pass, choosing when and when not to let in meager amounts of air. "I…I love you…re-remember that, Lucy. You're…my…special." His tone was if he had given up on life, only speaking to make out his will before passing on.

Lucy shook her head, burying her face in the warm crook of his neck. "Please, don't say that, Emmet, I love you. I can't lose you, I love you too much!"

He reached his hand up, with immense, lip-biting pain, to her cheek. "Lucy, take care of Unikitty, ok? I love you."

Mature. He sounded so annoyingly mature, so dang detached! He could be indifferent to anything he wanted, she didn't care, but he couldn't just give up like this! "Emmet, hang on, please." Her bawling clung to her body and refused to release her heart.

"Lucy…" He reached up, slipped a weak hand behind her head, and brought her lips to meet his.

He tasted of blood. The metallic, tangy taste touched her lips as she kissed him harder, pressing him against the stretcher and gripping his hand. She needed him, she craved him like she craved life.

He broke the desperate kiss, wiping away her tears with a faint, light hand. "I love you."

"Emmet!" Unikitty sprinted to his side, already shedding tears as she collapsed next to him. "Emmet…Emmet, are you ok?"

Two paramedics rushed up to Lucy. "Ma'am, are you Emmet's wife?"

Lucy stood up as the men lifted Emmet up on the stretcher, never letting go of his hand. "I'm his girlfriend, and I'm coming on that ambulance." Oh, if they thought she was driving behind them, they had another thing coming.

The first nodded. "Sure, that's fine, but…" not knowing Unikitty's name, he shrugged. "…your friend will have to drive behind."

Unikitty nodded. "That's fine. Hey, Emmet." She moved close to him, mustering the best smile she could through her sobs. "Hang on, ok? Pretty please?"

Emmet started crying, whether it was from the pain or Unikitty's pitiful begging, he didn't know. "Don't worry about me, Unikitty."

The paramedics carried Emmet into the ambulance, Lucy still not breaking contact, before sounding the sirens and tearing through the streets to the hospital. "Emmet, hang on, please?" Lucy pleaded, as if repeating the request would make her words strong enough to fix his injuries.

Emmet laughed. Again, he laughed. When he got better, because it couldn't be an 'if' he got better, she planned to let him have it for scaring her like this. "Aw, L-Lucy…" A paramedic placed a mask over his face, his breath fogging up the clear plastic. "I…love you."

"I love you, too." Bending down, she gently kissed his forehead. "Hang on, ok?"

"Mhhm…" he nodded, the anesthesia kicking in as his eyelids obeyed gravity. "I love you, Lucy. A lot."

"Ems…" Her breath was sucked from her lips as her eyes jolted wide. Emmet's grip on her hand faltered, and he slipped into the land of unconsciousness.

Her vision clouding over, she followed swiftly after.