A/N: Sorry, this chapter is really short. Just to kinda get the ball rolling. Quick disclaimer: This is my first fanfiction.

All mistakes are my own. Characters belong to Suzanne Collins.

Peeta pov:

I'm back. In District 12. It's been six years scince I was here last. God, I miss her. Katniss. I'm here now. And I'll be able to finally talk to her again.

Katniss pov:

"Sorry, I'm late again, Sae. Asher put up a fit again," I apologize. I started working at Greasy Sae's diner a few years back. She was the only person in twelve who would let a high school dropout work for her.

"S'all right, child, now go get to work!"

I spent the day bussing tables, dealing with angry customers, and basically running around in circles. But, it pays the bills. With a family of four, there seemed to be more and more of those.

Once my shift is over, I head home to our apartment complex, also known as the seam. I hear the patter of small feet behind me. I turn around just in time to see my five year old son run into me. "Woah, there buddy." I laugh. "Good to see you too."

"Mamma I missed you!" Asher practically yells at me. I ruffle his sandy blonde hair. Except for my eyes, he looks just like his dad. I reply, "I missed you too, baby. Let's go inside, now. Auntie Prim said she was going to make dinner tonight. I know you love her stew."

"Stew!" Asher runs back inside yelling about stew.

After dinner, Asher washes up and I tuck him into bed. There's a knock at the door. I yell to Mother and Prim, "I'll get it!"

I open the door.

It's him.

Asher's father.